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Hues Of Life (Mayur) Pt 12 PG 25 (Page 11)

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Posted: 22 August 2011 at 5:52am | IP Logged

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UPDATE PLZ...Disapprove

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hello my dearie friends, i hope you all are super fine. i am back here, after making you all wait for God knows how long. Like always, hostel is the only excuse, and to all those who wished me luck for my exams, i am really grateful. Exams went well, hopefully the result shall also be good.
anyways, coming to the part, this is like a tiny winy si update, and perhaps not upto the usual expectations, and standards, but i have a little surprise for you all, that shall hopefully make you happy. so please dont forget to read the important notes at the end.

like always, becoz of lack of time, i havent replied to any of you, bt i still heartily thank all you people, for pressing the like tab, and spending time to comment, and my heartiest appologies, for making you people wait so much, really sorry.

Part 5

Nupur's range-rover stopped in front of the Sharma Mansion. She took out her cell-phone and dialed Gunjan's number,

"Hey Gunjan! I'm right outside you're house. Come soon nahi to late ho jayenge"

"Kya? Tum aa bhi agyi, abhi to mujhe 20 minutes lagenge. Ek kaam karo tum andar aake wait karlo"

"No! Its ok, tum ready hoke aa jao"


"And be quick, please. You know i hate to be late"

As Nupur put down the phone, Gunjan sighs,

"Shit! Ye to baahar hie wait karegi, ab mom is se kaise milengi. Haan! Idea!"

Two minutes later, a man knocks at Nupur's window.

"Ji kahiye"

"Mam, Gunjan bitiya ke orders hain ki aapko andar lobby mein bitha doon, nahi to wo mujhe naukri se nikaal dengi. Please meri madad kijiye, andar chaliye, please, please, main aapke haath jod raha hoon, please chaliye"

"Achha theek hai, aap bas kijiye. Main chalti hoon, chaliye"

Nupur was led inside by the servant, and as soon as she entered the house, her cell rang off.

"Hello, haan Uday, bolo kya hua?"

Shilpa Sharma descended the stairs, only to find a figure walking in the lobby. It was a girl, walking here and there, busy talking on her phone. Shilpa followed her, and the girl stopped walking, to talk.

"What? Why do i need to sign them again, when I've already signed them. Uday, those papers are really important, if you dont submit them today, Mr Sharma wont get a bail until monday, since its already friday today, and you need to buck up. I am going to the hawan. Freaks! I guess I should come up and sign them... I know main hawan pe late ho jaoongi, aunty mujhe kachcha chaba jayengi, but hopefully i will survive. Kya? Bolo! ... Hmm, tumhe hawan pe aane mein kam time lagega. I guess its a better idea. Ok, main tumse wahi milti hoon. Ok, then..."

Saying this, she turned immediately, only to bump into Shilpa.


"Am so so so sorry... I didnt mean to... matlab aap ek dum... nai matlab main phone pe... aur fir mudi... and aap bhi yehi... freaks... am really sorry"

Shilpa held Nupur by her shoulders and tried to calm her down.

"Beta, relax, aaraam se, its ok"

"But aapko lagi..."

"Areh! Chup! Ek dum shaant! (This immediately shut up Nupur) Maine bola na kuch nai hua. Aao, baitho. Hmm, to tum ho, Nupur, jis mein meri beti ki jaan basti hain"

"Ji! Gunjan to bas..."

"Nahi! I can see ki Gun kitni sahi hai. Tum ho hie itni pyaari. Tum to kisi ki bhi jaan ban sakti ho", saying this, she kissed her forehead lovingly. Nupur felt overwhelmed by the love showered on her.

"Ji nai Aunty, ye to aapki aankhon ka pyaar hai, ki aap jise dekhoge wo pyaara lagega'

"Lekin ye bhi sach hai ki tumhari baaton se zaada oyaari tum khud ho"

"Mom! AS2 humein... oh am sorry. I didnt know aap busy hain. I'll talk to you later", Benji had come in a hurry, and was about to go back, when his mother stopped him.

"Areh Benji, ruko, yahaan aao, inse milo. Nupur, Nupur Malhotra"

Nupur also got up to shake hands with him.

