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Happy Bday Kaju, pista <3

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged

Shicku :Come with mee devaa and kaju pistaTongue

Tanu:Tell her kajuly i am not going with her on the stage because she found a new love and ditched me

Kaju: But we have to go to the stage to announce some contest result shikhu was saying *scratches head*

Tanu : NOOO SHE.. LI...



Shikhu: Why dont you be a brave one and talk to me directly right kaju pista?

Tanu: Kajuly tell her I am not even gonna fight with herOuchImma hurtOuch

*kaju looks at tanu*

Shikhu: I'm least bother...

*kaju looks at shikhu*

Kaju: Stop it both of you AngryYou both are getting on my nerves. Nerves of the amazing updater.Approve

*shikhu & tanu  glares*

Kaju: STOP glaring kids. Lets move to the stage.

*Shikhu and tanu rolls eyes and sighs*

*Shikhu Tanu and Kaju get on stage*

Kaju: So ladies and gentlemenhere comes the famous person


Shikhu :Ignore her peopleAngry shes madROFL

Tanu: So people we are here .Dancing

Kaju: everyone can see us . Angry

Shikhu : We are here for an amazing job .Cool

Kaju: wait what is with the title? I was told its some contest results. whats with happy bday pista badam and  bla ?

Tanu: contest was abt counting pistas

Shikhu: exactly.

Kaju: Oh .WAIT

so what is happy baday part about? *glares*

Shikhu: thats added to make the people crazyROFLROFL


Kaju: arent you both being a bit too know  like hiding something from me.

Shikhu : NOOO. why would we.

Tanu: So the winner is a crazy creativeBig smile

Shikhu: a amazing girl.

Kaju: WAITTT isnt there a rule like we dont get to partcipate in CC contest?Stern Smile

Shikhu : But this time was an exception.Tongue

Tanu: So this girl LOVES MAYUR

Kaju: WOW i love mayur too.

Tanu: you do i dint know.Shocked

Shikhu: Neither did i knowShocked

Tanu: She is an amazing girl with amazing graphical skills

Shikhu: and everyone loves her

Kaju: GUYS. y dont you tell me the name of the winner?

Shikhu and Tanu : Her name is

KaJU <3

Happy birthday Kaju Pistaaa

*Kaju faints*

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{Happy Birthday Kaju}
F R O M   :  A L L  OU S

Hey KajuPista,
Big smile
Wishin' you a very Happy Birthday Gal!Party
Turning babes! grown up whats on ur mind...?
lol...where's the party tonite ? we defi need a treat...Big smile
jokes part... God Bless Kaju! wishin' u the lyf's best always & hamesha!
dun know u ths year i plan to gt to noe u better&better! so stay in touch. Here's my lil gift for you, hope u like it...Embarrassed

actly we got a lil confused, Momma told me u like 'MayurNupur' but i have seen u updatin' alot on 'MaanGeet ' so we decided to do both.ROFL
ans...yaaa.. thanks to Dodo(my ex-pati) for the intro thingy and scriptin in such an awesomeee way!!Star she roxx(just like the way we do, hi5!)LOL
Hope ur bday is full of sweet surprizes n then all year thru,
and celebrate it with all your near & dear ones & Familia!
muahhh ..n lods of JhappisssHug



Happy bday KAJULYYY<3<3May you live hundreads ofyears and make 1'3276873468236742374624362385 creations. HugHug

You are one of the sweetest person i ever met.



