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Hues Of Life (Mayur) Pt 12 PG 25 (Page 17)

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 4:12am | IP Logged
nice update...liked the bonding of sanu...hey but mayank ko hero ki tarah to dikhao ...

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 6:42am | IP Logged
beautiful update,...
loved the care shown by samrat for nupur...
and that what the funny scene when mayank keep blabbering and she put ear buds...
update soon next part

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very nice updateBig smile
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Lovely update
Loved the caring nature of Smarat towards Nupur..Hope to see some more MayUr parts in future.
Cont soon

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hey guys !!

I m putting this msg on behalf of POOJA...

guys ..pooja will not b able to update next chapter her laptop is not working though updates r ready but ..due to this unavoidable problem ..its not possible for her to put next chapter...and also she can not get its repaired now as soon as her lappy will b in working condition she will update :(

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Originally posted by sjain


hey guys !!

I m putting this msg on behalf of POOJA...

guys ..pooja will not b able to update next chapter her laptop is not working though updates r ready but ..due to this unavoidable problem ..its not possible for her to put next chapter...and also she can not get its repaired now as soon as her lappy will b in working condition she will update :(

hey Pooja.
its ok dear. hope ur lappy will work soon
i m eagerly waiting for ur update...

Lappy uncle jaldi se thik ho jao..:D :D :D

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Part 9

But just in time, as a God sent angel, Samrat came back in the cabin.

"Uh Nupsi... koi problem hai?", he spoke as he felt the tension in the atmosphere.

"Nai to, main aur Sharma case ke baare mein baat kar rahe they, to ek point tha witnesses ka, jahaan hum agree nahi kar rahe they, bas wahi discuss kar rahe they. Ab main ek lawyer ke point of view se sochti hoon, and ye businessman ke, to differences aa hie jaate hain na. Anyways tum batao kuch kaam tha?", Nupur covered up.
Mayank wondered in amazement at her smooth lie. Had he not known the truth, he also would've believed her, no wonder Samrat took her word.

"Haan, maine apne cases dekh liye hain, and am gonna work on them. Meanwhile ye tumhare case ka material, Mr Sharma wala. I think you should get going and get the witnesses ready. Do din baad case ki pehli hearing hai", Samrat handed her a file.

"Thanks so much Samrat. I know how much we are all under this deadline. I'll now hurry up with the witnesses. Sharma, we'll have to go by my way. I need to question your employees, if its ok?", Nupur asked him.

"Haan haan kyun nahi, i am sure they'll be glad to help you. Tumne pehle kyun nahi bataya ki tum mere employees ko witness banane wali ho?", Mayank asked her back in amusement, while Nupur gave him the 'are-you-nuts?' expression, which he failed to understand.

"Er... wo isliye na Sharma... kyunki... haan kyunki hamari argument mein tumne ye suna hie nahi ki witnesses tumhare log honge. Hamari argument, remember, about the witnesses, jo Samrat ke aane se pehle ho rahi thi, yaad aaya kuch", Nupur made weird expressions to Mayank, and finally he did understand.

"Haan haan wo argument, tum bhi na, kitna argue karti ho... cheh!", Mayank laughed a little to cover his mistake.

"Ok guys, i think tum logon ko nikalna chahiye", Samrat finally sent them out. Nupur asked Mayank to go ahead, she would just join him. After a few seconds had passed, Mayank realised that he'd left his cell in the cabin. He went back to get it, but stopped at the gate when he heard voices from inside.

"Nupsi, are you sure you wanna do it? I know its very tough for you. If you want, i can go to talk to the witnesses. You dont have to do it all", Samrat was saying to Nupur.

"Nai Samrat, sachi, mujhe koi problem nahi hai. And Sharma is also fine, not the types that we hear in the news. He hasnt made even a single move towards me till now. And his attitude, i am sure i can take care of it for a few days", Mayank heard Nupur's reply. He peeped in a little, and saw both of them standing next to each other.

