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SS - Teri Baahon Mein..COMPLETE all parts pg-1 (Page 17)

stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 12:19am | IP Logged
@ ramya ..thanks so much for ur appreciation
@ suhana glad u liked the updt and no need to be sorry for being late ..its ok atleast u read n replied ..m happy ...and thanks a lot for ur wonderful comments hope u like the next part as well .
@ kiran and @ priyanka ..will reply to ur lovely comments soon till then enjoy the next step and dont keep me waiting for the comments

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Previous part


                                                Seventh step

In the morning nakku was making the bed while dutta was thinking about how to bring up the topic of taking her to the temple " nakku bahut din ho gaye tu mandir nahin gayi..chal abhi chalte hain." She dropped the pillow on the bed and asked in surprise " mandir ? aur aap ? aap leke jauge mujhe mandir?" dutta nodded his head " hmm to kya hua ? mujhe vishwas nahin par tujhe toh hai..chal taiyaar ho ja hum abhi jayenge." She was excited to visit the temple so replied " theekh hai .. raaste mein hum bappa ke liye laddoo bhi le lenge." He answered back " hum bappa ke nahin devi maa ke mandir jaa rahe hain." She frowned and tried to remember if there was a devi maas temple around " yahan koi devi maa ka mandir bhi hai? Mujhe yaad nahin." He didn't answer but just wished that she remembers everything on reaching there and the whole plan is executed well.

On reaching the temple she looked at it carefully and felt as if she had come here before. The place looked familiar but she couldn't recall the exact sequence of events. Tasha started climbing the stairs and with each step dutta wondered whether they were coming closer or drifting apart. Earlier he had started believing in god but then his whole kidnapping incident and nakku losing her memory and mental balance shook his faith in god once again. Today he was here not for his sake but for her, she believed in god and he believed her, she was his god. If today anything went wrong before devi maas eyes he didn't know himself what he would end up doing. On the other hand she was feeling uneasy with each step she was taking as if something terribly wrong had happened here before but she failed to remember what was it? She stopped to look around trying her best to know the reason of her restlessness but failed to succeed. He noticed she was not with him he turned around and saw her standing a few steps behind him. He went to her and she asked " kya main yahan pehle aayi hui hoon? Mujhe ajeeb si bechaini ho rahi hai jaise yahan kuch bura hua tha par mujhe yaad nahin aa raha." He simply held her hand and replied " haan hum yahan pehle aa chuke hain." They both started climbing again and on reaching up rang the bell together. She closed her eyes while holding the thali and he joined his hands hoping he had made the right decision of bringing her here. He looked at her closely, a part of him didn't want to do this, didn't want to risk her future life, was petrified to lose her but another part of him thought he had no other option, he had to do this for her, what if everything went out well then all his fears would be put to rest. His heart and his mind were fighting the toughest possible battle ever. She opened her eyes and felt his gaze on her, she turned to him and saw a number of unanswered questions reflecting in his eyes, a sort of discomfort in his body language he was hiding something from her something big, what she couldn't make out, he disturbed her train of thoughts and said " tu yahin ruk main parikrama kar ke aata hoon." She didn't want to let him go but at the same time didn't have a reason to stop him either so nodded her head quietly. Their eyes met, exchanging what their hearts wanted to convey to each other. He embraced her face lovingly before leaving and both felt as if they were losing something precious, as if their lives were walking away from them.

She turned to devi maa praying for his and their family's well being. After sometime she realized that he had not returned so decided to go behind him. She stepped down a few steps and saw him being taken away in a black van. She started getting flashes of the same event that had taken place when they had come here before. Beads of perspiration appeared on her forehead and she began breathing heavily. She raised her hand to stop him and tired to scream loudly but felt as if she had lost her voice. She wanted to run after that van but couldn't move as though her feet were cemented to the ground. Images of her running behind him and calling out to him made her mind and eyes heavy. Everything started to blur out in front of her and she tried to reach out to him so took a step forward but lost her balance and went tumbling down. She let out a cry "SAHAB" before going unconscious. Baaji who was hiding nearby rushed to her. Soon dutta also came back he picked her up in his arms and saw her head bleeding. He shut his eyes in anger and cursed himself under his breath for doing all this then took her to the hospital immediately.

Her head was bandaged and doctors waited for her to regain her conscious before they could say anything about her state. She laid on the bed with closed eyes while dutta sat close to her on the stool holding her hand waiting for her to open her eyes. He looked at her carefully and spoke softly " main janta hoon tu mujhe sun sakti hai bus mujhe tang karne ke liye aankhein bandh kare hue hai. Maine bhi toh tujhe bahut dard diya hai kabhi jaan bhujhkar aur kabhi anjaane mein..lekin ab jab mein tere bina adhura hoon tu mujhse ruthi hui hai..jab bhi chaha tujhe duniya ki har khushi doon anjane mein tujhe aur takleef de baithta hoon." Tears welled up in his eyes on seeing her like this, if today anything wrong happened to her he would never ever be able to forgive himself. He kissed the hand he was holding and continued " tere aane se mujhe sacha pyar mila , sacha jeevan sathi mila , jism main hoon meri jaan hai tu , bin tere main kuch nahin." He sat next to her on the bed and moved the hair falling on her forehead, he smiled through his tears and said " soch rahi hogi ki jab hosh mein hoti hai tab toh main kuch nahin kehta aur aaj chup hi nahin ho raha..apni aankhein khol nah nakku..tujhse apne dil ki har baat kehna chahta hoon..mere pyar ka aur imtihan na le." A tear rolled down his eye and fell on her cheek, he felt somebody pressing his shoulder, he turned around and saw AS standing, he felt emotionally weak so couldn't stop himself from hugging her.

