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SS - Teri Baahon Mein..COMPLETE all parts pg-1 (Page 10)

stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 3:24am | IP Logged
@ rrs ..ur welcome dear part on friday
@ minaxi ..thanks a lot for ur appreciation ..glad u liked all the parts
@ ranjana glad that u enjoyed the updt so much ..thanks a lot
@ komal ..well i try to bring out the beauty of tashas relationship thru my updts and i  amso happy to know that u think i have succeeded in doing so..thanks..the character dutta and nakku are themselves so simple and uncomplicated that it is easy to write about them...the whole credit goes to the creatives for giving us such wonderful characters to write about... and thanks once again 
@ spandy ..hey spandy thanks so much for ur appreciation ...gladu u could feel different emotions in the updt..i know the whole updt was solely on tasha the way u want it to be feels great that u enjoyed it so much esply the last lines ..thanks dear
@ pooja ..agree with u their first meeting changed their lives for the better ..ohh u enjoyed that bhaaji and baaji thing ..thanks too was laughing while writing it ..glad u could understand and feel their emotions and pain ...thank u once again for  ur amazing feedback
@ sinak ..thank u dear
@ shilpita ..glad u liked it .. u know i cannot write the way you do ..ur just perfect ..thank anyways..
@ azymishi ..thanks so much for appreciating the updt ..glad u enjoyed the dialogues and the scenes so much too miss tasha a lot ..will updt soon
@ mlshe ..ohh m glad u found the updt so cute for ur wish of nakku feeding dutta will be fulfilled in the next part ...thanks so much
@ ltlfan ..thank u dear
@ bluepal ...well nakku is suffering from partial amnesia which is why she remembers somethings but forgets other things ..glad u liked the updt and agree with u dutta was trying to fulfill her childhood wishes
@ suhana ..i so happy to know that u enjoyed reading it so much ..thanks so much for appreciating the dialogues ..glad i could put across tashas feelings properly ..will updt soon
@ geeta ..oh dear we all miss mishal so much and m glad u could imagine him all the way and thanks so much for such a wonderful feedback ..will updt soon
@ nileshni ...thank u so much for liking my ffs really feels great to know that

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nileshni679 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 3:40am | IP Logged
Rose ur ff is always incredible and i am loving this one as well. Pliz add me in ya pm list and do update soon.

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chitrakshgeet Senior Member

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 7:55pm | IP Logged
Hi Rosy,

It was very Nice update...I just imagined Mishal and Mishal and Mishal while reading...As Nakku did fall for Dutta...I have already fallen in LOVE with MISHAL...He changed my life...without his physical presence...But what ever he is just awesome...Loved it dear...Thanks a lot for this...Thanks a lot for writing this and making my day...Smile

Update soon...I am desperately waiting...Tongue

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 1:13am | IP Logged

                                                Fifth step

A tired dutta returned from work and headed towards his room. He decided to take a cold shower and saw a fresh pair of clothes already been taken out for him by her. He smiled and looked around for her she wasn't in the room so thought may be playing around with annay. He took out his wallet, watch, gun etc. and kept it on the bed before leaving to take a shower. After getting fresh he came out drying his hair with the towel, he walked towards the bed and picked up his watch but found his gun missing. He scanned the whole room, lifted the pillows and bed sheet but couldn't find it. He recalled the gun was loaded so rushed out of his room in search of it.

Nakku was playing with annay in the hall. He enacting as a thief while she as a cop. He hid behind a pillar while nakku was trying to find him with duttas gun in her hand. She saw him behind the pillar and called out " mujhe pata hai tum wahan chupe ho , chup chap bahar aa jao aur jo tumne churaya mere havale kar do warna bahut bura hoga." Hearing this annay slowly came and stood in front of her with his head low. Nakku smiled at herself in pride " chalo ab jo kuch hai tumhare paas mujhe de do." Annay clutched on to nakkus bangle that he had taken and refused to give it back to her. Nakku pointed the gun at him and said " dekho main teen tak ginoongi..agar mujhe nahin diya toh main goli mardoongi." An adamant annay refused to budge so nakku started counting " ek ..aur teen." Aiming at him she pulled the trigger but dutta just came in at the right time and pushed her hand. The bullet hit the whiskey bottle behind annay thereby shattering it into a number of pieces. Hearing the gun shot the whole family gathered in the hall, nakku and annay were totally shaken up with the whole incident while dutta was seething in anger. If looks could kill nakku would have been dead for sure " tune kis se puch kar meri bandook li ? annay toh bachcha hai lekin tu toh badi hai. Tujhe kya laga tu kisi khilone ke saath khel rahi hai? Aaj agar annay ya tujhe kuch ho jata toh?" seeing him scream at her she started weeping and tried to defend herself in between her sobs but dutta raised his hand stopping her " yeh rona bandh kar, ek toh galti karti hai uske uppar se roti hai." To protect nakku , AS intervened " dutta tu jaanta hai uski haalat, dekh woh khudh kitna darr gayi hai, ab aur gussa mat kar." And hugged nakku while dutta still mad at her left the hall and went to the garden to prevent himself from scolding her further.