"Well, choice tumhari hai, i just hope you'll be fine", Samrat said softly.

"Awww (saying this Nupur hugged him, who hugged her back) Samrat, i will be fine, sachi, please khudko itni tension mat do. Aur ek baat, thank you, thank you very much, kabhi kuch bhi poochhe bina hamesha mere decision ko respect karne ke liye, for always being there without any doubts in your heart, kabhi na poochhne ke liye, ki maine kya kyun kiya, for standing for me despite everything", Nupur told him, as she quickly wiped a tear.

"Haan haan theek hai, ja. Just take care, ok? Jaate jaate ek baat sunti ja, mujhse jhooth bolne ki koshish mat kiya kar (she looked at him confusingly) wo argument, tere aur Mayank ke beech, about the witnesses (she bit her tongue) main jaanta hoon tu jhooth bol rahi thi. Mayank ka slip of tongue to baad mein tha, us se pehle hie main sach samajh gaya tha. So next time mujhse hoshiyari mat karna. And Nupsi, personally, i liked your decision, poori story sun ne main baad mein aaoonga, but i think tune sahi kiya. Leo is a great person, i'm sure he'll be a part of our family soon", at this, Nupur flung her arms around Samrat, and kissed him on his cheek.

"Love you Samrat"

"Love you too Nupsi, ab nikal bhi ja na"

Nupur came out of the door, and bumped into Mayank.

"Wo main apna cell andar bhool gaya tha, wo lena hai", Mayank said. They picked up his cell, and finally made an exit. Outside the office, Mayank said that they would take his car. Nupur argued that she had to come back as well, but Mayank assured her that he would drop her. She didnt want to waste time in arguing, so she agreed with him.

It was a silent drive to the Sharma empires. Nupur was busy reading her file, whereas Mayank was stealing glances to look at her. His mind was in a turmoil as he recalled Samrat's words. Samrat had referred to Nupur's discomfort in taking this case, after all Nupur ko kya problem hai Sharmas se? But he felt elated when he remembered her words, defending him in front of Samrat. And then, those warm words that she'd used for Samrat, thanking him. He felt a sting in his heart when he realised that Samrat was so close to Nupur. As the scenes from the office played in his mind, he felt the pain grow in his heart. It felt as if this was an excruciating feeling, that was taking over him. Immediately he stopped the car with a jerk, and thanks to his stars, it was a red light.

"Nupur, ek baat poochhu, sach sach jawaab dogi?", Mayank asked out of the blue, while Nupur nodded, still busy with her file.

"Tumhe kabhi pyaar hua hai?", he fired his question. Nupur jerked out of her file, as she heard him. It was no less than a missile that had been let out on her, as she looked at him in amazement.

"Sach batana Nupur. Do you love someone? Have you ever been in love?", he asked again.

"Umm... Sharma, meri personal life...", Nupur had started to speak, but Mayank placed his hand on her lips.

"I know ki ye question thoda personal hai, and its your life. Par mere liye ye jaan na bohut zaruri hai. Its like i need to know your answer, bas", Mayank said and removed his hand, as he gazed her face for an answer.

"Kyun? Aisa kya ho gaya Sharma ki ye sawaal tumhare liye itna zaruri ban gaya? Humein mile time hie kitna hua hai, and we're not even friends for that matter. To meri life ki itni important baat jaan ne mein tumhe kya interest hai?", Nupur questioned him, and he turned his face away.

"Simple si baat hai Sharma, tum mujhe mere question ka answer doge, to tumhe tumhara answer mil jayega", she said. Just then the lights turned green, and Mayank started the car. This time, Nupur was stealing glances and looking at Mayank, trying to figure what had happened a while ago. Whereas Mayank was looking straight ahead, avoiding her eyes, deep in a conversation with himself.

