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SS:THE KISSING BOOTH! part 2 pg 14 (Page 13)

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made u wait long na i hope its worth the wait shadi was fun and also gave me an idea fr my new ff
 hav u seen it???? nt wasting mre tym n here's ya update!!

maan laughed a little, smirking. he was already tapping away at his phone, probably broad castig the meassage about a party, jst like yash was. he loped out of the room then, like a lazy cat or something. i couldn't help but let my eyes drag after him and that cute butt...



"hey, if u could stop checking out my brother fr 2 seconds,"yash teased.


i blushed helplessly,shoving him"shut up."



"i thought u were over ur crush"



"i m. dat dnst mak him any less hot though."



yash rolled his eyes at me."wotever!"


i pushed myself up off d bed n wnt 2 sit at the apple mac, yash leaning over my shoulders, his chin resting on the top of my head!.


i clicked onto the next page of search results, scrolled down, feeling my eyes glaze over as they scanned the page.

i stopped, sumthing catching my eye jst as yash started 2 said "hold up"

we both stared at the screen fr a few secnds b4 lee stood up frm leaning on me , n i spun d chair to face him, identical smiles stretching over our faces.


"kissing booth"



we both said at the same tym, grinning.yash held his hand up fr a high 5 and i smacked my palm agnst his.


this was going 2 be fun!

we decided 2 hav 2 dollars fee. 2 dollars fr a kiss.
wotever booth we'd decided on doing , the bacis stand was already dere fr us 2 use st d school,
bt we'd need a lot of pink n red.
i thought we should hav BLACK, since it's kind of sexier,


 bt yash tld me patronizingly,"its nt Halloween, mishti!"

"fine. we'l stick 2 pink n red"


"wot r v gng 2 need thn? streamers, crepe, ribbon..dat kind of thing rite?"


"yeah, i guess. hey do u think we'd b able 2 mak a big banner in woodshop?"


i dnt wnt 2 tak woodshop, bt it was either dat or hme Ec.,
n after my cupcake disaster of 8 grade,
i've tried to stay away frm baking. but maybe it'd come in handy.


"i dnt c y nt.Mr. Petter  probably wnt hav a problem wid it."


i nodded."cool. we could probably gt sum of d jocks in on it,
n i bet d cheerleaders wnt hav a problem either.
 we need 4, and dey cn go in shifts of 2"


yash nodded."sounds okay. who shuld we ask though?"



"well..priya n rachel  wil definitely do it" i said,
thinking of d other cheerleaders in our grade .
and...PINKY ,maybe?she cn ask around other seniors i guess"


"yea. i dnt knw if pinky will do it though."


"so? she cn ask around fr us."


"i guess.i bet arjun n dev will be up fr it too. maybe adi?"

i nodded" we'l gt dev 2 ask around d jocks n find another senior."


"i'll cal him n ask thn."

"cool. i'l gt d gals"i pulled out my iPhone, scrolling through fr their noz.
 i hav pretty much every1's number- i'm a very sociable gal.
i jst like hw everybody likes yash. bt we dnt really belong to any clique.
it's gud i guess, since we hang round who ever we wnt widout being labeled,
bt it does gt lonely sometimes,
 since neither of us have loads of close frnds, only a selected few.


i gt the text frm priya n rachel  dey were quite excited , saying dey could jst nt wait !


and frm d guys adi and dev were ready 2 do, arjun was nt willing 2 do. dev called and informed he'l ask others around.
and pinky tld me she'l ask few gals.

"done" i sighed seeing yash we grinned at each other.


"our booth is going to kill."


"i knw. we r scary gud at tymz" i exclaimed



"i knw"he smiled back




my phne beeped and , i saw a text frm pinky telling me dat
 pari and sameera would be doing the kissing booth fr us,
i replied thnx in brief


"d gals r all sorted" i said


"gr8 dev wil fix up d guys fr us fine, so its's all sorted," i said.



"which means...we hav nothing 2 do nw" i grinned."so u cn come shoping wid me."



yash groaned"y do u need 2 go shoping? dnt u hav enough clothes?"

"yes, i u r having a party 2nite n i'm in a gud mood since
we've sorted out this we're gng shoping 2 buy me sumthing 2 wear 2nite."

yash groaned."u jst wnt a s**tty dress so dat u cn impress my brother. dnt u?"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


"NO!"[khushneet thinks JHOOTI JHOOTILOLLOL]



"okay, i m sry i dnt mean s**tty dress. i knw u r betr thn dat mishti.
bt u want sumthing hot to impress my bro, isn't it?



"No. i jst need 2 go get sumthing 2 wear. bt if i do end up impressing ur bro...
dats jst a bonus. Nt 2 mention freaking miracle.
we both knw he dnst even think of me dat way..."



yash sighed."fine, fine , we r gng shoping stop ur moaning."


i smiled and him and picked up my sweater n waited fr yash 2 grab his wallet n sneakers.
 i bounced downstairs while he trailed behind me.
we gt into his sleek red convertible n yash turned on d engine.


