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AR: Midnight Musings...[Blog Link : Page 140] (Page 33)

ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aanya_taanu4evr

The entrance exam was good :) School starts on 13th! :D

And I put up an installment in LI about 2 minutes ago LOL


yeppp I just saw that :D Reserved there Embarrassed

ohhh your pretty excited abt starting school LOL aww that means no more regular updates

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Aanya. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:13pm | IP Logged

I'm back with an update :) This one's not an's going to be an AR mini of around 5 parts...
I haven't written anything like this before and I'm sort of nervous :P The name of this OS is not in's pronounced EYE-sah and spelled Isa. The meaning shall be revealed in the story itself :) <3 Read on:



I watched her from behind the bushes. She entered the room. Her nose was buried in a book, like always. She murmured a few words now and then, and then noted them down in the book. For the thousandth time, I wondered what she was doing. Books were a foreign concept to me. I didn't know why people wasted so much time on them. She kept the book on her table and went into what I presumed was the bathroom. I rejoiced. She wouldn't be back for at least ten minutes. I knew her by now.


I crawled up to the window and took a peek inside the room, just to see if she'd changed anything. The slightest change and my plan would go kaput. Everything was the same. The bedroom was still in shades of blue. A few photo frames were hung on the wall but the light reflected off them and I couldn't see any faces. It irked me that I hadn't been able to see her face. I'd been watching her for weeks now, but the door was at an impossible angle. It never allowed me to see her face. She was small. Petite. This was going to be a piece of cake.


Once again I admired Dmitri for his thorough planning. He'd told me that her house was the best place and he'd been right. 21 years old, female, Indian, lives alone, parents visit once a month, wakes up at 5 am every morning, jogs till 7, is ready by 9, goes to the office, is back by 5.30, evenings are spent alone, no boyfriends, no friends, zero social life. I smiled. This was going to be a piece of cake.


I crawled back to my hiding place. I'd been hiding in her shed for weeks now. Good thing she doesn't do a lot of gardening. I sat on the floor, vigilant. My sleeping hours were her job hours. Apart from that I'd been instructed to stay awake and alert. I heard her bathroom door click and I knew she was out. I rested my head on the wall trying to think of something. Anything. I couldn't afford to be bored. Being bored meant a whole in my vigilance and that wasn't something I could afford. The sunlight reflected off the dust-covered walls, creating a ghostly luminescence.


My thoughts involuntarily led back to her. That had been happening a lot lately. The way she walked, her hips swaying from side to side, the way she sang songs in the bathroom, the way she talked on the phone, her voice so low that I could barely hear it...everything. Each action was embedded in my mind permanently. She'd been more interesting to watch than the others. The others had been frivolous. Always talking about shoes, clothes, bags. He'd almost wanted to shoot them to death. But Dmitri had been right. They were the easiest. He wondered if she would put up a fight. She would, he decided. From what he'd seen in the past few weeks, she was fiery and strong. But not stronger than him. No one was stronger than him. That's why Dmitri had sent him, hadn't he?


I tried to make a list of all the things I DIDN'T know about her. Her name, for starters. I'd tried everyday in the past few weeks, but she had never left her driver's license on the table by the window. Sensible woman. Her job. I didn't know what she did for a living. Must be something that pays, or maybe it's daddy's money, I mused. I wondered why she didn't have too many friends. In my time here, I'd never seen her leave the house for something fun, except for Sunday. Every Sunday I'd seen her leave in her car and go somewhere, dressed casually. I'd been instructed not to leave the premises of her house. I'd done as told.


I peeped out of the window to see the setting sun. As I was about to sit back in position, I heard her voice. She was speaking to someone on the phone. My heart soared. Maybe the moment had finally come. I heard her say that she would be there in a few minutes. She took her car and drove away, in the horizon, the sunlight reflecting off her raven hair. I wondered if it was the right time. I still didn't know 2 important things about her. Her name and her job. Maybe I should've followed her to her office one day. But then I rejected the thought. Dmitri had his men everywhere. If he came to know I disobeyed him, he'd be upset. And no one upsets him. Ever.


I looked around and decided to wait for twenty minutes. If she didn't come back by then, then the time had come. I looked around me, trying to make sure that no one was out. The streets were empty. It was a small town. People slept early. Once again I wondered why Dmitri had sent me here. Why he'd told me to do this. He never gave me reasons. Told me I was too young. But that's okay, isn't it? After all we're working for the good guys. I swept my eyes over the street one last time, before I grabbed the small back pack that I'd been carrying around. It had everything I needed to survive.


I walked out of the shed and used the spare house key to break in. She kept it under the pot with the rose plant in it. I smiled. This was going to be easy. My hands brushed over my companion. She'd been with me since years now. I'd travelled all over the world with it. It was my most cherished possession. I looked at her sharp edges and smooth contours. I ran a hand over it, itching to use it again. Just once. Weeks of doing nothing but sitting and observing my subject had made me restless. I wanted to DO something. I hoped she'd put up a fight...I might get to use my baby then. I grinned, as the lock gave away and I entered the house.


The house was done tastefully. Three bedrooms. Two upstairs and one downstairs. One of the bedroom upstairs, had scores of books. Kinda like a library. I frowned as I looked at the tattered, dog eared pages of the books she'd frequented oh-so-often. Running a hand over them I wondered what drew her to these books. Shaking my head, I moved on.


I came downstairs and saw the rest of the house. Looking to my left, I saw her bedroom. I walked quickly towards it. The urgency to finally see what she looked like, took over me and I quickened my pace. I opened her bedroom and went in, going towards the photo frames. There was only one picture. Her parents presumably.


