Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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we are here to discuss about the show
Kitani Mohabbat Hai
Start sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments; however,not to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)

1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
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5First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

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Some special warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph
HeartThank you sooo much for doin this for all we will cherish this all our livesHeart
*Credits* -Sanju- <<- we love you..HugHugHug

So this post is going to be for Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode or we will post a romantic song for Arjuhi

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Wah kya creativity dikhayi copy pasting and ruining ur own godamn master piece...itna gussa shayad mujhe kabhi bozo pe bhi nahi aya hoga...anyways no tym to help u find ur brain its a lost cause so m dittoying all my partners here who did a superb job showing u the way which leads to ur brain...but unfortunately u will urself destruct that way also and nothing good will come out of this either...DV's aakhri hafte mein hummer mat ho...kuch to sharam karo sudhar jao AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

Karan and kritz di u are not show stealers u are show much ever big blunder these DV's are upto u can always do damage control...awesome expressions,dailogue delivery and screen you guys loads and loads...thanks for everthing muahhh kmh is nothing without uEmbarrassed

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Today's epi 
for the cv's AngryAngryCensored
Us : CryBroken HeartCry
dil ke armaan aasuaon me beh gaye ...Cry
I had expected so much frm 2day's epi but den ...
agar kmh1 ka fire scene dekhna hota I cud have watched it on youtube Cry

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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DV's CensoredCensored I want to tag this episode.. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!

idiotic maniacs.. you shouldn't have needed the fire scene in the first place.. it was the most beautiful masterpiece from season 1.. n masterpieces dont get recreated.. hence the name!! tum logon ne ussi ko use kiya CensoredCensored n iss season me jo karna tha woh kiya nahi!! CensoredCensored there is so much useful story to cover n u made police set fire to the house to flush out the perpetrators.. CensoredCensored sharam naam ki cheez hai ya nahi.. u've portrayed police in the worst sort of way in this show..and all this for what?? to use old scenes n give us what?? it doesn't make me happy to see my favorite scene being used as a substitute somewhere else.. you had the opportunity to make something unique n fresh here.. if u wanted to recreate the magic of the fire scene, then make it!! don't copy it!! you've done this time n again.. season 2 mein aap ne creativity se zyada disappoint kiya hume.. creativity ki kami nahi aap me.. you obviously are very talented, hence our love for the show.. but you also have a insane streak to butcher all the gud parts!!! 

i understand that it must use up a lot of resources n money n time to recreate a fire sequence.. if u weren't willing to give it what it takes.. why did u make it? why in the world did you think this idea will go down well with us? there are only 6 episodes remaining and you are pulling stunts such as these? first we asked for the season to go on long enough to get a gud beautiful end.. Imagine saw to that Censored then we asked for you to use the reduced time n still make it perfect.. n now you've seen to that as well Censored don't call yourselves creatives, if you are copy pasting your own work!! seems like even you know that the fire scene from S1 was a piece of art, so instead of risking competing wid that you've gone and copied it.. Censored kitani mohabbat hai aapko apne show se CVs?? why are you doing this to the show? so much indifference!!! iss season ki toh kismat hi kharab hai.. it had to air on a channel that doesnt appreciate it and it had to get creatives who have a lot of creativity and potential but they spend it all on effectively ruining the show!! Cry

if not for the last scene in the episode, the whole epi was a planned disaster.. police ne aag lagayi uss ghar ko, aur aap ne apne season ko!! Censoredthey wanted to flush out arjuhi.. what did you do this for? to drive away your fans? if you don't want to make KMH3 thats fine by me.. but don't drive us away using such stupid tactics!! infact.. i DON'T want KMH3.. asking you to make another season is equivalent to saying aa bail mujhe maar!! 