Kaju barfiii!Hug
Happy happy happy happy HAPPY birthdayHug You is one year older nowBig smile But still younger then meStern SmileROFL How does it feel?Cool Not the younger then me part but one year older oneROFL Cuz well, the younger part might make you feel jawan and me feel like a budhi and that's no funStern Smile For me anywayROFLAnywho, I forgot what I was gonna sayErmm Must not have been importantLOL Oh! Maybe I should give you your giftBig smile

Now that I think about it, our friendship ki dastaan started off thanks to MNStern Smile If it werent for them, you wouldn't be on the MJHT forum and making amazing siggies. And yes I'm hoping by the end of this I'll do enough tareef that you'll make me a surprise oneROFL JokeLOL But I really do love your siggiesDay Dreaming And it was cuz of that I used MJHT member awards as an excuse to bug you into makingCool Except in the end I only got to use oneUnhappy Anyway, it was thanks to that I got to make conversation with you and we went back and forth via PMsCool Anddd I'm not sure if you remember this, but I was a silent stalker of your shopCool I even requested onceApprove Of course it was a b-day sig so it wasn't really for meErmm And all of this has nothing to do with your b-day so I'll just shut upLOL
Ok the first meeting you part did cuz it led to the friends part and what's so special about that? Answer: You is my friendBig smile You're super cool and an amazing person and I love you to bits. I have a tendency to um... not reply back frequently but I love PMing you and talking about chocolate and barfi and shops and driving and bhoot (ROFL) oh and heightsLOL
Happy Birthday once againHug
-Ravs diCool


Yo KJ! Happy Birthday! I LOVE your creations and you're a cute little person and stuff. You're awesome. XD Except, how could you get married to Sweetu? You're my great grandfather then. Stern Smile Sad for you but it makes sense.. You're getting OLDER!!Shocked Hope you don't die soon. =] And my gift? An imaginary virtual cane. Cause you need it. Approve I'm such a sweet great granddaughter eh? Big smile Anyhow.

^^Jottu, dun be surprized, had this extra siggy, so jz updatin it in ur msgROFL

On a serious note, i hope you have a blast on your birthday! Eat lots of cake and chocolate and demand for gifts and all things great. It's your special day!
With love,



Hey kaju,
Wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope u get everything you wish for. Enjoy today to your fulliest. Eat a lot of cake and save some for us CC's. I think i first meet you in your shop. We havent gotten to know each other much yet but im hoping to get to know you in the CC more.
You sound like a very fun person and your creations are just mind-blowing as you already know.

Once again a very very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAJU



Hey Kaju..
Wishing you a birthday that's a very special day--
a day full of smiles and laughter and fun,
a day for enjoying all of life's little pleasures,
a day for enjoying yourself...
and most of all wishing that this very special day
is only the beginning of a very beautiful year!!!
Happy Birthday!!!
- Zunni


Dear Kaju =)
May this birthday herald the coming of a brand new year with your brightest dreams coming true! Blow out the candles, make a wish, smuggle all the gifts and eat lots of cake!!! LOL
hugs and best wishes,
NJ Embarrassed



Many many happy returns of the day ..Kaju!Party
May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love...
and may all your wishes come true...
God bless you..
Lots of love,


Wish you a very very happy birthday kajal. I know that we havent gotten that many opportunities to talk since i joined the forum when mjht ended but from the few times i did talk with you, i can tell that you're a very sweet and warm person. On your birthday all i can say is i hope God fulfills all of your wishes and that he always showers his blessings on you. Happy birthday once again


hey wish her all de best for future ...Embarrassedi just make quick sigg for her i knw my creations are not to its just a way to say wish her best of luck for are those..


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To Kajal
Happy Birthday To You
Hope you have a great Day
And hope you get Everything you Wanted
I hope all your Birthday Dreams and Wishes come True
Hope your Birthday Blossoms Into Lots Of Dreams come true
May Everyday be filled with Sunshine and Smiles, Laughter and Love
Happy Birthday and many Happy Returns of the Day.
God gives us two Gifts...
One is chance and the other is Choice,
Chance to have Friends
And Choice to select the Best ones,
Like You!
Take Care
Hope You Like Your GiftsBig smile
No Happy Birthday Like Before So You Can Use Whenevr You LikeBig smile

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Kaju...sweety...we are soo not in touch...wonder where you are lost...hehe...miss our pm chats...:( hope things are great on your side :)
So it's your birthday today huh??? Great :D How old?? :P or should i say how young?? :P :P

Anyhow, just want you to know that even though we may not be in touch, you are someone whose friendship i will ALWAYS treasure :) You are one of the sweetest ppl i have met on IF and would never want to lose a great friend like you :) and of course apart from being a sweetheart, you also make siggies that make me catch my breath...:D you are just AWESOME :)

I hope that the coming year provides you with all the success and fulfillment your heart wishes and May this birthday offer you as much joy and happiness as you give to all who know you.

