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SHATTYS-II "Finale" Part 16(Page 130) (Page 42)

Bajju Goldie

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 8:54am | IP Logged
OMG, i got what i want, luv u.

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
thanks hima...Smile
iViews IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shwets1502

@nets..both of them dont have a clue abt this...ROFL

Shaking Hands   Best Friends 1       R they going to work together ? LOL

SheemU Paris Jail Sentence SheemA Di Aphrodite
Just pray Shwetha that end of the day U won't end up like this   Wheel Chair

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

Joined: 20 November 2009
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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 9:31am | IP Logged
@nets..yeah..they will be partners..LOL and superb emoticons...Smile
i really hope i dont end up in stretcher or DH...ROFL

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MadameX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shwets1502


Shetty:(From the London Eye..looking at the city..with a photo of Shah) I will definitely find u Shah...Unhappy
Shah: (In a dark room...with Shetty's picture in her mind..)Shetty..when will u find me...i want to be with u...CryCry

Shetty ko madad karne ke liye aur in do premiyon ko milane ke liye aa rahe hain..Big smile

Camera flies and shows a deserted highway road...Wink
where very far away at the end of the road...
stands a person holding chains tied to atleast 3 dogs...LOLlooking ferociously at the camera...AngryLOLboth the person and the dogs..Wink

On the other end,standing outside a cricket stadium and browsing the phone with super concentration Wink
is another person who stylishly catches the ball coming from the stadium even without looking at itLOLLOL

Both gets a call...Smile

Person 1: Sheemu here!!
Person 2: Sheema here!!

After listening...

Sheemu and Sheema: Mission Doondo Shah KoLOLLOL

Kya ye dono Shetty ko apne Shah se mila denge???LOL

Jaanne Ke Liye Padthe Rahiya Shattys-II, Tomorrow anytime only on SGP ForumLOL

Shwets Amma, you really need to hurry up and update. You give such a tantalizing promo, I just can't wait. Hurrryyy!!!! Big smileLOL

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MadameX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 June 2011
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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shwets1502

@nets..yeah..they will be partners..LOL and superb emoticons...Smile
i really hope i dont end up in stretcher or DH...ROFL
Now the tamasha will begin after you update. ROFL

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

Joined: 20 November 2009
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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 6:16pm | IP Logged
iam still sure both Sheemu and Sheema di havent read this...ROFL

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

Joined: 20 November 2009
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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 9:54pm | IP Logged

Dr.Shetty is on his way to London. He has got the numbers of the people who are going help him find Shah in London. He is pretty confident that he will find Shah here.Smile

Vijay is calling TL.

Vijay: Boss...Shetty is fast tracking us..Unhappy
TL: *thinking...and then laughing*
Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile
Vijay: *smirking* Now whats the plan Boss??Evil Smile
TL: Dont know.LOL I did not know how to react and hence laughed.Ouch
Vijay: Confused
TL: Let him come Vijay..*laughing
Evil Smile* then we can see which plan to execute..Evil Smile
Vijay: But if he finds us??Takes Shah with him??Ouch
Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile
*keeps the phone*

Dr.Shetty is waiting in the airport for the 2 people. He is walking here and there.

Person: Are u Dr.Shetty???
Dr.Shetty: Yes...
Person: *Points a gun at his foreheadShocked* Dr.Shetty..listen to me carefully... From now on...I dont want to see u wearing or having anything in "GOLD" or "GOLD" color..LOLLOLeven if its a handkerchief...LOL
Is that clear??!!! *takes thegun off*

Dr.Shetty: *scared* yes..and u are??Ouch
Person: I am Sheemu...ACP must have told about me...Smile
Dr.Shetty: *removing his gold ring* lekin...aapko SONA se kya problem hai???Ouch
Sheemu: *laughs..keeps the gun again
Evil Smile* SONA...hindi mein ek word jo mujhe pasand nahi...LOLand GOLD in english Wink
Dr.Shetty: Ok ok...i find a locker to keep my possessions...*walks from there*

Dr.Shetty finds a locker and deposits his belongings and is coming back.