the episode..finally the chase comes to an end.. they have been running for four episodes now.. and they had to get caught like this.. fine by me.. kahin toh story aage badhe!! arohi once again hurts her leg, arjun miraculously finds a white jacket that was left by punji in 2009, then the same guy from 2009 is waiting to set fire again.. bechare ko 2 saal se naukri nahi mili thi.. kahan aag lagaye!!?? baaki sab toh akal ke dushman nahi na.. he finally found work with the season 2 DVs.. he sets fire.. arohi doesnt heed to what arjun said n goes luking for him n suddenly therez a glass door that is separating arjun arohi.. n voila.. arjun uses his new found old jacket to break the glass n save his lady love.. btw, why is arohi yellling 'koi hai?' when she knows arjun was there 2 mins ago??Evil Smile this is why u shudnt have copied the scene!! ab bhugto.. n interestingly aag me tap kar.. arjun arohi dono 2 saal purane bhi lag rahe hai!! rajvir comes to know what his nalaayak honhar officer has done behind his back.. thodi akal dikhayi usne n told him off for having done something as unprofessional as settting fire to the place to catch arjuhi.. rajvir turn back n yell out to the CVs also, humari taraf se.. arjun arohi jump off .. from where?  was there a second storey to that building? kahir andhera tha toh chalega.. then arjun asks arohi to stay there, but she disobeys yet again..she walks straight into the waiting arms of the moronic police.. Rathore toh bohot zyada hawa me udd raha tha.. 

from here it was all good.. arohi gives rajvir a good tell off.. even though she misunderstood that he had set fire to the place, her words were bang on.. it was high time rajvir chachu realized who was wrong n who was right!! arjun hears it all n he also has assumed the same as arohi.. arohi keeps to her character n asks arjun to stay away.. but arjun keeps to his character n walks in!! kitani mohabbat hai emphasized.. karan n kritika's expressions were mindblowing here.. n the dialogue writers.. loved the line given to arjun..
'tumhare saath saza bhi zindagi hai, aur tumhare bina zindagi bhi zindagi nahi hogi, kaise chod ke jaa sakta hun' the slow sannu ik pal BG was gud here.. 

but u cud have used the title track during the fire scene.. vaise hi copy hi kar rahe the.. season 1 ka title song hi laga dete.. Disapprove khair.. one more opportunity lost.. Cry 

rathore readily cuffs arjun n takes him away.. arohi's rxns were bang on!! 
amrit's line was gud 'unka pakde jaana humari jeet hai ya sabse badi haar!!'.. obviously ullus r being redeemed.. about time!!!Sleepy

arjun arohi arrested n in separate cells left to ponder over "kya har pyar ki kahani adhuri hai?kya humari kahani bhi adhuri hi reh jaayegi?"Cry Karan and Kritz were the saving grace of this episode. They are the only reason this episode was kept from being the most hated in this season!! Star

and with them so do we.. kya humari kahani bhi adhuri reh jayegi? where are the answers to the questions you created CVs.. KSA? RPS? DJ? Rashi? Raj? Arjun's mom's story, the injustice done to her, who was the culprit? will Arjun get justice to her? Was that the reason for the feud? Who shot KSA? Why was Arjun framed? What is the future of Arjuhi? Will they sit in jail or will they ever get out of this mess? Will the forgive their families for having been pyar ke dushman? Will they have a happy ending? As usual, you leave us with more questions than answers. You have 6 episodes to cover this. Please space yourself and tie it up nicely!!Cry

and yes, crazy as I am.. but KMH ke liye kuch bhi.. plz plz plz we need to see their relationship settle nicely.. humari maange puri karo CVs.. we wanna see them have a family, have twins - aman preet, live a normal nok-jhok bhara life together!!

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CV'sAngry Angry Angry

meDead Dead Dead


okay now the episode... when it started only one thought came in my mind :

Did I accidentally pressed the rewind button???? oh wait there is no rewind button Angry why are they wasting time in continuity when there is so less time left. Jab zarurat thi tab to nahi tha.

well after that that pagal police officer and aag lagao naara. Then inside arjun caring for aarohi that bit was beautifulBig smile and then when he says 'Pani peene ke liye nahi' was funny ye dono aise mauko pe bhi mazak karte hain. Then he goes away and I was so waiting for the new fire scene and new magic, new passion, new dialogue, but ye kya the moment that KS wala man entered the scene I was shocked mere har new ko hata ke Cv's ne old daal diya.Angry then the same fire scene from first season luvd it in first season but here it felt somewhat disconnected because the situation was totally different. CV's ne dhajjia ura di us scene ki. beautiful se bhootifull bana dia.

at that time rajveer comes and he feels worried for aarohi. Rajveer is a little slow witted but he is realizing slowly atleast. and thatDead officer 'har din ek hi wardi ko dho ke pehenna padta hai'LOL best option don't wash it aise hi pehen lo kuch din baad itna kaala ho jayega ki proffesion apne aap change ho jaayega police ki jaagah bhikhari (BTW ussi layak ho tumAngry ). today CV's did a bad job with police also they portrayed them so bad my godShocked .