"To aap hie hain wo Nupur jisne mere dono bhai-behen pe jadoo kar rakha hai", Benji asked with a glint in his eyes.

"Ji? Matlab?", Nupur asked with a confused look.

Matlab ye ki Gun to pehle se hie aapki fan thi, but ab to Mayu bhi uski league mein shaamil ho chuka hai. He's so confident about winning the case, and sumthing tells me that he isnt wrong. I'm so glad that we've got you. Thanks a lot, really. Anyways, aap Diya se mili? Meri wife..."

"Ji, wo Gunjan..."

"Areh! Diya! Zara neeche to aana, jaldi. Aur Nupur aap bataeeye, firm kaisi chal rahi hai? Gun bata rahi thi ki aapne akele hie poori firm khadi ki hai. Really incredible, i must say, seeing that aapki firm is one of the best firmr around...", Benji was suddenly interrupted by his mother,

"Benji beta, i am sure hum ye sab baatein baad mein bhi kar sakte hain, haina? Dont mind Nupur beta, wo Diya ke aane ke baad Benji ko uski tarah kuch zaada hie bolne ki aadat ho gayi hai. Not that its bad, kyunki pehle ye kuch bolta hie nahi tha, but atleast Diya ki baatein pyaari to lagti hain, ye Mister to bas..."


Mayank was talking to Diya, as they both came down. Benji had called Diya, and Diya asked him to accompany her, who did not wanted to be bored alone by her husband's constant non-sense. A wave of familiarity flew past him as he headed downstairs. He noticed his mom and Benji sitting with someone. As he came closer, he felt his heartbeats raise only a bit, but frantic enough to send his head in a fury. He looked at the figure of the girl talking ti his family. Her back faced him, and both Diya and him stopped as they reached the place she was sitting.

"Diya beta, aagayi aap, inse milo"

Just as his mother said this, the figure got up and turned to face him. He was momentarily shocked to see Nupur standing in front of him, with only the sofa that was placed there, distancing them. Nupur also seemed taken back to see him there, but she soon sobered down and moved her gaze towards Diya.

"Hi! Am Nupur"

As soon as the words escaped her lips, Diya immediately crossed over and hugged her so tight, that Benji had to support the both of them, lest they fell.

"Wow! I am so happy to finally meet you. Gun se itna suna tha tumhare baare mein, ki tumse milne ka bohut mann tha. Aur jo suna tha, jitna suna tha, bilkul sahi tha. Tum sach mein bohut bohut pyaari ho, so sweet, and cute, and..."

While Diya was happily hugging Nupur tightly and bantering away, Mayank was in a daze to see Nupur make such weird expressions, that he kept smiling to himself. He didnt stop smiling like an idiot, until he felt a nudge in his arm. He turned around to see Gunjan grinning widely. He gave her a stern look, and turned back his gaze to Diya and Nupur. Now that he was looking properly, he saw her dressed in a peacock-blue coloured anarkali suit, with green bordering. Her hair were left open, she looked heavenly, and even from this distance, her fragrance created a havoc in his heart. Gunjan nudged him again, and to hide his actual state, he decided to do sumthing immediately.

"Hey Malhotra! What are you doing here?", he gave a challenging look to her, as if saying that it was his boundary that she was trespassing. Nupur was no less in getting the hidden meaning of his look. She actually wanted to just get out from here.

"Hi! Gunjan, hum late ho rahe hain. We should be moving"

Nupur had fished a careless 'hi' in his direction, and turned to talk to Gunjan. This was not what he'd expected. Her response pinched him, as he was missing the sharp witted lwyer, the always defensive and hard person, the real Nupur. It was not the first time when her ignorance had hurt him. He didnt know why, why did her response effect him so much. What was it about her, that he always felt so eager to react to her actions. She wished a dry bye to all, and moved away.

"It was nice to meet you all, bye. Chalo Gunjan"

He saw her leave with Gunjan, and an expression of helplessness overpowered him. He noticed that even his family was a bit dazed by her sudden departure. Gunjan jut gave everyone a helpless shrug, and followed Nupur. Just as she reached the door, Nupur turned back.

