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Devils Den:Dev ka Rasleela Continues... (Page 2)

Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
New Critique in Geetland

I am one who did not watch the episode today or read any update. In the words of a few of my devil friends, I am an intelligent viewer and I am trying to move on from being a logical viewer to someone who just enjoys any nonsense shown to me. But I don't want to do it silently. I want to let everyone know the reason for my transition.

I did not start watching GHSP sheerly for its entertainment value. There are a lot of shows on TV which are much more entertaining. It is my belief that a show becomes a viewers favourite of there is something in it with which the viewer can identify. Although none of the characters in the show are even remotly close to me or anyone I know, this show became my favourite simply because it mimiked life itself for me. Life as I know it is a combination of ups and downs and is not perfect for anyone. Similarly, for a vast majority of people it is not also about tears always. Most of us have our share of both happiness and sorrows. And GHSP showcased this brilliantly.

I am not one who watches any other show currentlty being aired on Indian TV or for that matter haven't been a viewer of any shows priorly shown. The reason is simple. All shows had a stereotypical story line. The hero and heroine's eternal sorrow and struggle and helplessness. That is what caught my attention when it came to GHSP. Although a similar story of a girl being subjected to a life of turmoil and misfortunes, it showcased positivity. Although Geet had her share of sorrows, it was overshadowed by the happiness that she met on her way. Although Maan led a bitter life, his life changed for the better with Geet coming into his life. Although they faced challenges along their path to oneness, they came out of every situation as a happy and stronger couple. That is life, a mixture of positives and negatives.

Understandably, positivity does not win always. There are millions of people who dispite doing everything right, still loose. That is where TV has the ability to make a difference, to give the viewer what they truly need, HOPE. A positive outcome coming out of such situations gives everyone watching it a HOPE that maybe, just maybe, there is a miniscule of a chance that their life's will turn around too if they are good people and do good and honest things. Maybe there is a chance that things could get better without having to compromise on your values. Maybe there are still good people in the society who will help you in case of need. Maybe one bad thing happening to you in your life does not mean the end of life itself. And this is what I was hoping this show will be able to communiate to its viewers.

I was one of your biggest criticizers who yelled my lungs out when Geet forgave Dev. It was something that I could not come to terms with. How? It is so far away from reality... Does it ever happen that a victim such as Geet would ever be able to forget everything that she was made to undergo and forgive her criminal? Was that even possible? Today, whether it was your intention or not, I will give you some credit. This situation could have 2 interpretations, one extremely positive and the other, the other end of the spectrum. It could mean that the story intended to communicate that any criminal could get away with anything (which is the extremely terrible option and which is the one that most of us thought was ur intention to communicate). The second one could mean that you wished to say that forgiveness is the biggest virtue, that if you saw that someone was genuienly regretting their actions and wished to set things right, it is alright to give that person the chance that they earned. I like to believe today that this could have been your purpose with that forgiveness track. Whether you dererve it or not, you earned some browny points from me.

Having said that, what does a second chance mean? Does it mean that the criminal should be given a clean slate again? This is where your imagination got exagurated a lot more than was necessary. The second chance and its terms should be with respect to the crime in mind. It cannot be the same for every criminal. What Dev did to Geet was unacceptable. Even if Geet and Maan decided to forgive him and give him another chance, what makes his behavior with Naintara, his debts etc alright? Is he not the same person? How is it logical for you to make him fall in love again? What has Dev done so far which has indicated this amount of regret? Why does the channel / story tellers expect me to accept this as a good way for progression? 

The intelligent viewer in me neither sees logic or positivity or a good story or a purpose driven track anymore. And for a show that had such huge opportunities to make a difference, it is a blow. 

A prominent writer once said that creativity is not a special skill and an individual cannot be creative or non-creative. Creativity was the work of some geni's who chose to work through some people to create brilliant pieces. I had found it very interesting when I heard her talk about it and almost hope for the sake of the creatives of this show that it is true. The geni communiacted a story through the CV"s of this show, but has now moved on... there is no more hope, unless the geni decides to come back and finish up the piece that it so brilliantly set out to etch. And hereafter, I will only watch this show in the hope that the geni will be back to finish its job undone. 

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swan20 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
CVs, PH, Star One do you have a death wish. Why are you hell bent on destroying your own show...Ouch

I don't expect you to remember the original concept of this show & follow up on that BUT to completely overlook Dev's past sins and project him as this sweet, innocent guy who has done no wrong is completely bizarre. Do you really think we feel sympathy for him when he cries on his brother's shoulder asking for happiness. Let me ask you when has Dev not been happy. The guy committed a heinous crime, got forgiven by his culprit, his brother accepted him with open arms, his wife very conveniently got blamed for his share of crimes too, at every point in his life he has had a shoulder to cry on and still he complains that he's not found happiness...ShockedShocked

Regarding Geet. What have you guys made of her. Where has the righteous Geet gone who stood up for what is right. Who displayed maturity which belied her age. Who refused to take nonsense from anyone. The old Geet would have slapped Dev for spewing such nonsense about Nandini. What we saw today was a complete stranger to me. You have compromised with her character since the miscarriage, today was one more step in butchering it further. The last straw will be when she defends Dev in front of Beeji and convinces them to get Nandini married to Dev...Ouch...I see this coming but if you have even an ounce of sense in you do not show this!!!

