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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 7:00am | IP Logged
Hello everyone

I am here to confess that I am addicted to Geet. It is apparently a very bad condition. I am sure many of you are in the same boat. Cry

Now coming to the point, as far as I know I did not ask or demand to see a SR. Ouch

Inspite of that they told me there was one coming. I clearly stated I did not think it was time for it and that they were rushing it. But they did not care Ouch

Then came the spate of articles from several sources about the SR. The insiders came and made posts in the forum and also there were status messages from the team letting us know something exciting was happening. So yes as a die-hard fan I was excited. That was my mistake. Ouch

When the episode was not up to par I criticized it by calling a spade a spade. I had problems with the screenplay and the flow of the episode. My problems had nothing to do with the lack of hot scenes. I aired my thoughts on the open forum. Apparently I am not allowed to do so because my doing so is bringing the show down. Ouch

Tell me this if I did not care for the show why would I bother to spend my time giving constructive feedback?

On one hard I hear that the PH is now busy with a new show and is giving Geet step motherly treatment. Ouch
On the other hand I hear that it is all the channel's fault Ouch.
Then I hear that it is all the actor's fault Ouch
Then they told me it is the writer who was at fault Ouch
Then finally they told me it was the fault of the fans who demanded this and this is all our fault Ouch

How is this our fault when we did not demand this?
Have they ever really taken our demands seriously?
What about when we told them to scrap the AA track? We begged, we pleaded and criticized to our hearts content. The TRPs kept falling and they kept stalling. We swallowed that.
What about when we pleaded with them not to let Geet put color on Dev. They still went ahead with that. We shouted from the rooftops and no one heard us. Ouch
Now with this Nandini-Dev track again we are screaming ourselves hoarse and no one seems to care. Instead we are being told that we are responsible for the state of the show. It is all the fault of the fans. Ouch

How can it be our fault when they never bothered to listen to us?
Is it our fault that the TRPs fell because of the crappy AA track? Angry
Is it our fault that the TRPs that have risen now will now fall because of the Dev-Nandini track?
Then how am I or any other fan who cares for the show enough to speak out to blame for this debacle please tell me.
If you cannot take responsibility and admit you screwed up fine. If there were some internal problems that you do not want to share fine. But how can you turn around and start blaming people whose opinion you never cared for in the first place. That is my question and that is what has left me deeply disappointed.

I am really really upset about the state of the show. They have decided to pretend that Dev did not commit any crime at all Cry and now Maan and Geet are going to be playing cupid Dead Ouch Angry...I am sorry but this did not sit well with me. I find the idea that Dev did not get his just desserts wrong. On top of that he is now going to get a new girl. How many has he had so far? - Naintara, Geet, Meera and now Nandini. I was also upset that they showed Dev badmouthing Nandini to the prospective groom and tried to pass this off of comedy.

This is not the Geet we knew when we first started watching the show. But we continue watching this because we love Maaneet. They have played with the characters of Maan and Geet to the point that we just do not recognize the characters now Ouch. The Maan Singh Khurana we knew would never play cupid to his brother who ruined the life of the girl he loved. So looks like the Maan and Geet we fell in love with are dead and these people here are just their clones Ouch.

We always thought that this was a show where feedback was appreciated. But apparently not anymore. It is a crime to speak your mind or to hold an opinion that is different from the rest. Ouch

As a die hard fan of Geet I thought when I expressed my opinion I was doing so for the betterment of the show. But apparently that is not the case. The mess that happened in the maha episode is all the fault of the fans. Ouch

For those of you who have been there since the beginning you know why I am so upset
- the storyline is next to non-existent. Cry
- the leads are given crappy clothing Cry ...even Lacchi wears better clothes than Geet Ouch
  I have a feeling Dev and Nandini are the new leads of he show and Maaneet will be sidelined. Ouch
- the production values have fallen
- they come up with hare-brained plots and then blame us for not giving them TRPs. Cry

Bottom line it is all our fault apparently CryCry

 We have stuck with you through all the garbage you have thrown at us. There is nothing in your show that is novel anymore and the it is only your loyal viewers who are keeping your show afloat inspite of you treating all of us like rubbish. Please wake up before it is too late and give us our geet and our Maan and Geet back.

I am sorry if I have hurt anyone's sentiments but I figured I am sharing my thoughts so it would still be ok for me to post in the forum. I apologize in advance for stepping on any toes. I would appreciate it if there was no bashing in any of the replies and we could all have a civil discussion.

