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Hues Of Life (Mayur) Pt 12 PG 25 (Page 20)

tasnim. Goldie

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Posted: 10 March 2012 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
Fantastic update
loved it so much
very beautifully written
but i m very sad  after  reading  ur note
will miss u dear
if possible then try to come back

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love.mayurarti IF-Rockerz

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ur leaving IF, dats really plz try to cont

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nice update ..

just wish best of luck and if ever possible please come back...

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Hello !!.Look who is back ..WOOHO yes I am back ..with an update Stern SmileLOL..yes you guys read it correctly ..your POOJA is back with bang Tongue... with all the love and support you guys have shown to me has brought me back here to continue with this story ..Thank you so much all for such lovely comments ..this means alot to me Embarrassed

Ok !!..LOLL you all must be wondering who I am and why I am writing all this here let me introduce myself I am MAHUA..An ardent reader of HOL and Pooja's friend too...and yes as I told you Pooja is back but not literallyOuch..AAH don't be upset..she will be writing this story further just that the chapters will be posted by me on her behalf as she can not come to IF due to some personal reasonsOuch So I will be helping her Embarrassed

Now , coming to update.. I will be posting next chapter here,and about updates in future , as Pooja will write further and when ever she will tell me to put next update I will post it Tongue So now with out delaying any more here is Chapter 11..hope you all will enjoy it !! WOHOO Embarrassed

Press LIKE and Comments are must ApproveLOL.. Seriously , she feels really happy encouraged reading reviews by her loyal readersSmile so please comment Embarrassed

And also guys If u want PMs then add this to your buddy list kweetrockstar1
and also You guys will receive PMs late , but will surely receive them Smile

Chapter - 11

Leo came out of the bathroom with a fresh look on his face, only to see Nupur already dressed up, running the brush through her hair. He rubbed his eyes, to check if he was dreaming, but it didn't look if he was dreaming.

"Noor! Tu itni jaldi kaise tayaar ho gayi? Bathroom mein to apun tha na?", he slumped on the bed. Nupur gathered her tresses and caged them in a bun, leaving no tress outside.

"Noor! Baal khule chhod, achhi nahi lag rahi hai tu, aur ye kya jhalle se kapde pehne hain, apun ko nai pasand'", Leo started to speak, when Nupur came to him, and putting a finger on her lips, indicated him to keep quiet.

"Maine ready hone ke liye saamne wale room ka bathroom use kiya. Aur ye, ye kapde mujhe kaam per pehen-ne padte hain, no choice buddy", she said, pointing to her attire. She was dressed up in a royal blue pleated skirt, with a similar coloured coat that reached her waistline, above a collared white shirt that was tucked in neatly. Her legs were covered with cream stockings, that ended with a pair of matching stilettos. Nupur glanced at herself, she'd put on a little effort to give herself the professional touch. Usually, she didn't like such professional attire, but today, it was the demand of the situation, Mayank had made it so. After that little prank of his, she didn't want to give him any ideas about the date. What? Wait! No no no! it ain't a date, tujhe kya ho gaya hai Nupur? Why are you getting so hyped up. It isn't a date, understand. And you are dressed up for him, get it? Blaah! Nupur cursed herself again for messing up so badly, when her eyes shifted at Leo who was looking at her curiously. She realized that he'd been witnessing her weird expressions that she'd displayed during her thought cycle. She cleared her throat, and tried to distract him.

"Anyways, wo sab important nahi hai Leo, jo important hai, wo sun. I am going to office for work, in the next 5 minutes. Ab tum suno, I have a plan, Bi ko line pe lane ke liye, sabse pehla plan. Ismein tumhe badi naturally act karna padega, and I know you can do it. Tu mera bhai hai na, acting naturally aa jayegi tujhe, samjha?", she said.

