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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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we are here to discuss about the show
Kitani Mohabbat Hai
Start sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments; however,not to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)

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Some special warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph
HeartThank you sooo much for doin this for all we will cherish this all our livesHeart
*Credits* -Sanju- <<- we love you..HugHugHug

So this post is going to be for Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode or we will post a romantic song for Arjuhi

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Super loved today's episode. Apart from kailash's song everthing was great. An episode that has sweet Arjuhi moments & ullu family member ki band bajana i just love that epi.  
The start was great with the blind honaar officer searching the bus & not noticing Arjuhi despite being infront of him. I had heard of love is blind but never new it makes others blind too. But glad it did cos it saved our Arjuhi.
Glad finally someone gave Arjuhi credit for being smart.But the officer did not know how smart.
The way Rajveer talked to his officer i was wishing he answers him back saying " have you been blind in the past or are blind now " cos if for so long they have escaped from him can't the other officer make mistakes. But i guess mistakes are only allowerd for the ullu's.
Bus passengers were great the way they helped arjuhi & got them to tell the love story so we got some  precious Arjuhi flashbacks. I liked how they all spoke to not lift Arohi's ghungat. It was rajasthani pride. wow what a line. And we got a bus full of cupids who helped cos of seeing Arjuhi's love.
Arjuhi were looking mast in rajasthani style. HeartDay Dreaming Though the change of clothes twice in the bus is a mystery.but they looked awesome in both outfits. Even bought back memmories of KMH 1. Loved the flashback momments.But did not like the song used here. PLEASE CV'S USE KMH TITLE SONG TERE SAANSON KI. IT WOULD HAVE CREATED THE EXTRA MAGIC HERE WITH THE FLASHBACKS.
So much of rocking & rolling was not needed.Don't know how many ppl were rocking the bus but alot would have been needed.So rather than using this method they could have drove a bit & used that scene. If anyone saw so much rocking & rolling from the outside provided the rockers were invisible it would have been assumed a saucy scene was going on inside the bus.But i am sure it would not have rocked as much even then. Pls this makes the scene way over the top. Dont u guys ever see a moving bus. Next time keep the rocking to a limit. If another scene is used cos not many episodes r remaining.
have a lot to write but nothing different to what everyone has covered alreday. so just stopping here.Did not want to leave the reserved spot blank.

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Epi starts with police wale uncle getting in to search bus full of rajasthani people...Says check properly bohot shane hai arjuhi ROFL *yeah yeah police uncle bohot shane hai wo dono jo yeh acp clown ki clowny brigade nahi hai *ROFL

Loved the way karan said "mahri beendni hai iska ghungat nahi uthega" Embarrassed apparently aaj kal almost all daily soaps are based on rajasthani ethnicity and though arohi doesnt watch those soaps arjun does and he learnt rajasthani from there ROFL Lage raho arjun u are proving u are unique in every sense ROFL

Bus wale people are such sweathearts Heart they say that sache pyaar karne walo ko help karna is a very good thing and anyone who has seen arjuhi together will never want them to see them seperateClap...hayo rabba toh yeh ullu's ki kya ankhein nahi hai inhe yeh mohabbat nahi dikhti kya??D'oh

People in the bus being the sweethearts that they are ask arjuhi about the start of their love story...hayo rabba...Arjuhi falshbacking their KHATARNAK meet...their destiny moments...their jungle memories...their married life memories *Arifa dies with happiness* Arjun plays KMH flute tune on the flute *Arifa is brought back to life* hayeee dreamland...amazing sequence Day Dreaming

The whole first part Left me speechless...seriously nothing to say cant find appropriate words to praise amazing epi...deffo one of the best ever...loved the revival of the destiny moment,the flute ur rajasthani accent,punji sharma look... luvd it all super amazing it wasClapStarDay Dreaming [though m curious as to where they changed in the bus Winknarnia wala wardrobe tha kya us bus mein??first changes to rajasthani and then to punji sharma!!ROFLAhh well waise bhi apparently bus was being shaken and not moving to begin with maybe utar ke change kark phir chad gaye after all it is BT recession land ROFL]

And the flute needs a special mention it made me super duper happyDay Dreaming...still cant forget the day me and aksh had spammed karans status after woofer-amplifier saying we want him to play flute again we were particularly high that dayROFL hayyeee...damn a dream come was so beautiful...too god damn happy about this and the realisation and talking about the destiny moment which were dying to see since like forever...too good cv's u did an amazing job *takes a bow*

