Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Vignettes - Arjuhi FF!! *first dance pg4*

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 3:33am | IP Logged
These are random moments, Arjuhi have spent together,... or situations!! its not a continuous story.. or maybe not even a story!! but just sweet moments or whatever!!

temme if you guys like the idea and want me to continue!! :)

Vignette #1 - Engagement page1

Vignette #2 - First Dance page 4

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Tomorrow was the day; finally, she was getting engaged to him, Arjun, her Arjun!

She would have some kind of right over him. Fianc, the name crept a blush on her face. Arjun was no less excited. How she would look in the ghagra choli, how she would smile, how she would blush! The thoughts kept him smiling to himself. They both were eagerly waiting for the day. Only if hours passed away like seconds.


Shefali, Rashi and bua were getting Arohi decked up for her engagement. Her mum, couldn't stopped smiling through her tears..Finally her Arohi was going to get engaged. And Arjun, well he could not control his excitement. He had made sure that everything from the food to the carpet was of her liking. She was definitely lucky. She wore a red colour ghagra and he wore a black suit with a red tie matching her ghagra.. They descended down the stairs from the opposite direction looking into his eyes.. WOW!!

The hall was decorated in red and white. Their friends and families made sure that everything was perfect. They both stood next to each other on the stage, stealing glances often, making sure no one noticed. Little did they know, shefali had asked the photographer to click pictures when they stole glances.
 Arjun slid the ring into Arohi's finger. Arohi shivered at his touch. She did the same, and Arjun looked at her… She was too shy to look into his eye. Arjun had held her hand secretly… Finally, she did look at him. They both were in the same situation – 'maan me laddu phoot rahe the' . Everyone cheered for the 'newly engaged couples. The ceremony got over with everyone congratulating them, and lot of blessings; and how can I forget? Teases from their friends that made Arohi blush, blush and blush!

There was something missing, definitely. They were happy they got engaged but that satisfaction was not there. Satisfaction – 'OMG!! We're engaged!!' And why would there be? Both of them did not utter a single word. Arjun was restless. Every time he tried talking to her, something or someone came up. She also wanted to talk, but it didn't happen. After the ceremony, Arjun requested Arohi's dad n her mom to let him drop her home. They agreed on the condition that she'd return home soon. Arohi thought – 'yeh pagal hai. Kuch bhi kar sakta hai!!'. She smiled and they left.

They sat in the car, silent for a few minutes, looked at each other, then looked away and then finally burst out laughing loud looking at each others faces. They felt silent again.

Arohi blushed.
Arjun smiled.
He held her hand.
She blushed hard amidst her smile.
She looked down.
'Ahem Ahem' Arjun screeched a little to break the ice. She looked at him.

Arjun – Arohi, congrats
Arohi – we're engaged!!!!!
Arjun –yes my fianc!
Arohi –my mangetan!
Arjun – so, jaaneman kaha jana chahti ho?
Arohi – bahut pyaar baras raha hai aaj??
Arjun – pyaar toh hum hamesha hi barsate hai..
Arohi – ahan… flirt kar rahe ho?
Arjun – sadly tumhe abhi pata chala…toh kahan jaana hai?
Arohi – ghar!
Arjun – Arohi!!
Arohi – what?
Arjun – common yaar.. bolo na..
Arohi – ok.. kahin bhi..
Arjun – what kahin bhi?? Bolo na??
Arohi – kahin bhi Arjun… wherever you want, I'll come.
Arjun – ok!

He drove to race course where there was a track for walking. They got down and started walking and Arjun slid his hand into her's. She looked at him shyly.

Arjun – kuch toh bolo..
Arohi - *looking at the ring* I love it!
Arjun – I love yu!
Arohi – mujhe pata tha.. tum kuch na kuch jarror karoge..
The engagement was not enough naWink??
Arjun – was it enough for you?
Arohi - *he caught her off-guard… she only blushed!*
Arjun – I knew it!
Arohi – kaise Arjun? Tumhe kaise pata chal jata hai?
Arjun – what how?
I could just sense it… main tumhe feel kar sakta hu. jab log hume wish karne aa rahe the.. tumhari aankhein bar bar meri taraf dekh rahi thi… tum mere saath akele kuch waqt bitana chahti thi..
Arohi –*she gave him a little kiss on his cheek, and he was surprised!* lets sit down.. cant walk with so much jewelry … pata bhi hai.. kitna bhaari hai?!!
Arjun – okay!*they sat down!* Hmmm.. so ya… It was there in your eyes.

Arohi – Smile
Arjun – itni chup kyu ho?? Say something!!!!
Arohi – kya bolu Arjun! You know everything!
Arjun – not about how you are feeling right now!
Arohi – hmm.. you know jab ring ceremony khatam hua.. tab you cant even fathom the happiness I felt!
Arjun – ahan!
Arohi – I was so happy.. you are mine..
Arjun – I was yours always!
Arohi – but its officially today! *putting a hand around his waist!*
Arjun - *could do nothing but blush through his smile!*

Just then, Arohi got a call, breaking the trance b/w them!
Arohi –thank yu shefu…
Arohi – ya…*walking away from arjun* and you know what! He looked so handsome in that sherwaani, I couldn't help but stare.. and then when he came and stood beside me, like my heart beats rose… I was so nervous.. what if the ring slipped and fell down. What if the ring couldn't be found? Hmm.. then after exchanging rings, I was so happy, I think you know how happy I was.. and then ya.. now he is all mine!
Arohi – and then what? The food was good. And that to guess what!
Arohi – ya.. exactly, we ate together. And the whole while he was feeding me like a baby! Gosh, that was so embarrassing!
Arohi – you are asking me what was embarrassing in that?! What was not embarrassing?!!! All those snobbish, aunties told mama(Arjun's mom) ki 'dekho.. abhi se tera beta usska khyaal rakhta hai.. dekh dekh' what the hell!! And then even Arjun didn't stop feeding me! Doubly embarrassed I was!
Arohi – hmm, listen I am out now! I'll get back to you later?
Arohi – shut up! I am out with him…
Arohi – I can take his name okay! I am out with Arjun! Happy???!!
Arohi – hmm.. details, I cant tell!