"Par Noor, aaj apun ke school ka pehla din hai, tu apun ko chhodne nahi aayegi?", he saddened as he spoke. Nupur now realized what she had hurriedly ignored, in formation of her plan, but she tried to put up a brave smile. She had also wanted to be a part of his very first thing, Leo's first day to school, where she would've dropped him, and waited in anticipation at the gates of the school, and when Leo would come out, the happiness on his face would've been priceless when he would spot her among all the eager faces. But she had bigger things to do, for him. It was more important to get him settled in the family, to give him the place he deserved.

"Leo, tujhe nai pata mujhe kitna bura lagega, tere saath aisa karte huye, par tu jaanta hai na ki hum abhi kuch nahi kar sakte", Leo nodded at this fact, and she explained the plan to him. Gathering her things, Nupur said her byes to Leo as she kissed him.

"Leo! Ek baat ka dhyaan rakhna, kuch bhi karne se pehle ye yaad rakhna ki ab tum Leo Malhotra ho, Nupur Malhotra ke bhai. Ye ek zimmevari hai, tumhare upar. I always want to be proud of you, and I know tum mujhe kabhi sharminda nahi karoge. Bas, remember ki I'll always love you", she flew off at the last words, blinking back the tears that threatened to fall down. She felt a boulder on her heart, as she parted, leaving Leo alone, to handle everything himself, praying altogether that her plan would succeed.

Bi was busy preparing for breakfast, when she heard someone heard a movement behind her. She turned, only to find Leo looking at her apprehensively. She turned back to her work, but realized that he didn't move even after a few minutes. Finally she gave up.

"Kya hua? Kya chahiye tumhe? Aaj to tumhare school ka pehla din hai na, ready nahi hona tumne?", she asked in an edged tone.

"Wo' wo na' Bi'", he stammered

"Aur ye Noor kahaan hai? Useh office ke liye late nahi ho rahi kya?", she asked, looking upstairs.

"Noor to gayi", his quick reply came.

"Kya? Noor gayi, kahaan gayi, itni jaldi kaise chali gayi? Ab tumhe tayaar kaun karega?", the frown lines appeared on Bi's face.

"Apun ko kya pata! Apun jab tak bathroom se bahar aaya, Noor ja chuki thi. Aur apun ko pata nahi hai, ki school ke liye kaise tayaar hote hain, isliye apun aapke pass aa gaya. Par lagta nai ki apun ka kuch hone wala hai. Chalo apun dekhta hai ki kya karna hai'", saying this, Leo turned on his heels, with a gloomy expression that covered his face. He'd reached halfway, when he heard a sound.

"Tum jaake nahao, main tumhe tayaar kar deti hoon", Bi called behind him, and due to his turned face, she didn't see the smirk form on Leo's face as he ran off to the bathroom. After a few minutes, hehad his bath, and came out clad in a towel. Bi was arranging the toys on the bed in an order. He heard her mutter.

"Chalo achha hai Noor ne ye khilauno nikale to sahi, verna mujhe to laga thi ki itni badi ho gayi hai wo, ki uske andar ki bachi jaane kahaan chali gayi hai"

"Bi! Main naha liya", he came to her, as Bi made a slight face. She sat on the bed, next to his clothes, and gestured him to come to her. As she picked up the undergarments, Leo immediately backed a step off.

"Hawww! Bi! Aapko sharam nahi aate, aap ek aadmi ko bina kapdo ke dekhoge? Hawww!", Leo held on to his towel with one hand, while clapped his other hand at his mouth. Bi smacked her head at this.

"Yahaan aadmi kahaan hai?", she asked, looking around. Leo's eyes widened at this.

"Ye,, ye kya hai", he ran a hand pointing towards him, from head to toe, "Apun kya aapko ladki lagta hai?", he asked her in shock.

"Nahi, mujhe to tu ek chhotoo sa ladka lagta hai, jo apne aap ko pata nahi kya samajhta hai", Bi answered back, and Leo could swear he'd seen a hint of the naughtiness in her eyes.