But we have a HUGE request its very very very huge we want KMH title track being played in KMH...somehow the people responsible for bg have to b reminded that we can hear new songs and tracks by ourselves kmh mein kmh2 ka title track play karle we can hear it foeva without gettin bored of start playing it you have lost 2 chances for it already not anymore pleaseee...all the arjuhi moments from now on should be on title track its a mood and scene killer to see random BG's instead when we have such a beautiful BG of our ownEmbarrassed

None of the police able to catch arjuhi...obviously don and mrs.don ko pakadna kisi clown ya uski clownly force ke bas ki baat nahi...btw that rathore uncle was scaring me dint like him muchTongue

Rajveer uncle said arjuhi ke pyaar aur arjuhi ko wo khatam karenge...i say try kark dikhaio tab tumhe mein khatam karungi Evil Smile

BREAKING NEWS 1:Police  people acting smart...more importantly acp clown ulluwalia finds his brain...thinks of reason why he is being unsuccessful...goes on flight to much thinking in one day??so he doesnt do any further mehnat and doesnt run beind arjuhi uske knees dukh rahe honge na from all the thinkingROFL

BREAKING NEWS 2: Acp clown ke flashback mein hi sahi mera vampy aa gaya missed u vampy  ROFL

BREAKING NEWS 3: Rondu acting strong...daddu getting more footage...arvind being dissapear...vampy comes to re-appear n rajveer gets into thinking mode lagta hai ullu redemption dur nahi...go on i wud love seeing all of em pair padofying and mafi mangofyin from arjun Evil Smile

Loved arjuhi running away...i was like go ajruhi go...perfect BG...running into the house cool...officer does dhedshanagiri doesnt tell lagayega to the house hmmm...lets see how this turns out...interesting indeed...cant wait for tomorows most fav scene of kmh1 will be recreated in kmh2 hayeee can it get any better???i dont think so...btw yeh arohi sharma ke kapde pehente hi fullon sharma ke charecter mein ghus gayi she got herself hurt on the knee its true wat they say old habits die hard ROFLROFL

And as kavya said epi worth watchin rewatching and then rewatching again...Thank you for this epi CV's eagerly waiting for what u have planned next...Day Dreaming


If u are taking leap then we dont want the chase to continue...we dont want kmh to end with arjuhi on the run...resolve this raaz,ajrun past,ksa killer everything in this week and show us ullu's redemption...then we want arjuhi to go n live in arjuns mom house...we want a cute and romantic SR...then leap can be taken...arjun pampering her in few small scenes...then hospital scene of arohi delivery reference can be taken from salam namastey...and then we want our aman and preet...arjuhi having twins...wo do aur unke do perfect family...some cute family moments...a maha episode...and a beautiful end...and for all our sake use the title track wenever there is a chance for song we dont want random songs


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arjuhi4eva IF-Rockerz

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Haaayyeee... Arjuhi nd the flute tune!!!Day Dreaming..Day Dreaming..Day Dreaming..Day Dreaming..Day Dreaming..Day Dreaming..Day Dreaming..

Ok... I shud stop drooling now... Back to my take!!LOL

epi strted off very nicely..Star..
Arjuhi were hiding in the bus..humare mr&mrs punjab to mr&mrs rajasthani..LOL
Loved those passengers for helping arjuhi!!Hugss to all of them... Jo pyaar apno ko nhi dikha wo parayon ko to dikh gya!!

Bozo ke haath se phir se arjuhi ran away..LOL oh..nd i loved the way arjun said ye meri bheendni hai..isse haath mat lagana..Heart.. I didnt noe humara DON bhi daily soaps dekhta hai...LOL

arjuhi ke pyaar ke kaam dushman hai jo ek aur rathore aa gya??!!AngryDead ab ye bhi PKD ke side mein aake arjuhi ki life mein bawal macha rha hai,,Censored

bozo ke paas dimaag bhi hai?? ROFL Pehle usne phone tap kiya, then arjuhi ko almost pakda, then he took out info as to whr the bus was heading, then he went on a flight to udaypur( BT walon ka recession is on a hold i guess ROFL), then uski antaratma ne bola that arjuhi are right so usse suddenly realise hua that ye sab destiny hai..(lol...destiny once again LOL) bt anyways i do hope that rajveer realises his mistake nd says sorry to arjun..Evil Smile

hayye... Nd now i come to the highlight of the epi..