Then finally fire scene ends and me a little relieved. But then what aarohi in front of rajveer and all police officers pointing riffle at herOuch. Then luvd aarohi and the way she expresses her disgust for rajveer was very nice. that scene was really emotional and really well executed. rajveer was also good there. Then aarohi shouting but arjun still comes was such a gr8 scene. Aarohi still shouting go away and arjun coming towards her. (asli scene se zyada to maine lamba kar diya)

then that awesome dialogue by arjunEmbarrassed " tumhare saath to saza bhi zindagi aur tumhare bina zindagi bhi zindagi nahi"ClapClapClap gr8 dialogue gr8 scene

But thenShockedShockedOuch I was expecting rajveer to leave them or give them time to proove but no he even handcuffs aarohiAngry. He is not little but really too much slow witted. Aarohi was gr8 at that scene. Then the potato sellers kitne dino baad bapuji ne darshan diye kyu diye??Angry Aarohi's mom was though good 'kiski har hai??'...

Then the last scene oh my god adjacent cells both looking super sad and arjun's last dialogue almost had me in tearsCry.

gud things about today

1) KritikaClap she was absolutely stunning today luv her acting and the way she was looking today very beautiful.

2) KaranClap even without dialogues he does such an awesome job and that dialogue was sone pe suhaga

