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SS - Teri Baahon Mein..COMPLETE all parts pg-1 (Page 12)

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged
waiting eagerly for your update, you write very well!!!

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Hey Dear RoseHug
First of all iam very sorry for being late here Embarrassed
Thanx alot for the wonderful update and PMHugLoved the update as always...and dnt u dare say its boring was beautiful ...and ur and amazing writer HugThanx alot for let us re-live tasha again ...Omg feeling bad for tasha thoughEmbarrassedBut Dutta loves her alot na...and he will bring back to normal ...i know its not going to be easy journey EmbarrassedBut they will overcome this ...
Awww she made halwa for him ...that"s so sweet Day Dreaming Haila she set the kitchen on fireEmbarrassed...Omg she left homeShocked...Can"t wait for the nxt part...u take care and see ya around...
Love and hugs

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 4:58am | IP Logged
update karo please

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 6:39am | IP Logged
@ azymishi ..yup nakku has become dangerous unknowingly and needs proper medical attention ..glad u found the halwa scene so sweet ..thanks so much

@ spandy ..hey such a relief to know that the updt wasnt boring and dutta is in a fix coz of nakku doesnt know how to handle her ...and thanks so much for appreciating the story hope it lives upto ur expectations ..and next updt after MONDAY

@ rrs ..ur right this time nakku has scared the hell out of dutta ..thanks ..and will updt after monday may be wed

@miaxi ..thanks so much for liking the updt and u know how patil niwas are ..sleeping away to glory ..

@ ranjana ...glad u found the updt so enjoyable ..thanks a lot dear ..will updt soon

@ bluepal ..yup nakku in her innocence did commit blunders this time around and dutta lost his temper ..thanks for ur comments hope u enjoy next part as well

@ sinak ..thanks dear ..ur happy nakku left the house

@ subhi ..yup nakkus behaviour has become very unpredictable leaving dutta in a fix . agree with u she manges to crack u up with her actions but thats what i want her to do ..i want u to accept n love this nakku unlike the one in the show which ppl are finding it hard to accept..she has left the house in anger lets see how dutta pacifies her..thanks for ur feedback
@ yuvi problem u can laugh ..m glad u enjoyed the updt far as patil vasis are concerned dutta will take them to task later..dont worry
@ ritz ..thanks so much for ur appreciation
@ suhana ..ohh dont be sorry for being late ..its ok ..atleast u read n replied thats more than enough for me ..thanks so much for not finding it boring ..m glad..and yes tasha will come out of this mess soon..ohh u found the halwa scene sweet ..thanks dear ..will updt soon hope u like the next part as well
@ sdr ..thanks a lot dear will updt asap
@ priyanka ..well dear thanks so much for ur detailed feedback ..loved reading it  so happy to know that u liked the dialogues and scenes so much ...and waiting for u to comment on the remaining parts as well...its wonderful to have u back hope u enjoy the future updts too

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__priyanka__ Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 3:39pm | IP Logged

Rose...Really happy to c u back wid ur ss'..

First step:

Loved the first step'..dutta and nakku both r far away from each other'..but their heart '.their pure love'.makes them vry close

The coincidence was superb: ." She dreamt of dutta being taken away in the black van and she running behind it.she lost her balance, fell hard, banged her head on the road and woke up screaming "SAHAAAB

While on the other hand dutta grabbed the blanket covering him tightly and squeezed his closed eyes, he clenched his jaw firmly and whispered "nakku".

This is the pure love'.they know each other by heart.

"aap ghar jaaiye lekin main nakku ko wapis le kar he lautoonga." He refusing to come home widout nakusha '..and baaji too support dutta just like lakshman of Ramayana'that he too gowid dutta in search of nakku.

Dutta looked at him with pride and baaji couldn't stop himself from hugging his long lost friend.Iam really missing our Duji'.dostana'

replied " mera vishwas nakku hai aur uska devi maa..isliye main mandir ki seedhi uske saath he chadunga nahin toh nahin."wow'rose this is the awesome line'.loved it'really "mera vishwaas nakku h" haaye'

dutta used his brain''or kya logic lagaya'.mannaa padega'" baaji jis tarah main gira kya pata nakku bhi giri ho aur phir is nadi (river) main kahin beh gayi ho..yeh nadi kahan jaati hai ? mujhe wahan jaana hai."