Arjuhi nd the flute tune!!!Day Dreaming..Day Dreaming..Heart..Heart..Star
Loved that part of the epi to the core of my heart!!Heart
the flute tune..the memories..sharma nd punji.. Loved it all!!Star hayye... Yaadein taza kr di cvs ne..Hug bt i wud have love if they had shown the fbs of their post marriage scenes also..including that bday one... Bt anyways the scene was too cute..
Arohi is right the flute tune is really intoxicating!! It has all the has the charm that can make anyone attracted to it!!Star

haha...cvs we realised that the bus wasnt moving and aap log hi hila rhe the!!LOL nd one thing i didnt understand was that how did arjuhi changes the clothes twice in such a enclosed bus??ConfusedLOL

alll in all a must watch epi!! Loved sharma-punji comeback..!!Heart.. Also loved the old flash backs that the cvs showed us!!Clap


thats it from me...will edit more pts tomorrow if needed!!

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aaj toh deffo take likhna banta hai... hayye!! singu arohi aur punji arohi!! Day Dreaming

remember the song u recorded for this season!!! no? that's why u shud play it more often.. Angry infact stop luking for other BGs.. u have perfectly awesome BGs ready for KMH. just play them... u'll be eulogized forever.. no more random film songs in this show plz... only 8 epi's left Cry

also want maha episode for the grand finale and hume amanpreet chahiye.. humari maange puri karo CVs LOL

now to the epi.. luved it.. re runs dekh dekh ke faint ho rahe hai!! *taaliyan*
arjun arohi chalte hue bus me chadhe, aur chalte chalte, kapde bhi badal liye, woh bhi bhare bus me!!LOL *taaliyan*
CV's ne phir continuity dikhayi par 2 min pehle se nahi.. *taaliyan*
police wale ko nakli mustache asli lagi, aur asli wala nakli *taaliyan*
bus wale natak company ke hai kya? extra clothes aur fake mucchi leke ghum rahe hai *taaliyan*
KMH ke creative team bhi rajasthani mood me hai.. ullus ne nahi pehchana, par humne pehchaan liya *taaliyan*
"inspector sahab, beendni hai hamari, ab iska ghungat toh na kheenchne dun!! samjhe?" Party
arohi nahi par arjun daily soaps dekhta hai aur rajasthani bhi seekhli *taaliyan*
itne dinon se arjuhi chilla chilla kar keh rahe hai aur ullus nahi samjhe par arjuhi jahan bhi jaate hai, har koi inke sacche pyar ko samajh kar madad karta hai... *taaliyan*
bus wale rajasthani cupids ke liye zor se *taaliyan*
arjun arohi ke flashback subhan allah!! loved their sweet memories!! gaddi me jaate jaate apne pyar ke raaston me tehel rahe the Day Dreaming
khatarnak first meet, jungle wala semi honeymoon, arohi ke baansuri sunne ke wish *taaliyan*
arjun the beend ke bansuri ke liye dhamakedar *taaliyan* thnx CVs.. ye dekhne ke liye kab se wait kar rahe the!! arjun flute bajaye, aur arohi admire kare!! DancingDay Dreaming
bus me hil hil ke, arjuhi ke dil mil mil ke, jo hume bansuri sunayi.. humare dil khil khil ke reh gaye!! ROFL p.s. we know the bus didn't move at all!! Tongue but the bus was rocking so much n still arjun delivered his masterpiece flute rendition..Tongue *taaliyan*

arohi arjun ne phir se kapde badle!! iss baar punji aur sharma ban ke aayo hai!! ghane din ho gayo Day Dreaming unn dino ke mharo memories ghane meetho lago hai!! *taaliyan*
Udaypur ke sightseeing trip me pehla stop.. airport!! *taaliyan*
chachu ki bhare bus me arjuhi ko pakadne ki koshish.. cupids khele dodge ball aur arjuhi phir bhi bhaag gaye!! aur chachu ke honhar officers kare chachu se gaddari!! *taaliyan*Evil Smile
just watched this scene again.. chachu has his pistol out n still the bus full of ppl dare to defy him!!! *taaliyan* chachu ab toh maan jao ki aap ki kahin bhi nahi chalti!! ROFL
Chachu: "inke sacche pyaar ka THE end mein karunga!!" Aksh: "pehle apne kacche ideas ko kisi khai me phenk!! nalayak, vardi utar ke phenk de ROFLkitni baar koshish ki, phir bhi arjun ko pakad na saka!! " ullus will be ullus *taaliyan*
chachu ke ungodly iraadon me god ne ki interference.. *taaliyan*

