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Road To Nowhere...SaJan ss...!!! (Page 18)

KuchBhiMatBol IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..Mehak..

amazing SS!Because of Suhani Gunjan accident happened!

hey mehak thnks fr liking the ss

KuchBhiMatBol IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mjiJ

wonderful awerum mindblowing, very nice concept continue soon and keep pm me

thnk u soo much fr loving d cncept n fr the wonderful words!
KuchBhiMatBol IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 September 2010
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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sreelu.januable

wow di...such a fabulous part...nd samrat as a doctor...its totally different nd sounds quite interesting...really marvelous job...plz do cont soon...


hey darling thnks fr liking it n thnks fr the wonderful cmnt

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avani_9 Goldie

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 3:11am | IP Logged
congo SIS n sry 4 late rpl i wasnt cumin ol..conti soon
BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 3:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by avani_9

congo SIS n sry 4 late rpl i wasnt cumin ol..conti soon

thynk u so much avni diii

thnks for cmmnting... yah will cont asap
BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 5:04am | IP Logged
HEy frnd Radhi here ...hope aap sab is Ss ki
story na bhul gaye ho...btw here is next updt
read it...


"bhai bhai woh jo ladki jo ladki ka operation abhi
apne kiya hai uska accident kisi aur ne nhi blki
mjhse galati se ho gya tha!"suhani accepted her
fault while stammering


Samrat was socked...n turned red coloured...

"bha.i.. wo.." Suhani was tensed seeing Samrat red..

"haa bolo suhani ye sab kaise hua???"
Samrat asked in bitter tone...

"Bhai.. wo .. mujse bas aise .." Suhani couldnt
say further...

anger tone...

"Bhai woh"


Suhaani was driving her car...n while also talking
to herself...

"wow khud car drive karne me maza hi kuch or hai..
or ye ek bhai haii ki muje kabhi car drive nahi
karne dete.. yaa to khud drive karte haii yaa fir
driver ko sath bhej dete haii... par aaj to mein
kaise bhi karke car ko khud drive kar hi liya..."
Suhani said in exited tone...n very much happy
n feeling like she won oscar award...

"omg omg itni raat ho gayi??"Suhani glanced at her
watch n socked seeing time...

"chal suhaani jaldi drive kar agar bhai hospital
se jaldi ghar pahoch gaye or bhai ko pata chal
gaya ki mein akeli car drive karke frnd ki party
me lonavla gayi thi to aaj to tera raam name
satya ho jaayega..." said Suhani with increasing
the speed of car...

then just her cell was ringing...
n she diverted her mind on her phone...
n took it n was checking it as it was he brother;s
call or was one of frm her frnd's call...
she again put her phone again n glanced at road...
n saw a girl in her bridal dress was running towards
her car.. n before she could think she hit the car
n crasheddd...

***Flashback End***

Suhaani was sobbing...

"bhai wo mujse galti me accident ho gaya tha mera
dhyan nahi tha or us ladki ko.." before she could
complete Samrat cut her..

"raam naam satya hote hote reh gaya right??"
Samrat asked in bitter tone... n Suhaani cried more

:tumhe pata haii is accident ki wajase us ladki ki
jaan jaa sakti thi... agar mein uska time pe
operation nahi karta to... aur to aur wo apni
memory bhi kho chuki haii..." again shouted at

"kyaa?? uski memory?"Shilpa asked in socked state,.

"haa uski memory loss ho chuki haii.. aur na koi
uska relative haii pata nahi kon haii kaha se aayi
hai..." Samrat said sofltly...

hearing dis dat coz of her that girl was suffering
so much...she cried more n more...

"m sry bhai"Suhaani was sobbing...

bt after all he Was Samrat n couldnt see her sister
like this.. so hugged her...

n just then a ward boy came... n knocked the door
of his office...Samrat looked in dat direction..

"dr.Samrat wo police aayi haiii.. us accident ke
baare me patient se puchne..." ward boy informed

n Samrat Shilpa n Suhani hell socked...
they hurriedly reach to the ward...
n saw patient dat girl was sitting consious on her
bad... n she looked scared.. n also crying...
as police was asking her several quesions...
n Suhaani socked too death...

she started to mummer...

"mein jail nahi jaana chahti... mein jail nahi
jaana nahi chahti..."Suhaani stamered n crying...

"Suhaani shhh kuch nahi hoga mein hoo na... haa
kuch nahi hone dunga.."Samrat said her with a
soft tone n held her...

then Samrat went in...

"excuse me inspector aap kiski permision se yaha
aaye haii?" Samrat asked in annoyed tone...