He reminds all the beautiful moments which he had spent wid nakku in jungle *mujhe b yaad aa gaya JMM1 OR JMM2*He saw nakku's reflection in the water'.SO CUTE NAA'


"kahan hai tu ..kyun mujhe nazar nahin aati..mere dil ki awaaz kyun tujh tak pahunch nahin paa rahi?""tune to kaha tha u mere dil ki aawaz sunn sakti h'..tujhe sunaai nahi deta '.mera dil kab se tujhe pukaar raha h" these lines brought tears in my eyes'..

Disheartened and dismayed he walked back to his jeep when a duppatta flew in the air and landed on his face covering it completely. He stopped in his tracks and held the duppatta,it had her fragrance .dam sure ye dupatta nakku ka h..hehehehe'.mogambo khush hua rose..

See I said naa its nakku's dupatta'' Her lips quivered in happiness and she ran into his arms. He held her tightly and buried his face in her shoulder while she let out silent tears' love meets again'

The lines u used in the last of this first stage'..explains everything abt this stage'.dutta nakku h ek dusre ki baaho m'..

comment for second b continued...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
Roseee :D

Muahhh for writing such an awesome piece of work , i so wnat to pull cheeks so harddd !

LOve u so much for writing and babes ur on the ladder which is goung up and up 

and the way ur improving , now i say u cant improved cuz u reached ur maximum point !

what an amazing piece and how well u write and the way u twist and turn is just simplyyy wowww 

anyways first of all thank you for writing from the place we all got lost and got insane :D

chapter 1 !

Ahhh what relieve atleast The Dutta Bhau the person most powerful is recognized and is informed to his family and omg the condition he was in , my heart was crying for my D 
but heart cries million times more when he wakes up and calls for the only and only 
only his Naku !

and the way he leaved the hospital , he doesnt care about anything , he has to find his Naku 
and Baji the friend which every one dies to have gets ready to accompany his best friend , hisfamily :)

and thenthe finding starts and finally D finds the women he found solace in and the embrace i can imagine can make a person skips his or heart beat !

nd the song which is played is beautifulll :)

LOve part 1 

Chap 2

and then the big realization was waiting fro D , 
he is always the taker but now he has to be the giver in this relationship !

HIs naku is not what she was ,
she last er mental stabbility that also because of him 

why this happened to them why cant they have normal live !
a question which runs in D mind all the time :(

and the way she was behaving :(
my heart is  crying for them 

but something cant change and thank god D realized that She is the same Naku :)

and this line 

Sukoon dil ko mile aake teri baahon mein.

so true , in jungle , enemy place ,anyhere but the sukoon is when they are together in aeach other bahhoon

loved this part 

chap 3

Oh Rose how can i tell u , how much i fell in love with u 

when she ask how many plaits ahh re;ieve my  back in her look and theway D makes her comfortable in her dress !

and D tied mangalsutra !!!!:D

she giggled so did i :P

LOve the breakfast , i love the fact that naku is telling him 

how miserable she felt when she is not with Dutta 

and who is there to disturb our D n N :P

baaajiii :P

but i just adore my N here she didnt let go of Dutta <3

and the way she make him drink the milk to die for ,

im in dreamland !

and N didnt wave baaji :P


OH Rose tumhara itna cool humour hai i didnt know :P

and oh Dn B are back home and N is no where to found i was scred but baby 

u rocked it D is a superstar :P

and N is a rockstar she tied laces of Baaji :P


i love it :P

and ahem ahem when i read these lines 

" ab kya andhar aayegi mere saath?"  

im like kya ye Ss Rose nay he likha hai :P

naughty naughty :P

and ROflll N doesnt allow Baaji to go with them :P

babes u deserves a Bow for this one :P

I so love this part :P

Fourth step <3

OMG D and N :D

omg words will be worthless to describe this scene ,

love pain , comfort , what comapanion ship is , 

what its feel when u ahve partner whom u dont need to hide anything , whe u dont need words to convey feeling when others know each other through souls !