If you guys want to you can still make amends. Show MSK taking a stand that he won't allow Nandini to marry a guy like Dev. He may have forgiven Dev for what he did with Geet but he won't allow Nandini's life to be spoilt by getting her married to a guy with such a past. Secondly, even if Dev confesses his love to Nandini, she should refuse saying that she cannot trust a guy who cheated her sister.

Also have you forgotten that Maan & Geet are your lead pair? Most viewers are tolerating the crap you show only because of these two. But now they seem to be the side characters with nothing to do but contribute to Dev & Nandini's love story. If you don't know let me remind you a story should revolve around the lead pair while the other characters play a side role. If you continue sidetracking Maneet let me assure you the viewers will not keep quiet. Don't try our patience...its already running thin...Ouch

Do something now before its too late. As a loyal fan of this show i can't see its downfall. Hope you can't either and will rectify all the blunders you have made ASAP...Ouch

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 10:47am | IP Logged
I know Dev has been so bad to Geet in past, thought I felt bad for him today, but I didn't like way the way Geet said that she feel bad for Dev, I know she forgave him, but it felt so weird, he destroyed her life and she says I feel bad for Dev...
Nonsense, the CVs has lost it full on, now on precap it seems Maaneet r helping Dev, it's not about Dev has no right to fell in love, but Nandini is Geet's cousin, the girl whom he destroyed her life, it feel weirds, it's better if there is another girl comes in his life, who has no connection with Geet...
Dev and Meera is best, both r good actors, if Nainatara comes and spread her negativity and try to spoil it for Dev and Meera and make problems for Maaneet, this is much worth to watch, but never bring Arjun and Annie down battery back to the show...

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21-07 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Now I am damn sure that they are doin it delibrately!! I cannot see any other reason..I  hate sayin this but now they are just lookin for an execuse to shut the show..Its crystal clear now..Bcoz  its not possible that they are not aware of viewer's ka outburst..AngryOuchSleepyDeadCry

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Binge IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Ok few quick pointers: 

1.  Can we have Maneet in this current track playing cupids to Tej-Pammi, plz? We wont mind a sensitive, slow blossom of love between this couple who are married for 8 years and still out of love from Teji's side. What exactly is the issue between them-writers can delve deep into their  perspective. 

2. Since Nandini has agreed for this guy who looks and is pretty decent- you can deal this again sensitively by showing how Dev's past doesn't let go and is seen reflecting on his present forever. A punishment like that would be appreciated by the audience than him dishonouring the woman he supposedly loves today. 

3. Whatever happened to Preeto-Lucky love track? Confused Would love if Geet plays cupid to them as well... why so hellbent on showing Geet affected over Dev being heart-broken is something that I fail to understand!!

4. Since MSK as Balwant has earned gratitude from Beeji and family, I dont see the purpose in stretching this track any further! Smile Too much overdose of something loses its charm- be it overdose of stripper MSK, Maneet eye-locks and slip'n fall, twirls, supposedly cute nok-jhoks by hitting and yapping by Geet- can we get over it and move ahead? They are sensible, mature ppl.. atleast Maan  would not take this and should be in command whenever necessary, like when Geet acts overly childish! 

5. Move to Delhi, Geet resuming office and handling projects, clashes and creative differences between Maneet(like they had during Hum Tum episode and office days), wake up NT, bring in Vicky, bring in MSK's past, his parents are some future tracks you can explore and carry ahead the show with logic and sensibilty!


Regarding today's episode- Its hard to remember what I liked bcuz its hard to relate with the show any longer! Ouch This comic track would have worked if Adi or Vicky was in place of Dev... Geet and creatives can move on and erase the past memories of Dev's heinous crime, but viewers cant! Bcuz Dev's reformation wasn't a gradual transition. Ouch Had the writers delved deeper into his psyche, we would be able to emphatize with this change in him. 

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somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged
even now damage control can b done if nandini marry the other guy and dev is left alone, what better punishment than this for dev and viewerz will b happy that finally geet has got justice one way or other...

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Opti IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged
I'll say only one thing today.  It looks like the show makers and channel have really run out of ideas and money. Cant hire good CVs and even if they do, cant pay them well to hold on to them. So they've hit on this plan to show this crappy track. See how many suggestions have come for future tracks. Now they dont need to hire any CVs. The viewers have all turned CVs for free.  If they gave us good tracks would our brains work on behalf of them? 

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XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Stern Smile...Silly...Wacko...Ermm...Ouch

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