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SS - Teri Baahon Mein..COMPLETE all parts pg-1 (Page 21)

stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by priya6gang

Yes Me second
reserved : )
EDITED: i have tears in my eyes after reding this update...


Uploaded with

m so sorry i made u cry

Step 7:

Dutta  ready to complete his mission'..he is so fast..yup doesnt want to delay

He insist nakku  to go to temple with him'nakku surprised..(laga naa jhatka 240 volt kaa)''she doesn't even remember that there was any temple of  goddess'.DeadDead.

He wished that she remembers everything on reaching that temple'..he had the fear that if this will not work ..then '..then what will he do.

                                       Aey zindagi mujhse ye daga naa karna

                                        Mai jiyun uske bina ye dua naa karna

once again mind blowing lines ..ClapClapClap
In the temple:

On reaching the temple  she felt that she visit earlier in this temple' I think that the mission is moving toward success'.but she  couldn't recall anything'..awww. my dutta still scared that whether they r  moving forward or drifting apart  in the whole mission.Confused

                                      Aankho ki zubaan ko samajh nahi paate

                                        Hont h magar kuch kah nahin  paate

                                     Apney dil ki bebasi kis tarah kahein hum

                                   Wo tu he h jiske bagar hum rah nahi paate true feel the same for mishal

Then everything was repeated like a flashback''  the trial that may be nakku will remember everything'.and the decision of dutta start working when she saw dutta being  taken away  in a black van'she started getting flashes of the same'.she reminds the whle sequence that had happened wid her and her saab some days before'..she want to stop that van but get unconscious .Cry

                                           Tum chale gaye ho jabse aaye mere sanam

                                              Ussi raah par ruk gaye h mere kadam

                                              Tum milo to haal apna sunaayein hum

                                         Tumhare bina ye jindagi adhoori h'.tumhari kasam...kya baat hai ..m spellbound by ur collection

In her unconscious state dutta brings her to the hospital'.and rose the scene u created after is just awesome 'really I can't explain it in words...ohhh thanks so much ..glad u could imagine it ..

He sat close to her holding her hand'looking in her eyes'.and waiting that his nakku will open her eyes'and say saab'will she then remind everything.

H e said "" main janta hoon tu mujhe sun sakti hai bus mujhe tang karne ke liye aankhein bandh kare hue hai. Maine bhi toh tujhe bahut dard diya hai kabhi jaan bhujhkar aur kabhi anjaane mein..lekin ab jab mein tere bina adhura hoon tu mujhse ruthi hui hai..jab bhi chaha tujhe duniya ki har khushi doon anjane mein tujhe aur takleef de baithta hoon."Cry

                                              Sabki khushi ki chaah karte h

                                                 Bas itna saa gunaah karte h

                                           Aaj phir aapke intzaar m baithe h

                                            Dekhna h kab aap yaad kate h

Wow'..he kissed her hand'.yup whatever he does touches ur heart just like ur shayari .Embarrassed

" tere aane se mujhe sacha pyar mila , sacha jeevan sathi mila , jism main hoon meri jaan hai tu , bin tere main kuch nahin."Cry

                                          Kuch khoobsurat saath chuta nahi karte

                                               Waqt ki sakh se lamhe rutha nahi karte

                                                      Milte h kuch log aise jindagi m

                                                      Jinse rishte kabhi toota nahi karte..kahan se nikalte ho itni awesome lines EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

So finally our lovely dovely nakku slowly slowly gain conscious'..and saw flashes of everything that had happened in her past life'.from supriya to kala'.everything.Smile


She opened her eyes '..and then a sweet hug of tasha'..loved itEmbarrassed'.is she fine now?????????? Iam confused'...hmm not fully back her memory but still mentally unsound

So nakku have to stay in the hospital for some days'..dutta is smiling on realizing that the huge risk he had taken had finally paid off,'..

