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Happy Bday Kaju, pista <3 (Page 11)

--__Shireen__-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged

kaju! a late msg! Tongue

Dear Kaju

Lots of Love

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..-Kaju-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by daffodils.dudu

I would request kajuly not to read thisROFLROFL Highly temption stillROFL see you are warnedROFL

HAHA yeah like I'm just gonna miss this out

So as she is a wonderful person Ravjot and i wrote storiesROFLROFL

Oh geez..ROFL

Once upon a time
In a land far far FAR away
Kaju barfi was invented

tMr and Mrs Kaju Sr fell love at first taste when they came across this sweet thing. Their love and passion for Kaju barfi was so strong that they decided to name their daughter Kajal, nickname: Kaju

ROFL Mr and Mrs 'Kaju'ROFL

Kaju however, was not pleased by this and did not like being referred to as a food item and therefore started to detest kaju barfiStern Smile ROFL That's very true...I'm no barfi fan
This was unheard of and Mr and Mrs Kaju Sr. were shocked and decided to take their lovely daughter the kaju barfi specialist and were devastated when they learned that Kaju did not like kajuStern Smile ROFL Barfi specialist OMG..HAHA that's also very true..Kaju doesn't like KajuROFL She had fallen for a lesser nut: badaam ROFL My true love.. <3

Not knowing what to do, Mr and Mrs Kaju Sr. decided to send Kaju to her aunt Pista to be cured. ROFL Aunt Pista..Oh man you guys are goodLOL Unfortunately for them, aunt Pista was a Harry Potter fanatic and instead of curing Kaju, thanks to her Kaju became obsessed with HP and was often found at night holding a pen and yelling lumos. ROFL Yup and there's where the HP obession startedStern Smile Damn you Auntie Pista! Needless to say, the pen did not light up and Kaju was not a witch.ROFL HUH! How dare you say such a thing, petty muggleBroken HeartROFL  Of course there had been claims of her being seen in the sky on a broom but the witnesses could've been high off chocolate. ROFL Really..high on chocolate?LOL

Not sure of what to do, Kaju's parents finally gave up and accepted the fact that their daughter loved badaam. YAY..badaam ftw!
It was a difficult thing to except, but like the HP issue, they got used to it. As they should!
That and a new problem had emerged: The existence of Mayank Sharma and Nupur BhushanStern Smile
ROFL Damnnn..

Thanks to MN, Kaju focused her free time collecting images and stored up to 8942847824827842 ROFL ROFL  So very true..sad, but yes true..
and that motivated her to become one of the b e s t siggy makers on I-F. And that is the Kaju we all know and love. And thanks to this story, you all now know her life historyCool ROFL Awww..I'm soo not one of the best siggi makers on IF..what liesStern Smile..everything in the story was true apart from this! But haha thank you..and I LOVED the story..what imagination you haveROFL

Now the second storyROFL


Once upon a time on one fine day of may a baby was born a very
 cash-ewww babyROFL  ROFLYeah KajuApprove
She was mayurian by birth . She obviously wore the Mayur baba's rudraksh around her waist and had a tattoo saying "by god" on her shoulders. Tsk tsk YES she wore half shouldered dresses just to show this tattooStern Smile
ROFL Too much of show of tsk tskROFLROFL

ROFL OMG..hahaha..whoa tattoo? DRESS? Stern SmileROFL Like the two things I hate the mostLOL

Moving on .ROFLROFL
She lived in the city of mileyjabhumtumpur, which was indeed a big city in a big country IndiaForums.Dancing
ROFL  This place sounds so EPIC..but I should know seeing as I live hereROFL
She was pretty famous .. for all the bad things she dis .Tsk tskROFLROFLStories about all the murders she did became spreading in the city . Nuke

The murders..that's not me! It's my dearest hubby..Sweetu
She's run away..and I'm left taking the blame!

The way of murdering was the main point of intrest. She stole hearts with her creations. stealing cars bikes cars houses is ok BUT HEARTS? YES SHE DID .Stern Smile

Omgg..I'm such a badass..

Then came the turning point in her life. Her stories came to the years of crazycreatives-quida


leader aman ali quli khan . Aman ali quli khan gave her a set of AK-photoshop 47 and asked her to start the job along with two other criminals eggjactly like kaju, namely Zunudu-jalian wala bagh and shickachoo -hur -dar dor -khan .

ROFL they seriously sound dangerousROFL

After joining the notorious team of crazycreative -quida she lived in the city od geetbai , a famous city near mumbai where men moved around half naked doing some kun fu sort of thing and ladies watched and left their earings and then men went searching them in the room.Stern SmileROFL

And this is why I don't watch the show

She couldnt find true love in solid form so she started looking for true love in gaseous state and she got DJ Smoke as her lover. ROFL[=)]ROFL
DJ smoke later got sublimed into solid state with the name mad dipset just to marry Kaju.Now they are having a secret live in relation life in the hills of pista hills...
and they are living happily ever after.Cool

ROFL This is def my life story..very well written..thank you for making everyone see my REAL sideROFL Haha..god you guys are totally mental..only y'al could come up with something as random as this..