Just then nakku started seeing images of the events that occurred in the past ,dutta getting mad at her on knowing she was behind supriyas elopement. she plead in her semiconscious state " sahab maine supriya tai ko nahin bhagaya." On hearing her dutta and AS looked at her in surprise while she continued to get restless and saw dutta marrying her at gun point, she saving him and his family from consuming poison in the temple, their getting lost in the jungle, he rescuing her from Annas clutches and then proposing to her in front of the entire family , she not accepting his proposal and showing her fair face to baaji , she cried in her sleep and said " baaji main sahab ko apna asli chehra dekhaye bina shaadi kaise kar le , yeh toh dhoka hoga." She went on further to imagine the night before their marriage when she had decided to reveal her face to him, " AS  main sahab ko aaj apna asli chehra dikhkar rahegi unhein aur andhere mein nahin rakhegi." Dutta and AS felt happy on realizing that slowly she was getting her memory back, AS went out to call the doctor while nakku winced in pain and let out a small cry when she imagined dutta throwing her out of the room and she banging her head on the chest nut but smiling on seeing blood on her forehead. She whispered with a smile on her face " sahab main bahut khush kismet hai ki shaadi ki pehli subhaa apne meri maang bhari , ab apka aur mera rishta janam janam ka rahega."  Dutta felt horrible on remembering the day he had been so cruel to her after witnessing her real face, he bent down and caressed the mark on her forehead with his thumb where he had hurt her, a futile attempt on his part to soothe away her pain he thought and she continued to murmur " kala tai main ek din sahab ke aaghe apke pardha fash karke rahegi." A tear escaped her eye when she recalled the time she spoke to him on the phone after he had gone missing " sahab laut aao , ab meri himmat toot rahi hai." He wiped the lone tear and saw her smiling broadly, she grabbed his hand in her semiconscious state and said " sahab aap kahan chale gaye the mujhe chod kar." Soon the doctor entered along with AS and waited for her to open her eyes. Her face creased in worry and she began breathing heavily when she imagined him being taken away in the van. She raised her hand in the air to stop him and screamed " SAHAB KO LEKE MAT JAO" she opened her eyes with a jerk and saw him sitting next to her. She sat up and clung on to him immediately, he was relieved to know that she was fine now. Tears poured out like rain from her eyes and she whimpered, " aap mandir se kahan jaa rahe the mujhe chod kar? Ab main apko kahin nahin jaane degi." He hugged her back in delight and assured her " main tujhe chod kar ab kahin nahin jaunga..kabhi bhi nahin."

He broke the hug and wiped away her tears while she asked innocently in a child like tone " hum yahan kya kar rahe hain? Mujhe ghar jana hai." And removed the bed sheet to get out of the bed but the doctor interrupted " apko sar par chot lagi hai isliye kuch din apko yahin rehana hoga." She gazed from the doctor to dutta and pouted in disappointment. The doctor asked her to lay down so that he could examine her, she continued to hold duttas hand while he couldn't stop smiling on realizing that the huge risk he had taken had finally paid off, all his fears and anxieties had come to a rest. Even though she hadn't recovered fully still his heart had already began to dream a blissful future life with her. His thoughts came to a jolt when doctor asked him to come out and have a word with him. He agreed to leave happily but was held back by her and she indicated with her eyes telling him not to leave her. AS intervened and said " nakku usey jaane de, woh doctor se puchkar tujhe jald se jald yahan se le jayega." She left his hand reluctantly while he took a step to move out unaware what a huge step doctor would suggest him to take so that nakku could gain her mental balance, a step which his heart would not desire but his mind would force him to take up for her sake.

Lots of love
 so friends how was it ? did u enjoy it ? plz share ur views as always.Embarrassed

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-Azy- IF-Rockerz

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Awesome Rose :)
So finally tacking this big risk has paid off ! phewww
But the pre cap sounds dutta's trouble has not finishedd yet :( 
Poor him, how long he n how much he has to under go :(

The line u have mention abot taking each step to the mndhir whether will it make tham drift appart was sooo nice, loved it, it would be the exact thoughts must be on D's mind na *sigh*

Thank u sooo much for the update Rose, n sooo sorry for comenting late :)
Soon update the next part, will love to read them :D

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__priyanka__ Goldie

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Yes Me second
reserved : )
EDITED: i have tears in my eyes after reding this update...


