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Devils Den:Dev ka Rasleela Continues...

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged
I dunno what to say after watching last 2-3  Episodes except for one thing that CVs r just hell bent on showing us something which they know viewers will hate to seeAngry
    First they ruined the most awaited Suhaagraat of MaaneetCryCryCry
  • Next they will make Maaneet cupid for Dev-Nandu and we might see MSK and Geet trying to convince all about how Dev will b ideal hubby for NandiniDeadDead
 So are CVs deliberately spoiling their own show so that fans stop watching it and move to their so called new show on star plus and then once trps go low ,they will get a nice excuse to close the show down ???Confused
Sorry to sound so negative but after watching last 2-3  episodes this is the only conclusion I can drawErmm
 As normal episodes ,they r nice with good flow...nice comic element in the show...Maaneet scenes are good ..Gurti always rocks in whatever they do and SS was brilliant  yesterday throughout with his comic timingClap...but still viewers r not liking it ..Why ??...CVs Ask this question to yourselves and u will get the answer...Its because Maaneet does not hv a proper track...their relationship is standstill at one point and viewers r not even sure Consummation happened or not because they r behaving as usual next day with MSK trying to kiss her and she is pushing him offOuch...Maaneet r limited to side characters in the show who themselves don't hv a track but r only playing cupids to other side characters in the show who r all hving proper tracks around themOuch ;Another reason is viewers r not able to digest Dev ki Rasleela and Maaneet plsying cupid for him just because of Dev's past deedsOuch;If it was Vicky-Nandini or mayb even Tej-Pammi then viewers would hv loved to see Maaneet playing cupids for them but when it comes to Dev ,its impossible for the viewers to digest all this nonsense in the name of comedyAngry...
Damage has been already done and all CVs can do is repair this damage by trying to introduce a proper track surrounding Maaneet and make sure that NT comes back to handle his Devaaa ka rasleelaApprove..But no Maaneet playing cupid for Devini will b toleratedSmile
Options for good Maaneet tracks...
1)Send Maaneet back to Delhi..bring in the office track with Geet either joining office with MSK or mayb completing her studies...
2)Bring MSK's past chapter related to his mother or Sameera or whatever and connect it with
Maaneet ka bonding...
3)Show a proper Maaneet SR in Delhi ...We r not depmanding any explicit scenes but something which can b defined as proper suhaagraat ...the passion ...desire...foreplay...ambience...all that needs for a suhaagraat between a passionate couple like Maaneet
4)Make Dev negative by hook or by crook...Let Dev become a selfish soul who wanted to hv his share in Khurana business and let Maaneet stand together against Devaaa here...its high time the show needs a good villain...
5)Bring in Vicky in the picture and hook him up with Nandini ...noone will complain if Maaneet plays a cupid for Vicky-Nandu or even Tej-PammiBig smile...and if possible bring Tej-Pammi to Delhi where Pammi can get a good makeover along with Geet tooLOLEmbarrassed
6)Bring some uniqueness in Maaneet scenes,...Their romantic scenes r getting stagnent ...Why not bring some freshness in it like MSK taking Geet to a romantic dinner date...or Maaneet getting drenched in Rain and we hv a rain song here or Geet trying to seduce MSK wearing a western dress whose previous loop can b closedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
7)Can Maaneet go for their second proper honeymoon please without any extra baggageBig smile...
8)If for the sake of dragging the story ,new characters r being introduced then make sure those characters r somewhere connected to the Maaneet story like why not a dashing business partner for MSK who might hv his evil eye on GeetEvil Smile...I know it might sound like a cliched track but at least it can b better than what we r witnessing currently ..right ??Big smile
9)Geet is Millionaire's wife...can she look like one as well wearing some good stylish designer sarees or modern outfits ??...Can we hv some high society business parties where Maaneet can b projected like the hottest couple in townCool...I know Party ideas r more like Ektaish but why not ??Tongue
10)If all tracks r over...then here is last idea...Kill Maaneet...Reincarnation...Fresh storyCool...But not now...first finish all the above mentinoed tracksLOLTongue
 Episode Analysis

What is wrong with all was a good episode fact I will say it was a episode with neat flow and well executed scenes with nice humour element in the Maaneet scene...Big smile

