Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

May 18th, 2011 Written Update

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Sorry for the delay my update got deleted...technical issues... Tongue

Next morning Guddu gets up and limps to the bathroom. He sees a note in the bathroom (Runjhun's first letter to Guddu). In the note Runjhun says that she has heated the water for him, and he can take a shower. She tells him not to wet his bandages as the doctor has advised against it. She ends the note by telling him that if he wants anything else he can ask her. Guddu looks at the note then looks around. He peeks outside the bathroom and looks for RUnjhun but doesn't see her. He crushes the note, and says that Runjhun can pretend to be nice to him all she wants, but he hasn't forgotten and he won't forget. He says it's only a matter of days after that, there won't be a problem anymore.

Runjhun is removing clothes for Guddu and wonders what to removes since Guddu burned all his clothes to ashes. She finds a shirt and pulls it out but remembers Guddu's ranting about his clothes and comparing it to Abhigyaan.

When Guddu comes to the room, Runjhun is long gone, but on the bed are his old clothes lined out, including his chain, and his shawl, with his mobile too. He smiles as he looks at his old clothes.

Downstairs, Mittho comes with the good news that Mahadevi's marriage date has been fixed. Mahadevi smiles weakly as Mittho tells Billo and Kalsanwali that Rajju has gone to Benares for business but the date has been fixed for the third of next month (after the challenge is over?). She says after Rajju is back they can make preparations. Billo tells her not to delay and Kalsanwali agrees too. She says that since the match got fixed without any problems they should not delay matters. Billo comments on Mahadevi's happiness, and Mahadevi again just smiles compliantly then walks away. Mittho too misunderstands her walking away as a way of showing her happiness.

Runjhun has packed some food and is walking off, when Mittho stops her and asks her where she is going. She tells Runjhun to keep Guddu away. She says that last time they ran into problem because of Guddu and this time nothing should happen because of the thug. Runjhun tells Mittho that Guddu isn't a thug and she should stop calling him that. She says that Guddu has his mobile business and he works. Mittho is surprised and tells Runjhun that she has found her tongue now. She says Guddu's business is worthless. Billo and Kalsanwali add to the mix, Kalsanwali tells Runjhun that it is better if she invests money on a big lock and puts it on the business.

Guddu who is coming down hears them and tells them to keep quiet. He says just because he was in bed resting for four days their tongues have started waging again. He tells them to stay within their limits and says he will run the business. Billo comments that running a business is not that easy. Both the other mamis also comment on the success of the shop and Guddu steps closer to threaten them, but Runjhun stops him and tells him not to make such a big deal of what they are saying. Amma comes out of her room.

Vishnu also walks over from his spot and tells Guddu that he knows how Guddu's brain functions and the customers need to be dealt with a cool that is below zero degrees but Guddu's anger always rises over hundred degrees. Guddu collars Vishnu, and Runjhun and the rest try to stop him. Runjhun tells Guddu to let Vishnu go, and Guddu looks at her and lets him go. He tells Vishnu that he will prove that he can run the business and successfully so. Runjhun is surprised. He walks away. Vishnu thinks to himself that he will definitely teach Guddu a lesson. Runjhun walks away to her room too in tears, and Amma tries to call out to her.

Runjhun is not sad but happy. She thanks God that Guddu is thinking about going back to the shop and running the business because she had given up all hope. Amma comes to the room, and calls out Runjhun. Runjhun goes to her Amma and hugs her. Amma tells Runjhun that she doesn't know what happened between her and Guddu but she is sure that everything will turn out fine. She tells Runjhun that hope and prayer can make things right, and she has to keep faith. Runjhun nods.

At the shop Kukkan is swatting a fly unsuccessfully. On his second try he is leanign over to grab the fly and swats Guddu instead who is just walking in (see Kukkan is awesome) Kukkan apologizes profusely and says he was trying to catch a fly. Guddu asks angrily if he's kept kukkan at the shop to catch flies. Kukkan says that fly catching is skill and mentions the movie Gizaarish where the fly troubles Hrithik. He says if a fly can trouble Hrithik then he's just normal. Guddu smiles at that then asks Kukkan how many came to the shop today.

Kukkan, Tipi and Teelu look at each other and say about fifteen or sixteen. Guddu says if they bought anything and the men laugh wondering why the flies would buy anything. Guddu says he's talking about customer not flies. Kukkan says 2-3 came and one looked like he was going ot buy something but he didn't buy it. Guddu tells them to go find at least customers and bring them to the shop. Kukkan and the men leave but run into Jabbo who inquires where they are going.

Kukkan tells Jabbo that it isn't something he can handle and says he is going to get customers. He tells Jabbo to go on his flirting business. Jabbo says he can handle it and says he will come too. Guddu stops them both and says he doesn't care who can do what or not. He tells them he wants ten customers. They leave and Guddu looks a little worried.

