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Happy Bday Kaju, pista <3 (Page 12)

..-Kaju-.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 April 2006
Posts: 10694

Posted: 01 June 2011 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by annie07

Many Many happy returns of the day Kajal...

Aw thank you very much!Embarrassed

Originally posted by aishhh.


AWW thank you Aish! <333

OMFGGG it's your birthdayyy<3 and to be honest I can't even remember where we met. SameageeLOL
 I should so get used to this line because I say it to everyone :S ROFL LOL it's just your a catchphraseLOL haha no I do remember. I THINK it was the arti CC but you know as you said i didn't even feel like i was meeting you first time because i loveddd you instantly as corny or whatever as that sounds ROFLI think it was ArTi CC as well..a random day..I think we briefly said hi before but then I'd have to leave or vice versa, but then one time we chatted for a little while and you told me about how you just missed Arjun in Melbourne and teaching some people maths or somethingROFL But YES Iso agree, it didn't feel awkward like it normally does for me when talking to new people, because you were just so damn friendly!
you're just like one of THE best sig makers i've ever seen (don't you dare ulta say my thing to me) LOL I was just about to argue and then I saw the next bit..but remember..we're both getting eye tests doneROFL and more importantly just SUCHHH a sweettt person <33 i love love love talking to you, And I think the exact same about you're such a lovely and friendly person..not just to me but nearly everyone which is why I love youu..
and btw i miss talking to you as well :(( because you feel just like i would if i talked to my sister :$  I miss talking to you too you have MSN or something?..It was great chatting to you here yday..after agesss..heheEmbarrassed

MANY MANY happy returns of the day, and may you always get the best in life because you deserve it <33 and me, my wishes, my love everything is ALWAYS with you when you need it.. we may not talk every single day but you know im here hameshaaa Hug LOVEYOUUU!
Awww thank you SOOO much..really thanks for all the kind words..and I've also got to say that I'm here for you if you ever need to talk..I know you have other people who your more close too, but just if you ever need me to do anything..dunno why you would ROFL Haha..LOVE YOU MORE..Hug

and this is the randomest thing i ever made. btw if you are a TUBELIGHT (like im behaving today since i'm slow ROFL) Aaah my dad calls me a tubelight ALL the time, and the first time he did, it took me forever to figure out why..then I was like..that explains it allROFL
you'll figure out i tried to match my post thing to your sig ;) and yes i felt like decorating it and making it all pretty. Haha HAHA I actually noticed that you coloured your post to match the sig as I scrolled down and laid my eyes on this stunning piece of work..Embarrassed

THIS IS AMAZING! YOU are amazing..seriously Aish..this sig is just SO stunning..thank you for making it for me..MayUr look SO cute..I miss them..amazing choice of pics and I love the sig, it's fabbb..THANK YOUEmbarrassedHugHug
ps. you should be proud cause when i started writing i had my old u/name -Aish129- and then i got PREOCCUPIED ROFL and middle of that i changed to aishhh. cause i was boredd. Stern Smile
Wah wahh..I'm proud..I really amROFL Cute usermame btw..though I think i'll miss the '129' for some reason LOL..ROFL

thought you should know that ainvayi. you know how i am, rant rant rant, which reminds me you haven't updated for like FOREVER cause i so badly want to write you a long long long long essay like pehle.. and my dabba is waiting for your stuff too :(( soona soona without it </3

And you should know I love random rants hahaha and I knoww right..most people are saying the same thing..I'm's my birthday don't mention updating PLEASEROFL I will tryy to make some stuff soon..I always say that one believes it anymore Ibet..LOL
loveeyouuu Hug
LOVE YOU TOO..Thank you for the AMAZING sig and awesome messageHug

Originally posted by --__Shireen__--

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAJU!!!!!!!! Hug love you lotsss! you're now what...81?? NANAJI!! LOL anyways have an awesome day yaar! i'll tty tonight if your on hopfully!

@shikha: Awesome thread! it looks amazing! ClapClapBig smile

LOL Shir..thanks yaarHug
And ha ha, 81..what's that..your age?ROFL DadajiWinkLOLLOL
Yupp I stayed up and everything just so I could atleast talk to you..or di..but you know Eva di..she just ditched usROFL

Originally posted by aishix


hbday gal <3 she's one of my best friends here at IF, and i just love you and ur work, you're so pro and will remain always my fav creationsmaker =/ ILY endless and enjoy ur day <33333

this is a small gift Cool arti-ish VM LOL LOL

Hope u liked =D muah muah =/ Hug

yours aisho Big smile

Awww thank you SO much Aisho di..Embarrassed
You're one of my closest friends here on IF, and one of the most talented..and the VM you made for ME..I mean my very own VM, shows that..I LOVED it..It was an amazing mix with both ArTi and MN..which made it even more awesomer..cute song choice haha..and as always fabulous editing and colouring..thanks my fav fav rockkk
Love you loadsss...