                                Dil-e-naadan aaj pareshan bahot tha

                                Tu pass hotey hue bhi door bahot tha

                                Kis quadar thay logon se marasam mere

                                  Phir bhi teri kami kaa ehsaas bahot tha

Nakku don't even  want that dutta will leave her for sometime and holds his hand tightly.not her fault afterall who wants to leave his hand lol.Big smile

Ab koi naya locha h kya rose'.what the doctor want to say to dutta'.AngryAngryAngrynow nakku is fine naa'..hmm locha to hai ..lets see how u deal with it

Update soon..tom for sure

Iam waiting

Love too


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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Hello dear

here im againLOL
OMG what a horrible scene Nakku wit gun...n DSP is so dead...ahen ahen...Ouchgod he scold her to muchD'oh... here is  baaji.." woh kya abhi bhi ro rahi hai?" ..awww  so sweet of himEmbarrassed..khud chillata hai khud puchta hai..lolz man... halwa sweetEmbarrassed..n really cute pal rosie..well doneClap..again dis is too much fire scene..crap...again aag ke saath DSP bhi bhadak gaya...kaha se aaya itna danger ideaOuch..." MAIN GHAR CHOD KAR JAA RAHI HOON"...ohh nooD'oh...

Chalo in search of nakkuTongue.. If his heart was guiding him right then she should be there. amazingClap...uff itna ghussa..lolz i lik itWink... nice dialogues again...special d DSP's line "jis tarah phool ko khushboo se dil ko dhadkan se juda karne par woh bejaan ho jaate hain usi tarah agar dutta ko nakku se alag kar diya toh yeh dutta toh.." sounds filmy...but nice one..hum bhi kam filmy thodi na haiWinkEmbarrassed ...
  OMG D is ready to reapeat d incidenceShocked..god dis last para n D's words it took my heart awayOuch... really dieng to know what; s the next??? Awesome storyline rosie...really u managed very well wit innocent nakku & caring Dutta...n for dem Baaji is always der... loved it all ...superb dear...Clap

chalo im done wit hope ur ready wit ur next partEmbarrassedLOL

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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NOTE : friends nakku has regained her lost memory but still she is mentally not stable so she hasnt recovered fully yet. hope all the confusion is sorted out.

for previous steps please refer to pg-1

                                                  Eighth step

Dutta walked in the doctors cabin and waited for him to suggest him the next course of action so that she would regain her mental balance after getting her lost memory back. The doctor began to explain him after hesitating a bit that even though nakku had regained her memory still she wasn't mentally stable and behaved like an immature person due to her hormonal imbalance and to correct that it was essential for her to bear a child now which shocked dutta completely.(trust me i have seen doctors recommeding this in serials n movies so took it from there)  He thought how could she carry a child when she herself was behaving like one. The doctor explained further that when a woman is pregnant she goes through a lot of hormonal changes and this would improve her condition. Dutta felt that the doctor had lost his mind himself, how could he get close to her in such a situation, this was purely disgusting so he lashed out " apko pata bhi hai aap kya keh rahe ho..nakku ki aisi dimaghi halat mein  main uske saath aisa kaise kar sakta hoon?" the doctor understood his confusion and said " main janta hoon aap kya soch rahe hain , lekin yeh sab hum unke bhale ke liye hi toh kar rahe hain aur waise bhi aap shaadi shuda hain, woh apki patni hain ..phir ismein galat kya hai?" dutta felt sick even at the thought of doing such a thing with her and left the room without replying to the doctor unaware that AS was standing outside the room and had listened to the entire conversation.