At home the mamis discuss keeping Runjhun busy. When she comes down they tell her she is rested enough and Kalsanwali drags Runjhun by her hand and takes her to the kitchen and tells her to shine her dishes and utensils. Billo adds to the chores by giving her a blanket to wash and then tells her to clean her rickshaws and put grease on the chains. Mittho gets a phone call amidst this from Rajju. She gets off the phone and calls out for Mahadevi to get ready as they are going to be going out soon.

Kalsanwali and Billo inquire about it and Mittho tells them that the elder brother of the groom wants to meet Mahadevi and so they will meet them at some restaurant. Runjhun smiles for Mahadevi. Kalsanwali asks why he can't come home, and Mittho says because of the thug living in their home. Runjhun's smile is gone. Mittho tells Billo to come with them too, and Kalsanwali is upset at not being invited. She fights with Mittho and Billo as Runjhun purses her lips and watches the exchange. The fight heats up and Runjhun tries to stop them, till finally Mittho announces that she will just go with Mahadevi alone. She walks off and the others do the same. Runjhun just sighs and gets to work.

Outside Guddu's shop Kukkan and the others have rounded off twenty customers instead of ten. Guddu asks Kukkan where he got the people from, and Kukkan says they were standing in the ration line and he told them to forget rations and buy a mobile. Guddu laughs. He calls the first customer up who orders snacks and tapioca from Guddu, and Guddu says he will hit him.

Runjhun comes out with a bucket of water to wash the rickshaws and watches from the gate. Guddu tells the man if he can read or not. He says this is a mobile gallery and how can he order food and snacks. The mans says he was going to buy rations but the men dragged him here. The others tell him not to cry like a lady and tell him to buy a mobile. The rest in the line look at each other.

Runjhun walks up and tells Guddu that this is not how business is done. If he ruins his reputation in the market then he will never get it back. She tells him not deal with people like this. Guddu turns away and says now people are teaching him how to do business. He hits Jabbo in the back of his head and tells him to tell people not to teach him anything. Jabbo looks at Guddu and Guddu yells at him not to stare at him and tell the person not to teach him business. Jabbo goes to tell Runjhun, but Guddu hits him on the head again and says that he know what he's doing and he doesn't need to be taught, and tells Jabbo to tell Runjhun that. Jabbo stumbles with his words and in the end just says not to preach.

Runjhun says that no one should say anything while he hassles people. She shakes her head and tells everyone to leave and apologizes on Guddu's behalf and say that it was a misunderstanding and asks everyone to leave. Kukkan and the rest protest but Runjhun sends them away. One of the man stops and says that he's here to actually buy a mobile phone asks her why she's sending him away.

He goes up to the shop and asks Guddu what would a mobile cost, and points to a specific one. Guddu yells at him and says that he's not his servant and he can go look for himself and then buy it and put the money on the counter. The man looks at Runjhun and questions the way Guddu talks to him. Runjhun tells him to ignore Guddu and says that Guddu always stays angry. She tells him that he can't keep quiet for a minute, and then takes the customer in by herself.

Mittho and Mahadevi walk out, and Mahadevi and Jabbo exchange glances as she sits in the rickshaw to head out to meet the groom's elder brother. Mittho just twists her face, and they drive off.

Runjhun sells the mobile phone and takes the money and hands it over to Guddu. They both look at each other. Guddu angry as always, and Runjhun holding her own. Guddu looks away first and Runjhun turns her head away too.

Precap: Mahadevi asks Jabbo if he's following her. She looks happy and says he must have heard about her marriage proposal and is following her to see. Jabbo doesn't say anything but looks angry. Mittho comes out looking for Mahadevi and spots her sweetly talking to Jabbo even though she can't here them. She wonders what the good-for-nothing Jabbo is doing there talking to Mahadevi (Thanks Rani for letting me know...I closed my window too early to catch that part)

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Thank you Wafah... Smile 

Edit:  I apologize on behalf of the morons that came out to the forums in full force today... I hope they get their accounts banned.  Angry So...Angry...AngryAngry

Really liked the episode... Guddu's trying to make things work in his own way... love wouldn't make sense if he knew what he was doing all of a sudden.

Will comment more later.

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thanx a ton for the update. its nice as always.
i think the writers are keeping the suspense on as Guddu is continuing to misbehave...As I've said earlier, Guddu is so gonna loose the challange...and its very much predictable.

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thank you for ur update..God bless you...

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Thanks!!! wonder when Guddu will stop being so stubborn!

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Thanks for the update.
Guddu needs to stop being so angry and stubborn!!

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thanks for posting the update.

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Thanks for the great update, Wafah.. Tongue
Aha.. Vishu deserved it.. Asking for trouble..
LOL.. Guddu and Kukkan's scene made me laugh.. Kukkan is so funny and adorable.. LOL And Guddu- Kukkan's conservation too good!Best Scene!
The pre-cap really looks interesting.. Jabbu jealous?? Hope so.. Kind of liking their pair..

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