'Crap! Mayank tu itna pagal kaise ho sakta hai? Kya zarurat thi us se seedhe seedhe ye sawaal karne ki? Ab jo usne poochha wo bhi sahi hai. Par main useh kya jawaab du, jab mujhe khudko nai pata ki sachayi kya hai. Kaise kahu Nupur se ki jabse tumse mila hoon, kuch to hai jiski wajah se main tumhari taraf khichta chala jata hoon. Koi aisi cheez hai, jiski wajah se tumse judi har baat meri priority hoti hai. Kyun tumhare aur mere beech mein ye invisible bond hai, jo tum bhi feel karti ho Nupur, chahe tum maano ya nahi? Par abhi mujhe tumhara jawaab chahiye, kya kahu main tumse?', with this, they reached the Sharma Empires.

Mayank and Nupur entered the building, and Nupur was left amazed rooted to her place. It was a beautiful place, no less than a top class hotel in its looks. It was designed beautifully and attractively. The interiors of the office were very welcoming. There were pots of plants, sober looking lights, that glimmered to give way, waterfalls in a few places, and certain other things. The place was very lively, and Nupur had a feeling that people would love to work here.

"Erm, chale", Mayank spoke after a few minutes.

"Hmm, oh haan, sorry. Actually this place is beautiful. The whole thing, its awesome", Nupur said with a genuine smile, forgetting that they were on awkward terms right now. Mayank saw her genuineness, and was about to reply her, when they were interrupted.

"Kyun na ho awesome, after all hamare boss ka jo idea hai yahaan ki designing ka", a young man came forward.

"Malhotra, ye Rishi hai, mera assistant, aur Rishi, ye hain Miss Nupur Malhotra. Inhe office mein kuch kaam hai, and you will make sure that she's comfortable", Mayank introduced her. Rishi forwarded his hand, and Nupur shook it.

"Miss Malhotra ko kaun nahi jaanta? Infact i am lucky ki i've got an oppurtunity to work with you. And trust me, mere saath kaam karke aap bhi yehi kahengi", Rishi grinned.

"Uske kiye mujhe aapke saath kaam karne ki kya zarurat hai. Main to abhi bhi keh sakti hoon, ki you are lucky to work with me", Nupur smirked, while Rishi gaped at her.

Mayank smiled seeing this, and felt proud for choosing the right person to work with Nupur. He knew Rishi was a harmless flirt, and Nupur would be comfortable with him. But then his thoughts caught another train. Nupur was fine with Rishi's flirting, so what was wrong with him? Why did she react differently to his words and actions? Back in her cabin, he'd also tried to get on good terms with her, by his small funny talk, but she'd gotten super serious. What was it in him that repelled her? With this, he felt a pang of jealousy when he saw her talk comfortably to Rishi, to whom she was explaining her work right now, with a smile adorning her lips. He would have to talk to Rishi later on about it. Back to the present, Mayank coughed slightly to make his presence known.

"Saara din yehi entrance pe khade rehne ka plan na ho, to office ke andar chalein?", Mayank asked, Nupur nodded and the three of them made way inside. Nupur noticed that as they crossed people, everyone greeted Mayank very warmly. With many of them, he stood for a few seconds to ask about their life. Nupur admired the love each of the employees held for him. This sure was an ideal place for work. Mayank asked them to go ahead, he had to make a call and then he would join them.  Nupur asked Rishi as they were walking,

"Mr Rishi, aap keh rahe they ki office ki designing ka idea aapke boss ka hai. To kya Mr Sharma ko in sab ka bhi shauk hai? You know, this is actually one of the most equisite places that i've ever been to. It has that totally sophisticated and serene look"

"Depend karta hai, ki aap kis Mr Sharma ki baat kar rahi hain Miss Malhotra", Rishi replied.

"Matlab?", Nupur got confused.

"Matlab ki is office mein 3 Mr Sharma hain na Miss Malhotra...", he was about to speak, but Nupur cut him.

"Er... Mr Rishi, it would be better if you could call me Miss Nupur (Rishi looked at her confused) wo actually... baat ye hai ki... Miss Malhotra sounds a bit weird", Nupur replied.