Always remember that your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of "YOU" to the world and if there is something good you are dreaming of then may it come true because you deserve it all :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN HUN :D Take care and Enjoy :) Keep Smiling :D


Happy Birthday Kaju Hug

May all your wishes and dreams come true. May this coming year bring you loads of success and happiness. I still remember meeting you in the SP Forum. Wow .. that was a while ago. I've seen your creations around the forum and they are simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Star

Keep in touch. Hope you have a wonderful day. Happy birthday once again. Keep Smiling!
- Gurpz


Happy Birthday Kajal!!Party
Hope u have an AWESOME birthday and year ahead!!Big smile



Kajal Hug

Here's wishing you an extremely fun-filled birthday sweetheart. You are a very dear friend to me. More like a younger sis, whose so many years younger than i am, but it feels like we know each other since a long time. And indeed that is so. You remember the very first time our interaction happened. It was on your shop and MJHT CG, and at that time i had no idea about you as a person. I miss talking to you sweetie, i miss our conversations...But hope you have a great great birthday, and many more like these to come.I love you endless Kajal, god bless you girl!
Made something for you, hope you like it Hug

Enjoy your day to the fullest love. You totally deserve it. Muaahs Hug


ARE YOU 1...ARE YOU 2...okay, no. =)) =)) =)) =))

Don't know where to start, to be honest...there's just so much to say. And DONT WORRY...there are SOME good things I have to say. =)) =)) =))

You know what the regular routine is...we can never do birthday messages without going down memory embarrassing as it's like OUR THING. =)) =)) =))

MOST EMBARASSING MOMENT Heya...I'd thought to wish u a Happy Birthday Hope u have a great day and hope to see many more...
Seen ur posts in JDJ2 and saw it was ur Bday so Pmed u...I dont even know u but dunno y i wanted to pm u anyways...U r probz thinking wot a strange girl
Anyways See ya...Luv Kajal xx


I was SO boring, so naive, gullible, friendly, polite...BUT WE BOTH EVENTUALLY GOT OUT OF THAT...and I became a crude, snob, obnoxious, sickening, moronic monster...and you just stuck with =)) =)) =))


I'll ignore that...IDK if I can even call that English...but WHATEVER...I'LL IGNORE THE GRAMMAR TODAY. =)) =)) =))

Your explanation made PERFECT didn't know me...and you didn't know why you wanted to PM me. SURE, PERFECT, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, PLAY HOPSCOTCH...WOO KAJU...YOUR LOGIC MAKES ME WANNA SPREAD JOY ACROSS THE WORLD. =)) =)) =))


That was the FIRST time I ever got a PM like I probably did go W*F out loud...but you know how I was...always HEE HEEING AT EVERYTHING. :D:D =)) =)) =))

But seriously...that one absurd action of yours...DEFINED US. GAVE BIRTH TO US. November 17th, 2007 - WHERE IT ALL STARTED. =)) =)) =))

Those CRAZY LONG PMs...with the random Archie and Arthur questions...and then we moved onto those *HEAD DESK* "you're +1 more awesome-r, better, cooler" statements...which we both knew we only did to put up the conversation. I'M JOKING. =)) =)) =))

But a lot of the credit goes to Kasam Se / Jhalak / PD / JB...that's probably the only thing we shared in common, to be honest...but opposites attract. =)) =)) =))

It's actually pretty ironic...we left KS and you went to MJHT & I went to Bidaai...and both shows ended within a week of each other (except my show ended for me back in June =)))...and none of us are over the shows and we've both pretty much ditched Desi TV. GO US! =))