I had way to much fun reading this..
and now ppl think I'm a freak because I couldn't stop smiling or trying not to laugh throughoutROFL

sofiaaax. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 1:45pm | IP Logged

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..-Kaju-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by starry.phoenix

Happy wala Birthday Kaju!
Have a gr8 day thn a rockin' year ahead!!Big smile

Awww thanks a lot Shikha!Embarrassed
Thanks for all your part in the post..I loved all the siggi's and stuffHug

Originally posted by .sb.

Wishing you a
Very Happy Birthday Kaju!!

Aww haha thank you so much!Embarrassed
Nice touch with the kaju's btwROFL

Originally posted by MP_Radha

Happy Birthday Kaju Hug

May you have a wonderful day today and may all your dreams come true Star

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Awww that's so sweet of you, thank you so much!Hug

Originally posted by Sano88

happy bday kaju///Embarrassed

Thank youuu!Big smile
..-Kaju-.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 April 2006
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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Angelic_A


Happy Happy Birthday to you!! Party

Congratulations u are a year older now. Smile How does that feel? ROFL Please prepare a speech and present. ROFL

Many Happy returns of the day to you! Hope that this birthday is full of surprises for you. Cool

Have a great one!!

Awww Aman!
Haha, it feels the same as it did when I was a year youngerROFL
Thanks a lot for your wishes!Hug

Originally posted by _Meena_

HBD Kaju!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Meena!!Embarrassed

Originally posted by -Ravjot-


SPAMMING..Ummm ..Stern Smile

Originally posted by Payal-15


Have a long and happy lifeHug


Awww thank you so much Payal!!Hug

Originally posted by -Sidra-

Hey My most cutest nd talentes sis,HugHug

Wish u a very very happy b'day nd many many happy returnz of the day...May GOD bless u...wish u all the best..hv a yewww sis...Hug

Awwies, Siddi di!Hug
Thank you so muchhh for your lovely msg...means a lot to me..!
Happy birthday to you again!..hehe Embarrassed

Originally posted by xtaurus429x

Happy Birthday! Have a good one!

Thanks a ton!Embarrassed

..-Kaju-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lovebapu18

Happy Birthday Kaju!!Big smile

Aww thank youuu!Embarrassed

Originally posted by sanjna4

And keep smilling :) and creating nice stuffBig smile

This is so sweet..thanks a ton..Big smileHug
I LOVE the GIF. It's adorableEmbarrassed

Originally posted by -Zunni-

Happyyy Birthday KajuuuHug

Aw thanksss Zunni!Hug

Originally posted by myownarea

Happy Birthday Kaju Hug Hug Hug
One look at my sig dabba shud tell u who I'm a fan of.. Arti n u LOL ofcourse!!
Loads of love
Divya :)

Aww Divya di!Hug
You're soo sweet..thank you SO much, it means a lot to me!Embarrassed
Happy birthday to you once again..hope you had a great day..xHug

Originally posted by Angel-Jot.

Awww! What a cute post! And the stories cracked me up!!! XD

Happy Birthday KJ!


Aww I agree fully..thank you for the amazing bday post..I loved it..
And thanks a lott JotEmbarrassed

Originally posted by stuti123

hey kaju Hugwishing  you many many happy returns of the day dear...

Thanks a ton Stuti di..xHug
..-Kaju-.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 April 2006
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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Preeti-

OMG ...sorry i got the PM but forgot to send my Msg. Extremely Sorry about that

But here's wishing you a very Happy B'dayHug

ok edits back as i have some time saved nowEmbarrassed

Am extremely bad at writing Msg's so do bear with Me. Bdays are the only time i guess at IF where we actually end up writing or rather praising a member. We might have known each other for ages but then we never had time in those ages to talk to each other or even discuss things with each other. Ive know u kaju from MJHT forum itself... more so from CG. MJHT CG gallery is deffo spl for Me and many like me as i have met one of my best pals there. And they still are my frnds here. Its your creations which made me know u better. And then we started interacting there and i remember how Gagan and I used to sit n stare ur creations all timeLOL sply MN One's. That was one of our fav hobbies. So i would say i know u from MJHT CG but i know u better from the tiny miny interactions we've had here and there. And its been great to have a friend like u KajuHug As much as interactions we've had youve been one of the best ppl ive met here. Wont talk too much but would just wanna wish you a very Happy Birthday and a Wondeful Year ahead