Person: Dr.Shetty???Confused
Dr.Shetty: *scared* yes..Ouch
Person: Now its very important that u walk properly when u work with seems very weird the way u walk..and please cant u wear matching shoes..??AngryOuch
Dr.Shetty: And u are??
Person: Sheema...and i want everything to be perfect...Big smileWink
Dr.Shetty: Right!!!

Dr.Shetty(in mind): How am i going to work these two people!!!

Sheema and Sheemu meet and shake hands.

Sheema: Iam Sheema..Smile
Sheemu: Oh...iam Sheemu..Big smile
Sheema: Sheemu..Its Sheemu??Iam Sheema..LOL
Sheemu: Oh..Sheema...Iam Sheemu...we have a difference...I have "u"LOL
Sheema: SORRY!!??Confused
Sheemu: I mean in my name...LOL
Sheema: Oh what confusion...ConfusedWink

Dr.Shetty: Can we get to work please...Ouch
Sheems(Sheema and Sheemu) : Sure...Big smile

They are now going on a car...Radio is on...and its an interview of Ragini Khanna...Wink

Sheema: OMG!! My dream has come true...ShockedBig smile
Sheemu: Oh...its Ragini!!!!Big smile

Both thinks about Ragini

BG: Deewana..Main Hun Deewana Tera(Sonu Nigam)

and we see an excited Sheems thinking abt meeting Ragini and how they tell everything they think about her. Ragini gives a big smile and both faint.LOLLOLLOL

Dr.Shetty: Ragini fanatics...I beg u to think about my Shah please...Unhappy
Sheemu: Ok..we are going to my place now...u said ur wife wears a similar ring as yours..
Dr.Shetty: yes..
Sheemu: I have...uhum..."that" tracker...i use it to put those people who have "that" into my we can track ur wife like that..Wink
Sheema: But i have lost all respect for can he kidnap and person with "that"??Ouch
Sheemu: I totally can he..Angry
Dr.Shetty: Kamaal hai...i have always seen women disagreeing to each other...but this two are always agreeing...ConfusedLOL

At Sheemu's place...after carefully crossing the DH...they are now trying to track Shah..

Dr.Shetty: So u both work for the police???
Sheems: NO...
Dr.Shetty: Then...
Sheemu: Why are u dragging ur questions...cant u ask what we do??Angry
Sheema: Iam a venture capitalist..into creating medical facilities for the need...
Sheemu: Iam a doctor my dream was to become a dietician...Wink
Dr.Shetty: So u are all into medicine like me...Smile
Sheems: DONT COMPARE US WITH U!!!!Anytime we are better than u...Angry

They get a hit in the tracker...

Sheemu: Look i think its them...*makes a call..completes* yes i have confirmed...its them...lets move on..Smile
Sheema: Ok lets go in 2 cars it will be easy to chase...

Sheemu and Shetty in one car...and Sheema in another head towards the destination point...

Vijay: Oh God..looks like they have found us..i have just 2 hrs to reach the airport...
Shah: *laughsLOL* I know abt my boy..."He is not a coward" he will find u and then..LOL
Vijay: *gives her a packet of icecream*
Shah: *stops her speech and starts eating*LOL
Vijay: *thinks...insight* do that...LOL

The 2 cars are waiting at the signal...

Sheema:*gets a call from her hubby* Hey...i am stuck with a new to u later...bye..!!!

Sheemu: *eating mangoes*
Dr.Shetty: Are u sure u wanted to be a dietitian??Confused
Sheemu: Why???
Dr.Shetty: Mangoes can increase ur weight..
Sheemu: WHAT!!!!Shocked*thunders breaks..and the screen with Sheemu's face split into 2*LOLLOLLOL

Dr.Shetty looks out of the window and is shocked...