Our JB hubs, the MKP THREAD with BUNNY-BOY (DONT ASK) HARSHAD ...and then of course...SHIR COMES ALONG. *DRUM ROLL* =)) =)) =))

The 3 of us...HEE HEE...HOO HOO...WHY ARE WE ACTING LIKE THIS...IDK...ITS CUTE. I met Shir because of the Khwab Dekhe song not being on the Race life, I tell you. =)) BUT IT WAS FOR THE BETTER, I GUESS. =))

And then...KAJU KI DUKAAN FOUNDED ON MAY 31st, 2008. =)) =)) =))


"omg guys im sooo sorry...been really busy with CSW & all...i'll reply & update more often"

*3 months later*

Search: Kaju's Creations
Found: Page 435355453 =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

Your shop brings back MAD memories too...MY BILLIONS OF RESERVED SPOTS WHICH I STILL HAVENT UPDATED...our spamming...SHIR'S EXCUSES. =)) =)) =))

YOUR SHOP MADE PRIYA & I BECOME EVEN CLOSER TOO...and PRIYA, IF YOU'RE READING THIS...I MISS YOU!!!! Haven't spoken to you in AGES...come on MSN / FB's been way too I-F has kinda been WHACKED for the past 5 apparently, my last login was on January 31st. =)) =)) =)) =)) =))


JOKING JOKING...for me, you'll ALWAYS be my favourite sig maker...and I know everyone on I-F has AMAZING talent, but your sigs are just SOMETHING ELSE. SO unique...and so different. Your styles, your blending, textures, colouring, texts, fonts...PERFECT. Everything goes together SO well and everyone can see the results...COMMENTS AND COMMENTS. I've seen you grow from your KS sigs to your MN sigs to everything's honestly REMARKABLE. I love EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF ART you've created...and I can't wait to see more...when my I-F works again, COMMENTS GALORE...with procrastination. =)) =)) =))

As much as I cover my face everytime I look back at these interactions...I can't help but smile...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? We've tolerated 3 and A HALF WHOLE YEARS of each other...well, you've tolerated 3 and a half years of me mostly. INSANITY. =)) =)) =))

You're definitely the first person on I-F I got close oldest dost...and closest to my heart because of the crazy things we've shared. =)) I know I don't show it a lot...perhaps ever...=)) BUT you always know that I'm always here for you. We may not get to talk on a regular basis all the time...but the times we do get to talk...I'm always laughing my YOU-KNOW off and have a huge grin on my face. =)) FEELING FRIED LIKE A CHEESESTICK, WERID, HAPPU, CANADA VS UK, SHEILA, MY BRB AND NEVER COMING BACK, GUJJU JOKES, VENOM...we end up making the stupidest things HILARIOUS. =)) DON'T CHANGE...for anyone or because of anyone. The positive attitude you'll take you miles in life. Your optimism is your biggest advantage...along with the generosity, friendliness, HEIGHT (=)))...I RUINED IT RIGHT THERE. =)) You've done SO much for me...more than I deserve, thats for sure...and today, I'd like to thank you for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you've done for me. Be it making my day by bringing a smile on my face, the epic convos, the emergency sigs you ALWAYS do for me (I OWE YOU 43746738246873 FAVOURS I KNOW) and BY JUST BEING YOU. No matter what, I'll always be DAMN proud of you! God bless. >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<

SO IN ALL...MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE, STUFF YOURSELF WITH CAKE LIKE YOU DO EVERY HOUR OR SO, PARTY HARD, BE SAFE (IF ONLY) AND GOD BLESS YOU!!!! You deserve ONLY happiness and success...wishing you all the best for every challenge in life...tackle it with a smile. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN, KAJU...I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH...AND IDK if I'll get a chance to come online today because of my intern schedules...but I BETTER TALK TO YOU BY THIS WEEKEND. I'M GONNA TRY MY BEST...I LOVE YOU!!!!! Have an amazing day!!! ;)) <333333333333



BOOO! HA I BEAT YOU THIS TIME! YAYYY! But I'll let you win today because it's your day!

