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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Hiya Peeps... I wrote this small OS for my friend Aashu yesterday to pacify her for she was mad at me and since my BFFs and my Kaminis wish me to post it on the forum..I am here with it.. It is my first attempt at OS and hope you all enjoy it...Big smileBig smile
Aashu...this is for you Babe...Hug 


The bright sky suddenly turned gray, and blinding mix of rain and snow slashed against her windshield faster than her wipers could swipe them away. She could hardly see the road for it was getting darker faster than she could drive. What had she been thinking, driving out here on her own?


Annie and Geet had made plans to spend the weekend at the rented cottage to de-stress. Though Geet had been a little reluctant but Annie, her best friend was adamant. "This is precisely what I need Geet, a girls only weekend" she said as she flipped back hair over her shoulder.


Annie had just broken up with her boyfriend and she wasn't ready to spend another weekend pining over him. And Geet didn't want to spend another weekend staying over at Annie's comforting her in fear of running into her object of obsession, Annie's elder brother Maan Singh Khurana. Though this trip had seemed such a great idea at the time, she wasn't too sure about it now as the wind pounded on her car and sky spitted large chunks of white flake…it seemed well nuts…


Damn him for doing this to her. Ever since she had laid her eyes on him six years ago, she knew she had lost her heart to him forever. Never had a man made her more insane and from the looks of it, he would be the death of her, literally. Not to mention the fact that he barely knew she even existed. She might have a chance if she had the grace and elegance like Annie or her mother but Geet knew she was plain with unruly curly hair and wore clothes she found at the discount store. Nothing in her would ever attract Maan, who was stark opposite. He was tall, athletic and hot enough to melt an iceberg. The mere thought of those broad shoulders, strong arms and lean legs had an unsettling energy hum along her nerve endings and an ache deep in her belly. She groaned and pushed an annoying curl away from her forehead and concentrated on the road ahead.


Her cell phone chimed once and then died. She had forgotten to charge it again. She tossed the useless thing aside and kept going ahead on the snow laden road. Barely a heartbeat later, her tires skid, she tightened her hold on the steering wheel but it was pointless. The car went out of control and her world spun into darkness.




Maan sat in his living room, going through the stack of files he brought home from work for the weekend, when the phone rang. He reached for the receiver, his eyes not wavering from the document in hand.


His sister's voice roared on the other end. "Veerji, I need you help"


He caught the panic laced in her voice and instantly dropped the page he was holding. "What happened?"


"It's Geet. We were supposed to go up to this cabin, well I got stuck here and now there is a storm and she is not answering her phone"


"Whoa.. Annie.. take a deep breath and start all over again"


Annie took a deep breath like he suggested and inhaled "Geet went to the cabin we usually hire for family get togethers. She left over two hours ago. I have been calling repeatedly, but her cell is off. I tried the cabin, but there is no answer. Either the phone lines are down or she never made it"


"Why would she drive all the way to the cabin in this weather? I thought she had more sense than this"


"It's my fault. I made the whole plan and then bailed out on her. What if something happened to her?"


Maan exhaled long and hard "Is there any chance she changed her mind? Maybe she is on her way back" he spoke thoughtfully.


"I doubt it, once she makes up her mind, it's a done deal" spoke Annie.


Truer words were never spoken. Geet Handa was the most stubborn woman he had ever met. She was also the sexiest. One look at her long curls and her slender perfect body had his heart, pulse and imagination racing. That's why he stayed as far away from her as possible. The last thing he wanted was to get involved with his little sister's best friend. If things didn't work between them, their friendship would pay the price and he refused to have that on his conscience.


But now it seemed avoiding her was no longer an option. "I will drive up there" he said grumpily "Make sure she is okay"


Annie's sigh of relief echoed in his ear. "Thanks Veerji. I could have gone myself but I am a bad driver---"


"Like there is a chance in hell I will let my baby sister drive out in such weather"


"You are the greatest" she squealed.


Amusement filled him "And don't you ever forget it"


"You wouldn't even let me if tired" she giggled.