Also good acting by Gurti and SSClap
I loved the whole kitchen Maaneet Mooli-Gajar scene ROFLROFLROFLGC-DD were very good in itEmbarrassed...Also liked the fact that Geet doesn't lie to that guy about Nandini Thumbs Up and awww she really felt bad for her Devar here since he will b heartbroken now with Nandu saying yes to the guyCryCry...
Isn't this a very interesting track where we might see both Maaneet trying to fix up Dev-Nandu hereEmbarrassed...After all MSK cannot see his brother in tears and Geet  might try to find out whether Nandu hv some feelings for Dev or not and then they can b the ultimate cupids for DeviniEmbarrassed
Wonderful track I must sayClapClap
So then what went wrong...Why r viewers not enjoying this interesting track ??Ermm...The Answer is Simple...the guy in question here is DEV KHURANA who once screwed the main protagonist Geet's life and today the same guy is falling for Geet's sister and here Geet is feeling bad thinking her culprit will b heartbroken but she is not bothered about her own sister's happiness and then if this is not enough then even Geet's husband MSK for whom principles in life always came first might just melt down seeing his younger brother's crocodile tears tomorrow and will be ready to play a cupid for him and Nandu forgetting the fact that this is the same guy who screwed up his wife's life onceDead
So in short this interesting track will b butchering Maan and Geet''s character Forever Smile...
The same track could hv been applied over Vicky and Nandini or mayb Adi and Nandini ...Viewers would hv loved it mayb...Smile...But Maaneet playing cupid to fix up Dev's love life  is something which is impossible to digest for loyal Geet fans even if they take it as season 2Dead...Forgiving the culprit is fine.. ...even forgetting the past is fine...but hooking up the culprit with victim's sister and glorifying the whole thing in the name of comedy is disgusting to say the leastThumbs Down...
Can Damage Control be done here ??Ermm..Yes why not ??...The only way to do damage control is bring NT in the picture who is still the legal wife of Dev...And Don't make Maaneet play cupid for Dev-Nandu at least  so that Maaneet's character assassination does not happen...and Viewers might still tolerate itSmile...
Well no rating for today's Episode because right now I m blank in what direction the whole track is going and where is Maaneet's track leading to...Ouch..will wait for rest of the week's episodes to give my final verdictErmm

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged
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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
So now here comes the blame game!  Aur kya someone needs to point fingers right!  Not GC's long sexy fingers, but u know what i mean right! LOL

1)  They ruined the most awaited scene for Maaneet for all the viewers, their SR!  Yes we received     crap!

2)  Now they want to pair Dev and Nandani!

Yes, its crap!  Now who's on the receiving end of all this, its the fans and viewers only!  Yes, its us!  So we voice our opinions and get blamed for ruining the show! OuchOuchOuch Please give me a break people!AngryAngry

Dev has done wrong and to date in the viewers eyes there has been no justification for what he's done!  With that being said why wouldn't viewers have an issue with this!  He married Geet, left her to hang dry and what not MSK entered her life accepted her for who she is!  We have Geet forgiving Dev, grant it viewers didn't fully accpet it! Yet again they want to throw another bomb at us and make him a saint!  I don't think so!

How would one feel when they come to know this guy has done wrong to one gal in the family and yet ready to have a relationship with another!  Is that right??? Is that justifiable, not in my books!  To me its ruin one sister and get the other for free!  Will any family accept this???

Now coming to fan opinions! 

This is my say, if PH and others didnt want Fan feedbacks, why did they set up Fan pages on FB!  Its there  to voice our opinions right!  Trust me viewership is the most important thing to these shows!  Without viewers how will they get TRPS!


So coming to today's episode!

Yes, we were on the receiving end again, we got crap! Well, its not over yet!  We've voiced our opinion and PH and Channel can do damage control, they still have time!  Track was planned, but Im sure they didnt anticipate this out pour from disgruntled fans!

What can they do, well Dev can like Nandani  all he wants and Maaneet can try to play cupid all they want!  Bottom line is Dev's done wrong to one sister already, what if Beeji's family finds out, do u think they will accept Dev, I dont think so!  So they can take this route and show Dev being rejected by family and at that point Maaneet wont be able to do a thing either! This time all will be helpless and this can make Dev turn negative against the whole family!

