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SS - Teri Baahon Mein..COMPLETE all parts pg-1 (Page 14)

arsalatabbsum98 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 1:13am | IP Logged
TongueTongueWinkdil ki baat bolo na to dil halka hoStern Smile
jata he thora asson bahar aate he Wink
to man saaf ho jata he purani 
yaadein sab beh jati he ... ..!!!!..Broken HeartBroken Heart

stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 1:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kiran255

Roseee :D hey kiran so good to see u again

Muahhh for writing such an awesome piece of work , i so wnat to pull cheeks so harddd !.. u know ppl love to pull my cheeks as i have chubby

LOve u so much for writing and babes ur on the ladder which is goung up and up ..this time the credit goes to spandy she asked me to write on this track i was a bit reluctant but then couldnt refuse her..ohh so i m going up up up ..feels great to hear that

and the way ur improving , now i say u cant improved cuz u reached ur maximum point !...hmm u think i cant improve further coz i have reached the max point ...ohh plzzz dont say that i have put in lot of effort in my future updts ..aise mat bolo

what an amazing piece and how well u write and the way u twist and turn is just simplyyy wowww ..well how well i write that u have to tell me ..waiting to know that ..twists n turns dont worry wont be many but yup some surprising updts will be there ..its not one of my usual stories..u know all happy happy kinds

anyways first of all thank you for writing from the place we all got lost and got insane u come back to ur senses soon

chapter 1 !

Ahhh what relieve atleast The Dutta Bhau the person most powerful is recognized ...i know he is DSP afterall how can he be not recognized ..what i fail to understand how could he be kidnapped in broad daylight ..i mean in the show ..and is informed to his family and omg the condition he was in , my heart was crying for my D 
but heart cries million times more when he wakes up and calls for the only and only 
only his Naku !...ohhh dont cry tasha are meant to be together

and the way he leaved the hospital , he doesnt care about anything , he has to find his Naku 
and Baji the friend which every one dies to have gets ready to accompany his best friend , hisfamily :)..yup miss all these strong characters now ..duji relationship is just awesome

and thenthe finding starts and finally D finds the women he found solace in and the embrace i can imagine can make a person skips his or heart beat !..i swear whenever they used to hug on screen for me the time used to stand still ..theres something about the way they hug ..thats why used it in the title

nd the song which is played is beautifulll :)..its from sonees vm ..very nice

LOve part 1 

Chap 2

and then the big realization was waiting fro D , 
he is always the taker but now he has to be the giver in this relationship !..yup this SS is mainly from DSP pov

HIs naku is not what she was ,
she last er mental stabbility that also because of him 

why this happened to them why cant they have normal live !
a question which runs in D mind all the time :(

and the way she was behaving :(
my heart is  crying for them .. i can understand it feels awful when something like this happens to ur loved ones

but something cant change and thank god D realized that She is the same Naku :)

and this line 

Sukoon dil ko mile aake teri baahon mein.

so true , in jungle , enemy place ,anyhere but the sukoon is when they are together in aeach other bahhoon..agree with u completely

loved this part 

chap 3

Oh Rose how can i tell u , how much i fell in love with u 

when she ask how many plaits ahh re;ieve my  back in her look and theway D makes her comfortable in her dress !...thanks so muuch actually i wanted to see nakku like before ..glad u liked it

and D tied mangalsutra !!!!:D

she giggled so did i

LOve the breakfast , i love the fact that naku is telling him 

how miserable she felt when she is not with Dutta 

and who is there to disturb our D n N :P..who else other than our baaji..ha ha

baaajiii :P

but i just adore my N here she didnt let go of Dutta <3

and the way she make him drink the milk to die for ,

im in dreamland !ohh i so wish something like this happened in the show ..sniff sniff

and N didnt wave baaji :P


OH Rose tumhara itna cool humour hai i didnt know :P..ohh dont u remember my early STM ..that time my updts used to be light n humourous..while writing this part i felt like as if i had gone back to good old STM days

and oh Dn B are back home and N is no where to found i was scred but baby 

u rocked it D is a superstar :P

and N is a rockstar she tied laces of Baaji :P


i love it :P

and ahem ahem when i read these lines ..naughty girl i didnt mean it the way u thought ..m still the innocent rose