Geet reluctantly opened her eyes and winced at the exploding ache in her skull. The hiss of the wipers scraping ice on the windshield pounded her brain like a jackhammer. Swallowing a moan, she brought her fingers to her forehead to find it damp.




She had knocked her head on the steering wheel when she lost control of her car. Her stomach recoiled but she tamed down the nausea and attempted to start the car, which appeared to have stalled. The engine made a strange clucking sound that only accentuated the sinking sensation in her abdomen. She was stranded, in the middle of a snow storm with a dead cell phone. Now what? She couldn't stay in her car, she would freeze to death. She could walk to the cabin, it sure won't be that far now. Maybe a mile or so. She could walk the rest of the way and then call a tow truck.


Unwillingly, she left the warm cocoon of her car and stepped out. Icy wind slapped her cheeks; snowflakes spiraled down her nose and embedded themselves in her hair. A shiver crept along her spine, fierce and chilling. Of all the days she had to forget her gloves--- she cursed.


With a miserable sigh, she hung her purse over her shoulder, buried her hands in her pockets and began her walk towards the cabin.




On days like these, Maan thanked his stars that he had good sense to purchase a Jeep instead of a convertible. This baby may not have the cool factor of a convertible but it handled beautifully in bad weather. The snow had picked on and he cursed the whole way, wondering how insane a woman had to be to venture out in this blizzard. The sun was beginning to set, Maan pressed on the accelerator, ignoring the muffled protest of his tires as they skidded on the road.


 He came across the road that led to the cabin. He took the turn nice and slow, carefully lifting his foot from the brake to let the Jeep glide. The moment he rounded the curb, panic settled in, squeezing the air from his lungs. Geet's car was on the side of the road, the lights off and interior dark.


 He brought his Jeep to halt and went to inspect the car. The door was unlocked, and driver seat was empty. But that was not what made fear ram into his gut. A dark spot stained the steering wheel, and he knew instinctively that it was blood. Dry blood. The accident must have happened a while ago. Leading away from the car was a set of foot steps. Maan closed his eyes and bit back another curse. The woman was stark, raving mad. She had left the safety of her car and went out in the biting wind and bitter snow.


Struggling to keep the dread quiet, he got back in his Jeep and followed the white path ahead. He couldn't see the footsteps from behind the wheel but he kept scanning the area for her. He prayed to God she had enough sense to stay out in the open where he could see her. If she went towards the trees, there was no way in hell he'd find her, especially at night.


The thought that she could be hurt or worse emptied out a place in his soul he'd spent years ignoring. A place that was bright and warm and belonged only to her, whether he admitted it or not.


A flash of movement caught his eye. Nestled between two trees, huddled down, a woman sat on her hunches. Something inside him died a small death and then was instantly reborn.




Geet hadn't realized how darn cold it would be. After walking for some time, she was convinced the wind had a vendetta against her, it blew harder turning her into a ice sculptor. Icicles were in her hair, her hands and toes had lost all feeling. She couldn't take another step, she needed to sit down, take rest to get the blood circulating in he limbs. She found two trees close together and she decided to take refuge there. She crouched low where tress were wider, rubbing her arms, her legs. Her eyelids drooped. She had to stay awake, keep moving but it was so cold and she was so tired. She needed to close her eyes, only for a second…..


When next she opened them, a man was walking straight towards her. A tall man, with wide shoulders, lean legs and a familiar gait. Everything inside her shuddered.


It couldn't be. He inched closer. His chiseled features floated before her. Deep dark eyes shimmered in concern and she knew she was dreaming. She must have passed out form the cold, was probably dying due to hypothermia.


He leaned over and reached for her. His hands felt real, solid and warm. His lips moved but her brain was frozen, numb. She blinked, tried to focus but couldn't. Next thing she knew she was being lifted and carried as if she weighed no more than a feather. Seconds later, heat enveloped her in a blanket. Needles stung her as she thawed and pain resurfaced.


"You are lucky to be alive" his words pierced through her jumbled mind, followed by something more that she barely made out. "Senseless…driving in this storm…should have stayed in your car…."


Was Maan really here? He must be, she thought. If this was one of her dreams, he would be kissing her, not shouting at her. Right now, she welcomed everything about him, even his anger.