He sat on the swing trying to calm down but couldn't forget the scene where nakku was pointing the gun at annay. He shuddered to think what would have happened had he not come there on time. Nakkus irresponsible and childish behavior bothered him. He remembered how in the past she acted with so much of maturity in fact many a times she had managed to knock out some sense into him but now seeing her in this condition pained him. He felt guilty for yelling at her as he was aware of her mental state but at that moment he just couldn't control himself. The thought that she could end up hurting annay or herself didn't let him think straight and as a result he just lost his temper. After sometime baaji joined him. He kept his hand on duttas shoulder and said " bhau abhi nakku apne hosh mein nahin hai, tu chinta mat kar dhere dhere sab theekh ho jayega, mujhe yakeen hai woh aisi galti phir nahin karegi." Dutta met his eyes and replied " lekin baaji aaj jo hua usne mujhe hila kar rakh diya hai, agar goli kisi ko lag jaati toh?" baaji reassured him " main janta hai lekin tune dekha nahin nakku khudh kitna darr gayi thi, itna ro rahi thi, ab woh bhool kar bhi aisi harkat phir nahin karegi." Hearing this he realized she must be still crying. He clenched his jaw firmly and asked softly " woh kya abhi bhi ro rahi hai?" baaji smiled looking at his concerned face " nahin AS ne usey chup kara ke khana khila diya hai..abhi toh shayad so rahi hogi..tu bhi kha le bahut raat ho gayi hai." Dutta refused him saying he wasn't hungry and walked back to his room.

He saw her sleeping peacefully with his photo frame resting close to her chest. He sat near her and took out the frame from her tight grip slowly and then covered her properly with a duvet. He examined her tear stained face closely and felt horrible for shouting at her. He pushed back the hair falling on her forehead lovingly and stood up to leave but felt his hand being pulled. He turned around to see her holding his hand and asking innocently " aap kya abhi bhi gussa ho mujhse?" her one simple question pierced his heart , he sat back and pressed his lips against her forehead softly and said " nahin" she sat up happily and replied " main kabhi apki bandook ko haath nahin lagaungi..pucca." he simply smiled and nodded his head " theekh hai , ab so ja bahut raat ho gayi hai." But her eyes shone with excitement as she said " mere paas apke liye kuch hai, aap ankhein bandh karo main abhi aati hoon." With that she got out off the bed hurriedly and made him close his eyes before leaving the room. She came back soon, hiding something behind and sat next to him. She asked him to open his eyes and slowly brought forward her hands holding a plate of halwa from behind. His lips curled into a smile and he asked "yeh kahan se aaya?" she lowered her head shyly and replied " maine aaj apke liye banaya tha." Her concern for him touched him once again and she lifted a spoonful to feed him. He had it happily but when she fed him another he noticed a burnt mark at the back of her hand. He held her hand immediately " yeh kaise jala." She took her hand back and said " woh halwa banate hue thoda jal gaya." He felt bad seeing her hurt " kya zaroorat thi khudh banana ki ? ghar mein aur kitne log hain , woh banadete." She bit her lower lip slightly and replied "par apko toh sirf mere haath ka pasand hain nah" dutta just shook his head and thought there was no point in arguing with her " dard ho raha hai?" she lifted her hand towards him and said " paari kar do dard chala jayega." Making him wonder how could someone be so adorable. He kissed her hand lovingly and she smiled broadly " dekha dard gayab." She fed him another spoonful and then took one herself, dutta wanted to stop her from taking it but she had already put it in her mouth. He lowered his head waiting for her reaction when she in a second spat out the halwa " chee ..yeh toh bilkul achcha nahin hai..kachcha hai ..aur meetha toh hai he nahin..aapne kaise itna saara kha liya ?" he lifted his head and kept the plate aside then took her hands in his and replied " hmm janta hoon yeh theekh se nahin bana lekin ismein tera pyar hai , meri khushi ka khyal sabko main kaise undekha kar sakta hoon? Teri har choti si choti cheez mere dil ko choo jati hai aur jo dil mein utar jaye woh bura kaise ho sakta hai?" she didn't know how to react, whether to cry on knowing that she had made such a horrible dish or smile at her husband who loved her immensely in both the cases she couldn't prevent her eyes from getting watery. She turned her head to the other side and tried to push back her tears remembering that he didn't like to see her weeping. He placed his palm on her cheek and turned her face to him " nakku tu meri hai, tera har dard, khushi, aansoo, muskurahat..sab kuch mera hai..isliye tujhe mujhse kuch bhi chipane ki zaroorat nahin." She smiled through her tears and jumped into his arms taking him by surprise nevertheless he embraced her back closing every possible gap between them if at all there was any.