"Jaisa aap theek samjhein, Miss Nupur. To main kahaan tha, haan, un 3 Sharmas mein se hum sabke pyaare, sabse chhote Mr Sharma, yaani ki Mayank sir ne office ki designing ki hai", he ended just when Mayank also joined them.

"Sorry, wo thoda time lag gaya. Anyways, kya baatein chal rahi thi?", he asked.

"Kuch nai sir, bas Miss Nupur aapki taareef kar rahi thi. Unhe ye office ke interiors bohut pasand aaye. Infact sir main to suggest karunga ki aapko hie inke office ko, ya inke ghar ko redecorate karna chahiye, kya kehti hai aap?", he threw the ball to Nupur.

"Not a bad idea actually. Jab main renovation ka sochungi, i'll remember you Sharma", Nupur smiled just a teeny weeny bit, and Mayank blushed at being complimented. Nupur saw his blush, and giggled, while Mayank ran his hand in his hair. Their interaction was broken when they heard Rishi call,

"Aaeeye Miss Nupur, aap apna kaam yahaan sir ke cabin mein baithke kijiyega", with that, they entered Mayank's cabin, and Nupur was left standing rooted to her place. If she had felt the office had beautiful interiors, then right now she lacked words to appreciate this room. It was a big room, infact a very very big room, that carried an ethereal look. The room was large and spacious, and it was done up in beautiful purple and white colours. Everything was in shades of different purple and white. The purple colour and its shades were not too dark, but had a royal look. The white colour wasnt just any plain white, it had a glow and glimmer in it, such that its simplicity contrasted with the vibrancy of purple. The furniture, that was made of similar colours, highlighted the beauty of the room. Nupur just couldnt believe it was a working cabin, no, this couldnt be true.

"Miss Nupur, kuch to bataeeye, kaisa laga aapko hamare boss ka cabin?", Rishi smiled seeing her dazed expressions.

"I am speechless Mr Rishi. Aapke boss sachi bohut bohut talented hain. I mean i am totally in love with this room. Itna pyaara room, main to saara din baithke isko nihaarti rahoon. Yahaan kaam hota kaise hoga?", Nupur said, still captivated.

"Well, yehi to hai hamare boss ka jadu. Aur ab aaj aapko bhi yehi kaam karna hai. Aap yahaan couch per settle ho jaeeye aur shuru kijiye kaam. Main ek ek karke un employees ko bhejta hoon, jo hamare senior boss ke saath us project per they. Aap unse jo chahein poochh sakti hain", saying this, Rishi exited, while Nupur noticed that Mayank was happy about something and smiling. She questioned him with her eyes, he just shook his head and went to his seat.

After a few seconds, one by one employees kept coming, and Nupur kept questioning them and making notes side by side. Mayank continued his work, but in between, he stole glances to look at her. She was dressed in blue cargo pants, and a white sleeveless top. She had no make-up at all, and just a blue watch for accessory. She'd tied her hair in a high pony, and her eyes were hidden behind those specks. The seriousness that she bore on her face was what held his attention. She was deeply lost in her work, thankfully for him, as she didnt notice him looking at her.

Nupur just asked for a cup of coffee during the whole time. She worked continuously without a break, asking all types of questions, getting every single detail. Finally when it was late in the evening, Mayank asked her to stop now, as it was enough for the day.

"Wo aaj late start kiya na, isliye socha late tak kaam karungi, but i agree in sabka ghar jaane ka time hai. Waise bhi zaada log nahi bache, i'll deal with them tomorrow"

"Tum kal bhi yahaan aaogi?", Mayank questioned in surprise.

"Haan, kyun?"

"Le beta Mayank, ek din ka kaam aur gaya. Na aaj kuch dhang se kiya, na kal kar payega", Mayank muttered to himself.

"Tumne kuch kaha Sharma?", Nupur raised her eyebrows.