Ok so it's 12:35 AM here so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WHOOO! I'M CELEBRATING YOUR B-DAY WHILE WRITING MY PAPER! Hopefully today will bring me luck!

So the big day is FINALLY here! It took what...365 days since last year??? Looong time yaar! BUT on the bright...YOU'RE AN ANTIQUE JUST ME THE ME AND PAPU! I think we should start going to bingo every week! Man AS IF you forgot! I was about to laugh when you said "I actually forgot" shame on you! Any other b-day it's ok to forget! BUT THIS IS YOUR 18TH BIRTHDAY FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!!!!

Anyways...enough scolding you on your b-day (I love that I'm older than you! It comes in handy eh shorty??) ;)

First off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD! 4 YEARS! CAN YOU BELEIVE IT????? And we're still closer than ever (evidence in our last ym chat...usual spookiness happening!) lol! But on a serious note at first when it all those things were happening with us I was like coincidence??? But then I started to think that no maybe it's something else, something more, and it is! It's like something that'll always keep us together (our own pavitra rishta) haiii!

While writing this I was looking back at all the previous b-day threads that we made for each other over the years (yeah I saved all of them...don't make fun) and I brought back sooo many memories! I don't know if you remember this, but the first year we celebrated your b-day, I wrote you this gigantic essay in which I practically poured my heart out to you, and you know what I still feel the exact same way! You're honestly, my first true best friend that I've ever had which is why you'll always be special to me! No matter if we haven't talked in days, months, years, janams, your friendship will always be cherished!

You're a true friend! You're always there when I need you to make me cry, laugh, or to just talk about random crap that might not be important, but we make every little thing we talk about important! The same goes to Eva di! Even though we barely talk anymore which sucks every time we do talk it doesn't feel weird, we just pick up right from where we left off which is amazing! I really love you guys like sooo much! You both mean the world to me and I don't know what I do without you guys!

Barfi...I don't know whether I should thank you or regret the day we met because I got the greatest annoyance in my life through you...EVA!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I'm just joking right???? If Eva weren't around, life would be BORING...but hell a lot more peaceful (sorry papu! Love you jaanu)!

I hope this birthday is everything you wished for and more cause you deserve better than the best! I think you're the best thing since sliced bread! You're the nicest person I've met with the biggest heart and loving and caring nature and I love you to bits and pieces for that! Happy 18th yaar and I hop we can talk soon! I'll be home tonight at like 10:30 your time! Hopefully you'll be on! I didn't get a chance to get presents for you, but I have the best present in mind! You'll have to wait to see what it is!

Love you loads yaar! You'll always be special to me and papu...even more than you know!!



{Happy Birthday Kaju}
F R O M   :   C R A Z Y - C R E A T I V E S


It's like in the were like "OH...SHOULD I COME OUT ON THE LAST DAY OF MAY OR FIRST DAY OF JUNE?" I'm surprised...I would have figured you'd be like "YOU KNOW WHAT...I'LL JUST EAT MORE LARD TILL THE 1st" =)) =)) =))


WELL, ENOUGH OF ME. It's May 31st...the 151st day of the year...TODAY ITS ALL ABOUT...WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY!!!!! =)) =)) =)) =))

Don't do 'em, miste...I mean "MISSY"...don't do 'em. =)) =)) =))

I more "LAMENESS" today from my side. I'll keep my head on my shoulders today...and let my heart do all the talking today...not my gen...I mean, not that brain of mine. =)) =)) =))

First of all, let's start of us with the obvious...ONE YEAR OLDER HOPEFULLY MEANS ONE INCH CLOSER TO THE STEERING WHEEL. =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

JOKING JOKING JOKING...HAAAPPY BIRTHDAAAY KAAAJU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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a little faithBilliCat.Angel-Jot.anne156lovebapu18AmyArTiMayUr--__Shireen__--Mysterygirl_me..-Kaju-..theaisha_Manpreet_rainydays.sofiaaax.Fantasia.--sunshine--Payal-15Badtameez_Dil-Preeti-sanober.