He saw nakku talking to baaji cheerfully and went out to sit in the garden. He needed fresh air to think straight. He loved her immensely and always dreamt of having a family of his own but not like this when she was not in her senses that would be taking advantage of her vulnerability, he would never do that. The day he would become a father he would be the happiest person on this earth and he couldn't have asked for a better life partner than nakku to be the mother of his child. All his desires would be fulfilled the day he would hold his child in his hands. AS came and sat next to him, she pressed his hand and said "hum jaante hain tumhara man mein kya chal raha hai , humne doctor ki saari baatein suni." He continued to stare at the ground while AS tried to pacify him " doctor ne jo kaha usmein burai kya hai, agar isey nakku ki haalat mein sudhar aata hai toh harz kya hai." Now dutta gave her a surprised look he didn't expect his mother to react like this " apko ismein kuch galat nazar nahin aata? Nakku jab apne hosh mein hi nahin hai toh main uske kareeb kaise ja sakta hoon, kaise uski masoomiyat ka faida utha sakta hoon? Jis cheez ke liye woh taiyaar hi nahin hai main woh karne ki soch bhi nahin sakta." He felt uncomfortable talking to his mother about this topic but had no choice as he thought that she being a woman would understand nakkus state of mind. She took a deep breath and continued " hum nakku ki haalat nazar andaz (ignore) nahin kar rahe lekin tu yeh kyun bhool raha hai ki woh teri patni hai aur tu ussey kitna pyar karta hai aise mein uska faida uthane ki baat kahan se aa gayi? Aur ye koi pehli baaar to nahin hai ki tum dono.." dutta stood up in frustration and replied " pyar karta hoon tabhi toh yeh keh raha hoon ki main usko dhokha nahin de sakta."  Their relationship was based on true and pure love there was no place for lust in it. Together they had spent some beautiful moments which he always cherished and would love to share more in the future but only when she would be willing. He would never force himself on her. He left the garden in embarrassment as he thought it was pointless arguing with AS, she was not willing to understand him and he had made himself absolutely clear regarding this but AS was determined to get them back together, he had to do this for nakkus sake. She couldn't bear to see her son and daughter in law like this, they both loved each other and deserved to lead a normal life.

Two days later nakku was discharged from the hospital late in the evening. After having dinner tasha went to their room and were shocked to see the state in which it was. The whole room was dimly lit, the bed was covered with rose petals and aromatic candles were placed at different corners. He knew who was behind all this and closed his eyes in frustration while nakku got excited on seeing the room so beautifully decorated, she started blowing the candles playfully. The whole atmosphere seemed disgusting to him, he couldn't bear to stand a minute there so left the room after telling nakku to go off to sleep and he would join her later after having a walk in the lawn. He went out and sat on the swing with his head resting on his hand he shut his eyes and soon went off to sleep.

In the middle of the night his head jerked in sleep and he lost balance. He opened his eyes and felt some weight on his lap. He looked down and saw her sleeping with her head pillowed on his lap. The night was getting cold and she had brought up her legs close to her chest to keep herself warm. He moved his and through her hair and said " nakku uth..yahan thand ho rahi hai ..chal andar jakar sowenge." She sat up lazily, rubbed her eyes and stood up still in sleep then raised her arms in the air and said " godhi ..godhi lo nah ..mujhe neend aa rahi hai..main nahin chalegi." He rolled his eyes and then picked her up in his arms, she kept her head on his shoulder and held his neck tightly without opening her eyes. He walked back to his room quietly, AS had woken up to have a glass of water and saw him carrying a sleeping nakku to his room, she slapped her head in disappointment thinking all the arrangements she had done went waste. On reaching the room he placed her carefully on the bed, freed his neck from her arms and took a step back but realized her mangal sutra had got tangled with his kurta button bringing back old memories. A smile spread on his lips when he saw her sleeping like a baby, he was too sleepy to untangle her mangal sutra so simply kissed her forehead and laid down next to her, resting his head on her pillow as his was a little far away and arms wrapped around her waist.

Next evening he was having tea with AS in the lawn. It was a pleasant evening with light breeze blowing, he kept the empty cup back and asked " nakku kahan hai? Nazar nahin aa rahin." To which AS replied " Woh annay ke saath chath (terrace) par patang uda rahi hai." He looked up towards the terrace and was horrified to see her sitting on the edge of the terrace wall, if that wasn't enough she was tilting towards her left to catch the branch of a nearby tree on which a kite had got stuck and the next thing shocked him to death when she lost her balance and was hanging from the wall clutching the railing tightly with her right hand. She screamed for help and dutta rushed to the terrace while AS just couldn't believe what she was witnessing. He managed to pull her up with all his mite. She was trembling like a leaf in fear, this time he didn't blast her probably the fear of losing her overpowered his anger. She was crying profusely and he tried to calm her down by giving her a side hug, soon AS also joined them "nakku beta, tu yeh kya kar rahi thi?" she replied in between her sobs " woh patang atack gayi thi toh mein usey nikal rahi thi..pata nahin main phisal kaise gayi." He rubbed her back gently to stop her from crying. Both AS and dutta saw that there were so many kites lying on the table still she had tried to catch the one which had got stuck in the branches, once again in her innocence she had risked her life making AS ask him firmly " kya ab bhi tumhara wohi faisla hai? Humein toh samajh nahin aata ki tumhari zid tumhara pyar se badkar kab ho gayi?" and left the terrace with nakku. He banged his fist hard on the wall in frustration and closed his eyes out of helplessness.