"Jo bhi ho bi, apun kapde khud bhi pehen sakta hai", Bi looked at him with a weird expression, when Leo recalled his plan, "Uh! Apun ka matlab hai, ki ye shirt aur nikar apun pehen lega. Baaki apun ko aap tayaar kar dena. Chalo abhi jaldi se udhar muh karo, apun change karega", he snatched the clothes from her, and waited for her to look the other side. When Bi didn't turn around for a few minutes, he pleaded her in all possible ways, and finally rushed off to the bathroom to change. After he was done, Bi was combing his hair, when she muttered,

"Noor se baat karni padega. Kal se wahi tayaar karegi, apne is sharmeele bhai ko"

"Bi! Aap khush nai ho, ki Noor ko ek bhai mil gaya, aur mujhe Noor jaisi badi behen, aur aap jaisi pyaar karne wali Bi mil gayi?", Leo asked her, looking at her reflection in the mirror, and saw her straighten up at his question, and look at him in the mirror. He saw her eyes going down, and he knew something was fishy.

"Bi!", he called out to her, as he saw her lost in her thoughts.

"Huh? Haan, chal, tu tayaar ho gaya hai. Tera lunchbox aur bottle neeche hain. Apna bag le aa, main driver se kehti hoon ki tujhe chhod aayega", Bi said and went away.

"Bi, kuch to hai, jo aap nahi bata rahe, but chalo, Noor ka plan kaam kar raha hai. Aapne kam se kam mujhe uska bhai to maana", saying this, he hurried off downstairs. There, he took all his things, and Bi silently came to escort him to the gate. Now, he was stuck. He had no guts to ask Bi to drop him to the school, and when he realized that he would have to go all alone, to that strange new place, where he doubted if people would like him or not, if he could fit in with them or not, a sudden despair set in him. He climbed in the backseat of the car, waving half-heartedly to the household staff who wished him luck. As soon as the driver started the car, Leo wiped off a lone tear, when he heard the door of the car open, and Bi climbed in.

"Mujhe sabzi-mandi mein kuch kaam hai. Tumhe school chhod kar main wahaan chali'", Bi didn't finish her sentence, when Leo hugged her tightly, grateful at the fact that she was coming. He'd realized Bi was coming only for him, because one of the staff had already gotten the vegetables from the market for the day. Bi let him be in her embrace, as she lightly placed her hands around him, and off they went to school. Bi didn't step out of the car, but wished him luck in a detached tone. But the care she had, was not hidden from Leo, as he kissed her on the cheek, and rushed off.

Nupur descended the stairs in silence, and tip toed through the hall, lest Bi saw her leave. As soon as she reached out of the house, the driver was surprised to see her out all dressed up, earlier than usual. He was about to speak something, but she spoke before him.

"Aaj car yehin rakhiye, mere kuch aur plans hain"

The driver nodded, but not before giving her a weird look. She came out of the main gate, and stood there, waiting for Mayank to arrive. The pile of files in her hand, along with her handbag, made it difficult for her to even have a single glance at her watch. Nevertheless, she stood there, a little away from the gate, glancing alternately at the gate, and in the far away direction, from where she expected Mayank to come. She heard a little commotion from inside. When she strained her ears, she was able to hear Bi's voice, who was questioning the staff about her. Nupur stiffened at this, as she heard the guard's telling Bi that she'd left about 5 minutes back. Nupur doubted if Bi would come out looking for her, and her heartbeat started raising ten times faster. At that moment, like a God sent Angel, Mayank's car came whooshing, to stop right in front of her. Before Mayank had the time to react, Nupur somehow managed to climb in the car with the files, and slamming the door, asked him to hurry up. Mayank did as she had said, and Nupur gave a backward glance at her house through the mirror. She heaved a sigh of relief, when the car had distanced from the house. She shifted her gaze from the house, to the files in her hand, and her handbag that lay on top of them. She arranged them a bit properly and leaned in the seat and closed her eyes. A few water droplets on her face disturbed her peace, and that was when she realized of the presence of a person aside her. She opened her eyes and turned her face, only to find her breath stuck in her throat. Mayank was driving the car with a focused look at the road, but his attire, gave her jitters. His hair was wet, and messed up, giving him a deliciously sexy appearance. He looked a bit too fresh for her to digest, walking right out of the shower. Nupur imagines a freshly baked caked, immediately out of the oven, and her throat went dry as she gulped hard. Realizing the direction of her thoughts, she shook her head, when Mayank raised one hand to his hair, and ruffled them, splashing the cold water droplets on her face, once again. She closed her eyes, to feel the pleasurable water, when his cologne hit her nostrils, and she was intoxicated. She groaned as she was dazzled by the sudden euphoria she'd landed into, when his voice broke her trance.