and they buy ballons :D

Love how D is dealing with N and last scene 

again Rose u say u cant be naughty not every thing needs to be uncovered but here i can get the hints :P


love it D nd N in water and N in D arms !
me faints :P

Finally the fifth or the firingfifth part :P

Oh this part was scary but so important , dealing iwth a person who is a litttle lost is not an easy job , that scene is carzyyy Rose 

what if D would nt be dere , omg iwas terrified and the way D lash out at N ,

even its not D fault he gt panic ,

and it was not even N fault 

this part is beautifully deceipted :)

and the way N cried , i wnat to console her but im happy she had As 

and when D comes to room and see her sleeping and 

once again a sixer halwa scene :P

D eats the halwa and N burned her hand and ask him to paari her <3

omg to get D pari , im so ready to burn my ********

(not for rose :P)


and OMg the morning scene!

Rose tum kab sy itni cruel ho gaye , u were always a subtle writer but here 

OMg it was scary and the way D scold N !

its too much 

and at teh end Naku is gone :(

cant i get a better cliff hanger than this !

i so want a new update :/

PLzzz give me na :P

OH Rose what can i say first sorry that being super duper late 

2 , Rose awesome dear , really , i just want to keep on reading this wa just too good !

I so love it :D

Im so proud that ur MY FANTASTIC ROSE :D

with a capital F :D

Love u for writing adn with ur pms telling me u miss my comments 

but its me who miss such a great story Thank You ROse :D

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 11:34pm | IP Logged

previous part pg-11

disclaimer - plz excuse me for my lack of medical knowledge but i have loads of filmy and tv show knowledge so applied it in this part.

                                            Sixth step

He stormed out of the room and ran down screaming " NAKKU .. NAKKU" the whole family gathered in the hall and a worried baaji asked him what had happened but he ignored his question. He was blazing with anger and shouted for the guards who came running on being called out " nakku kahan hai ? tum logon ne dekha usey ?" AS confused about the whole thing interrupted " nakku toh dophar se apne kamre mein thi." Dutta turned towards AS " nahin hai woh kamre mein ..woh ghar chod kar chali gayi hai." AS covered her mouth in shock and dutta continued " itne log ghar mein hain lekin kisiko uske baarein mein kuch pata nahin? Aap sab milkar ek insaan ka khayal nahin rakh sakte?" one of the guards replied " bhau humne toh vaheni ko kahin jaate hue nahin dekha." This angered him more " main kya tum logon ko sone ke liye paise deta hoon? Agar nakku ko kuch bhi hua toh yaad rakhna tum mein se koi nahin bachega." Baaji took out his cell and started dialing some numbers " bhau tu chinta mat kar sab theekh ho jayega." Dutta narrowed his eyes and growled " kaise chinta na karoon ? tu janta nahin uski dimaagi haalat ? aise mein KAHAN DHOONDHOON USEY ????"before baaji could reply dutta left the house and took his jeep to find nakku.

He was driving recklessly, images of his scolding nakku and her crying flashed in front of his eyes and he stepped on the accelerator. The fear that something bad might happen to her sent chills down his spine. He just couldnt lose her and with that he increased the speed of the jeep further. He was about to hit a small boy crossing the road but he applied the brakes just in time thereby bringing the jeep to a halt. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he needed to calm himself down to think straight. A thought came to his mind, he tightened his grip on the steering wheel and took a u turn. If his heart was guiding him right then she should be there. He stopped the jeep at the beach where he had brought her two days back. He scanned the whole area when his gaze fell on her. She was sitting a little far away playing with the sand. He sighed in relief and ran to her.