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I would request kajuly not to read thisROFLROFL Highly temption stillROFL see you are warnedROFL

So as she is a wonderful person Ravjot and i wrote storiesROFLROFL

Once upon a time
In a land far far FAR away
Kaju barfi was invented

tMr and Mrs Kaju Sr fell love at first taste when they came across this sweet thing. Their love and passion for Kaju barfi was so strong that they decided to name their daughter Kajal, nickname: Kaju

Kaju however, was not pleased by this and did not like being referred to as a food item and therefore started to detest kaju barfiStern Smile This was unheard of and Mr and Mrs Kaju Sr. were shocked and decided to take their lovely daughter the kaju barfi specialist and were devastated when they learned that Kaju did not like kajuStern Smile She had fallen for a lesser nut: badaam

Not knowing what to do, Mr and Mrs Kaju Sr. decided to send Kaju to her aunt Pista to be cured. Unfortunately for them, aunt Pista was a Harry Potter fanatic and instead of curing Kaju, thanks to her Kaju became obsessed with HP and was often found at night holding a pen and yelling lumos. Needless to say, the pen did not light up and Kaju was not a witch. Of course there had been claims of her being seen in the sky on a broom but the witnesses could've been high off chocolate.

Not sure of what to do, Kaju's parents finally gave up and accepted the fact that their daughter loved badaam. It was a difficult thing to except, but like the HP issue, they got used to it. That and a new problem had emerged: The existence of Mayank Sharma and Nupur BhushanStern Smile

Thanks to MN, Kaju focused her free time collecting images and stored up to 8942847824827842 and that motivated her to become one of the b e s t siggy makers on I-F. And that is the Kaju we all know and love. And thanks to this story, you all now know her life historyCool

Now the second storyROFL

Once upon a time on one fine day of may a baby was born a very
 cash-ewww babyROFL  ROFLYeah KajuApprove
She was mayurian by birth . She obviously wore the Mayur baba's rudraksh around her waist and had a tattoo saying "by god" on her shoulders. Tsk tsk YES she wore half shouldered dresses just to show this tattooStern Smile
ROFL Too much of show of tsk tskROFLROFL
Moving on .ROFLROFL
She lived in the city of mileyjabhumtumpur, which was indeed a big city in a big country IndiaForums.Dancing
She was pretty famous .. for all the bad things she dis .Tsk tskROFLROFL
Stories about all the murders she did became spreading in the city . Nuke The way of murdering was the main point of intrest. She stole hearts with her creations. stealing cars bikes cars houses is ok BUT HEARTS? YES SHE DID .Stern Smile
Then came the turning point in her life. Her stories came to the years of crazycreatives-quida leader aman ali quli khan . Aman ali quli khan gave her a set of AK-photoshop 47 and asked her to start the job along with two other criminals eggjactly like kaju, namely Zunudu-jalian wala bagh and shickachoo -hur -dar dor -khan .

After joining the notorious team of crazycreative -quida she lived in the city od geetbai , a famous city near mumbai where men moved around half naked doing some kun fu sort of thing and ladies watched and left their earings and then men went searching them in the room.Stern SmileROFL
She couldnt find true love in solid form so she started looking for true love in gaseous state and she got DJ Smoke as her lover. ROFL[=)]ROFLDJ smoke later got sublimed into solid state with the name mad dipset just to marry Kaju.Now they are having a secret live in relation life in the hills of pista hills...
and they are living happily ever after.Cool

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Happy wala Birthday Kaju!
Have a gr8 day thn a rockin' year ahead!!Big smile

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Happy Birthday Kaju Hug

May you have a wonderful day today and may all your dreams come true Star

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happy bday kaju///Embarrassed

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Happy Happy Birthday to you!! Party

Congratulations u are a year older now. Smile How does that feel? ROFL Please prepare a speech and present. ROFL

Many Happy returns of the day to you! Hope that this birthday is full of surprises for you. Cool

Have a great one!!

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