Uploaded with

Step 7:

Dutta  ready to complete his mission'..he is so fast

He insist nakku  to go to temple with him'nakku surprised..(laga naa jhatka 240 volt kaa)''she doesn't even remember that there was any temple of  goddess'.DeadDead.

He wished that she remembers everything on reaching that temple'..he had the fear that if this will not work ..then '..then what will he do.

                                       Aey zindagi mujhse ye daga naa karna

                                        Mai jiyun uske bina ye dua naa karna

In the temple:

On reaching the temple  she felt that she visit earlier in this temple' I think that the mission is moving toward success'.but she  couldn't recall anything'..awww. my dutta still scared that whether they r  moving forward or drifting apart  in the whole mission.Confused

                                      Aankho ki zubaan ko samajh nahi paate

                                        Hont h magar kuch kah nahin  paate

                                     Apney dil ki bebasi kis tarah kahein hum

                                   Wo tu he h jiske bagar hum rah nahi paate

Then everything was repeated like a flashback''  the trial that may be nakku will remember everything'.and the decision of dutta start working when she saw dutta being  taken away  in a black van'she started getting flashes of the same'.she reminds the whle sequence that had happened wid her and her saab some days before'..she want to stop that van but get unconscious .Cry

                                           Tum chale gaye ho jabse aaye mere sanam

                                              Ussi raah par ruk gaye h mere kadam

                                              Tum milo to haal apna sunaayein hum

                                         Tumhare bina ye jindagi adhoori h'.tumhari kasam

In her unconscious state dutta brings her to the hospital'.and rose the scene u created after is just awesome 'really I can't explain it in words.

He sat close to her holding her hand'looking in her eyes'.and waiting that his nakku will open her eyes'and say saab'will she then remind everything.

H e said "" main janta hoon tu mujhe sun sakti hai bus mujhe tang karne ke liye aankhein bandh kare hue hai. Maine bhi toh tujhe bahut dard diya hai kabhi jaan bhujhkar aur kabhi anjaane mein..lekin ab jab mein tere bina adhura hoon tu mujhse ruthi hui hai..jab bhi chaha tujhe duniya ki har khushi doon anjane mein tujhe aur takleef de baithta hoon."Cry

                                              Sabki khushi ki chaah karte h

                                                 Bas itna saa gunaah karte h

                                           Aaj phir aapke intzaar m baithe h

                                            Dekhna h kab aap yaad kate h

Wow'..he kissed her hand'..Embarrassed

" tere aane se mujhe sacha pyar mila , sacha jeevan sathi mila , jism main hoon meri jaan hai tu , bin tere main kuch nahin."Cry

                                          Kuch khoobsurat saath chuta nahi karte

                                               Waqt ki sakh se lamhe rutha nahi karte

                                                      Milte h kuch log aise jindagi m

                                                      Jinse rishte kabhi toota nahi karte

So finally our lovely dovely nakku slowly slowly gain conscious'..and saw flashes of everything that had happened in her past life'.from supriya to kala'.everything.Smile


She opened her eyes '..and then a sweet hug of tasha'..loved itEmbarrassed'.is she fine now?????????? Iam confused'.

So nakku have to stay in the hospital for some days'..dutta is smiling on realizing that the huge risk he had taken had finally paid off,'..

                                Dil-e-naadan aaj pareshan bahot tha

                                Tu pass hotey hue bhi door bahot tha

                                Kis quadar thay logon se marasam mere

                                  Phir bhi teri kami kaa ehsaas bahot tha

Nakku don't even  want that dutta will leave her for sometime and holds his hand tightly..Big smile

Ab koi naya locha h kya rose'.what the doctor want to say to dutta'.AngryAngryAngrynow nakku is fine naa'

Update soon

Iam waiting

Love uHeart


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blueopal IF-Rockerz

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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   love u...amazing   update  dear...
am  happy  for  tasha  n   naku  recovering  scenes  r   chooo   sweet...
am  happyPartyam happyPartyam  happyPartyam happyParty...
looking   fwd...

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spandana11 IF-Rockerz

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RoseeeHug you are back with awesome part ,I am enjoying this a lot please fill next few updates with happy tasha Embarrassed which we are not able to see on showOuch and coming to this update dutta taking nakuu to temple and repeated the same good , oh nakuu felt unconscious and hurt her head dutta feeling badEmbarrassed no worry hope every things go fine, oh nakuu remembers  every thing scene by scene and her mumbles this scene was very well written dear I liked how you presented it and dutta sittin behind her oh finally tasha hug and no bounds for dutta happiness and what doctor going to say again?OuchCry hope nothing wrong again ,very nice part waiting for next partWinkLOL

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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OMG!!!!!!!!! i really missed reading such a superb SS... Thanx fr the PM dear... it is simply gr88888888 and simply fabulous... xactly how we LTL and MR fans would want LTL- 1 to proceed... jst rad all the seven steps in one go... awesome Rose really awesome... continue sooon... Do PM...

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mnx12 Moderator

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 2:53am | IP Logged

V. good update, Clapshe regained her memory, Datta's risk was a success. Congrats to you, in LTL2, they flicked, Datta's captive idead from your past SS, Clapwaiting for the next part.Smile

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