Lots of love 
Like always waiting for ur precious comments            

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by stranger2rose

next part cmg up and sonee u missed the seventh step ..check the 1st pg

what?Sillyme...D'ohi read only 6 partsEmbarrassedLOL 7th step mujhe dikha hi nahiOuchLOLchalo now wil cover dis two parts ek saathEmbarrassed 

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Hi Rosie…

Oops too late ….*mundi niche*without my bakbak let me start my comment

Seventh step:

Omg he sed dey wil visit to temple…ohh she is so excited …n he correct her not bappa's  but devi maa's temple… ohh …how D's mind running L …. im really nervous now :/ ………

Dey reach in temple n place looked familier to her… WHAT? all incidence shook his faith in god once again. ?? ohh nooo…fir naastik ho gaya?...

Today he was here not for his sake but for her, she believed in god and he believed her, she was his god. If today anything went wrong before devi maas eyes he didn't know himself what he would end up doing.

What shud I say about dis…im too nurvous n here she was feeling uneasy?:(

she was taking as if something terribly wrong had happened here before

humse pucho…What had happened? Arrhhh… n from dis scene…till here… Their eyes met, exchanging what their hearts wanted to convey to each other. He embraced her face lovingly before leaving and both felt as if they were losing something precious.

What a lines …amazing...each n every word …every thought …der feeling u put it so well…Kya kahu yaar…here my heartbeats r uncreased…very well written rosie…

Ohh noo same incidence ??… GOSH she lost balance… bleeding….n here he start to cursing himself…for her condition…again …

Awww D ki baatein make me all go teary…nice dialogue Rosie …ohhh he felt emotionally weak mummy oops aai… ohh she is remembering everything dats gyd…wow u write each n every important scene…superb Rosie…

Yeee finally he cudn't stop smiled…n me too ….again doctor ?? GOD …means memory is back not mental balance…hun… don't worry tu aur D hai naa…

Awesome part Rosie…amazing…I'm so happy to read dis…chalo I want to read next part now…


Eighth Step:

Doctor giving his gyan… God help D…plz …What? ..ahen…dutta was shocked…obviously me too…what D thought , he was right… u really saw dis kind of suggestion in movie or in serial??  Really?? GOD … horrible…Gud D…ohh noo AS heard entire convo… crap…now don't know what she wil do?...arrhh…bad manners ;)

Chalo Nakku wit baaji n poor D wit AS… ohh man …he is so perfect… n der convo… ahen now I'm uncomfortable while reading it… he was right… being women she have to understand… lekin iska dimag toh kahin aur hi daud raha he…thank god he left….

OMG … room was decorated?? … ye AS bhi naa…haila D in such a bad state… again he went out…aww he sleeped …so gaya…hmmm

Wow she cum der… how cute… godhi loh naa…ohh baby…. Lolz… arhhh dis AS… anyway …concentrate on tasha…aww MS scene...old memories ...golden days brought smile on face…*sigh*

Again D & AS scene…hun…I don't lyk it Rosie ye kuch jyadahi footage kha rahi hai?…omg chat pe patang..fir dhamal machayegi ye… see der she is ..for a kite??…ohh she lost her balance …hanging a wall…ohh D… ye ladki isse heart attack dilwayegi lolz… Thank god this time he controlled his anger… lolz

OMG …AS kya dialogue maar ke gayi…mauke pe chauka maarna koi isse sikhe.. not fist D…now banged ur head on wall…arrhh

Awesome updates RosieClap…finally itne dinon baad kuch Dil se padha….really im feeling so good… all d scene's …dialogue…u write ut so perfect…superb… yaar tune story kaafi interestingly aage badhai hai…great… im really very sorry for late…lyk ur previous SS in this also u wait so much for my comments…n me useless fellow…wil read next part soon...Thanks for d wonderful updates sweety…Embarrassed 


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ivy_11 IF-Rockerz

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Thoroughly enjoyed  reading this beautiful and sensitive tasha story. I had missed a couple of updates earlier but now I have caught up.