"Thank God! I'd thought that you'll never realize that i'm also here"

She opened her eyes, and turned to look at him, confusion clouding her mind.

"Huh?", she questioned, and he turned his face to look at her. Nupur's gaze was already on his face, and when Mayank turned to look at her, he looked into her eyes, to get the meaning of her question. But he shifted his eyes within a few seconds, given the fact that he was driving. Nupur also turned her face, and placed her hand on her heart, as she felt her erratic heartbeat. Mayank's glance had been casual, she could tell it from his expression as she stole quick glances at him from the corner of her eyes. But his eyes had seemed to pierce into her, and she felt really uncomfortable, and conscious of herself under his gaze. She now regretted her choice of clothes. Couldn't she have worn something more comfortable, like her usual jeans and top. But she had to choose these formals, of all her wardrobe, so that Mayank didn't take any notions from her clothing of being on a date. The beauty of the situation was that she felt suffocated right now, because of the clothes that kept an account of the perspiration that flowed through her body, and because of the man who was actually responsible for her perspiration. She felt the heat inside the car increasing as she wiped a drop off her forehead. It was the moment that Mayank had chosen to give her a brief glance again.

"Ouch! Nupur! Tum theek to hona? You're sweating, for God's sake, main AC chalata hoon", he moved his hand towards the button, and Nupur immediately placed her hand on his, with the intention to stop him. He looked at her questioningly, and realizing her folly, she immediately withdrew her hand.

"Wo' wo main keh rahi thi ki main sheesha khol leti hoon", she turned her face as he gave her the confusing looks on her weird behaviour.

"Nupur! Tum pakka theek ho?", he asked again, and she felt his strong gaze on him, as she kept fiddling with the button.

"Huh! Haan, don't worry, main theek hoon", she relied quickly.

"Are you sure?", he asked worriedly.

"Haan Sharma! You focus on driving", she said in an irritated tone, and sensing the irkness in her tone, he decided to let it be. She finally managed to pull down the window, and the cool morning breeze entered the car, giving her a sweet pleasure. After a few seconds, when the swirl of wind had managed to calm down her raising heartbeat, Nupur stopped looking out of the window, and gave Mayank a quick few glances. She noticed that he was wearing a black suit, complimented by a starking white shirt to go with it. Because of the freshness that he carried around him, he looked no less than a Greek God to her. His mere presence intoxicated her, and her thoughts started moving in a direction she wanted to avoid badly. Shaking her head to brush off all the thoughts of Mayank from her mind, she started thinking about Leo and if he reached school on time or no. If she knew Bi well enough, then Leo would be in school, studying away to glory. But if even a single thing went wrong, she didn't want to imagine what she would've put the poor kid through. A sadness spread through her, as she thought about the latter.

"Don't worry Malhotra! I am sure Leo would be fine"

Nupur's chain of thoughts was broken by a soft voice, as she turned her face to look at him in a swift glance.

"Yeah! He's a dude, he'll manage the school"

She saw Mayank give alternate glances to the road as well as to her. She was surprised at him. She knew her sadness could've been visible on her face, but how did he decipher the cause of her sadness. She saw Mayank look at her questioningly, and turning his gaze for the umpteenth time, as she gave no reply. Involuntarily, her eyes shifted on the road, and a thought struck her. The road was quite empty, but still Mayank had his focus there. She knew there would not be much of a traffic at this time as she was a regular traveller from the same road. Then why was Mayank so determined to keep looking at the road? The question kept bugging her, as the drive continued in a similar manner.