"dekhiye is ladki ka accident hua tha.. to ye
accident case haiii" inspecctor said firmly...

"aap bataayi ye aapka accident kisne kiya?"
again inspectoe asked the same question...

"muje nahi pata... muje kuch bhi yaad nahi aa
raha haiii... kuch yaad nahi aa raha haii.."
girl shouted n held her head... as she was in

"aapka name kya haii??kon haii aap ye to bata
dijiye" inspector asked in tough tone...

"muje kuch nahi pata haii kuch yaad nahi haii
muje..." that girl was sobbing...

Suhaani imagined herself in jail...

"nahi mein jail nahi jaungii..."she was stamering..

Shilpa heard dat n think wat to do...
she knew dat suhani scared coz of police...

"investiation karna padega..." inspector said
with rough voice...

"par ye bataao tum ho kon?" inspector asked dat

that girl was really in so much pain.. n held her
head tightly.. n was trying to remember...

"inspector aap jaaeye ise takleef ho rahi haiii..."
Samrat said angrily...

"jab tak investigation khatam nahi ho jaati or
mujrim ka pata nahi chal jaata mein kuch nahi
kar sakta."said in angry tone...

Samrat lost in deep thought...

"kya karu ise rok ne ke liye Suhaani ko jail me
?? nahi kabhi nahi.. mein kya karu.. ek to is
ladki ki yaadash jaa chuki haii or..."Samrat lost
in thoughts.. n again remembered she was in
her bridal dress...

"aap ko investigation karne ki koi jarurat nahi
hai"Samrat said warmly...

"kyu aapka kon hai hume rokne wale?" inspector
asked in angry tone...

"inka pati hu meri patni haiii.."
said Samrat n Suhaani n Shilpa hell socked...
bt shilpa understood dat Samat did dat for Suhaani

n dat girl was staring at Samrat...

"inke pati?"inspector asked in disbelief tone...

"haa ye meri patni ye
Gunjan Samrat Shergill haiii meri wife...
humne kal hi shaadi ki thi... "said Samrat...

"to fir aapko pata hoga ki inka accident kaise hua?"
inspector asked very tough question...

"wo jab hum kal shaadi karke laut rahe the to
humaari car raaste me khaab ho gayi thi... mein
paani lene niche utra or tab tak ek truck ne
humari car ko takkar de di or Ye GUnjan i mean meri
patni ka accident ho gaya.."Samrat made a fake
story n said confidently while looking at Suhaani.

"kya aap ye sab sach keh rahe haiii?"inspector
asked doubtly...

"haa ye sach keh raha haii,... ye mera beta Samrat
haii or ye meri bahu haii... aur hum isi liye
yaha haiii.." Shilpa said n gave Samrat a warm

"to thik haii ye aapka family matter haii to hum
kuch nahi kar sakte.. par agar aap case karenge to
hum is case ko aage badha sakte haiii..."
inspector informed them...

"wo sab hum kar lenge thnks for the help..."
Samrat thnked him fakely...wanted to set everything

inspector nodded n left...
Samrat Suhaani n Shilpa took a breath of relief...

n turned to look at Girl...she walked towards them..

"aap log muje jaante ho??? mera name Gunjan haiii??
or mein inki patni hu???" Gunjan asked sincerely
with a innocent look...

shilpa aunty looked into her eyes... n saw a
innocent n scared girl.. who was insearch of her
family.. her life... as of nw her mind was blank..
her life was like black colour coz she didnt
remember her name...

"haa hum tume jante haii.. tum Gunjan ho...
humaari bahu Samrat ki patni..."Shilpa said in
sweet mother tone while putting her hand on her

on the other side Suhaani n Samrat was like that
wats going on there...n Samrat was hell socked
he lied in front of officer coz he wanted to
save Suhaani... bt her mother was saying his
patient dat she was his wife.. n her daughter in

Gunjan had tears in her eyes... n hugged her...
n shilpa too hugged her...

n on the door sister lovely was listening all
these.. n in excitement she went n gave the news
to every1 abt dr Samrat's marriege...

in the ward..Gunjan slowly went to Samrat...
n Samrat was totally cinfused dat nw wt he was going
to say his so called wife,...

before Gunjan could said..

"tum rest karo abhi tumhaari tabiyat thik nahi
huyi haii..."Samrat said nt meeting his eyes
with her...

"muje yaha nahi rehna muje ghar jaana haiii.."
Gunjan decclared wt she wanted...

bt Samrat n his family was in socked,...