I looked away then, going through other areas of the room, scanning every nook and corner. Finishing my work, I flopped down on the bed, my legs dangling at the edges. I saw a photo album beside the pillow and opened it. The cover said, "Moods" I opened the album to see her pictures and finally give my target a face. To my surprise, there were no photos. The last page read, "From the world's best photographer [and your sister], Muskaan :)"


I saw a few places, where the handwriting had smudged. Had she been crying while looking at these photos? Telling myself to focus on the task at hand, I kept the empty album aside, and stood up. I looked at my gun, admiring it once again. A gift from Dmitri. Grabbing her, I stood as close to the wall as possible, hidden in the darkness, waiting for her to arrive.


A few minutes later, I heard the main door open. She made her way to the kitchen and a few minutes later, she turned the handle of the bedroom door. I readied myself. I was right behind the door, there was no way she'd see me. I prepared my gun, holding it in position.


The door to the bedroom opened and she entered. She walked ahead, right up to the table and I followed her silently, hiding myself in the shadows of the night. I went closer until we were almost touching. She turned around instinctively, sensing danger. I pushed her to the wall and held both her wrists in a tight grip, while my other hand held the gun that was pressed into her forehead. She finally looked up, allowing me to see her face.


Her eyes widened in shock and filled up. My grip on her hands loosened and the gun fell on the floor. She ran her hand over my face and I closed my eyes, savoring her touch after years. "Armaan..." she whispered.


I felt the prickling sensation in my eyes. A lone tear escaped and I whispered back, "Isa..."


She recoiled as if she'd been slapped. She pushed me away with all her might and stared at me with nothing but pain in her eyes. My heart twisted to see her like this and I cursed destiny.


With undisguised loathing and heartbreak in her voice, she said, "You've lost the right to call me that. It's Riddhima now. Riddhima Gupta."


That was part 1. Tell me how it was. If receive a good response then I'll continue :)

Today [and tomorrow morning] is my last day of coming online...after this only once a week! :P So updates will obviously be infrequent. And I have LI on hand too so yeah.

Read. Like. Comment. <3

Goodnight :) PMs will be sent tomorrow!



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Munchkin. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged

And Aanya, sorry for bringing it up here, but DMG ain't coming back! =( *sob sob*


OMG Aanya, FAB OS! Seriously, you've managed to hold the air of mystery around the whole thing! And it was wonderful! I know what Isa means, but don't worry, I won't give it away here! I'm going to wait and see how you unfold the story and how you bring the meaning alive! 

So Armaan's a criminal, who is in love with Riddhima, who is left heartbroken when she finds out that he's all into Mafia and all? Interesting! 

Continue soon!

I know the comment's pretty short, but I really think I should get to updating my reserved posts now! At least on some if not all! =|

Fab start! Can't wait to read the rest! Update soon! =)

And oh yay! I'm first! Haha! This is my comment on both parts! Will edit again once you post another part or two x

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Aanya. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Really? *sob*

Arghh...I hate them for giving us false hopes! :P

Oh well...I'll survive :|

Edit your comment asap <3

belle_moi Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
Hey Aanya.
<3, that was a nice, cool one, though i dont understand what it exactly was about. That was a one shot? or do you plan to write a mini? A little confusion apart, it was pretty intriguing, I'm sure you have a brilliant concept in mind:) Armaan is either a cop or a gangster? Both are cool with me. Riddhima is the typical Riddhima? the one we adore and love? I would love it if you make it a one shot, and I am starving to read some romance, so put a bit of that in the OS/FF too. Its one and I just read it, guessed it was a midnight musing:) Complete it soon! Btw, whats the story behind the name "ISA"? Its strange, kinda peculiar actually but short, sweet and cute! Waiting eagerly for an update!!

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Sanaa629 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
I'm crying..!! WHYYY isn't DMG coming back??!!! Stupid people giving us false hopes..!!! Pointless people..!! I wanna see KSG as ARMAAN!!! *spoilt brat* mujhe chahiye chahiye chahiye chahiye chahiye chahiye..!! I wanna Watch DMG 3!!!! Arghh..!! Stupid people..!!! ANd i don't even watch perfect couple partly coz i don't get channel V and partly coz it's too much of a bother going on youtube and only watching snippets of KSG!!!
Ohkk..sooo Aanya-  WOWWW!!!! continue SOOONN!!! I wanna know their past..I wanna know what happened between them..I wanna know who the hell Dmitri is..!! I wanna know the meaning of Isa..!!
Your writing was breathtaking..!! You built up the suspense with eah move, you brought out everything..!! And RIddhima's an introvert?? Hmmm...and it's written greatly from Armaan's POV!!! all in all..Part one was ended it at the best place possible coz it leaves all ur readers wanting more..!! so cont ASAP!!!!
 BTW...I'm watching's AWESOME alreadyy..!!!! =D Doesn't beat Armaan.but one can..!!! Cont NOWW!!! though i know you can't...but that doesn't mean i can't say it..!! :P

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ahenseven Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
Hey Aanya!! .. I really really liked this oneSmile .. When i started with this I was like oh no aarman's the bad guy !! And then he says something like belonging to the good guysConfused .. You have to try and continue sooon .. I have so many unanswered questions!! .. What exactly does aarman do?? .. How do they know each other?? .. Who the hell is this Dmitri guy and why does aarman trust him so  much?? .. And the meaning of isa?? .. I actually tried to google it !! .. Going to a new school,seems fun!! .. Hope all goes well .. Take care .. Loads of love NehaBig smile 

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Stupidcupid1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
Update soon
It was amazing

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