I also want us to give the CVs some ideas. Whether they want to use it or not is their call but let us try and do something constructive in their eyes - atleast I hope they think it is constructive. I would not want to be accused of trying to pull down my favorite show. Ouch

Please also post your comments on FB

Star One site

Idea for future tracks(click here)

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 7:02am | IP Logged
Jhan a much needed and well-written postClapClapClap...We all r loyal viewers of the show and we hv every right to vocie our opinions if we see that things r not going as per our wish and our show is sufferingCry
I dunno what to say after watching last 2-3  Episodes except for one thing that CVs r just hell bent on showing us something which they know viewers will hate to seeAngry
  • First they ruined the most awaited Suhaagraat of MaaneetCryCryCry
  • Next they will make Maaneet cupid for Dev-Nandu and we might see MSK and Geet trying to convince all about how Dev will b ideal hubby for NandiniDeadDead
 So are CVs deliberately spoiling their own show so that fans stop watching it and move to their so called new show on star plus and then once trps go low ,they will get a nice excuse to close the show down ???Confused
Sorry to sound so negative but after watching last 2-3  episodes this is the only conclusion I can drawErmm
 As normal episodes ,they r nice with good flow...nice comic element in the show...Maaneet scenes are good ..Gurti always rocks in whatever they do and SS was brilliant  yesterday throughout with his comic timingClap...but still viewers r not liking it ..Why ??...CVs Ask this question to yourselves and u will get the answer...Its because Maaneet does not hv a proper track...their relationship is standstill at one point and viewers r not even sure Consummation happened or not because they r behaving as usual next day with MSK trying to kiss her and she is pushing him offOuch...Maaneet r limited to side characters in the show who themselves don't hv a track but r only playing cupids to other side characters in the show who r all hving proper tracks around themOuch ;Another reason is viewers r not able to digest Dev ki Rasleela and Maaneet plsying cupid for him just because of Dev's past deedsOuch;If it was Vicky-Nandini or mayb even Tej-Pammi then viewers would hv loved to see Maaneet playing cupids for them but when it comes to Dev ,its impossible for the viewers to digest all this nonsense in the name of comedyAngry...
Damage has been already done and all CVs can do is repair this damage by trying to introduce a proper track surrounding Maaneet and make sure that NT comes back to handle his Devaaa ka rasleelaApprove..But no Maaneet playing cupid for Devini will b toleratedSmile
Options for good Maaneet tracks...
1)Send Maaneet back to Delhi..bring in the office track with Geet either joining office with MSK or mayb completing her studies...
2)Bring MSK's past chapter related to his mother or Sameera or whatever and connect it with
Maaneet ka bonding...
3)Show a proper Maaneet SR in Delhi ...We r not depmanding any explicit scenes but something which can b defined as proper suhaagraat ...the passion ...desire...foreplay...ambience...all that needs for a suhaagraat between a passionate couple like Maaneet
4)Make Dev negative by hook or by crook...Let Dev become a selfish soul who wanted to hv his share in Khurana business and let Maaneet stand together against Devaaa here...its high time the show needs a good villain...
5)Bring in Vicky in the picture and hook him up with Nandini ...noone will complain if Maaneet plays a cupid for Vicky-Nandu or even Tej-PammiBig smile...and if possible bring Tej-Pammi to Delhi where Pammi can get a good makeover along with Geet tooLOLEmbarrassed
6)Bring some uniqueness in Maaneet scenes,...Their romantic scenes r getting stagnent ...Why not bring some freshness in it like MSK taking Geet to a romantic dinner date...or Maaneet getting drenched in Rain and we hv a rain song here or Geet trying to seduce MSK wearing a western dress whose previous loop can b closedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
7)Can Maaneet go for their second proper honeymoon please without any extra baggageBig smile...
8)If for the sake of dragging the story ,new characters r being introduced then make sure those characters r somewhere connected to the Maaneet story like why not a dashing business partner for MSK who might hv his evil eye on GeetEvil Smile...I know it might sound like a cliched track but at least it can b better than what we r witnessing currently ..right ??Big smile
9)Geet is Millionaire's wife...can she look like one as well wearing some good stylish designer sarees or modern outfits ??...Can we hv some high society business parties where Maaneet can b projected like the hottest couple in townCool...I know Party ideas r more like Ektaish but why not ??Tongue
10)If all tracks r over...then here is last idea...Kill Maaneet...Reincarnation...Fresh storyCool...But not now...first finish all the above mentinoed tracksLOLTongue

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-Deepzz- Moderator

Joined: 01 May 2009
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 7:08am | IP Logged

I understand you sister . I am in the same boat as you. 

Did we ask or publish articles , or send feelers that a Maha-CON is on the way...No we didn't Ouch
If I am buying a product and am not satisfied ...don't I have the right to air my grievance ... Ouch
and why will I do  that? I would think the maker would take my opinion constructively and churn out a new and improved product next time...else the company will go down the drain...Unless that is what they are aiming for .Shocked

Most of the general junta hated AA track...but did they listen to the fans? NO

Coming to Dev...I am fine with Dev's redemption and rehabilitation , writer's choice ..but now they are slowly trying to pair up the victim's sister with Deva  Angry...That is beyond my tolerance level...It is so sickening  that the guy first get away from any punishment...on top of that he is now spoiling the life of an innocent girl Nandini ...
So CV's should tell me ...Why is the newly redeemed Saint back to his shenanigans..spoiling an innocent girl's for his pleasure...just like he got carried away with Geet .Ouch

I don't care what anyone says...As long as GHSP stays on air...If I am unsatisfied...I will shout from rooftops until somebody listens to me...