"THE MALL?" he askd me.


"yea. thnz yash"


"the things i do fr u"



we were in at d mall in 20 minz. yash truned off d engine,
leaving my ears ringing slightly frm d hip hop yash had been blasting out of the car.


"u noe u owe me fr dragging me here"


"i' ll buy u a donut."



he wavered."n a milkshake"




after few stores , i found d perfect outfit.

it was a coral colored dress, the skirt nt too tight or shrt, the neck low n flattering.
 the soft, sheer material was bunched up down d left hand side,
concealing the zip dat ran the whole length of dress.


"do v hav 2 go shoes shoping nw too?" yash moaned as i announced i was trying it on.

"no, i have shoes , yash"i said rolling my eyes.


"yea wel u hav dresses too, bt dat wnst stoping u"he muttered

 following me 2 the changing room
 and stood outside the room as i changed



i called him  in "zip me up?" dat was d comfort level we shared!


he zip d dress up fr me. i looked in d mirror, smoothing it out.
 it looked better on the hanger, i thought doubtfully.
it showed an awful lot of leg...
n the way it was bunched up at d side pushed my boobs together too.


yash let out a low wolf-whistle"nic"


"shut up. dnt u think it's too short"


he shrugged and smacked my ass"who cares?"


i smacked him across the head in reply."i m serious yash. its too short?"

" well. may be a little bt u look hot , who cares?"


"r u sure?"

"do u think i l lie 2 u ,mishti?" he askd sadly

"do i hav 2 answer dat, yash "i gav him a flat look through the mirror

"no i guess nt" he laughed."so u gonna gt it?"

i nodded."yea .its 20 dollars off too."

and i decided to buy dat that and

yash droped me hme "see u later" he said



It was around 6 when i reached hme...

my house is only 5 or may be 10 minz walk frm yash's house.
 it's half the size and has no pool or game room,
but it's everything a house needs. a room fr dad,
a room fr my little bro, a room fr me 2 bathroomz, a guest room...
okay so my house isnt exactly small, bt compared 2 yash it is

nobody was at hme. dad n brij went fr his soccers tournament.

i put my iPod into my speakers n let ke$ha blast out loud enough dat i'd hear it frm my shower wid water roaring in my ears.


i stood in my towel, scrutinizing the dress. i figured it was probably best i went fr a tong, and definitely needed a strapless bra wid it.



i m nt d girly girly type so much , having grown up wid yash , and my mom living on d other side of the continent, bt dat dnst mean i cnt go all out fr things like this.


so i sat at my dresser, makeup spilled all out in frnt of me, my curling iron heating up. i carefully blended foundation over my skin , n spent my tym on perfecting my eyeliner to make my hazel eyes pop. i took my time to mak sure my brownish hair, nice n shiny n scented after my shower, was cascading down back in perfect ringlets.


i felt mre dan a little self conscious whn i had d dress on and a pair of black wedge heels. i knw dere would b gals who had their makeup way over d top, dresses way shorter than mine. bt i wavered, wondering if i shuld go fr some skinny jeans instead.


bt by then it was suddenly 13 mins past 8. where had my two hours gone?


i tore my phone out of its charger, seeing a text frm yash asking where I was.




sneak a peek!

"will u do kissing booth fr us, fr spring carnival?please? we can't find a 4th guy .it's fr and yash really need a favor."


maan straightened up, cracking open his can."kissing booth ,huh?"
he nodded." well, sory . i dnt think i cn risk mah dignity.
plus,imagine hw much all the other guys would hate me fr stealing all the kisses,"
 he smirked EmbarrassedEmbarrassed[he is actuly so true lol]


one more promo!

STRIPPING N SKINNY DIPPING!EmbarrassedShockedShockedShockedShockedEmbarrassed

well this is a very long update !!!
nw u all comment and force me 2

update soon
i m to lazy u noe guys!LOLLOL

and did u like it...

no maaneet moments yet
 bt still nxt update wil b funWinkWinkWink

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Clap im loving it. i know you just updated but do update again soon.Wink precap looks realy interesting.

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luved it
can't wait 4 d nxt update

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amazing part...precap sounds intresting...can't wait fo d nxt part...hey btw where r d pm's hanh???...cont soon n do pm me d nxt part...

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Originally posted by anaum91

amazing part...precap sounds intresting...can't wait fo d nxt part...hey btw where r d pm's hanh???...cont soon n do pm me d nxt part...
wel sweetie wil update d othr ff's n thn ek saath pm!
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Awesome update!!!
Luv the concept
Please update soon ...

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love it

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Well written but I'm longing for maaneet moments.

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