3) zindagi saaza dialogueClap beautiful dialogue

No idea wht will happen tom

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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thanks for opening the lounge vaishu. Tongue
Karan & Kritika  -  ClapClapClapClapClap  Good work,  you guys did full justice to the episode, tried you best to fit into the transition of S1 scene to S2 ClapClap.
CVs  ???????????   really    S1 ka scene copy paste  ShockedShockedShockedShockedAngryAngryAngryAngry   this is called  creativity?  Agreed  it  was THE most magical scene of the season 1,  and  it was fine if you wanted to create something similar  but  you made the leads wear punji sharma look so that  they can blend in with the copy pasted scene ShockedSleepy .  not done guys Thumbs Down.   You could have made a fire scene , a different  one,  but  not like this. Thumbs Down.    If you had shown that scene as a  scene Arohi remembered from the book she read in the beginning  or  if they had ran into punji's and they retold that scene to them  ,  then  I would have given a standing ovation to you ,  but  you used that scene to  fit into a situation of season 2.Thumbs DownThumbs Down   and covered it up saying  you are giving  audience a drink of season 1 again as a surprise,  that is pure LIE.  Sleepy
To the episode :
First   scene :  Karan and Kritika looked  amazing.   Arohi still looks good in that style, (THAT DOES NOT MEAN I WANT TO SEE MISS SHARMA CVs) .   but yeah she looked good,  jaise ari ne kaha tha kal old habits die hard ,  usko zara si chot lagi and she is not able to move,  aisa kuch dikhana ho CVs then show that  she had sprain or something.  loved  the way arjun said 'tumhe kuch bolta hoon to uska ulta hi karti ho tum'  Embarrassed  and it was cute how immediately he softened on seeing the blood.  He wants to clean the wound and dress it so that she is fit to take a run Cry it must have pinched him to even say that, kitna bhagna pad raha hai na inko,  if only  the police are ready to listen to them once Ouch.   Then she says she is not thristy ,  sensing her fear he assures her no one can separate them and gives her a heartwarming smile , this scene was so touching CryEmbarrassedHeart.  Karan and Kritika  superb here Clap.  they lived the dialouges Thumbs Up. 
Police :  This rathore is worse than rajveer .  How did he become a cop?  Who sets fire to a building just like ,  if it is a abondoned bldg also  how does it give him rights to set it on fire?  does he even know that  they can die of inhaling the gases inside?  Idiot Moron kahi ka  nalayakAngry.  Aur upar  se  jaise  koi  oscar jeeta ho vaisa smile de raha tha DeadAngry.  And his junior officers  arent they  answerable to the department?   so this  moron says aag lagao and woh jaake aag lagayega? ShockedAngry  CVs  AngryAngryAngry  grrr.  upar se this   rathore guy says iske baad pure dept ko meri ahmiat samajh mein aa jayegi and laughs  ShockedShockedShocked   why are we tortured with such dialouges.   Cry   kameenay   tera  khoon pee jaungi , bewakoof kahi ka . has raha hai , abhi haso kal jab suspension order milegi hath  mein tabhi aise hi hasoge kyunki  pagal ho chuke hoge tab , idiot Angry
and then Cry  season 1 ka  most  passionate and most magical scene ko season 2 mein use kiya Cry.   As much as I was shocked that the same scene was used I am also shocked at the way it was executed Sleepy.   One glance from the glass door and the scene is cut to rajveer Shocked CVs Angry and all the crying and hands trying to touch thru the glass is deleted and directly punch maar diya.Cry.   Utna s1 ka scene dikhana tha to  'Tere Sason se hi'   bg score ke sath dikha sakte the na Angry.   And kitna conviniently  usi color ka jacket mil gaya arjun ko, CVs Angry.   The police faces overlapping arjuhi's scene  was unbearable.   only sensible thing rajveer did is called fire brigade ,  and the moron idiot  rathore goes on still Shocked  use agar  ek hi vardi  nahi pehenni thi to police kyun bharti hua bewakoof  Angry (the actor was good  both in acting and dialouge delivery) .   phir se fire scene ka ek aur small segment humare liye.  Arjun doesnot want to leave without her 'meri zindagi tum ho arohi ' Heart  Kitna magical line hai  even after watching it like umpteen times it touches the heart the same way,  those expressions and that emotionHeart .     But reality is it is being used in season 2 for the sake of it, to fit in to a scene that is more hurting Cry.  ( One thing to notice they still look the same 2009 ki scene ko kitna confidently they used in 2011.  Karan and Kritika deserve an applause for still looking the same as 2 years ago Clap) .    
Bewakoof still bakofying, now he is  one confused being  abhi abhi bola ki ek hi vardi ko kaun  dhoke  pehen sakta hai roz and ab bol raha hai mujhe tarakki chahiye jo yeh action mujhe degi Shocked screwdheela Angry  even the arrogant rajveer is unable to talk to this fellow.  Now I want to know where this rajveer took  training for IPS.   Isnt it his first duty to go and try to save the victims?  bahar khada  hoke batakhani  kar raha hai ,   (I know  season 1 ke scene mein woh dalna mushkil hai ,lekin bole ne kya harz hai LOL) .  Oh lord  bak bak of bewakoofs  continue and it is established that  arohi is his bhatiji and still to do his duty he want to arrest them, and to be a true  citizen  he once again shouts 'main inhe aise marne nai doonga,  bulav  fire brigade ko '  ShockedSleepyD'oh.  Yeh line kisne likha ?Angry
Window se kudne tak hi  S1 ka  sahara liya,  baki  phir S2 mein aagaye Stern Smile.    I must say they tried to fit in these two into that scene well  Shocked, sab kuch kiya lekin woh purana sandals dalvana bhul gaye Silly *pulls hair*.    Now why did rajveer not see them jump off the window, isnt he supposed to be looking all over the bldng.   araam se khade hoke kya chai pee raha tha? Confused.     Just  Like how rajveer  goes on talking without listening to others Arohi starts this time,  accusing chachu of that fire,  accha bhashan diay use ClapClap  Now why didnt any of those remaining morons speak up?  They  know who did it to muh kholke  bata nai sakte tha?  But  I am glad both arjun and arohi think that Rajveer did it.  he deserves that from them.    How does arohi know there was no one else in the bldng Stern Smile.  what if there is someone inside?  why nobody is bothered about it?  *pulls  remaining hair*.   