He stood in front of her and asked " nakku tu yahan kya kar rahi hai? Pata hai main kitna pareshan ho gaya tha ? yeh kaisa bachpana hai?" she lifted her head, looked at him for a second then dropped her gaze. He realized his tone was still on the harsher side which would not work with her this time. He sat down next to her, after examining her for a few minutes he asked softly " yeh kya kar rahi hai?" she without looking at him replied " apne liye ghar bana rahi hoon." He frowned " kyun kya zaroorat hai? Patil niwas tera bhi toh ghar hai." She continued to make a small boundary around the sand house she had made " main yahan rahegi..akele khana banayegi ..akele khayegi." And blew away the tendril of hair that was blocking her view but it fell back on her face, dutta raised his hand to move it back but she pushed his hand away and warned " masti nahin karni mere saath" dutta a little taken aback by her gesture bit the inside of his cheek and said " uff itna gussa?" she glared at him " kyun ?? aap kitna dant te ho mujhe..kal raat ko bhi gussa kiya..aaj bhi gussa kiya." Dutta was already feeling guilty about his past behavior tried to defend himself " tu hi bata main kya karta ? agar kal kisi ko goli lag jaati aur aaj agar tujhe aag mein kuch ho jata toh? Main kitna darr gaya tha ..phir.." she stood on her knees and cut him in " main bhi toh kitna darr gayi thi..par apne mujhe sambhalene ki jagah mujhe kitni zor se daant diya..aisa koi karta hai kya? Ab aap mujhe pehle jaisa pyar nahin karte..nahin rahegi main apke saath." His heart broke into a million pieces on realizing the extent of hurt he had inflicted on her " main tujhe bahut pyar karta hoon nakku isliye tere saath kuch bhi bura hote hue nahin dekh sakta."he waited for her to respnd when she didn't he continued"jis tarah phool ko khushboo se dil ko dhadkan se juda karne par woh bejaan ho jaate hain usi tarah agar dutta ko nakku se alag kar diya toh yeh dutta toh mar hi.." she pressed her fingers on his mouth and didn't let him complete his sentence " chee aisi gandi baat nahin karni agar phir kabhi ki toh main sach mein gussa ho jayegi." She moved her hand back and he smiled " nahin jee sakta main tere bina." She was elated to hear that and lowered her head in shyness while he suggested " chal main tera ghar banane main teri madad karta hoon." She held his wrist to stop him, he looked at her in confusion " kya hua abhi bhi naraaz hai mujhse." She left his, placed both her hands on her waist and with her chin held high replied " main thodi rahegi is mitthi ke ghar mein, main patil niwas rahegi." And gave him a sideways glance while biting her lower lip to prevent herself from smiling then slowly turned her head towards him to look at his reaction. He was all smiles and opened his arms for her. She without any hesitation threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He was relieved and happy to have his life back.

Next morning he took her to the hospital for a complete medical checkup. The doctor wrote some tests to be carried out. Later in the evening duji went together to collect the reports and have a word with the doctor. After examining the reports the doctor stated that due to the accident where nakku had fallen and injured her head she lost her memory and was suffering from partial amnesia also the whole incident off dutta being kidnapped in front of her left a deep impact on her mind as a result her mental and hormonal balance got affected because of which she was behaving like a child. So in order to get her back to a normal state her lost memory needed to be retrieved as well as her mental and hormonal imbalance needed to be corrected. Worried dutta asked about the future course of action. The doctor replied hesitantly that if the whole scene where he was taken away in the van is replayed again in front of her eyes she might regain her lost memory. Duji looked at each other and thought that it wasn't a bad idea but the expressions of the doctor said something else so dutta asked " kya hua ? ismein kya koi risk hai?" the doctor nodded his head and replied " jee risk toh hai , ho sakta hai aisa karne ke baad bhi unhein kuch yaad na aye .. ya woh apna hormonal aur mansik santulan ( hormonal and mental balance) puri tarah kho de aur sab kuch bhool jayein..aap soch samajhkar faisla lijiye."