I am a Maneetian...I will fight for Maneet...Better clothes, more screen time, better storyline...Halla Bol.

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Taiyo IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 June 2006
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 7:11am | IP Logged
I wish there was a duster in the hands of the viewers who are with this show from the first episode unlike the team of the creatives or so called heads in the channel who jump in and out all the time without looking back or in the future.

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 June 2006
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 7:13am | IP Logged
Great Post Jhan...Thumbs UpClap

I for one have lost the energy to ramble these days...but for you I will try...Embarrassed

Geet...a show which was loved and watched...firstly for its strong storyline, secondly for the characters Maan and Geet and last but not the least, the chemistry and excellent portrayal of the characters by GC and now lost...Ouch

And all that remains and all that is holding the viewers to the show is the last point that I have mentioned above...and even that is in short supply...Maan and Geet seem to have been sidelined and a new story seems to have been spun by the makers, which has Dev and Nano as the leads...

Remember Maaneet are the USP of the show...Everyone else's story should spin around theirs and not the other way round...People are still watching the show because you have a great pair of leads in the form of GC and DD ...Utilize them fully...Their story and their scenes is what will get you the TRPs that have gone missing...So, Think Hard before venturing into the forbidden territory of a romance between Geet's sister and a guy who duped and ruined Geet's life and making Maaneet support them...This will surely make many of the staunch followers of the show to quit watching it...

There are so many future tracks that can be explored...
1) Maan's past and its revelation using the attic in KM
2) Sameera
3) Vicky the third brother of Maan and Dev
4) Return of NT
5) Dev's past and the reason for his gambling
And so on and so forth...

Explore new stories keeping Maaneet as the focal point...Show them stand together and fight injustices...make them get closer with each passing day and not become caricatures of their past selves...Elevate them and their relationship to unseen heights...If you do even some of what is written in this thread by Jhan, Jyo and others...I am sure the show will reach the stars and beyond...Smile

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TSharan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 31 December 2008
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 7:13am | IP Logged

Res for my initial thoughts...more later

Wese they are playing reverse psychology on us by pretending to be the victims...
I have never requested for anything from the channel or the PH. I did not say show me a SR...I swear I did not ask for itTongue  I am a patient viewer and was ready to wait for this special moment for some more time...
I solemnly swear I did not ask for ANYTHING!!! All I wanted was good, captivating story with Maaneet as the central point...that too becoz I was made to believe they are the leads of the show...D'oh
I swear...I am innocent...I did nothing, demanded nothing...
My only fault is I am a die hard fan of the show...want the show to continue to do well and entertain us for a long time...
My fault is I remain loyal to thew other show makes any sense to me except this one...
My other fault is I love Maaneet and find them the most happening couple on telly...they sparkle my day and make me feel like a 13 yrs old boppy teenager who has had her first crushEmbarrassed
Am i wrong ?????? please answer me!!!ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused

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MishtyShona IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 November 2009
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 7:14am | IP Logged
Awesome post Jhan n Jyo... Keep up the good work...

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taqdir IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 July 2010
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 7:16am | IP Logged
first of all let me make the list of options still available for GHSP damage control:

1. Return to delhi without dev-nandini. Nandini could swear that she would only marry if her hubby stays in their place after marriage. 

2. Geet can take mamae-lucky to delhi and we can have some fun there.

3. Its high time to let out maan's past with sameera, his relationship with his parents and vicky the third khurana bro. Maan's mom or sameera can try to create problems which maneet can handle together. 

Now dear geet team, whatever you showed us as SR didnt seem like an SR. I am among the fewwho never wanted to see an SR but respecting those who did, i must say that the event looked pretty much like maan putting tired geet to hay bed only. Maneet were chased by some muggers that day and they just saved their lives somehow. I would have only wanted to hug my husband tight if i were in geet's shoes and not even for once think about SR. Because i would have constantly worried about getting caught again and wont have been too relaxed to make love...gosh! So its better for all of us if we forget that event and work hard for a new and creative SR. The end!

On a serious note, i would like to request the admins of GEET and 4LIONS FB pages to stop blaming the fans. Yes we are at times utterly irritating, we bash, we curse, we blame but that all that we do. You can always decide to ignore our comments. But we do not write the scripts, we do not perform the roles, we do not restrict your freedom and we certainly do not edit out things! So we can never be the ones to blame. We only talked and look what you did!

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