Thanks RoseHug

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__priyanka__ Goldie

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reserved :-)

Step 8:

Rose ur note implicit me' that was the locha '..nakku regained only her lost memory but mentally still she is not fine.

Yup now all the confusion is sorted out.

According to doctor nakku  still wasn't mentally stable due to hormonal imbalance and for overall recovery she has to bear a child'..dutta shocked (and me tooo shocked'.obvious h koi b shocked rah jaayega'..)

Loved this man'.i mean dutta '.for him it is renegate wid nakku who is not in her normal state'.how could  he get close to her in such situation'.loved dutta's admiration and respect for nakku.

AS hears the  conversation between doctor and dutta'.and agreed wid doctor'.she is also right  in her place''she just want everything right and fine in her  son's and dayghter in law life. Dutta didn't expect his mother to react like this ''.he was too frustrated and left frm there (ooof dutta ka gussa)

So now nakku is discharged frm the hospital . AS starts her preparation to bringing them close   hehehehe.. she decorated  the  tasha's room '..rose the way u express the decoration of tasha's room " the room  was dimly lit , bed covered wid rose  petals and aromatic candles  at different corners" '.it reminds me'.u know naa

Our dutta knew thatwho is behind all this and get  frustrated(hmmm) but nakku was excited LOL and started blowing candles like a child.

Dutta left the room and fell asleep  on swing'.and the scene u created after that was really awesome'..loved it'.in the middle of night  nakku was sleeping wid her head on dutta's lap'''hayeeeEmbarrassed'..kabhi show m aisa kyu nahi hua????????????

Becoz of the lethargy of nakku he picked her  up in his arms''. the way she behaves like a innocent and  stub born child'.so cute'esp b when she said "godhi '.godhi lo naa"

AS slapped her head in disappointment thinking that all her preparation go in vain'..and I thought she would say "jagdamb jagdamb" hehehe

Dutta place nakku carefilly on the bed

but nakkus mangalsutra tangled wid his kurta button(hehehehe'..blushing) he kissed her forhead' HAD SMILE ON HIS FACE AFTER SEEING CHILDISH SMILE ON NAKKUS FACE

Again '.she had done a mistake  and this time endangered  her life only bcoz of a kite (oh god had ho gayi)..but dutta reaches on time(phewww)'AS  ask him that now whats his decision?? And dutta is all in confusion and frustration.

Now me too  eagerly want to know that what will b  duttas decision'.if he agreed to what Doc recommended and AS bhashan   then  in think next update will b a romantic updateEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed from u'.h naa

Rose Todays update was really awesomeClapClapClapClap'.my all confusion is gone now and a new one is developed '.that is whether dutta will agree'.this confision will sorted out only after ur next update'

So update soon

Thanx roseSmileSmileSmile

Luv uSmileSmileSmile


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spandana11 IF-Rockerz

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Rose you updatedddBig smile thanksHug lovely part it was awesome ,I expected this sort of thing but did not expect baby I taught he would suggest honeymoon, oh dutta felt very emotional while reading his taught he was so right he can not take advantage of nakuu helpless but AS to right can not leve nakuu na but dutta is right  he can not do some thing like this when nakuu is out of senses poor dutta ,oh garden scene was nice nakuu to came ans slept on dutta lap ,ahe is asking him to take to room LOL you brought innocent nakuu very nice on MS struckEmbarrassed ,oh nakuu be na kitesD'ohwhen she will learn can not help she is not in her senses na hmm good dutta was on time to save herEmbarrassed this time not on angry on nakuu ,he he dutta learned now angry does not help with this child like nakuu he took care of usEmbarrassed sweet oh so again this made dutta think what is in next part jaldi update karo Wink once again thanks for this awesome FF

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