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SS:THE KISSING BOOTH! part 2 pg 14 (Page 5)

beautiful_life Groupbie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 7:28am | IP Logged
i have started riting!
if no one distrubs me
u'll gt update in an hr!SmileWink

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 7:30am | IP Logged
ofcourse we want maan as the lead

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anaum91 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 7:40am | IP Logged
undoubtedly MAAN shud be d LEAD!!!

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beautiful_life Groupbie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged

HEY! peeps i m khushneet! well welcome THE KISSING BOOTH...
Its a teen lov story dnt think u l get marige and all in this SS...
well the character's may sound bold and please remember its not INDIA!!


chapter 1

"do want a drink?"Yash called from the kitchen as i shut the front door

"no,thanks" I called back."i'll head on up to ur room"

"sure think" he replied



i headed up the staircase to Yash's room.

i 'll never stop wondering at how big yash's house is. it's practically a mansion.
There's a room downstairs complete wid a 50 inch tv and surround sound ,
not to mention the pool table, even.and not to 4gt the pool and hot tub outside.

yash's house is all expensive and grand ,

and even tough i treat it like second home the only place i feel really,
really comfortable is his bedroom.

i opened the door to his room,

 sunlight spilling in through the open doors leading out to his small balcony
 overlooking the garden.
 posters of bands covered the walls,
 his drum kit sat in the corner of the guitar,
 and his apple mac was proudly displayed on a smart mahogany desk
that matched rest of the furniture.


but, just like any other 16 yr old boy's room,

 the floor was littered wid t-shirt and underpants and stinky stocks, a half-eaten sandwich was festering nxt to the apple mac, and empty cans were crumpled over mostly ever surface.
 i launched myself on yash's bed, loving how it bounced when you did that.

we've been best friends since we were born .our moms both knew each other from college and i only lived ten minutes walk away now. yash and i grew up together.we may as well be twins though we were born on d same day, freakishly enough.

he's may best friend.always has been and always will be.
even if he annoy the hell out of me most of the time.

he turned up just at that moment, holding two opened bottles of J20,

knowing i'd have drunk his at some point anyway.

"we need to decide what we're doing for the carnival," i said

"i know," he sighed , messing up his dark brown hair and scrunching up his freckled face.

" can't we just do a coconut thing? you know when they throw balls and try to knock the coconuts down?"


i shook my head."that's what i thought-"

"of course it is"

i smirked a little."but we can't, it's already taken."


"why do we have to come up wid a booth anyway?
can't we just manage the whole event and make other people come up wid the booths?"

he suggested


"hey, ur d one who said being on the school council would look good on our  college applications" i taunted

"you're the one who agreed to it." he replied


"because i wanted to be on the dance committee" i pointed out.

"" i didn't realize we had to do work on the carnival too."i said thoughtfuly


"this sucks u know!"


"i know. oh, hey what abt if we hired one of those , knw,"

i said gesturing wid my hands like i was holding a hammer and hitting it down,
"those things wid the hammer."

"where they test your strength?"he replied

"yeah.that thing" i assured

"no, they already ordered one of those."


i sighed."i dnt knw then. there's not much left to do, everything's already taken."


we looked at each other and both said,"i told u v shuld have started planning this earlier"

the two of us laughed and yash sat at his computer, spinning around on the chair slowly, tapping the back oh it thoughtfully.

"haunted house?" he suggested

i gave him a falt look well, i tried . it wasnt east to catch his eye when he was spinning around like that.

"its spring yash. not Halloween."

"yeah , so??"

"NO, no haunted house" i said determinedly

"fine" he grumbled."the what do you suggest, nerd?"

i shrugged. thruth was, i had no idea .we were pretty much screwed. if we dnt come up wid a booth thn we'd end up being booted off the concil, which would mean we couldn't put it on our college applications next year.

"i dnt knw .i cn't think when it's this hot." i said out of fraustation

"then take ur sweater off and come up wid something." he suggested

i rolled my eeys, and yahs started surfing google for ideas for a booth fot the spring carnival. i tugged my sweater off over my head, bt felt d sun on my bare stomach then. i tried to wriggle my arms back through so i could pull down the vest i'd worn underneath, but it dnt really work.