" ab kya andhar aayegi mere saath?"  

im like kya ye Ss Rose nay he likha hai :P

naughty naughty :P..ha ha

and ROflll N doesnt allow Baaji to go with them :P

babes u deserves a Bow for this one :P..thanks so much ..feel so happy to know that u enjoyed it

I so love this part :P

Fourth step <3

OMG D and N :D

omg words will be worthless to describe this scene , no i need words ..infact lots of them

love pain , comfort , what comapanion ship is , 

what its feel when u ahve partner whom u dont need to hide anything , whe u dont need words to convey feeling when others know each other through souls !

and they buy ballons :D

Love how D is dealing with N and last scene 

again Rose u say u cant be naughty not every thing needs to be uncovered but here i can get the hints :P.. i maintain my stand that rose is not naughty but i didnt get it ..what made u think i am not ..what hints did i give that even i m not aware of


love it D nd N in water and N in D arms !
me faints :P..hmm me in tasha wonderland

Finally the fifth or the firingfifth part :P

Oh this part was scary but so important , dealing iwth a person who is a litttle lost is not an easy job , that scene is carzyyy Rose ..why do u worry dutta was there nah

what if D would nt be dere , omg iwas terrified and the way D lash out at N ,

even its not D fault he gt panic ,

and it was not even N fault ..yup both are not at fault its the cvs who need to be blamed

this part is beautifully deceipted :)thank u thank u

and the way N cried , i wnat to console her but im happy she had As 

and when D comes to room and see her sleeping and 

once again a sixer halwa scene :P

D eats the halwa and N burned her hand and ask him to paari her < sweeet isnt it ????

omg to get D pari , im so ready to burn my ********ha ha ha

(not for rose :P)


and OMg the morning scene!

Rose tum kab sy itni cruel ho gaye ..m so sorry this time around i have changed my writing style a bit .., u were always a subtle writer but here 

OMg it was scary and the way D scold N !

its too much ..yaar she had burned the whole kitchen and could have hurt herself as well in such a case how can u expect him to maintain his cool ..dont worry he will make up for it

and at teh end Naku is gone :(

cant i get a better cliff hanger than this !..wait soon u will get a cliff hanger even better than this ..ha ha

i so want a new update :/

PLzzz give me na :P.. i have already posted it ..hope u like it

OH Rose what can i say first sorry that being super duper late.. ohhh no plzzz dont be sorry as long as u continue to give such superb comments i m fine ..i know u were busy with ur exams they r more imp any day 

2 , Rose awesome dear , really , i just want to keep on reading this wa just too good ! thank u so much feels wonderful when ur efforts r appreciated like this ...

I so love it :D

Im so proud that ur MY FANTASTIC ROSE :D..i so MISSED ..reading this line ..finally m at peace

with a capital F :D

Love u for writing adn with ur pms telling me u miss my comments 

but its me who miss such a great story Thank You ROse :D i will still say that i miss ur comments more and u r more than welcome dear

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 1:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by priya6gang

Rose...Really happy to c u back wid ur ss'..dear i was always here but u went missing ..but glad mishal replied to u n now ur back ..missed u

First step:

Loved the first step'..dutta and nakku both r far away from each other'..but their heart '.their pure love'.makes them vry close..yup they r inseparable

The coincidence was superb: ." She dreamt of dutta being taken away in the black van and she running behind it.she lost her balance, fell hard, banged her head on the road and woke up screaming "SAHAAAB..ohh glad u liked it ..thank a lot

While on the other hand dutta grabbed the blanket covering him tightly and squeezed his closed eyes, he clenched his jaw firmly and whispered "nakku".