"A penny for your thoughts", Mayank spoke as she caught a glint of mischief in his eyes.

"Huh?", she could speak nothing more.

"Looks like someone's caught your tongue today", he spoke again, and this time Nupur saw a sadness tower him.

"A penny is too cheap Sharma. My thoughts are quite expensive. I don't think you can manage to afford them", Nupur finally spoke with a slight smirk that adorned her lips, which Mayank didn't fail to notice. His eyes rose in a different feeling, and something in Nupur felt happy about that.

"My bad! Someone does have their tongue after all", Mayank counter answered.

"Of course Sharma! You can't expect me to win my case without that bitc*y tongue of mine, do you?"
It now seemed that they both had synched themselves to look at each other at the same time, alternate to the road, as they fought the verbal date.

"Control woman, go loose will you? I don't think you are one bit bitc*y", he spoke, and she saw the genuineness in his voice.

"Perhaps you don't, because I've been quite lenient with you", Mayank gave a sarcastic glance to her at this, while she gave him a 'whatever' look.

"You dont know me Sharma, so you can't exactly be sure, can you? Moreover, you won't say the same, about me not being a bitc*, when you watch me live at the hearing", she said in a proud voice, that left Mayank wondering. She had just claimed to be bitc*y, and yet she was proud of it, why?

"Anyways, wo sab chhodo, tell me why did you call me so early? We could've started late, you know? Or were you really eager for this date of ours?", Mayank asked?

"Pehle you tell me, is this a dress you usually wear on a date?", Nupur asked out of nowhere.

"Ahaan! So you do consider it a date?", a smug look adorned his face, as he looked at her trapped in his bait.

"Obviously Sharma! You did announce that it was gonna be a date, but since you aren't exactly dressed up for a date, i think we'll have to cancel the plan. Actually, consider the plan already cancelled", Nupur gave her victory smile, as Mayank looked gaping at her. He understood what she'd done, she had played his trick back at him, letting him a no win situation. Still, he couldn't let her win that easily, and gave it another shot.

"What about you? You came dressed up for a date, like this?", he asked her.

"Yep! That's what i would wear for any date, when i go on one", she gave him a sweet smile, as she didn't make any effort to hide her devilish glint.

"Exactly! When you go on one, if you ever will, which i doubt", as soon as the words left his mouth, he regretted them. He closed his eyes for a second before opening them, as he cursed himself. In the fury of being defeated by her verbal comments, he let out the words as an impulsive reaction. After a few seconds, when he did manage to look at her again, he saw a smile adorning her lips, as he was left confused.

No sooner had Mayank spoken those hurtful words, had Nupur been thrown down on earth. The walls that Mayank had managed to crumple down, built themselves as an immediate reaction. She'd pledged yesterday, to keep away from him, yet couldn't help being on easy terms with him through the drive. But the dirty truth had just been thrown on her face, where he didn't even bother to wrap it up with flowers. She came down right from the sky, only to be thrown brutally in a patch of thorns, and that hurt, badly. She wondered why did Mayank's words hurt her so much. But keeping that aside, she realized that she couldn't let him know that she'd given him the power to hurt her, in any way. Racking her brains for the quickest plan to escape the situation, she put on the most evilest smile that she could manage.

"You keep forgetting one thing Sharma! You don't know anything about me. I know my dress-up is a bit too formal, but haven't you seen movies enough, or you just like to pretend, huh? Most men find that irresistibly sexy, because of its irregularity. And not to mention the fact that my skills and talents with them are just an additional...", she was stopped midway as her cell phone began ringing loudly. She rummaged her handbag, and the phone immediately jumped into her hand. She knew it was Samrat's call, she'd set this tone for him. Pressing the accept button, she heard Samrat's voice ring through her ear. He'd called up to know her schedule for today. She told him that she had wanted to start early, and was right now on her way to the Sharma Empires with Mayank. Samrat asked her if she wanted any help, and she refused, asking him to take care of the firm. He then questioned her why was she working at such an early time, to which she promised to explain the reason later. Till this time, they'd reached the Sharma Empires. Mayank got out carrying his bag, and Nupur followed him, still in conversation with Samrat. They kept walking as such, when Rishi came out of nowhere, and scared Nupur.