"I forgot to tell you all, Mr Sharma ki bail ke papers aS2 submit ho jayenge. AS2 raat ka dinner wo aap sab ke saath karenge. Good Bye", she turned and exited.

Mayank knew she had said all that to him, because she had looked only at him when she spoke. Mayank saw the happiness cross everyone's face immeiately.

"Mayu beta, tumhe jaake Nupur ko thanks bolna chahiye. Usne itni achhi news jo sunayi hai..."

Mayank rushed over even before his mother could complete her sentence. He moved out, only to see a very jumpy and joyous Gunjan hug Nupur.

"Thanks a ton Nupsi, you're the best. I knew ki tum dad ko yun wapis le aaogi (she snapped her finger) I love you so much. I also wanna give you something. Maang jo maangna hai. I promise to give you whatever you ask for"


"Areh! Maangke to dekh. Ye Gunjan Sharma ka promise hai. Your wish shall be granted", Gunjan said in a royal manner.

"Never force me again to come to your house, or to meet your family. Please, this is all i ask for, can you give me?"

Gunjan's face reflected the shock from Nupur's words. But even then, she nodded slowly, and as Nupur moved inside the car, Gunjan also followed her. Mayank was beyond than shocked at what had happened just now. He had never imagined that Nupur bore so much bitterness. He had seen that she wasnt comfortable inside, but she had looked fine before his arrival. Then what was the reason for the sudden change in her behaviour. Was it him, but why would that be the cause. He could see no reason at all that would bring out this extent of hatred from Nupur, and that too, anything related to him. He tried to shift away his thoughts, as he heard his mom calling for him.

In the evening, Nupur was tired like hell. She recalled todays events, as she drove in her car. The cold winds slashed through her in the silent night. Gunjan had deliberately forced her to come to her house and meet her family. She had always wanted Nupur to gel up with her family, but Nupur had avoided it, until today. Nupur explanation was that it would hurt her somehow to see such a loving family, but Gunjan argued that she would also be welcome to share that love. Nupur knew she couldnt tell Gunjan the truth. Today, seeing the love in Mrs Sharma's eyes, and the family's bond, Nupur for once forgot all her pains. But then seeing Mayank, she remembered her hatred, and everything went back to square one. She knew she didnt trust relations just enough. Her father had left her mother, and her mother, Mayank, Gunjan, they all had left her. Everyone in the world is lonely, people came and went, leaving you all alone. She had seen enough loneliness, and now relations scared her away. It sounded funny, as she let out a laugh, such a good criminal lawyer, almost the best in the town, who liked to live life right on the edge, was scared of a mere thing like relationships. Comical it was, but this was the truth of her life, and she'd lived with it right from the start. Even then, some people did matter to her. Shehnaz Bi, Gunjan, Mrs Naina Shergill, and her best friend, Samrat Shergill, these were some people about whom she couldnt help but care.

Samrat Shergill, or S2, as she called him, or as he liked to be called by her, met her at the university. She hadnt changed her reserved nature even then, but somehow Samrat still behaved very sweetly with her. When everyone mocked her out of jealousy due to her brilliance, and how she looked the prettiest girl even in most simple clothes, Samrat was the only one who stood by her and for her. Initially she felt irritated and ignored him, his protectiveness for her being the reason, as she felt him a threat to her independence and her indifference towards all, but gradually she got used to his presence, and missed him when he wasnt there. This led to a new friendship between them, where Nupur began to care for another person in her life. The only thing that still pinched her was that anyone she came close to, she cared deeply for them, and she always lived in the fear of losing that person. Till date, Samrat was her best friend, more than Gunjan, because what she shared with Gunjan was a sisterly bonding. At a point, they'd even discussed if any of them had a feeling for the other, but were highly relieved to know that no such thing existed. They were happy as best friends alone. Samrat knew everything about her, she opened upto him easily, compared to Bi and Gunjan, and eventhough he knew she hated the Sharmas, he did not know the reason for it. And Nupur was grateful that he never asked, but only respected her decision, and she knew, somewhere deep down, he also disliked the Sharma bunch along with her, just to stand along her, exception offcourse being Gunjan Sharma. Samrat's mother, Mrs Naina Shergill also immediately liked Nupur for what she was, her self-dependence (Mrs Shergill had heard numerous incidents where Samrat had wanted to help Nupur, but she'd decline in the best way, without hurting him) and her unique nature. Mrs Shergill was a widow since the time Samrat turned 16 years old. She had handled the business as well as Samrat's upbringing in a very good manner, and Nupur also respected her for that. She had survived in this cruel world until so long with such yielding results, hats off to  her for that. Samrat helped Mrs Shergill in handling the business, with her planning to retire away soon. He also held the degree of lawyer, and thus helped Nupur ocassionally in many cases, but since he was usually busy with the main work, Nupur was the official lawyer for the Shergill's, be it any case. Samrat joked that he hired only the best, and Nupur couldnt help but smack him, with a genuine smile.

