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Hues Of Life (Mayur) Pt 12 PG 25 (Page 6)

Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
tht was soo nice love it

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gopi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
nice updt pooja
thanks for the pm

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-Samira- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 2:21pm | IP Logged
this amazing
mayu is falling for her
but nups seema hard
loved their talk thnx for the pm

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2011 at 7:56am | IP Logged
awesome update.
mayank falling on nupur.
bt nupur sound a total professional.
n she's going to fight mayanks case.
its interesting.
continue soon
thanks for the pm.

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kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged
hello people, am back with another part, n this time its a bit longer than the last ones, hope u all can ignore my delay becoz of tht, n now, this part lemme tell u guys, is by far my ultimate favourite, so i need good comments, enjoy the part.

Part 3

Mayank was experiencing a variety of emotion right now. He looked at the cell in his hand, it displayed the most recently clicked pic, Nupur's. He looked at it, and felt a wave of emotions cross through him. She had an irritated expression on her face, and he found it really cute. He couldnt believe how could someone actually be so cute.

He was now confused after meeting Nupur Malhotra. He could neither figure out who she was, nor could he decipher his feelings right now. It was true tht she was the first girl who wasnt caged by his charms, but even apart from that, she was highly different from all the people he'd ever met. He'd met cold professionals in business, and very warm hearted people too, like his own family, but Nupur belonged to none of these. She was definitely unique.
By the looks of it, she was very close to Gun, but then why didnt he know about it, like, he'd never seen her at visit Gun at home. When he gave it a deeper thought, he realised he actually didnt know so much about his family. Despite being a dutiful som and a good brother, he had drifted off from his family. His main priority was his own life. The reason for all this, was his dad. His dad had always wanted Mayank to become like his elder brother, responsible and loyal to their family business. Mayank had loved the idea of business, but he had wanted to start his own business. He had wanted to make his own base, and then take it off to great heights. Mayank talked about this to his father just once, and his father putting forward his own point of view, refused to Mayank's idea. Mayank silently acccepted the decision, but this created the line of separation. He now spent his time either at work, or some new chick of his. He'd grown apart from his family, his parents, and his siblings, but he couldnt help it. He knew he still loved his family, but his ways now were very different. And now when he met Nupur, there was a sudden urge in his heart to get to know abot what was happening with his family members. He didnt even know what the others were going through after his dad's arrest. He was too busy fighting his own pain. It was true that his dad had suppressed his dream, but he didnt stop loving him even today.

Mayank went back home, and saw his family gathered for dinner. Plates filled with food were there in front of them, but no one seemed interesting in eating it. Benji, his elder brother, looked way more older because of the present tensions. He saw Benji sitting in a dishevelled state, with an unshaved face and messy hair, and couldnt believe that this was the Benji who was the topmost competitor to Mayank in looks back in their college. Diya, his extremely loving and caring sister-in-law, and Benji's wife, was always bubbly and chirpy. Her voice filled the whole house always, but right now, she was so quite that it pinched Mayank. It was becoming difficult for him to see his jovial sil so silent. Gun was fiddling away with her food, and Mayank could see dark circles under the eyes of his fashion diva sister, he was shocked. And the worst state he found was of his mother, Mrs Shilpa Sharma. He could see wrinkles covering his ever so beautiful mother's face, and Mayank wasnted to reach out to her. She was constantly gazing at his father's empty chair, and looked lost in her own world. He decided to break the silence.

"Hey guys, wassup with you all?", he said with a smile. Everyone looked at him with confused expressions. Number 1 because he was home at dinner time, and that too, he was talking to all of the, like he would just sit down with them too, to have dinner. Usually, he came home late, from work, and skipped dinner, or spending time with his girls, ate outside, and even if he wanted to eat something, after coming home, he would ask for it in his room. And if someday he came home early, he would avoid all of them at the dining table, and would have his dinner alone. But today, he was doing just the opposite. Number 2, even in this grave situation, he was talking so happily. They felt as if he'd hit his head somewhere. They saw him kneel down next to Shilpa, and was talking to her,

"Mom, I've just met the right person..", when they all looked at him even more shocked, he continued,

"Nai nai, its not that what you are thinking, not for marriage n all stuff, but the right person who I'm sure can bring dad back", his this sentence brought life to Gun, and she spoke excitedly,

"Bhai, aap Nupsi se mile, haina. Maine kaha tha she's the best. I so knew it ki you would instantly like her"

"Haan my sweet sis, tum sahi thi. Now i know if anyone can help us, your Nupsi is the one. I promise mom, dad will be back home soon, real soon. Please ab to khana kha lo"

"I love you my bachcha, i trust you",

'And i trust you Nupur', Mayank thought immediately.