So there is hope, sub chill karo!

This is where it all started for me!

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 November 2009
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Nandini ne pichle janam mein bahut bada paap kiya hoga jo usse Dev jaisa pati naseeb hoga Confused Confused

I am sure the curses that Geet and her family gave Dev will affect their future lives Confused Confused Confused

I simply fail to understand how Geet whose life this Censored ruined is now willing to forgive anything. His feelings are more important than the feelings of an innocent girl who has done no one any wrong. That innocent's girl's only crime was that a person who had no respect for women fell in love with her. Ouch Nandini ka durbhagya tha ki usse Geet jaise behen mile Ouch ...a cousin sister who cared more for the feelings of her former husband/current BIL/one time abuser than a cousin sister who actually would think about her sister's happiness. Ouch

Geet's character has sunk to new lows Ouch

Rather than feel happy for her sister's engagement, she is left feeling unhappy for his love being unfulfilled. A sane girl would not even have let him come anywhere neat her sister. Maybe the stockholm syndrome is true after all. Confused Confused Confused ...Geet is willing to gamble her sister's life thinking Dev may have reformed. Confused Confused Confused

But the question arises - who is she to take this gamble???

They showed her trying to undo the damage Dev did today but I was extremely upset that they made light of such an important matter as Dev trying to damage an innocent girl's reputation.

If Dev really loves Nandini, he willl step back and let her marry whomever she likes, not try to get her for himself. That will only prove that he is an animal and has not changed.

No sister in her right mind would every approve of this and this is my humble request to the CVs not to destroy Geet and Maan's character any further. Show them commiserating with him but sabotaging the wedding is totally out. This is the only way you can save your face.


This track would have made more sense

Geet catches Dev red handed and blows her top

She initiates damage control but is mad at Dev and tells Maan to stop him

Maan and Geet tell him in no uncertain terms to stay away from Nandini because Nandini likes the guy

They can commiserate with him but that is about it.

Dev sees them getting ready for the wedding and everything. Geet is not talking to him properly and Maan sympathizes with him but at the same time warns him to stay away.

Then something happens and the wedding stalls. Nandini is heartbroken.

everyone is really down. That is when all the truths come tumbling out and Dev offers to marry her.

Something like this would have been more acceptable because it would not have involved character assaination of Maaneet.

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-Elfin- Senior Member

Joined: 02 September 2010
Posts: 798

Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged
I have mostly tried to be patient with everything happening in the show so far...but tonight my level of irritation, frustration and disgust has reached new heights that even i was unaware of...Angry

knowing the revolving door policies of the cvs ...the only excuse they can give of this disgusting track of maaneet playing cupid for that they DONT know what dev has done...Ouch

here is a quick recap...if it helps...Embarrassed

1. dev is a rapist the scene where he slaps nayantara because she stopped him from getting close to geet...Angry

2. dev is a fraud the scene in the airport where dev leaves geet ...if possible pause the scene where geet screams her heart out and faints...Angry

3. dev is a manipulator... watch the scene where he convinces daadi to get him back to KM...Angry

4. dev is a parasite ...he has done nothing but blow maan's hard earned money in gambling...Angry

now about maaneet becoming cupid...Confused

refer : first MU between maaneet

without going into any debate of who was right or who was wrong...geet doubted maan and his integrity because she thought maan brought dev out of jail...

a girl who gave up the most important man in her life because she could not see dev free will play cupid for him for her own sister?

refer : second MU between maaneet

again without any debate of who was right or wrong...maan questioned geet's honor, pride ans self respect because she forgave dev resulting in her leaving her house...

a man who mercilessly broke the heart of the woman who he loves more than life...will play cupid for that same good for nothing brother of his?

i mean...are you serious?


did you by any chance tried to revisit the classic sholay scene between AB and mausiji where he bad mouths veeru to have some fun leading to SUSIDE sequence...Angry

if that was the WAS sick...Ouch

what kind of humor do you want to show where a rapist talks about a girl being drunkard and characterless?

now comes the worst part...geet finds the whole thing funny and confusing...did she forget how to slap...last time i checked she slapped each and every member of khurana khandaan except daadi...for all the right reasons of course...