Today, Nupur and Gunjan had gone to the hawan at the Shergill's place. Nupur had felt quite relaxed and her mind was peaceful after spending time with Naina aanty and Samrat. They had their usual banters, where Gunjan supported Samrat, and Naina Aanty fought for her, thus silencing the fights once and for all, her being the victorious side. These banters always cheered her up. After all guest had left, and Nupur and Gunjan had helpe wind up, they also left. Nupur had just dropped Gunjan outside her house and was now driving back. Just then she recalled that it was time for Mr Sharma to be bailed out. She knew Uday could handle it well, and she was also very tired, but for some unknown satisfaction, she decided to go to the police station.


IMPORTANT NOTE / PS 1 : Guys, this time, even though its back to hostel time, but i have a hopefully gud news. I think i might be able to give sum regular updates from now on. I've made sum arrangements regarding that, but i need to try it out smoothly as well. So incase all goes well, i shall give u sum regular updates from now on, be it in installments or likewise full parts. No promises attached, but i'll try my level to level best.

IMPORTANT NOTE / PS 2 : My friend list has reached heights, and trust me, this aint good. Sending pms to all of you, when just a few of you read my ffs, is getting tough day by day. So like many other writers, i have planned to go back to my other idea of sending pms, that is another account. All those who want a pm, are requested to please add the user given below to your buddy list, or you can mention in your comment that you want a pm. Please follow either of the two options only, becoz the next time i am back, i'll follow these two things to add you to my new account of pms. I am sure it wont take more than a few seconds for that. Also, all the people who were previously in that id, have been removed, sorry for that, but i wanted to know how many people are reading the ffs at present, and want to do so in future.

This is the last time i am sending pms to everyone, after this, obly those who have added the other id, as in kweetrockstar1, shall receive pms. As for now, i might have missed pms to sum, so please let me know if that has happened, and also pms cud be a little late.


Thank you people for spending your precious time reading these two notes, now hope to see you asap. Until then keep commenting here,


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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Hey Pooja
thank u so much for updating my fav ff
i really loved this ff- and glad to know that u gonna update it regularly

awww this part was awesome...
nupur was greeted by sharma family wholeheartedly.
she was overwhelmed by motherly loves of mayus mom.
uday, dia everyone so too good toward her..
and even she was feeling very good but after seeing mayank her mood changed immediately...
sighhh i can understand her pain.. she has suffered a lot in her entire life. every one left she dont want to accpet anyone in her lie... i jut hope ki maaynk and gunjan will bring bak happiness in her life... i hope ki maynk use samjhe +use is frustration se bahar ley ai..

fabulous part dear
just too good
keep it up
and do update next part soon

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Finally U Update it...Embarrassed
Awesomeee Part Dear...just too gud...Embarrassed
ahhh...i m feeling bad for nupur...Ouch
i hope everything solves out...between mayur...Embarrassed
Just Conitune soon...reallyyy eager 2 read the next jaldi update dena is barrr..DisapproveLOL
thanks alottt 4 the PM...
AnnuBig smile

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Lovely update dear
But Nupur's gestures confusing me
thanks for Pm '
cont soon and Pm me

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Pooja Glad that u'll apple 2 update regular
coz i missed ur updates
about the update it was Awesome as usual
thanks for the update n the pm

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