Saying this she hugged him, and a joy filled them all. Dinner went by happily as everyone cheered up. Mayank realised what he'd been missing since so long. He couldnt remember the last time he's had dinner with everyone else. He thought that this was just the first step to his life's change, and he mentally thanked Nupur for it.

After dinner, he was in his room, and was about to put in his clothes for laundry, when his eyes fell on Nupur's jacket that he'd just removed. He swept a hand through it, and noticed that it did not look exactly like a woman's jacket, anyone could wear it, and moreover, he could feel Nupur's fragrance in it. He placed it neatly in his cupboard, and smiled at his action. He knew something was changing in him, due to Nupur, but ignoring it, he went off to sleep.

The next morning Mayank woke up with a pleasant smile on his face. He had had a very peaceful sleep after a long time. Last night came back to his memory, and he remembered that he was supposed to send the file to Nupur. He decided to go himself, and to get the address, he went to Gunjan's room. He saw her sleeping peacefully, and the desire to irritat her arose in him. He emptied the jug of water lying besides her bed, on her, and then had a run for his life as she chased him. Later on, he had a happy breakfast with everyone, and just when he was about to leave, his mom called him,

"Mayank, ek dum se itna change, how come?", she asked with a surprised look on her face,

"Mom, dont you think ye sab Nupsi se milne ke baad hua hai?", Gunjan smirked as she spoke. Mayank went red at being caught, but he managed to hide it.

"Gun, shut up! She's just a lawyer, get it. Now buzz off!"

Leaving a whistling Diya, and the rest of them grinning slyly, he went off hurriedly. He was surprised at what Nupur had done to him.

"Gosh Nupur, are you some magician or what. What have you done, that too in such a short time. Whats happening to me? I am behaving so differently, and i cant help blushing at every small thing. I guess you need to answer some of these questions."


Locating the address was not very difficult for him. He reached the place in a few minutes, thanks to his speed. In front of him stood a house, as grand as his own, but there was a starking difference. The exteriors of his house reflected the wealth of the Sharmas', whereas Nupur's house reflected simplicity, and purity. He was immediately tempted to go inside and meet her. He told the guards about himself, and after 5 minutes, was allowed to go. He parked his car next to the garden, and went inside. The guard told him to sit, and left saying,

"Saab, aap baithiye, maine maalkin ko inform kar diya hai, woh aati hie hongi"

He sat in the lobby, and to kill time, he got uo and moved around. The interiors of the house wery very warm, sophiscated, and friendly. Just then he spotted a portrait, almost as long as him. Nupur was dressed up for the convocation day, in black robes and a matching hat. Gun was also there, in her casual clothes. They both were hugging an old lady who was in the middle, and was holding a scroll, presumably Nupur's degree.

"Nupur ke convocation day ki hai, as you might have figured out"

Mayank was startled to hear the voice and turned around immediately.

"Areh beta, aise chehra banaya hai jaise chori karte pakad liye gayye ho", the lady smiled,

"Ji nahi, wo bus ek dum se...", Mayank hesitated nervously,

"Fikar mat karo, aao baithke baat karte hain", she made him sit opposite her,

"Wo, um, convocation day?", Mayank questioned,

"Haan! Bohut khush thi dono, Noor aur Gunjan, bohut bada din tha na. Yale University top ki thi meri Noor ne, meri pyaari bachchi, mujhe aur Gunjan ko bhi bulaya tha. Ab itne paise to they nahi mere pass, so Gunjan se liye they. Aur phir baad mein meri Noor ne wapis bhi kar diye they, apni mehnat se", she spoke with a sparkle in her eyes.

Mayank could see how proud the lady was, because her face glowed with love for Nupur. He vaguely remembered Gun creating a chaos about going to the States with a friend, but he had refused her until she told him who the friend was. His dad, on the other hand had been quite generous, and had arranged for the tickets, Gun's stay there, as well. Mayank came to know about this only when Gun had already handed half the expenditure of her trip to dad. Now Mayank knew that the friend was none other than the lady in front of him.

"Aap kaun? I mean aap aur Nupur...", he was cut mid-sentence by a sharp scream.

"BIII, Beee, Koi toofan aaya tha kya jo aapne mujhe aise uthaya. Aap ko pata hai main raat ko late tak kaam kar rahi thi, isliye ab tak soyi thi, upar se aaj saturday hai, so no office. Khud kehti rehti ho kaam kam kiya kar, aur aaj jab rest kar rahi thi, to paani ki baalti daal ke utha diya. Pyaar se uthaate to kya nahi uthti, aur ye kya, daant dikha rahe ho ab. Mere kapdon ki haalat to dekho, aise shock wala chehra mat banao Bi, sab aapki galti hai. Pehle ye batao ki mujhe uthaya kyun..."