"abhi tum rest karo...hum jald hi tume ghar le
jaayenge...abhi tumhaare kuch test baaki haii.."
Samrat managed to say ...
then held her.. n a current pass throgh their body..
n took her to the bed... n she layed on bed...
n staring at him...then Samrat injected her...
n she went to deep slumber...

n turned to his mom...

"mom aapne aisa kyu use kaha ki wo meri wife haii??"
Samrat asked in angry tone...

"kyunki us ladki ki haalat dekhi thi...????
uski zindgi kora kaagaz ban chuki haii,...
use khud bhi nahi pata ki wo kaun haii...wo khud ki
pahechan dhundh rahi haii...uski zindgi humaari
wajase chin chuki haii to hum hi use sab kuch
lautayenge..." Shilpa make him understood dat
y she did dat...

"Samrat soch kabhi tu apne kisi patient ki file
kahi rakhke bhul jaata haii to kitna pareshaan
ho jata haii... pura ghar ya pura office sir par
utha leta haii... kabhi socha haii is ladki ki
zindgi ki pahechan sab kuch wo bhul chuki haii...
wo kitna akela mehsoon kar rahi hogi...uski life hi
zero ho gayi haiii jisme kya ho raha hai kyu ho
raha haii uske sath use kuch nahi pata haii...
to bas tune kaha insector se ki wo teri patni haii
to meine bhi ye tay kiya ki jab tak uski khoyi huyi
pehchan uski zindgi uski khushi use wapas nahi kar
dete hum use apne sath rakhenge... ek nayi pahechan
ke sath Samrat shergill ki wife ki pahechan ke
sath..."said shilpa

"par mom maine is liye kaha tha kyunki mein Suhani
ko kisi police case ke problem me nahi daalna nahi
chahta tha...ek baar ye police ka case khatam ho
jaata to mein is ladki ko sab sach sach bata deta..
or agar wo nahi maanti to use kuch paise de kar sab
thik kar deta.." Samrat said frustredly...almost
shouted at his mom...

his mom shut her mouth.. n just staring at her son..
Samrat realised dat he shouted at her mom...

"mom m sry mom..."Samrat aplologissed...
bt his mom didnt react...

"oh god the grat silent... accha baba sry...
wo meri wife haii ohkk.. i kne aapne sab soch samaj
kar hi kaha hoga ... waise bhi wo konsi meri
real wife haii... ek baar uski memory waapas
aa jaaye fir Gunjan meri wife ka kissa hamesha ke
liye khatam... to tab tak chalo doctor se actor hi
ban jaate haii..."Said in Samratish style...
atlast his mom smiled...

"tume bahut jald samaj jaaoge ki is ladki ne humaari
wajase kya khoya haiii.."Shilpa said sofltly...

"ye sab kuch meri wajase hua haiii... hamesha bhai
muje car drive karne se mana karte haii or mein,...
"she again started to cry...

"Suhaani dont cry.. mein hoo naa sab thik ho jaayega
or waise ab tuje chinta karne ki koi  jarurat nahi
haii... waise bhi wo ladki teri bhabhi haii..."
Samrat tried to pecify her...

"Samrat uska name Gunjan haii..."shilpa said

"aapko kisne kaha?"Samrat asked...

"tune hi to inspector ko bola ye ladki
Gunjan Samrat Shergill haiii.."Shilpa said in
hard tone;...

"wo to aise hi koi name muh se nikal; gaya tha
us time kuch samaj me nahi aa raha tha..."
Samrat said

"pata nahi itni pyari bacchi kaun haii?? or iske
ghar wale kaun haii.. koi nahi aaya use dekhne bhi
na koi dhundhne aaya haii..." Silpa said with

Samrat was also staring at her inocent face..
n felt sumthing seeing her...

they came out of cabin..
n every starte to congratulated Samrat for his
marriege...Samrat blankly shaked hand with

"Dr.Samrat aapne bataya bhi nahi ki ye aapki wife
haiii... or aapki shaadi ho gayi haii... ab party
kab de rahe haii..."sister loved said happily...

"jald hi de dunga.."Samrat said with poor face...

n looked at her mom n sis with bichara face...


Sajan at home...

Hope you like the part.. if you like it dont res do comment..
n silent readers hit the like button... m waiting  4 ur comments..
ur comments are precious for me.. so plzzz do comment...
atleast write 1 word...


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CrazyMS IF-Dazzler

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ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
heyyy radhiii

amzinggg updatee
bichara sam...bina shaadi k hi dulhan mil gyiiiLOLLOLROFL
bt realyyy maza aagayaaa
cont sooon
thnx 4 d pm

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