"Nahi nahi, main kaha kuch keh sakta hoon Miss Malhotra se (he grinned) Achha wo sab chhodo, chalo main tumhe drop kar deta hoon", Mayank said.

"Nai main driver bula lungi..."

"Koi zarurat nai hai. Main nikal raha hoon na, chhod dunga. Aur main na nahi sununga, ab chalo bhi"

In the car, Mayank remembered that she hadnt eaten anything since morning.

"Malhotra, am taking you to eat something, tumne subah se kuch nahi khaya hai. You need to have something"

"Nahi Sharma, main seedhe ghar jaoongi. Leo mera wait kar raha hoga. If i eat now, to dinner nahi kar paoongi..."

"Main kuch nahi sun raha. Aur kuch nahi to atleast have a small snack. And i wont take a no, come what may. You dont exactly have a choice, because am telling you, not asking. Waise bhi tumhe kuch ho gaya, beemar wagerah ho gayi, to case to mujh per hie hoga na. And tum na hui to mera case kaun ladega? Waise bhi apna case tum khud ladogi, aur tumhare against jeetega kaun? So main risk nahi lene wala, samjhi", Mayank continued his banter, and Nupur couldnt do anything but nod at his suggestion.

They went to a small cafe nearby, which Mayank told was his favourite hang out on his way back to home. They both ordered coffee and a sandwich, which they hogged on as soon as it arrived. Nupur hadnt realised how famished she was, until she was munching into the hot sandwich, along with sips of the strong coffee, just her taste. Sitting in the small cozy cafe, Mayank recalled his conversation with Rishi during lunch time in the canteen.

"Yaar Rishi, aisa kya jadoo chalata hai tu ladkiyon pe, hamare office ki bhi sab ladkiyaan fida hain tujhpe?"

"Boss, aap meri taang kheench rahe ho, haina? Par chalo main phir bhi bata deta hoon. In sab ka to pata nahi, lekin main sirf ek ladki pe fida hoon, Indira Sharma, meri pyaari hitler"

"Pyaari hitler???", Mayank asked.

"Haan boss, poori duniya ke liye wo hitler hai. Badi sakhti se pesh aati hai sabke saath, hasi to useh aati hie nahi lekin gussa hamesha naak pe rehta hai, aur bharosa, bharosa to kisi pe bhi nahi karti. Par maine useh Indira ke roop mein dekha hai. Jab wo dil se khush hoti hai kyunki uska parivar khush hota hai, ya dil se roti hai jab wo log uski kadar nahi karte, maine dekha hai Indira ko, jab wo darti hai, ki kahin apne pyaare Ishan ko fail na karde, kahi Ishan ye na soche ki uski bua ne uske liye kuch nahi kiya. Maine useh uske dar, uski insecurities, uski problem, uski struggle, in sabke saath dekha hai, jab wo asli Indira in sabke khilaf lad rahi hoti hai. Bilkul bachchi ban jati hai wo boss, useh bhi sahare ki zarurat padti hai, aur main khushnaseeb hoon ki wo mujhe is layak samajhti hai ki mujhse apni zindagi share kar sake. Boss, bohut kuch saha hai usne, bohut dukh dekhe hain, aur akele un sabka saamna bhi kiya hai, chhoti si age mein bohut badi ho gayi thi wo. Usko dekh kar mujhe apni life ki problems bohut chhoti lagti hain. Ulte mera to mann karta hai ki uski bhi sari problems khatam kardu, useh dukh mein nahi dekha jata. Lagta hai uski sari takleef mujhe mil jaaye, aur wo bas khush rahe, hamesha muskurati huyi. Isiliye to boss, hamesha tang karta rehta hoon main useh. Pehle to wo irritate hoti thi, lekin phir useh meri aadat si pad gayi. Ab jab wo gussa hone ka naatak karti hai, usmein uski ek muskurahat chhupi hoti hai, ek pyaari si hasi, jiske liye main zindagi bhar uski daant khaane ko taiyyar hoon. Pehle uski zindagi mein sirf do log sabse important they, Ishan, aur uski pados wali amma, jinke hone se useh khushi milti thi. Par ab main bhi unmein se ek hoon, uski life ka hissa hoon main boss. Bohut bohut pyaar karta hoon main apni makaan maalkin ji se, aur wo is baat ko nahi maanegi, lekin useh bhi meri aadat ho chuki hai, pyaar ho gaya hai meri pyaari makaan maalkin ji ko. Tabhi to, apna copy right laga rakha hai. Na koi unhe 'makaan maalkin ji' ke naam se chida sakta hai, aur na hie koi mujhe 'kirayedaar ji' ya 'mr kirayedar' kehkar bula sakta hai. Sabse alag hain meri 'makaan maalkin ji', nai", Rishi finished in a daze.