God Bless<3

Aww Preeti di..
I agree with you so much..I think bday's ALWAYS bring out so much good things about the person and I always find that I say more about them and how much they mean to me than the actual wishing for their birthdayEmbarrassed And for me, this year specially all the kinds things everyone has said about me..I'm just rambling LOL..LOL
I think even though I watched MJHT every day..I only ever really posted in the MJHT CG and made so many friends..and people who really liked my work..and to know that you and even Gagan di like my sigs makes me feel so really doesEmbarrassed Thank you so much for the lovely message Preeti di, and yes even though we may not talk everyday, I find you as such a role model for everyone here, you're ALWAYS polite, and sooo friendly..and when you're moderating forums like MJHT/DMG..I dunno how you do itHug..Ok..I've written an essay that probably doesn't make anyyy sense...sorry!ROFL Thanks again..Embarrassed

Originally posted by *Harika*

Happy Birthday Kaju :)

Aww thank you Harika!Tongue

Originally posted by starry.phoenix

Originally posted by -Ravjot-


Stop, reserving and never un-reserving ppsts mommaaa!ROFL

I agreeStern SmileROFL

..-Kaju-.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 April 2006
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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Untamed-

Kajuuu, Nidzzz!Embarrassed

You are the best siggy maker on IF in my eye...sacchi mein!

This means SO much to me yaar, it really does..thanks a ton for saying so..Hug

You are intelligent, friendly, sweet & always ready to make siggies when I ask! Embarrassed Man those gorgeous siggies you made for Ayesh's b'day were simply out of the world! Big smile

Aww thank you..and I'll always try and help out whenever I can..and I'm glad I can be of useEmbarrassed

Okay if I start, I will end up writing an essay on your lovely, beautiful, magical creations. Day Dreaming I miss them, btw! LOL

Haha, the amount of people that have said that..guess I need to soonROFL

You are superr friendly & superr helpful girl & hella talented. And an HP freak like me Cool...that's one of the best parts, btw! LOL Speaking of HP, have you gotten your wand yet? You said you'd! Tongue Sighhh July 15 COME OOON! EmbarrassedLOL

Aww all this praise..I really don't deserve it..haha..and I'm SO glad your also a HP freak..I need someone here to share my obssession withLOL And yesss, I got it a few weeks backBig smile Wooo..BRING ON JULY 15THLOL

You are a fun person to talk to and you always remind me of my fave sweet, Kaju Barfi (which reminds me, I need to get a piece NOW) LOL

Hahaha awww thanks Nidz..and I would get you some, but we hardly get any round here..haha

Anyways, I'm not the best of siggy makers, and making a siggy for the best siggy maker is HARD. CryLOL And I hope you like it :))

Your sigs rock..don't EVER doubt it ok..Embarrassed
And man, I'm nowhere near as good as other sig makers..LOL

Day Dreaming OMG..this is SOO good Nidz..really first because it's MN..second as it's sajdaBlushing third because it's MN..ok I've said that..but you get me..It's soo damn amazing..great greatt jobb youu! Rocking sig..thanks a tonnn..xHug

Hope you like it Hug
I LOVE it..Embarrassed


Originally posted by .Yamini.

Happy birthday Kajal Hug

Hope you liked your gift & message from me to you Hug Have a great birthday sweetheart..i love you Hug

Thank you once again Yami di..Embarrassed
I loved the msg and the was stunningHug

Originally posted by anne156

haapppyyy birthday kaju...wish u all de best for future..

Thanks a ton Anne..for your other msg and sigs too..Hug

Originally posted by Komal.SweetArTi

Happy Birthday Kaju...Hug
U are a Mind Blowing Siggy Maker...Ur Creations Rock Big time...God Bless u Always...!!

Aww KomalHug
Thank you SO much for your msg..and for liking my sigs and stuff as well..that's so sweet!Embarrassed

Originally posted by -SupriyaluvsMN-

Happy B'day Kaju...Hug

Wishing u all d Success n Happiness in Lyf...Hug

Luv ya loads!Hug

Awwies..thank you so much for the lovely message!Embarrassed
Means a lot to me..Hug

Originally posted by -Preeti-

Originally posted by starry.phoenix

Originally posted by -Ravjot-


Stop, reserving and never un-reserving ppsts mommaaa!ROFL

I should hopefully find this post Unreserved soon. If not i shalll report her as SPAM


Originally posted by loving_bird

Happy Birthday Kajal

May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.
I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.

wishing u many many happy returns of the day to a wonderful siggies maker.
i really miss ur siggies...they were simply the best ones.
i hope u make some (lol me demanding on ur b'day but kya kareLOLaisa toh kaam hi interaction hoti hai )...when whatever thoda we had interacted ur really sweet nice person ..wish best in ur life.
enjoy ur day dear.HugHug

Aww Tanu di..Hug
Thankss a ton for your amazing message!
And awww yeah I soo need to make some new sigs and LOL you can demand whenever you want..I'm just a PM away Embarrassed Thanks a lot again..and from my side also, you always comment on my sigs whether it's in the MJHT CG or my shop..and it means SO much to me that you thank you

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