Dr.Shetty: Look that is Vijay...Shocked
Sheemu: *Looks outside and sees a person in a car* Are u sure??
Dr.Shetty: 100% *shows a picture of him, Shah, Vijay and MA*
Sheemu: *calls Sheema and tells the matter*
Sheema: follow the track..and u follow that car..
Sheemu: Ok...

Sheemu and Shetty are chasing Vijay...Meanwhile Sheema is chasing the track..

Sheemu:Do u have any weapon??
Dr.Shetty: No..
Sheemu: Take the key from my purse and open the box in the dashboard
Dr.Shetty: *takes the key and screams*ShockedShockedShocked
Sheemu: What??
Dr.Shetty: The key is burning...Ouch
Sheemu: Because...its the HotKey..(HOTKI)LOLLOLLOL now open and take it..we are near...

Sheemu gets near the car and sides it. Both Sheemu and Dr.Shetty comes out with guns pointed at him.

Sheemu: Come out with ur hand up!!
Shetty: *looks inside the car* No she is not here
Sheemu: VIJAY!!where is Dr.Shah??Angry
Vijay: Who???Dr.Shah??Confused
Sheemu: Dont play...Angry
Vijay: Did u say Vijay???!!!Is he here??In London??Confused
Dr.Shetty: Kya bakwaas kar rahe ho??Angry
Vijay: Ok..first of all Iam not Vijay...but Vijay's twin brother...LOLLOLwe got separated when we were very young and even iam searching for my brother..Smile
Dr.Shetty: *checks his hand for tatoo* yes..he is not Vijay..Ouch
Sheemu: Sorry for the trouble..Smile
Person: Its ok...
Sheemu: Whats ur name Sir...??
Person: Akshay...AkshayDeep...LOL

Sheema is driving behind the track. There is traffic jam(probably rarest in London). Suddenly a girl comes.

Girl: Dekhiye ji..kya aap meri madad karengiji?? Main meri saathi ko kho diya ji...main unse bahut pyaar karthi hoon ji..Cry
Sheema: *in mind* I have nothing good to do now..let me help..*traffic clears...and Sheema sides her car to first help and then chase*

Both Sheema and the Girl goes in search..

Girl: I lost my companion here only...*shows a big farm area* Dont know how to find now...*crying*Cry
Sheema: *looks at watch* Ok do u have a picture of ur companion...Confused
Girl: haan ji...*shows photo*
Sheema: *shocked..Shockedthe screen with her face freeze and the camera takes over...showing sheema from all the then her shocked face zooms in 3 timesLOLLOLLOL* Yeh..!!ShockedShockedShocked
Girl: *smiles* Ji..Big smileBig smile
Sheema: yeh toh murgi hai...ROFL
Girl: Ji...ek bhaisab ne mujhe diya..lekin maine use koh diya...phir maine us aadmi koh phone kiya..and usne bataaya ki aap meri madad karengi.Big smile
Sheema: OMG!! ShockedI have wasted soo much time with u...i could have called my hubby atleast once in this time...LOLand now i dont know how iam going to find Shah..Confused

Sheema runs back to the car and sees the track to be at the airport. Sheema informs Sheemu and all of them go to the airport.

Shetty goes to the help desk and gets to know Shah and Vijay have taken the flight to the US.

Sheemu: We are sorry...we could not help much..
Sheema: Hope u find ur wife soon...

Both their mobiles ring. They read...

Sheems: OMG!!!
Sheema: It seems a superb episode...iam going home...bye Shetty...Smile
Sheemu: I have to rush home now and i have also called AkshayDeep for tea...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedgotto go...bye Shetty...Smile



Shetty: *sitting at the airport* US!!!How will i find them in US!!!Its a huge place...who will help me...ConfusedCry

Thanks everyone for reading...and Sheemu and Sheema di...if u read this...this is just meant to be fun...hope u dont mind...if anything i mentioned hurts u...iam really very sorry...Smile

And very sorry for the long part...EmbarrassedSmile

Edited by Shwets1502 - 22 June 2011 at 10:04pm

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