Mayank recalled Rishi's words, it was as if he had narrated Nupur's life, with a few changes. Rishi and Indira were in love, deeply, and Rishi was sure of it. Why? Because he'd mentioned the symptoms to Mayank as well. Just then something striked Mayank.

"Er Malhotra, tumne Rishi ko tumhe Miss Malhotra bulane se kyun mana kiya???", Mayank asked nervously. Nupur stiffened at the question thrown to her, and Mayank sensed it. So it was definitely something deeper.

"Jab main call karke wapis aaya, i had heard you tell him not to call you Miss Malhotra. I saw the awkwardness on your face. Dekha jaye to kisi ko naam se bulaya jaye, to zaada personal lagta hai. Par pata nahi kyun, tumhare case mein sab ulta hai. Mujhe aisa kyun lagta hai ki tumhe tumhare surname se bulana zaada personal hai...", Mayank continued.

"Sharma, tumhari thoughts ki train aise hie faltu mein bohut tez chalti hai. Bring it to halt. Maine Mr Rishi ko mana kiya because the name felt just too weird. Aur koi reason nahi hai...", Nupur replied casually.

"Ok, maan liya. Lekin Malhotra, tumne ek baat per dhyaan diya? Rishi ko tum uske naam ke saath bhi Mr Rishi bulati ho, and mujhe, mere to kabhi surname ke saath Mr nahi lagaya. Tumhare liye main hamesha se Sharma tha. Jaise kisi apne ko pyaar se bula rahi ho...", he was cut in by Nupur.

"Hold hold hold, ye kya bakwaas kiye ja rahe ho Sharma. What apnapan and pyaar...", Nupur baffled.

"Achha, ye tum bhi jaanti ho, aur main bhi, ki kuch to hai...", Mayank was again cut midway.

"Sharma, tum pagal to nahi ho gaye ho na? Aaj kya behki behki si baatein kar rahe ho?", Nupur sounded irritated.

"Tumne subah poochha tha mujhse, ki mujhe tumhari personal life mein itna interest kyun hai. Well, i have your answer. Jis din se hum miley hain Nupur, us din se maine feel kiya hai that you are different. You have been a mystery for me, ek paheli. Kabse tumhe solve karne ki koshish kar raha hoon. Tumne life mein bohut kuch dekha hai, bohut problems face ki hain, uske baavjood bhi itna kuch achieve kiya, i really respect it. Jo position tumne achieve ki hai, wo sirf tumhari mehnat ka result hai. All of it, its tremendous, everything about you. And bas tumhe samajhne ke chakkar mein hie, main tumse subah wo sawaal poochh baitha", Mayank let it all out, and saw her look at him intently.

"Kuch paheliyaan na suljhaayi jaayein to hie behtar hota hai, sabke liye. Kyunki aisi paheliyaan agar sabke saamne khul jati hain, to dard aur takleef ke alawa kuch nahi deti", she looked into his eyes as she spoke.

"Shayad mujhe koi farak nahi padta, ki un paheliyon ko kholne ka result kya hoga...", Mayank did not break their eye lock.

"Tumhe fark nahi padta, par doosro ki zindagi mein toofan aa jayega Sharma...", she tried to speak but he cut her.