"dev ka dil to toot jayega"...the worst dialog of the show till date...
...barry what were you thinking while writing this line?...

you are the one behind camera who is from the first are our only hope...please dont disappoint us...

now maaneet will play cupid (i am including maan from whatever i have seen in spoilers and precap)Shocked

its not like nandu is forced to marry this guy...she likes him...even after this if maaneet forces dev on her...that will be the end of everything...

dont take your audience for granted...most importantly think and analyze what we demand for?

it is nothing that is out of the box...we only want what is RIGHT...

stop spoiling maaneet characters for dev...he is seriously not worth it...

the biggest proof of your sheer idiocy : we cannot enjoy maaneet scenes a bit after watching dev hogging the lime light and maaneet being his illuminators...Disapprove

god bless...Smile

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somakazmi Goldie

Joined: 17 July 2010
Posts: 1134

Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:24am | IP Logged
me start seeing epi just for fun and maaneet so it was ok type of epi for me
things me like abt epi
1) geet somewhere in story still support the truth
2) geet still cant lie 2 maan or cant hide things from him.
3) maan brain is working.
4) maaneet scene in kitchen was niceEmbarrassed
5)lucky and mama was fine.
other things are not much ineresting...
damage control can still be done by cv if they show nandini want to marry the other guy in this way dev would get what he deserve and geet could get justice one way other. other way to save viewerz by dev 4th love story is NT. so cv plz bring NT and spice back to show...
cv plz use common sense and give viewerz something nice and more entertaining...
hope thing get better and cv best of luck 4 future!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by somakazmi - 18 May 2011 at 2:10pm

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 July 2009
Posts: 7613

Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged

watched the episdoe...

nothing significant to write about it...
The convo between Geet and Dev as if no history between them ever..  
Maan only came in few frames...
So now Nandini got engaged..  Dev is heart broken and Geet is sympathetic..
Precap... Big brother is concern for his sibling..  Dev confesses that he wants to live again.. Big bro wants to know the truth..   And the truth is that his kid brother as if is falling in love for the 1st time..
NT was infatuations..   one side deal as NT never actually loved him
Geet was a business deal and he left it at airport after taking the money
Myrah was one sided and he was about to fall but he walked out..
and now the tears in his eyes indicates he seems to fall in love for the 1st time??? 
Actually I feel bad for Sameer Sharma as he is a very good actor and is emoting really well.  They should have brought him as the third grand son of Savitri Devi instead of 2nd grand son with so much sordid past. but IMO brining him as repented and good Dev just was not so great for the actor as the viewers are not ready to accept the character of Dev with normal lucky go guy persona..
Of course now big brother and his adorable wife will help him out...  So friends... use your delete button in wipe the bad memory of Dev..
As the big bro and his wife will stand by him and help him to get his DG  LOLLOLLOL

Edited by evasumi - 18 May 2011 at 11:11am

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TSharan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 31 December 2008
Posts: 8271

Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged

Why is Geet trying to play cupid to her fake husband????? What is happening to the show I wonder...a new writer comes every other month and the story twists even further...confusing the viewers even more...

I know it is important to move on in life and as a viewer I am willing to move on too provided the culprit gets the punishment for his crimes...Redemption is important only after serving the punishment.
It looks as if everything is wiped out...but as an audience I cannot forget what happened in the past. Show us the culprit getting the right punishment...make him suffer for the crimes he did and then I may empathize with him...
Can Dev own up his mistakes in front of the girl he claims to love now???? Will he be man enough to tell everything??? If he does, I will surely stop my ramblings...
I just cannot fathom what's happening???OuchOuch mind is numb...what i see these days are half baked lopsided episodes...but I am expected to take it in my stride...I guess i am not smart enough to understand the interesting storyline Channel is showing's all my fault..I must not blame the PH and the CVs and only blame the channel too coz the CVs have no say ...right. Oh well that's what I came to know is the channel's doing...everything...including story, screenplay, shooting, schedulesm dialogues etc etc...
I guess the channel takes pride in spoiling it's own show...Interesting...very interesting!!!!

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