Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

May 19th, 2011 Written Update

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Mittho meets the groom's older brother in a restaurant, with Mahadevi. She tells him that she is Mahadevi's guardian (I thought she said garden before) just like he is his brother's. The brother says he'd like to talk to Mahadevi alone for a few minutes. Mittho says they can pretend she isn't here, and turns away.

The brother asks Mahadevi about her education, and Mittho interjects. The brother then asks Mahadevi if she is happy with the marriage, and Mittho again interjects. The brother says he'd like to ask Mahadevi that and hear the answer from her. Mahadevi sees Jabbo from afar and he sees her too. She fakes a headache, and slight dizziness and says she will be back.

She finds Jabbo and asks him if he is following her. Jabbo says he doesn't have the time in the world to follow her. She tells him maybe seeing her getting married, he's having second thoughts. Jabbo says there is no such thing. He says he saw her groom, and she should latch on to him before he runs away too. Mahadevi says she didn't ask for his opinion. Jabbo says he was giving her advice as a friend. She says his friendship can go to hell and she doesn't need his advice. She tells him that the way he broke her heart, someday he will get his heart broken too. She tells him never to show his face to her again.

The brother asks Mittho if everything is alright with Mahadevi and she tells him she will go look for her. She walks up to the entrance and spots Mahadevi and Jabbo exchanging words. She wonders what Guddu's man is doing out there. She calls out Mahadevi and asks her what she is doing. Mahadevi isn't able to say anything as her mother drags her away but not before warning Jabbo to stay away from her daughter. Jabbo watches them leave.

Back at the table the brother asks what took them so long, then noticing Mahadevi's eyes asks her why her eyes are red. Mahadevi flares up at the brother and says why does he need to ask so many questions about where she went, why her eyes are red. The brother says he only has two main questions. He asks he if she is happy with this marriage, and truly wants to marry his brother. Mahadevi in her anger and still smarting from Jabbo's rejection says that she is marrying of her will and she wants to get married to his brother.

At the mobile store, Runjhun makes her third sale of the day. She explains the features of the cell phone to an elderly man, and tells him that it will be the best phone for him. As she explains the features Guddu's men listen intently, and Guddu watches Runjhun from where he was sitting earlier. He watches her as she talks to the customer and handles the transaction, his expression softening. After the sales is complete, Kukkan asks Runjhun if she's done some magic, as this is already her third sale for the day. Runjhun says that there is no magic to it, just you have to behave well with the customers.

Runjhun says her Amma has always told her, and is about to speak, but Guddu interrupts and adds that Runjhun has begun sharing her Amma's advice again. He says Dharampatni Runjhun Devi and her great advices of Amma are always forthcoming. He tells her to continue with her advices and tells her to talk. Runjhun looks at Guddu from the side of her eyes and then continues. She says that her Amma says that there are two major things to bring in business, one is to always treat the customer right. She says that if the customer likes their experience at the store, then he will come again.

Guddu again interrupts and tells Kukkan to note it down. He tells Runjhun to continue with her mantras and advices. If she doesn't speak then how will they know. He tells her to continue and tells Kukkan to understand everything properly. Runjhun again gives Guddu a sideward glance, and says the second thing is to always be respectful, and mindful of the needs of customers and treat them with courtesy. She says if courtesy is shown to the customers, not only will they come back to the store, but they will bring others with them.

Guddu again interrupts and says that Kukkan should learn all of this. He asks Kukkan to ask Runjhun how one shows courtesy to a customer. He tells Kukkan that he should learn everything from Runjhun. Kukkan agrees and asks Runjhun, and says at least in that manner he will sell one mobile.

Runjhun says she will teach them, but she has a condition. Guddu says Runjhun always has a condition. He asks her if she never played games as a child (if he only knew how true that is) that she likes to play games with her conditions. He tells her to tell her condition also and not to keep silent. Runjhun walks directly to Guddu and asks him to apologize to Vishnu.

She says she knows the way he talked to Guddu wasn't right but what he said was true, and in someways Guddu was also at fault. Guddu gets angry and says he will not apologize to any of her aunts or uncles. They are nothing but frauds.He tells her that he's not bending his head in front of them to ask for forgiveness. Runjhun says she's not forcing him to do anything, but regardless of way they said anything, their words were true. She says that one doesn't become small in asking for forgiveness but instead shows their own strength. She says that what they said was true and they were just pointing out his weakness, his anger. She says one doesn't become small if they accept their weakness and try to change it. She tells him the truth is like a bitter pill, but if you swallow it the pill still has the power to heal.

She tells Guddu she told him what she felt is right, and is not trying to lecture him or force him into anything and he can do whatever he pleases. She says that and leaves a frustrated Guddu behind.

Mittho and Mahadevi are headed back and Mittho is expressing her happiness in the alliance being fixed and tells Mahadevi that the top box of sweets is the cheap one that she can give Kalsanwali and Billo but the bottom is the expensive one they bought for themselves. Mahadevi is too lost to listen, and Mittho shakes her out of her reverie and says that she's talking and Mahadevi isn't listening. Mittho then asks Mahadevi what she needed to talk to Jabbo about. Mahadevi lies and says she was just asking about the mobile center. Mittho tells Mahadevi there was no one else to ask. She tells Mahadevi that she should stay away from Guddu's people as she is about to get married and if there is any issue that crop up or if anyone questions her integrity then their respect will be maligned int he society. She tells Mahadevi a lost respect is very hard to earn back. Mahadevi looks contemplative.