"To phir ye meri zimmewari hogi ki us toofan ko shaant bhi main hie karunga", Nupur saw the determination in his eyes, and it touched something deep in her heart, shaking her to the core.

"Paheliyaan hoti hie suljhaane ke liye hain, right? Well, tumhari paheli ka bhi simple sa jawaab hai. Haan, mujhe pyaar hua tha, par ye purani baat hai. Useh pyaar keh sakte hain ya nahi, wo mujhe nahi pata. Tab main thi hie itni chhoti, bachchi thi main, us samay ki feelings ko pyaar kehna galat hoga. Bas itna jaanti hoon ki tab wo feeling mere liye bohut special thi, aur us insaan ke bohut maayne they meri zindagi mein..."

"Aur ab???", Mayank's life depended on this question.

"Ab, ab pata nahi Sharma. Is sawaal ka jawaab to main khud bhi nahi jaanti. Nahi jaanti ki main ab bhi uske liye kuch feel karti hoon ya nahi, nahi jaanti ki jis feeling ko main tab pyaar nahi keh saki, useh aaj kya kahungi...", she paused.

"Aur agar wo insaan tumhare saamne aa gaya to?", Mayank held his breath.

"Wo mere saamne aa chuka hai,  aur us samay usmein mujhe mera past dikhta hai. Uske chehre mein dikhti hai mujhe wo sabhi takleefein, wo dukh jinke liye jaane anjaane hie sahi, kuch had tak wo zimmedar tha. Wo sab yaadein tazi ho jati hain jinhe main peechhe chhod aayi hoon. Par phir bhi, kuch to hai, koi ek aisa andekha khichaav, jo  mujhe uski taraf khinchta hai. Kuch hai uske aur mere beech, jiski wajah se main uske aas pass hone par alag hie react karti hoon, bilkul apne nature se opposite. Lekin in sabke baavjood, mujhe itna pata hai, ki past mein jo bhi raha ho, main us se ab pyaar nahi karti. Ab to main kisi se bhi pyaar nahi karti. Pyaar ki meri zindagi mein koi jagah nahi hai. Itni kadwahat hai mere dil mein, poori duniya ke liye, ki pyaar usmein kabhi jagah bana hie nahi sakta. Mere liye pyaar ka matlab sirf wo thode se log hain, jo meri zindagi mein ahmiyat rakhte hain, bas...", Nupur sighed.

"Wo ladka tha kaun, i mean uska naam...", Mayank's question was left incomplete as Nupur got up.

"I think humein chalna chahiye Sharma. Its getting late. Aaj ke liye, and i think aane wale kafi time tak ke liye, itni baatein bohut hain", Nupur left even before Mayank could say something. He cleared the bill, and left to follow her. He didnt find her near the car, and looking around, saw her sitting on the bench in the garden of the cafe. He went to her, and she immediately wiped the tear thar fell from her eye. Mayank hated himself for being responsible for that tear, for making her remember her past and that guy, whom he hated immediately as soon as she'd mentioned him. Mayank forwarded his hand, and luckily, Nupur took it as she got up.

"Tumse sirf ek request hai, is sabke baare mein Gunjan ko mat batana. Wo faltu mein tension le legi", Nupur requested him softly, and nodded his head.

"Promise?", she asked, and Mayank saw the plead in her eyes. He put his other hand also on hers, and squeezed it. She saw the assurance in his eyes, and walked next to him to the car. After this, both of them remained silent as he drove. Outside her house, she muttered a small thank you and got out. Mayank kept looking at her retreating back until she disappeared from his eyes, but she didnt turn even once.

"Gun hie wo ek insaan thi jo mujhe tumhare past ke baare mein kuch bata sakti thi, par tumne wo raasta bhi band kar dia. Lekin koi baat nahi, tumhari sab problems ko to main khatam karke hie rahunga, tum chaho ya na chaho", Mayank promised himself, and left from there.


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