Mendak  Bakofying again this time talks rudely to arohi in front of rajveer even after knowing she is her bhatiju 'Tera , tum' , aisi bhasha use karte ho Angry.   Arjun witnessing all this .   Well he is one of a kind guy,   how can he just walk away from there that too when his arohi is in distress,. but the expression singhania had is not able to match with the emotions punji had in that fire scene , how the hell did CVs think that will gel here for this arjuhi. AngryAngry Grrr.   HUMMER  REVED UP IN FULL SPEED  AND SMASHING THEM.  and all this while rajveer is not able  to utter a word Clap.    
Arjun  comes out  in the open,  now it is back the singhania  feel and the singhania expression , the one he had in the first scene today ,  Clap.  Kriitka and Karan again brilliant  here Thumbs Up.   The bg  score was good, flash backs apt.  but where is our   KMH2 title  track Cry.   When she  freaks out and asks him to leave  he does  what he did in the fire scene,  arohi is his life he will not walk away from her  'meri zindagi tum ho arohi ,  apne zindagi ko sath leke jaunga '   and  chiming with that comes another  amazing  line ' Tumhare sath  saza bhi Zindagi hai aur  tumhare bina zindagi bhi zindagi nahi, kaise chod ke jaa sakta hoon tumhe'  ,  Only and only for this emotion the scenes match ClapClap.   
The guilt and realisation and  shame on rajveer's face was evident  finally ConfusedClap, nitin good here Thumbs Up.   the moron officer arrested and is still rude,  use  arjun se ek punch diladena please end mein , meri special request hai yeh CVs.   Kritika good in next scene Clap when getting arrested and questioning rajveer with her eyes and also telling him that he won , rajveer unable to look into her eyes Thumbs Up.   The whole scene from the time they jumped off the window  was good .   All the actors  well done  here  including the  rude inspector. Clap. 
ullus Stern Smile  S K I P> >>> . 
Arjun Arohi in diff. cells  but  very close ,  dono ko ek hi bldg mein kaid kiya?  But they were looking like one soul  two bodies Heart.    Arohi in the beginning thot of theirs as a fairy tale with a beautiful ending,   Arjun now has a similar thot  he thinks theirs as a beautiful story now and worries about its end.  Hug  dont worry dude  sacche  pyaar ki  achhi anth hoti hai ,  you will emerge victorious and will lead a happy life. 

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Not as bad as i thought. when i heard what happend i was so upset & angry but after watching I am sad cos the epi got me in tears but not so angry as i was.

Though their is some bashing i wanted to do but you guys have covered that for me. so no bashing from me.
And sorry everyone but my view is different to all of yours today. Don't know why but I found logic behind every unlogic stuff. Like Arjun in a previous episode i saw a bright side to everything. Probbably to console myself or what i dont know.
To start of with the house & the fire. I did not mind the old fire scene used cos of my logic. Which is that it was too hot & karanika could not shoot theese scenes.And as they were ill previously i would accept old scene used for their sake.But I must say theese scenes were edited well to fit the current scene.And no injustice was done to this scene. the whole scene i loved cos i loved it when it was used in KMH 1 so that love is still their.  
The next logic I see behind all this is that Rajveer is ashamed infront of Arohi his head was lowered. When she accused him of the fire he was shattered. This is going to make him understand that if he could be mis-understood then so can Arjun. He was not happy the way Arvind was when he got the news.
Seems like he is going to try to prove himself to arohi that he did not set the fire. He was also shocked when Arjun surrendered. So guys here also Arjun did not let him win he surrendered for his love.Another slap on his face. though this is not the time for such scenes.
But I guess sudden ending of KMH is the reason for this cos to change the story from where it was going without going totally out of story. And for me though sad & tragic this fits in.
I think this was needed to make the ullu's see some sense.
Though to bring sense to them they broke our hearts & hurt our feelings which is why i would have bashed th DV's but you guys have covered that. So thanks to all of  you I am saved from doing that.
One good thing Rajveer did was slap that Rathore for insulting her parvarish. I wanted someone to wipe that grin off his face.
I loved Sanu ek pal chain song.though teri saanson se could have been used here.But their was so much pain in today's episode & the song they used that i was crying.I loved when arohi was shouting arjun to run away. And Arjun how could he let her fail & their love so he came forward.this whole scene was full of pain but the best scene.The line Arjun said tumhare saath saza bhi zindagi hai aur tere bina zindagi bhi zindagi nahin this line stole the show. it was so powerfull. ClapClap Hats off to both Karanika for theese awesome expressions,dialogue delivery & for making me cry. 

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