Next morning dutta was waiting for his breakfast and tea at the dining table while nakku was praying with AS. She found the fruits to be offered to lord Ganpati missing so she went to the kitchen to get them. On reaching there she heard dutta asking for his tea, she decided to make it for him so turned on the gas knob but then AS called out to her to get the fruits quickly. She slapped her head for being so forgetful. She rushed back to AS and handed over the fruits to her then remembered that he must be waiting for his tea so went back to the kitchen and on her way she informed him that she will get his tea soon. Dutta in the mean time could smell gas leak and he immediately ran to the kitchen. Nakku picked up the lighter and lit the gas stove and in a second the whole kitchen went up in flames. She screamed and dutta pulled her out of the kitchen just in time. Soon the guards came running with fire extinguishers and managed to control the whole situation.

AS wrapped her arm around nakku who was trembling with fear. Dutta was roaring in anger and started blasting her " kal meri gun ke saath khel rahi thi , sham ko apna haath jala diya aur aaj toh tune hadh kar di .. puri rasoi hi jala di ? maine tujhse chai mangi ? kya zaroorat thi yeh sab karne ki ? tujhe yeh sab mazaak lagta hai ?" nakku who was already shaken up by the whole thing expected him to console her but instead he was scolding her, she still tried to reply " main woh gas on kar ke bhool gayi thi." Dutta closed his eyes in frustration and clenched his jaws firmly " bhool gayi ? phir se ? tujhe kuch ho jata toh main kya karta? Kabhi socha hai? Nahin , bus apne man ki karni hai tujhe. Teri choti si laparwahi (carelessness) ki wajah se dekh aaj kitna bada hadsa ho gaya." The whole family was feeling bad for nakku but dutta was also right in his place, baaji interrupted dutta to save nakku from his anger " bhau mujhe abhi phone aaya hai, hum meeting ke liye late ho rahe hain ,chal yeh sab chod hum aakar dekh lenge." Dutta took a deep breath to control his temper and moved to leave the hall when he heard her from behind " aapne nashta toh kiya hi nahin." He stopped in his tracks, turned around and glared at her. with tears rolling down her eyes she ran up to her room.

He came back early in the evening, as it is he was not able to concentrate in the meeting. His mind went back to the events that happened in the last two days and the way he had reacted. He saw AS sitting, plucking spinach leaves. The house was in total silence unlike the other days when it would be chirping with her laughter," nakku kahan hai , AS." She didn't reply and continued with her chore, she was upset the way he had screamed at nakku. Dutta not getting an answer walked towards his room thinking she must be there when he heard AS say " aaj tumne kuch zyada hi nahin chil la diya uspar?" he turned around, nodded his head, guilt clearly visible in his eyes. He continued to climb up the stairs thinking about her mental state. Till now he thought that by handling her with care and with his family around her she would sooner or later regain her partially lost memory and overcome her childish behavior in a way he had taken her ailment lightly but the recent events clearly showed the gravity of the situation. She needed proper medical treatment so he decided to take her to the doctor the next day but before that he had another tough task in hand, to pacify her. He knew he was very rude to her in the morning and this time she wouldn't come around easily.

He reached his room and looked around for her but she was nowhere, thinking she must be in the washroom he knocked and opened the door but she was not there either. Before shutting the door his gaze fell on the mirror, something was scribbled on it with the toothpaste. He read it again and again , unable to believe himself what he had read " MAIN GHAR CHOD KAR JAA RAHI HOON"

Lots of love
so how was it ? may be a little boring ..sorry for that but it was needed to move the story ahead ..plz do leave ur comments

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-Azy- IF-Rockerz

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will comment soonWink

Superb Rose!!!
Dutta getting all mad with nakku!! but he was right in his place!! 
Ohhh that Halwa scene was chhhooochwwweeettt...!! :)
Ooofff...!! Nakku has become a Danger Zone!
Dutta feeling guilt for shouting at her:(
Good , he is planning to take her to Doc to give her proper medical treatment! 
Ohhh she is Gone!!
Plzzz Rose, update the next part soon:) 
Thank u sooo much for te Lovely update n for the PM,*mwahhh*

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spandana11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 1:50am | IP Logged
Rose Hugawesome part not at all boring dearEmbarrassed,very well written and emotional part ,felt bad for both nakuu and dutta ,poor dutta he was right in his place and nakuu was helpless with her mental condition, oh you brought both dutta love and frustration very nice at the same timeEmbarrassed oh what at the end nakuu left the houseShockedShocked poor girl hopeConfused she does not land in some serious trouble before dutta found herEmbarrassed ,hope dutta gets her soon Liked a lot this ff very well built story now should wait for Monday for next part Winkoh jaldi next part update karoEmbarrassed

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mnx12 Moderator

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 1:53am | IP Logged

Good update,ClapClap she's left home & AS or anyone in the family doesn't know about it. Waiting for the next partSmile

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blueopal IF-Rockerz

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hey  nice  one  yaar...
OMG  naku  did  lot  of  mistakes  n  dutta  shouted  Confused...n  naku  is  decided  to  go  out  of  d  house...but  how  AS  n  family  members  r    sooo  cool  while  dutta  asking  abt  naku?????????????? looking  fwd...

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