"Good Morning Miss Nupur!", he spoke in a loud voice.

"Aaahhh!", she jumped back, putting her free hand on her heart.

"Samrat! I'll talk to you later... Nai nai, i'm fine... Wo bas Mr Rishi ek dum se aa gayye, and i was caught unaware, that's it... Haan pakka! I'll catch you later... Bye!", she cut the call, and glared at Rishi, who smiled at her widely.

"Mr Rishi, please, aur mazaak nahi. Kal maine witnesses ke jo statement liye hain, mujhe un par aapke opinion chahiye, let's get to work", saying this, the two of them headed towards Mayank's cabin. When they entered, they saw Mayank's laptop bag lying carelessly on the couch, covered by his coat. He was nowhere in the cabin, Rishi checked the whole cabin for that purpose. Telling Nupur that Mayank might be preparing for his meetings, Rishi got on to work with her. They started discussing the statements given by people, as the staff started arriving according to their timing. Nupur was quite busy, and didn't realize the amount of time they'd spent working. She took off her specs, and stretched her arms.

"Miss Nupur! Specs? Aap specs lagati hain?", Rishi asked in surprise.

"Haan. I normally use them while reading, and working", she told him.

"Par aapne kal to specs nai lagaye they?", he questioned.

"Mr Rishi, lens naam ki cheez bhi hoti hai", she shook her head at his questions, "Anyways, aapke boss kahaan hain? Mujhe unse kuch discuss karna hai, about the case", she asked.

"Boss subah se nahi dikhe, matlab wo zaroor upar apne room mein honge", Rishi told her, he continued when she scrunched her eyebrows in confusion, "Areh Boss kabhi kabhi wahi baith kar kaam karte hain. You can go there and meet him"

"Tum unhe bula nahi sakte?", she asked unsure of his idea.

"Naah! That won't be needed. Boss won't mind, i know him. Just take the opposite stairs, and his is the last room in the corridor. Abhi  lunch break shuru ho gaya hai, and you know, I've got some things to do, nahi to i would've come with you", the blush on his face told Nupur what his 'something' was. She let him go, and herself went to look for Mayank. As she exited the room, she walked through the building which appeared creepy, as the whole staff was in the canteen for their lunch. She got a similar spooky feeling in the dimly lit corridor upstairs, as she walked to the last room. She wondered the reason for the lack of lights, but putting it off, she walked inside the room. The sudden lights blazed her eyes, as she covered them with her hand. Slowly, she opened them, and once  again, she was amazed at the beauty of the room. She could make out that Mayank had designed the room, it was just his touch all over. The room was brightly lit up, giving a starking contrast to the darkness outside. The colours used here, were also quite bright. She looked all around, and then heard a few sounds across a door. Involuntarily, she opened the door, and was hit by a sudden gush of cool air. There was nothing but darkness all around. She walked a step further, and a gasp escaped her lips, as much as she tried to stop it. Hearing the sound of her own step scare her, she stopped there itself. But gathering some courage, she walked ahead, moving her stretched arms aimlessly, for any obstacle.


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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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beautiful update
u r superb as usual
loved it to the core
keep updating

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Im very happy that u r backDancing.Update ws as usual awesome.Plz keep updating and thnx for coming back.Hug

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nice updt
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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thnak u so much pooja fr cuming back n continuing dis ff and thank u sjain fr posting the part on behalf of pooja.thank u

loved nupur n leo plan to manofying bi and leo sweet tactics.mayur car scene was so gud n loved their convo.and nupur staring at mayank all the time..wats cooking in her little confused abt the last part

overall wonderful update...gud job

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