He stopped the Jeep, pulled her from the passenger seat in his arms and bulldozed his way across the snow to the front door. Once inside, he placed her on the couch and hurried off to light a fire. Heat spread in the room and her mind slowly began to clear.


He left the room to return a few moments later with an armful of blankets and a first-aid box. He cleaned the small gash on her forehead gently thanking the stars what it wasn't too deep.


"You have to get out of these clothes." He declared.


She realized that she was drenched. She tried opening up the button of her jacket but didn't even have the strength to move her finger let alone open the darn button.


"I need help" she whispered in a voice she barely recognized.


He hesitated. Something passed behind his eyes, for a moment, he seemed as frozen as she. Then she shivered and his doubts melted away. Quickly and efficiently, he stripped off her jacket, then got to work on the buttons of her blouse. Her jacket was waterproof and she was soaked to the bone. His hands slipped over her shoulders, gently nudging the garment off, his hands send tiny explosions deep inside her. Their eyes met, his gaze guarded while hers wide and vulnerable. She had loved this man for six years and finally he was close to her, touching her, bringing her to life. It didn't matter that it was for all the wrong reasons. She intended to enjoy every second of it.


Placing a blanket over her torso, he pried the boots from her feet, rolled off her socks and massaged her frozen toes. She bit back a moan while every cell in her body trembled. Thinking she was cold, Maan hurriedly unzipped her pants and peeled the fabric off her legs. Wherever his fingers touched her skin, fire blazed. If he kept touching her like that, she would be warm in no time, hell she will self combust.


She was left just in her undergarments covered modestly with the blanket. She unconsciously leaned into him. His body heat was inviting and she pulled to him. Wasn't body heat the best cure for hypothermia?


Unfortunately, he didn't seem to think so. He pulled away, dumped another pair of blanket over her, and then walked out of the room.


Maan had to get hold of himself before he did something he would regret. Undressing Geet had taken every ounce of self control he possessed. He always knew her skin would be soft and velvety but to actually having felt it did something to his nerves. He wanted to run his hands over every inch of her creamy skin, to kiss those lush lips and taste her.


Instead he distracted himself by making her tea. He should think about tea. Tea safe, Geet not so safe. If he dwelled another minute on it, he would be lost. While water boiled, he called Annie to let her know Geet was all right. A conversation with his baby sister was the best way to quiet down the desire in him, best way to remind himself why he vowed to keep his hands off her best friend. Geet was off limits.


Annie urged him not to drive back tonight and to spend the night with Geet in the cabin. In fact she was adamant about it, a little too adamant. Maan shook his head and placed the receiver back in its cradle, fighting a smile. Annie had never mastered the skill of subtleness. He had long back gotten the hint that Annie wanted him and Geet to be a pair but he was older and knew better. When relationships went down the drain, they took everything with them.


He finished the task at hand, quickly poured tea in a mug and carried it to the room where Geet lay snuggled on the couch.


"Feeling better?" he asked


"I am still cold" she replied, her voice still barely a whisper as she trembled.


He could think of a number of ways to warm her, none of them appropriate though. He shoved the tempting thoughts aside, took a seat next to her and offered her the mug.


"No..I am afraid I will drop it." She whispered "My fingers are numb"


His resolved died. Despite his better judgment, he placed the mug on the table and sandwiched her hands in his. Gently, he rubbed the chill from her. Her fingers were so delicate, thin and frozen. Before he could stop himself, he brought the reddened tips to his lips. Her eyes went smoky, shimmered with surprise, which bowled him over. Didn't she know the effect she had on him?


She swallowed, looked up at him with shyness "It…your warm breath felt good"


Heat pooled in him at the husky note in her voice. Temptation was a powerful drug. It had a way of banishing all coherent thoughts aside. He slid his hand beneath the thick web of her dark hair, traced the curve of her ear with his fingertips. They were cold too. He knew what he wanted to do. He lowered his mouth to her ear, let his lips feather over it. She smelled like snow and a little like lavender. Her fragrance engulfed him, intoxicating him.