As soon as Mayank had heard the shout, he knew it was her. He saw her descending the stairs and furiously drying her hair with a towel. Her face shone like the morning sun, and the anger gave her skin a rosy red look, just like a freshly bloomed rose. She came and stood in front of Bi, basically oblivious to his presence there. Initially Bi was laughing at her, whereas he was lost in her, but when Nupur pointed to her clothes, Bi had a shocked expression. He shared the same shock when he saw what Nupur was wearing. She was dressed in a white-top, which was all wet, and a little too much transparent, hugging her petite figure, and blue coloured shorts, which exposed her milky white legs more than, rather than hiding them. Mayank felt a lump rise in his throat, and his eyes immediately shifted downwards to the floor. He figured that Bi might've pointed towards him, because a second later he heard a gasp escape Nupur's mouth. He guessed she had turned around, and realised he was here. She immediately covered herself with the towel, and ran back up the stairs. He had this urge to look at her one last time, but he controlled himself and his desire.

Bi had settled again, and was trying to handle the situation.

"Noor bilkul bachchi hai. Darasal aaj ghar ke andar ke saare staff ki chhutti hai. Aur useh tumhare aane ka pata nahi tha, verna pehle hie...", she drifted off,

"Its ok Bi. I mean aanty", Mayank tried to speak,

"To tumne dekha ki wo mujhe Bi bulati hai, Gunjan bhi bulati hai, aur chaaho to tum bhi bula sakte ho", she smiled warmly.

"Ok Bi", Mayank returned her smile.

"Sharma, to what reason do i owe the pleasure of having you here in my house so early morning", Nupur's voice questioned. He saw her descending the stairs,

"If you've forgotten, you had asked for the case file, my father's case which you'd agreed to fight yesterday night, looks like you've forgotten...", Mayank spoke,

"I've forgotten nothing, but seems like you forgot to bring the file, because i dont see it here", Nupur retorted,

"Noor beta...", Bi started to speak,

"Bi please, kaam ke beech mein nahi, Aap upar jaake rest karo, mujhe yaad hai ki breakfast banane ki baari aaj meri hai. And i promise i'll mind my anger, and tongue", Nupur sent Bi away, as both passed an understanding smile to each other.

"So Sharma, where's the file?"

"I guess i forgot it in the car..."

"Do you want to talk about anything else?", Nupur questioned,

Mayank felt a ray of hope rising, and answered happily,

"Yeah, loads of stuff. Actually..."

Anything else about the case?", Nupur raised her eyebrows sternly, and Mayanks hopes came crashing to earth.

"Um, n nai"

"Ok then, i'll escort you to your car'

Mayank understood the sign of his dismissal, and got up to walk with her. They were walking in silence and he saw she was now wearing a black top, with army 3-4ths. Her hair were tied loosely in a clutch.

"I'm sorry", Mayank said,

Nupur stopped walking, and after looking at him for a second, she continued walking, and said,

"For what? If you are appologizing for coming here so early, then its ok. I am an early riser usually, its just that today..."

"For whatever just happened back there, a few minutes ago", he said abruptly, and red colour immediately filled her face. He knew even his cheek were burning red right now due to embarassment.

"You need not be sorry, it wasnt your fault. Infact it was my fault, so i am sorry. Had i realised that you were there, i wouldnt have come like that. Anyways, just forget it ok, I dont need any more embarassment than i already have. Here's your car, get the file"

Mayank thought it better not to touch the topic again, and taking out the file from the car, he gave it to her. She started flipping the pages immediately.


"Sharma jo bolna hai bol do"

"I heard you talking to Bi, about working late night. Are you working on some other case as well", Mayank finished somehow, glancing at her for her answer.

"Oooh Sharma! Do i smell jealousy?", Nupur smugged,

"No.. nai, mera matlab...", Mayank frowned nervously,

"Let it be Sharma, chill, i was just kidding. And no, it wasnt any other case, it was your case only that i was studying"

"But how could you, you didnt have the file?"

"Sharma, i am very serious when it comes to my work. Lack of a file isnt a reason to waste my time. I have my own sources you see. I know almost the whole case already, and your file just helps in confirming my facts"

"Oh, like that. I am impressed, no wonder you are the best", Mayank tried flattery,

"Only at what i like to do Sharma, only at my work. Anyways i gotta go now, loads of work pending. I'll catch you later if needed. Bye!"

"See you later Malhotra", saying this he went off, leaving Nupur with her thoughts.



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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
tht was so awesome update

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
Awesome update Puja
all family members were happy after long time- and it happened dut to nupur...bcoz they belive nups will b able to bring mayus dad back...
loved mayur scene an convo as usual..
nupur was still cold and stiff.
loved d whole update
good part
do cont. it

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DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
It was great dear
So mayank is falling for Her 
Hmm lets see what happens next
thanks for pm
cont soon

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