This is the pure love'.they know each other by heart...agree with u nothing can ever come between them

"aap ghar jaaiye lekin main nakku ko wapis le kar he lautoonga." He refusing to come home widout nakusha '..and baaji too support dutta just like lakshman of Ramayana'that he too gowid dutta in search of nakku...yup baaji knows dutta needs him and he will there for him as always

Dutta looked at him with pride and baaji couldn't stop himself from hugging his long lost friend.Iam really missing our Duji'.dostana' tooo

replied " mera vishwas nakku hai aur uska devi maa..isliye main mandir ki seedhi uske saath he chadunga nahin toh nahin."wow'rose this is the awesome line'.loved it'really "mera vishwaas nakku h" haaye'

dutta used his brain''or kya logic lagaya'.mannaa padega'..thank u ji ..infact i cracked my mind hard to give him a proper logic" baaji jis tarah main gira kya pata nakku bhi giri ho aur phir is nadi (river) main kahin beh gayi ho..yeh nadi kahan jaati hai ? mujhe wahan jaana hai."

He reminds all the beautiful moments which he had spent wid nakku in jungle *mujhe b yaad aa gaya JMM1 OR JMM2*He saw nakku's reflection in the water'.SO CUTE NAA'..absolutely ..jmm scenes were the best


"kahan hai tu ..kyun mujhe nazar nahin aati..mere dil ki awaaz kyun tujh tak pahunch nahin paa rahi?""tune to kaha tha u mere dil ki aawaz sunn sakti h'..tujhe sunaai nahi deta '.mera dil kab se tujhe pukaar raha h" these lines brought tears in my eyes'..ohh m sorry didnt want to make u cry

Disheartened and dismayed he walked back to his jeep when a duppatta flew in the air and landed on his face covering it completely. He stopped in his tracks and held the duppatta,it had her fragrance .dam sure ye dupatta nakku ka h..hehehehe'.mogambo khush hua rose..ha ha

See I said naa its nakku's dupatta'' Her lips quivered in happiness and she ran into his arms. He held her tightly and buried his face in her shoulder while she let out silent tears' love meets again'..finally tasha meet once again

The lines u used in the last of this first stage'..explains everything abt this stage'.dutta nakku h ek dusre ki baaho m'..

comment for second b continued...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLi will be waiting

Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 2:23am | IP Logged
Read both 5th & 6th part & really nice write-up.Nakku's innocence reflects thru ur writing so is Dutta's love,pain & anger.Felt really bad about that gun & fire incident,could imagine nakku shaking in fearCry
Loved their talks on the beach.
So doctor has give them the only option of recreating the scenario,but there is too much risk,which Dutta has to take for his life-Nakku.
Loved Baaji who stood by his friend like a pillar of strength.
While reading these parts,one thing struck me,are u writing these parts keeping the saat pheres in mind which they both took during their wedding wherein they both promised each other 7 vachans.
If that is correct then next Part might be the final naa.
What i real admire about ur writing is how thruout each chapters u have preserved the real essence of all the characters.Clap

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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 2:41am | IP Logged
awesome dear
love it
nakku main apne ghar mein rahugi apna khanna banogi...really lovely
poor dutta feeling gulity but he say that he will help her to make sand home but she refuses that she will live in her homePN not in sand's home lovely

so duji is going to try to remember nakku everything by repeating that incident
love tasha's talk awesome
thanks for pm

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mnx12 Moderator

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged

 Very nice update,Clap He was able to find her at the beach, making a house in sand, he knows her so well. Never mind about medical knowledge, story is moving in the right direction, that is more imp. waiting for the next part, thanksSmile

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Yuvika_15 Moderator

The Chappal Free Head
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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 4:43am | IP Logged
lovely update rose!
awww he found naku...gosh she was so cute in tht scene esp wer she says main is mitti ke ghar mein nahi she shud live in PN with dutta...
oh gosh it means dutta wil repeat the accident scene so naku gts her memory bk bt stupid doc had 2 scare him...reminds me of KZK-they had 2 repeat mukti's death scene 2 make prem ok...m sure u wnt let nethin happen 2 dutta or naku... cnt w8 for next update pls continue soon!

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sinak Goldie

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Loved it Rose. Hope she becomes alrite

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