Originally posted by Mysterygirl_me

Happyy birthday Kajal, have an amazing superb day and may u have manyy more. Ur an amazing person and always so sweet with everyone. Though im really missing u and ur creations nowadays hope u become active here really soon. U deserve all the best things in life to happen to u and hope u keep smiling always and yes ur creations are the bestest EVER. Love you Hug 

Aww Rida! Thank you for your lovely means SO much to me, and I hope that I will be able to make some stuff soon..Embarrassed
You always appreciate my work and I adore your comments, thanks a ton! Love you loadss..xHug

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..-Kaju-.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 April 2006
Posts: 10694

Posted: 01 June 2011 at 3:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aishhh.

awww yeahh i was going to say, don't you want to sleep? ROFL goodnighttt <33 love you too Hug and yes it has been forever like literally Stern Smile

it feels like a CC Stern Smile ROFL

HAHA I got so carried away yday, replying and talking to you I didn't realise the timeROFL
And LOL it felt like a CC so bad..ahem
spamming *cough* ..ROFL

Originally posted by Gaganjot.S

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!!!
Thank you so much Gagan diHug
Kaju, you are one of the sweetest gals i know out there!!
I wish you get all the happiness in the world as you really deserve it!!
May you reach the heights in success and accomplish all your aspirations!!!
I hope this year brings a lot of good luck for you and may you continue to win everyone's heart!
Aww you're so sweet di..your message means so much to me, thanks a lotEmbarrassed

Today, this di of yours really wanted to make something herself for you, but because my computer crashed I do not have any software stored right now so till i can recover my data... I have been helpless. I promise when i get my data back ... I will make something for you myself.  :D  Till then I hope you like this present from me (made by Zunni .. Thanks Zunni)

No problem, really..this message is more than enough..thanks for all your wishes's so nice of you to do soHug

I love this sig SO's soo freaking adorableee..some of the best moments in the show..Embarrassedeeks, I miss MN/ArTi wayy to muchOuch
thank you di, and thanks a lot for making it Zunni, you rock as alwaysss hehe..x

Once Again A Very Happy Birthday To You!!!
God Bless You!!!
Love You Always,
Thanks a lot for your lovely message Gagan di.
Love you..hope your ok! <3


Originally posted by -Preeti-

i saw my name here and there in this thread ... Mujhe kissi ne yaad kiya?*blush blush*

i love that sig<3
Bade Achche Lagte Hai
Woh Jhagde, Woh Nok Jhok, Woh Rutna Manana aur Woh MN:P

HAHA Preeti di, we were just saying how you were gonna report Ravs di for spamming if she didn't edit her 'reserved' spotROFL

And I know right, the sig is amazingg.. <3Embarrassed

Originally posted by KomaliciousXOMN

I'm sooo sorryyy that my late KJ...
Anywz Belated Happy Birthday...Hope god will shower your life with happiness and love...
Don't worry ur presents are on their way...
LYa so muchhh... Hug                                                           

Awww Komal!
Finally yaar HAHA just kidding...thank you SO much!
And hehe, it's gonna be like me with your birthday..presents will find a way MONTHS after the actual bdayROFL Lol, na jokes..
Love you loadsss mwah.x

Originally posted by --__Shireen__--

kaju! a late msg! Tongue

Dear Kaju

Lots of Love

Aww yeah Shir, I got Nandita di's PMEmbarrassed
But thanks again di..I loved the sig and your message..your so sweetHug

Originally posted by -Sofia-


Awww thank you Sofia!Embarrassed
I had a great day thanksss..xxxHug


And that's about everyone I think..YAY..thanks for making my birthday so special you guyss..
Love you all loadss... <3Hug

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AmyArTiMayUr IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 November 2009
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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 4:49pm | IP Logged
Kaju...sweety...we are soo not in touch...wonder where you are lost...hehe...miss our pm chats...:( hope things are great on your side :)
Aww I know Amy di..been forever since our PMs na..things are good from my side..hope your ok!

Im great...just the uni stress and all...assignments and exams suck, i tell you...hehe...

So it's your birthday today huh??? Great :D How old?? :P or should i say how young?? :P :P Hehe yesss it is..and I'm 18..old or young you decideROFL

Young...wayyy tooo young...or maybe not...lols...LOLLOL

Anyhow, just want you to know that even though we may not be in touch, you are someone whose friendship i will ALWAYS treasure :) You are one of the sweetest ppl i have met on IF and would never want to lose a great friend like you :) and of course apart from being a sweetheart, you also make siggies that make me catch my breath...:D you are just AWESOME :)
Awww this is so damn sweet..getting emotinal..hehe..thank you so much for the lovely words..and even you're one of the nicest, optismistic people I know which is awesome specially if you're an ArTi fanROFLHug

Its your birthday and you are busy giving me compliments...lols...thanks anyways, you sooo much...HUGS...Big smile

I hope that the coming year provides you with all the success and fulfillment your heart wishes and May this birthday offer you as much joy and happiness as you give to all who know you.

Always remember that your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of "YOU" to the world and if there is something good you are dreaming of then may it come true because you deserve it all :)
Awww thank you once again for your kind words and wishes..seriously means a lot to me..HugHugHug
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN HUN :D Take care and Enjoy :) Keep Smiling :D
You're so sweet Amy di..I loved your message..thank you for everything and hopefully we'll start PMing again heheEmbarrassed

...Awww this is so cute..thank youuu!Embarrassed

Im sweet?? lols...well so are you jaana...and you are always welcome...:)) Glad to know you loved the message...and the above creation was just a not good at this siggy making at all...hehe...but thanks for loving it anyways :D And yeah...we will start pming again soon :D :D :D Hope you enjoyed your birthday sweety :D Keep Smiling :D

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged
KAJUUU! Msg from your hubbyCool

Dear Patni Ji,
Happy birthdaaay dear ♥
your awesomeee. And since its your bday you can make me 5 roti's instead of 10 (: But true talking,
I hope you have a wonderful day. I miss you, and will PM you when I get back. Your an awesome friend. and this is just for you:
and this:

and now a short rap:
Yea, uh huh
this girl be ma wife
ma one and ONLY
and ma life
this chicks a beauty
just like the sea
she's like da lucky charm to me
now even though i be gone gone gone
i must take time
to write this rhyme
you ma only and only

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KomzieBoombat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged

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