"yash," i said, my voice muffled."a little help?"

he snickered at me, and i heard him get up and walk. at that moment the bed room door was pushed open, and i thought for a minute he's left me in a tangle, but the next second i heard a different voice .

"Jeez, at least lock the door if u guys are going to do that."

i froze, my cheeks going bright as yash tugged down my vest and yanked the sweater off my head, leaving my hair static.


i looked up to see his older brother leaning against the door frame, smirking at me.

"hey mishti"

 he greeted me.he knows i hate being called MISHTI.

i let yash get away wid it
, BT MAAN is another matter entirely.
he does it solelt to annoy me. nobody else dares to call me MISHTI .
Just like nobody else dares to call him " MAAN!" expect fr yash.


"Hi maan" i shot back wid a sweet smile.


i saw his jaw clench and his dark eyebrows rose a little , like he was daring me to carry on calling him that. i jst smiled back and the sexy smirk slipped back onto his face. for some odd raeson he likes to be CALLED by his SURNAME! KHURANA!

maan is jst abt the hottest guy to grace this earth. i m nt even exaggerating. he's got dark hair that flops into his electric BROWN eyes, and he's tall and broad shouldered too. his nose is a little crooked from all the times it got broken in fights.
maan's always getting in fights bt he;s never been suspended, let alone expelled.
his grades were too gud for the school to risk losing such a model student. plus, the football team dnt want to lose him either.



i use to have a crush on him, when i was abt 12 or 13 . it passed pretty quickly though, when i realized he was just way too far out of my league and would always be. and even though he is incredibly unbelievably hot , i act my self normal around him becuse i knw dere isn't
any chance in hell that he'd ever look at me as anything other than his kid brother's best friend.

"i know i seem to have this effect on ladies, bt could u please try and keep ur clothes on in my presence?"


i laughed sarcastically " DREAM ON!"

"wot r u guys doing, anyway?"

i did wonder for a moment y he was interested, but i shrugged it off. yash said,"we hav 2 come up wid a stupid booth fr d carnival."

"sounds...well, crap." maan replied

"NO kidding" i said , rolling my eyes."all d gud booths are taken. we'll end up wid

something crappy, like- like that thing were u hook a duck"

they both looked at me weirdly, and i shrugged.

"whatever. anyway, yash mom and dad are way tonite so party at 8."

"cool"said yash

"and mishti? try nt to strip off in front of everybody for me tonite." maan said while he winked at me

"you knw i hav eyes fr yash" i said innocently wid a smile.

maan laughed a little, smirking. he was already tapping away at his phone, probably broad castig the meassage about a party, jst like yash was. he loped out of the room then, like a lazy cat or something. i couldn't help but let my eyes drag after him and that cute butt...



yaah: i thought u were over ur crush

GEET: i m . that dnst mak him any less hot!

well so hw was it ??

do pppl like it?

shall i continue?

all cerdit goes to the real writer any one knws him?

plz let me knw

nw leave longgg

coments and plz like it! wil encourage me

love KHUSHNEET!SmileWink

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cue1 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 9:11am | IP Logged

how was it??

It was awesome

I cant wait for more!1

Add me to your pm list and update soon again lol


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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Lovely start
Awww love yash & geets friendship
How cute maan calls geet mishti & geet calls him maan to irritate each other
Oooh so geet find maan HOT wonder if maan feels the saym way about geet
Cont soon Xx...

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Amoureux IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 May 2007
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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Good start and a little different too.. Continue soon Smile

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beautiful_life Groupbie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MaaneetLuverr

Lovely start
Awww love yash & geets friendship
How cute maan calls geet mishti & geet calls him maan to irritate each other
Oooh so geet find maan HOT wonder if maan feels the saym way about geet
Cont soon Xx...
wel i also dono who is d acutal lead of d story as i couldnt read it completely!
lol wot maan thinks lol u'l knw in nxt 2 nxt update..LOL
and you people mite b shock 2 hahahah i lov dis suspense..
thanku babji maine adhi book padhe haiLOLLOL

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