 Just a minute back dutta had seen a ray of hope that nakku would be fine once again but after hearing about the risks involved he was left in a dilemma whether to pursue such a huge step or not. On the way back he just couldn't stop thinking about what doctor had said but at the same time he couldn't ignore nakkus unpredictable behavior as well. He didn't know what she would end up doing to herself and people around her through her innocent callous actions. He couldn't endanger her life and of the others cause of her mental instability but what if she lost her memory fully? Baaji interrupted his thoughts " bhau main janta hai tu doctor ki baat sunkar pareshan hai, par bhau humare paas aur koi rasta bhi nahin hai, jis tarah ki nakku ki halat hai woh kab kya kar baithe hum nahin jante..ek pal wohh theekh hoti hai aur dusre hi pal woh kuch aisa kar deti hai jiska usey khudh pata nahin hota." Dutta rubbed his forehead and replied " tu theekh keh raha hai lekin agar in sabse kuch nahin hua aur uski halat aur bigad gayi toh?" baaji stopped the jeep in front of the house " nakku ke liye ab itna bada risk toh uthana hi padega .. jo humare haath mein hai woh toh humein karna hi chaiye baaki bappa." Dutta still not convinced remained quiet, baaji kept his hand on his shoulder " tujhe bhale hi bappa par na ho par apne pyar par toh bharosa hai nah..apne pyar ki khatir, nakku ki khatir yeh kadam utha le ..kya pata yeh kadam tum dono ko aur kareeb le aye." Dutta closed his eyes and imagined nakku smiling at him " theekh hai baaji, tu karle saara intezaam ..hum kal devi maa ke mandir jaayega jahan yeh sab hua tha."

Dutta wasn't hungry but forcefully pushed a few morsels down his throat which didn't go unnoticed by nakku. He went back to his room after informing AS what doctor had said when nakku wasn't around. He sat down near the window and leaned his back on the wall. She came, kneeled down in front of him and pressed his hand lightly " kya hua koi pareshani hai ? apne khana bhi nahin khaya." He nodded his head "nahin aisa kuch nahin hai mujhe bas bhookh nahin thi." She agreed and with a sleepy face said " chalo phir sone chalo ..mujhe bahut neend aa rahi hai." He looked into her eyes and replied " nakku thodi der baith nah yahan mere saath." She smiled and sat in between his legs with her back pressing his chest and her head resting on his shoulder. He brought his arms around her waist and inter wined his fingers with hers " nakku tu kabhi mujhe bhool toh nahin jayegi nah?" with closed eyes she replied "kabhi nahin." He brought her closer "aur mujhse kabhi door toh nahin jayegi." She opened her eyes and thought about her earlier action of leaving the house in anger, she felt bad for making him go through all this she tightened his grip around her " kabhi bhi nahin." He was scared to lose her, scared to think about what tomorrow held for them. He so wished that time stood still and he could spend the rest of his life just like this with her close to him in his arms " kya tu hamesha mere har faisle mein mera saath degi..agar mujhse kabhi koi galti ho jaye toh?" now she could feel his tension clearly, surely there was something bothering him, ever since he had returned from visiting the doctor he seemed lost, she turned around in his arms and asked " kuch hua kya ? doctor ne kuch kaha kya..jawab kyun nahin dete?" his silence was killing her, with tears in her eyes and in a shaky voice she asked again " kya hua ? kya doctor ne yeh kaha ki main kabhi theekh nahin hogi ..humesha aise hi rahegi." Hearing this made his eyes watery too and he pulled her to himself " kisne kaha tu theekh nahin hogi ..tu bahut jald theekh hogi." Her one question had dispelled all his doubts he had whether to take that step or not. Now he was absolutely sure that he would take her to the temple once again. He had to do it for her sake, she deserved that chance that could cure her. Earlier he was acting selfish by just thinking about his insecurities and not what she must be going through. She was entitled to a normal life and he would do everything that was possible, that was in his hands to give it to her and even if things went wrong he would be there for her. If he could support her now then he could do so in the future as well. Everything was crystal clear now, he looked down and saw that she had already dozed off in his arms, he kissed her temple and tucked her head under his chin. He hugged her tightly relishing the moment without worrying about the next day.

                       " aane wali subha jaane ..rang kya laye deewani..meri chahat ko rakh lena..jaise koi nishani"

Lots of love
please excuse me if there were any medical flaws but do share ur views , they mean a lot to me.

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Wakka WakkaWakka WakkaWakka WakkaWakka Wakka 
waiting for the updateEmbarrassed

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