She quivered, "Are my lips blue?"


The woman was a witch, he concurred. That was the only explanation for the violent way his heart lurched to such an innocent question. Blood pounded in his veins, his heart sped and crashed. Barely a breath passed between them before he crushed his mouth over hers. And then there was nothing but heat…..


Geet mind whirled in disbelief, Maan was kissing her. The man she fantasized about was kissing her as if his life depended upon it. Warmth filled her and she forgot all about the throbbing fingers and icy toes. Maan mouth was hot and moist, his tongue rough and sweet. She felt desire in his kiss, desire and a hint of desperation. It shook her to the core.


She buried her hands beneath his sweater and sucked in a breath as she explored hard muscles and smooth skin. She ran her palm over his heart and felt it pounding a ferocious beat against her fingertips. Her hand slowly made its way down south over his taut abdomen.


He was beautiful, solid hard and defined. Her mouth went dry at the sheer perfection of him. As her fingers rested on the button of his jeans, he pulled back and groaned. "Geet"


But she wasn't ready for it to end. She pulled him back and deepened the kiss. Hearing him groan from the bottom of his throat made her heart swell in victory.


He tore away the blankets after she peeled away his sweater and shirt in one go. He kissed and nibbled and nipped. Running his hands wild over her body, he was a man possessed. Finally no barrier of clothing remained between them. She arched into him but he was still a bit hesitant. When she could stand it no longer, she pulled him down and felt him lurch against her palm. He entered her with a swift thrust but held himself back, struggling to be gentle while everything inside him screamed him to possess.  It was a war between the need to savor this moment and devour her.


"Maan" she whispered "Don't worry, you won't break me"


He gave her a lopsided grin at her bold statement "But I will shred you"


The storm consumed them. She lifted her hips and matched his movements like a sensual dance. Then finally the sensation flooded them to the peak and left them gasping and clinging to each other.


Geet nestled against his chest, inhaling his scent for the first time. Something inside her splintered and she felt like crying and laughing at the same time.


"I probably should have asked you out first, huh? Like a date maybe" he sounded embarrassed and apologetic. "Brought you flowers, or chocolates"


A grin tugged at her lips "you saved my life"


"Is that what it is? Your way of thanking me?" he looked shocked.


She brought her hand over his face and tenderly stroke his cheek "No, it's what I have wanted for a very long time. Six years to be precise" she couldn't bring herself to say she loved him. She will though in due time.


His gaze locked with hers. Emotion flickered in his dark eyes "I think I should tell you this. I have always ….ummm….liked you." he inhaled a long breath "But you were off limits"


"Guess I am not now" she smiled like a fool, her face glowing.


"What now?" he asked stroking a hand over her bare back.


"Now you take me out on a real date"


"I do?" he looked surprised.




He looked thoughtfully, hesitated a bit and spoke "Wanna go out with me sometime?"


A smile blossomed in a part of her heart where she kept all her hidden desires. "Only if you bring me flowers. Forget the chocolate, though. My body would never forgive you"


He ran his palm down her thigh; the simple act sent shivers all the way to her toes "I like your body just fine"


And that was all he said to her before his mouth found hers again.



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Originally posted by esha143


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soni kaha reh gayee??

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action replay...
uunnn mummaaaCryLOL

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Originally posted by euphoric

action replay...
uunnn mummaaaCryLOL
mujhe bahot hasi aa rahi hai soni..LOLLOL

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Aww that was a lovely OS!

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Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

Originally posted by euphoric

action replay...
uunnn mummaaaCryLOL
mujhe bahot hasi aa rahi hai soni..LOLLOL
tujhe hasi kyun aa rahi hai beAngry... me roing... tu hasingOuchCryLOL

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Originally posted by euphoric

Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

Originally posted by euphoric

action replay...
uunnn mummaaaCryLOL
mujhe bahot hasi aa rahi hai soni..LOLLOL
tujhe hasi kyun aa rahi hai beAngry... me roing... tu hasingOuchCryLOL

ek roying...doosra hasing...and moi teesra ROFLINGGGROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL...nautanki mandli...ROFLROFL

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