Amma at home is worried and is pacing. Runjhun, who is cooking food, comes out and questions Amma and she tells Runjhun that she is worried about Mahadevi's relationship. Runjhun is concerned too as she knows that Mahadevi is too  innocent, and that is why Jabbo was able to take advantage of her. She prays that everything is alright.

Kalsanwali and Billo come out and yell at Runjhun for food. They ask Runjhun when the food will be done, since they aren't the ones who are out eating in hotels.  Runjhun says she will be there in just a minute. She goes to get the food, and Mittho arrives with boxes of sweets and announces the happy news that the alliance is all fixed. She gives Runjhun the box of sweets to spread around. Kalsanwali and Billo still in tiff mode walk away. Runjhun inquires about Mahadevi and Mittho wonders why Runjhun wants to know what Mahadevi said. Of course she would say yes. Mahadevi and Runjhun exchange glances, and Runjhun smiles at her.

Amma is happy and tells Runjhun to bring kheer for Mahadevi and Runjhun brings it, and Amma is about to feed it to Mahadevi but Mittho requests Runjhun to feed it to Mahadevi. She says that Mahadevi's fortune will shine. Amma looks at Mittho and asks her what she means, and Mittho says that since Runjhun was able to handle someone like Guddu, there must be good fortune in Runjhun's hands. Amma gives Runjhun the bowl, and she feeds the kheer to Mahadevi.

Mahadevi gets nauseated as soon as she eats, and runs to the bathroom, and throws up. Runjhun follows her. Amma chides Mittho that this is why eating outside food isn't good for the system. As Mahadevi throws up, Runjhun pats her back and asks her if she is alright and if she ate anything spicy. Mahadevi says she only had a cold drink, and she's been feeling uneasy.

Kalsanwali calls out to Runjhun for food again, and Runjhun says she will be there soon, and pats Mahadevi's back to make sure she is okay.

She serves the food, and all of them are eating together (for the first time I believe), and Guddu comes and says that food is served, and he sits down to eat with them, and tells Runjhun to bring food for him. Runjhun brings Guddu a plate, and he's about to eat, but Vishnu tells Kalsanwali to keep the plate and they will leave as they do not want to be insulted again. All of them rise and Runjhun asks them why they are leaving, and they say they have no interest in getting insulted by Guddu again. He tells all of them to stay and yells at them and says that because he is here, they are leaving. He tells them no one will leave without eating.

Amma is watching from far. Vishnu tells Guddu not to come near him and touch him. Kalsanwali says that if he hurts her her father will make sure that there is hell to pay. Guddu tells them all to shut up, and says that he came to apologize but all of them are dancing on his head.

Precap: Runjhun is taking down the saris that are dry and finds Guddu standing there, staring at her. He removes his glasses and stares at her as Runjhun looks uncomfortable. (Rani, Himmanshoo's timepass song on Tere Mast Mast Do Nain)

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Thank you for the update!

Can't wait for tomorrow's episode!
It looks like they're about to make up, but for all we know, he's just staring at her while thinking of something to be mad about!LOL

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Thanks Wafah.

I'm going to be so disappointed if the precap is the song sequence, lol. Not that it's not sweet but they'll ruin it with an argument within a few minuets I'm sure...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Guddu's reaction to Runjhun saying "humaari dukaan" in the middle of her lecture to him about treating customers nicely...It was PRICELESS.  That was the only thing he heard and his facial expression softened so much as soon as she referred to it as "our store."  Day Dreaming  Gussa Khatam (Anger gone).  Going to talk about this more in detail in the discussion thread.

Will comment more on the episode itself later.

Edit: If Mahadevi is pregnant then I will be very upset.  I forgot that Jabevi were together the entire night and Gunjhun only caught them in the morning as Jabbo was helping Devi sneak back into PN.  I do NOT think this is the case.  Probably just a way to distract us and also bring Devi and Runjhun closer together.  Plus, they are alluding to the fact that Runjhun's bhag won't help Devi.

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Thanks for the update !!Smile

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Thanx for the update. Looove the way G stares at R. Smile
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Great episode today, wafah... And, i thank you for doing good update!
Loves the way Guddu stared at his loving wife from far (at the mobile center, when runjhun was explaining to an elderly men.. and his comment about amma is pretty funny! LOL
Oh dear, it obvious mahadevi is expecting.. Wonder what will happen now??????
Aww.. Guddu's style of apology is super adorable..
Pre-cap: Oh my... How cute! Guddu's smile is totally Wow! Oh my god.. is he somewhat trying to show his love, affection to his beautiful wife Day Dreaming Can't wait for tmr!

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Thankyou ! For ur update. Will comment later :)

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Hugs to you Wafah. Fantastic write up!

Well at least he acknowledged her as wife today :)

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