KMH goes religious on us!! ek ek kar ke saare ullus god ke paas jaa rahe hai.. one way or another Tongue Amrit hamesha hi apne rab ka number hold pe rakkhe hai, DJ went to gurudware, KSA tried direct entry!! ab chachu lagta hai pooja karenge.. unke BG se toh yahi lagta hai!! *taaliyan*
punji aur arohi har boundary laang rahe hai.. pyar ke, kanoon ke aur logon ke ghar ke bhi *taaliyan*
hawaldar ko laga arjuhi pahad cross kar ke china gaye honge!!  *taaliyan*

police wala chachu ki vaat lagane ke liye ghar ko aag lagayenge.. inhe chachu se dushmani hai ya 5 lakh ki khwaish?? manne toh doubt hove hai!! police vale saare ke saare khotte nikle.. arjuhi chuhe thode hi hai ke aag lagayenge.. CVs u dint find any other way to give a fire scene? but why a fire scene.. that fire scene in season 1 was patented to that season.. aap punji aur arohi dikhana chahte hai theek hai, but why fire scene.. u cud have shown something else.. Cry

khair, on the whole it was a superb episode.. plz plz plz play the title song!!! teri sanson duet version plz!!! and hated the BG for the flashback.. it was a perfect moment to play the title track. you have lost two precious chances to play that title track. kal bhi saibo play kar diya!! plz take care of this!!Angry

over n out from MLSA Samvadata Aksh.. taaliyan baja baja ke haath dukh rahe hai.. phir bhi ruk nahi rahe!! must watch epi!

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Anjali96 IF-Sizzlerz

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dunno what they'll show after the leap..!! n why do we need a leap..?!! dnt wanna see arjuhi still running after that..Ouch...n want to see a SR n aman n preet...n i want everything to be resolved..properly..!!Disapprove
hayeee...!! arjuhi!!...HeartDay Dreaming...muah!! Hug loved every scene of dere's...esp the flashbacks..n arjun's rajasthani language...Day Dreaming...superloved that line of his..!! stole my heart!!Embarrassed...n arjuhi in Punji-sharma fire scene clothes was a cherry on the cake...KMH1 aur fire scene ki yaad diladi...Cry Cry Cry...i wish we didn't see KMH1 in KMH2..i wish CVs had shown sumthing else instead of the fire scene...making me senti..Disapprove
*Epi starts wid Arjuhi in Rajasthani disguise...hayye..!! the perfect rajasthani couple ever..!!Day Dreaming...n arjun's khol eyes...killerBlushingDay Dreaming...just love his eyes...have so much to many much charm n magic...his eyes r so beautiful n expressive...Heart
*Police comes in n calls arjuhi "shaane"..!!omg that word cracked me up so badly...ROFLROFL...n the way the police officer sed that was superfunny...ClapClap..ROFLROFLROFL...
*a big hug to the bus wale..Hug..for helping arjuhi...n what they said was rite...looking at dem no one wud ever wanna seperate demStar..n they were heloing true lovers which is a gud thingBig smile
*Police come up to arjuhi...Shocked...but arjun very smart uses his rajasthani dialogue n says "mahri beendni hai iska ghungat nahi uthega"...hayyee...!! that stole my heart..!!..just loved the way he said it...Karan's RajasthaniThumbs UpStarClap...arohi also impressed asks arjun how he knew rajasthani...n once agiana arjun proves his uniqueness by saying that TV soaps r based on rajasthani...Confused..LOL LOL LOL...dialogue writer jee...Evil Smile..that was so not part of arjun's characterThumbs Down...wish you gave a bettr explanation for itTongue
*bus wale again being mercyfull to us viewersLOL n ask arjuhi abt their lovestory...Embarrassed...n for arohi it was a khatarnaak meeting...TongueLOL..n the flashbacks start...from their first their semi honeymoon aka jungle arjun kissing arohi while doing her zip to arjuhi's reunion hugDay Dreaming...first of all...not happy wid the song...not familer wid it at all...n the song was very slow and did not match up to arjuhi's intense n cute scenesThumbs Down i so badly wanted Teri saanson se to be played...miss that song like hell..n whats worse the original song hasn't been played once in the show!!AngryCryOuch..secondly, wanted more flashback after arjuhi's first meet...their second yet proper meet during Gauri-rajveer's engagement...arjun arohi scene6 to finish the job ep3 the moment where arjuhi were in that room..arohi slips n arjun catches her..that moment was supercuteHeartDay Dreaming...arjun arohi scene26 quarrel in the locked room ep14 Sarhali scenes...the parde ke peeche convo..Embarrassed..arjun arohi scene88 sweet talk through curtain ep31seeing sunrise together scene...
arjun arohi scene89 seeing sunrise together ep31, maybe sum scenes where arjun is trying to win arohi over...i loved the scene where arohi kept asking arjun to give the ring back that mamaji gave to both of dem..n arjun just pulls her closer to himDay Dreaming..
arjun arohi scene128 your man is here ep49.the scene where arjun finally has the right to ask for arohi's hand..n he ask shefali to send arohi to her room...that scene was amazing..!!Heart...arjuhi's private talk...arjun wiping her tears..hayee that scene was intenseDay Dreaming...arjun arohi scene119 private talk ep46 arjuhi's honeymoon sceneEmbarrassed... i also wanted to see the scene where arjun puts the ring on arohi...arjun arohi scene280 putting the ring on ep100 ..who can forget arjuhi's kiss sceneBlushing...arjun arohi scene285 kiss scene ep102  the trying to have a SR scene..dose close moments...arjun arohi scene305 obstacles in the night ep110the scene in the policevan...arjun arohi scene308 kiss kiss kiss  ep111 n dose passionate birthday kissesDay Dreaming...arjun arohi scene319 birthday kisses ep115 n hu can forget those cottage scenes...where arohi is drunk n falls onto arjun...behosh...hayee..!! that moment was intense..!! arjun arohi scene12 drunk stage in his cottage ep7 and this one..where arjun unlocks arohi car in styleBlushing
Day Dreamingthe BG was perfect..!! arjun arohi scene15 unlocking her car ep7 Many more i wanted 2 c in the FB...but my list is too longLOL..but dese r just sum of the scenes which i love n adoreEmbarrassed
*Arjun playing the flute was a very sweet cherry on the cake...HeartEmbarrassed...what arohi sad abt it being intoxicating is soo's got alot of effect n charm...very deep meaining in that tune...thats how she started to fall in love wid him..Embarrassed...muah!!...Hug...a very magical moment again...Day Dreaming
* ha ha..!! even Rajveer's saathi police officers hate him...ROFLROFL..n r scheming against him..gosh that cracked me up like hell...!! ROFL...real life main already itni saare haters hai..aur ab reel life main bhi dere ppl hu hate him...LOL LOL LOL...Rajveer having sum moments n flashbacks to himself abt arjuhi's true love...ab to realise kar...shame that other ppl can see arjuhi's true love..but none of arjuhi's families esp Ullu's can't...Dead..n CVs i hope you remember that arjun still has to b proved innocent...that was also arohi's challenge to Rajveer..!!Evil Smile
*arjuhi get changed into Punji-sharma clothes from KMH1 fire sceneDay DreamingCry...we cudn't see dem in that get up properly because of police n clown...Angry.Angry..and wahi OM pendent...Cry..making me senti n nostalgic...why did we see this in KMH2..!!Cry ha ha arjun asking what's his problem made me laugh..!! loved it wen he said that...really that clown has been dismissed from the case n yet he is trying to act mahan n out of order by doing all this...DeadAngry
*Arjuhi running..perfect BGThumbs Up...arohi's leg getting hurt..arjun saying sorry...Embarrassed
n now dese police officer r plaaning to fire the place...then only they can catch;east we now how the fire will happen..!!! but will i watch it again..!! esp because it is one of my most fave scene n moment in KMH1..this scene means alot to me..n it's onyl for Punji-sharma..!!Disapprove
P.S..i really n have always wished to see a arjuhi dance..rain or no rain on "Teri saanson se"Embarrassed but we didn't get a title track video n neither was the song hardly playedDisapprove...really wanna see one...HeartDay Dreaming..this wud b the most unique dance ever...EmbarrassedHeart

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