Arohi – okay, I am out for a walk with Arjun! Aur kuch?
Arohi – shut up, kuch nahi hua ab tak!
Arohi – *blushing*im keeping the phone now! byee!

Arjun just smiled at her reactions and gossip!

Arjun – I looked hot! Thank you

Arohi – you listened to all of it?
Arjun – maine tumhe follow kiya.. so!!
Arohi – so nahi karna chahiye tha! Embarrassing again!!!!
Arjun – look at me…
Arohi - *looking at him* what?
Arjun – toh batao, I looked hot?!
Arohi – yes…
Arjun – you know what?! You are mad!
Arohi – ahan! Its all cos of you!
Arjun – nice! But seriously Arohi, thank you!
Arohi – 4 what?!
Arjun – just like that. For what u said!
Arohi –Smile
Arjun – Chale?

Arohi – chalna jaruri hai??
Arjun – nahi.. mera mann nahi hai, but we have to go!
Arohi – okay! Unhappy
Arjun – you want you can stay over at my, I mean our place Wink
Arohi –Wink I wish!
Arjun –[:O][:O] okaaay???
Arohi – hahaha!!
Arjun – you serious?
Arohi – what do you think?
Arjun – I think no!
Arohi – but I was..[ ;)]
Arjun - *raised his eyebrows!* ahem!!!
Arohi – no seriously, I wish I could spend the night with you!
Arjun – ahan! Wink kisi ki bahut sari ichaye[wishes] hai?? Nicee…
Arohi - *giving him a slight punch on his arm*I didn't mean it like that!
Arjun – then like what?
Arohi – umm.. just spend some more time with you!
Arjun – ohhh! So our room?
Arohi – no some other time!
Arjun – thank god! Atleast some other time toh bola!
Arohi – Arjun!!!!
Arjun – yup??
Arohi – kuch nahi
Arjun – bolo na
Arohi – I love you..
Arjun – luv you too jaan!

Arohi – hmm…
Arjun – chale ab ya aur rukna hai?
Arohi – we'll leave.. its getting late!
Arjun – hmm..
Arohi - *in the car* I wish ghar pe sab so gaye ho!
Arjun – kyu?
Arohi – cos then my cousins, and bua and shefu will start asking me the details and not to forget, teasing me! N I don't want to answer to the million questions!
Arjun – ahan, but what other work you have then?
Arohi – so MEAN!
Arjun – whaat?!!!
Arohi – ya so mean yu are!
Arjun – arre maine kya kiya?
Arohi – what else work I have at home it seems!
Arjun – ya..
Arohi – I have much better work than listen to the teasing!
Arjun - @ this time.. its 11.50 hun, kya kaam hai??
Arohi – talk to yu!
Arjun – ok..
Arjun – ohh!!! Thank you!!!
Toh tum mujhe puri raat sone nahi dogi!??

Arohi – yup!
Arjun – oh no!
Arohi – oh yes! As if yu don't want to talk?
Arjun – no, I don't!
Arohi – Arjun, yu are so.. whatever!
Arjun – chill baby,
Arohi – don't baby me!
Arjun – I want to talk!
Arohi – but now I don't!
Arjun – plss..
Arohi – na!
Arjun – pls.. pretty pls! mai mazak kar raha tha!

Arohi – whatever!
Arjun – main kya kahun ki tum maan jao?
Arohi – you should know!
Arjun – ur my honey bunch, sugar plum,
Pumpy umpy umpkin, ur my sweetie pie!
Ur my cuppy cake, gum drop,
Snoogum-boogums, you're the apple of my eye!
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear!
Arohi – cheesy!
Arjun – Arohi, maan jao na!
Arohi – main toh already maan gayi thi..
Thoda natak kar rahi thi ..
Arjun – nautanki…
Arohi – hmm… chalo ghar aa gaya!
Arjun – but tumhe chodne ka maan nah hai!
Arohi – jaana toh padega!
Arjun – hmm.. byee, luv you lots!
Arohi – I know that! Byee, luv yu too!
Arjun – jaaooo! Warna it will be hard for me to let you go!
Arohi – hmm.. I don't want to go.. but, nyways bye!

She was just doing her hair when Arjun texted her! Looking at the senders name, a smile crept her lips! Like OBV!

Arjun – hey sexy
Arohi – hey!*she replied to his text, lying down on the bed!*
Arjun – so..
Arohi – yu temme.. yu had been very quiet all the while.. say something na!
Arjun – what if I told you, you looked damn hot in the dress!! And I felt like kissing you that very second!
Arohi - *'what do I reply' – she thought*hmmm… Wink
Arjun – and now I wish I were right beside you to see ur blush ..
Arohi –Smile*blushes*
Arjun – koi mere baare mei soch raha hai!!
Arohi – Arjun!!
Arjun – yes dear!
Arohi – tum batao!
Arjun – ya so, and wen yu put the ring in my finger, I SO wanted to hug you, and kiss you, but yu know PUBLIC!!! So I dint!
Arohi – you shud have Wink
Arjun – I wish I did Wink
Arohi – hmm! Wishes!!
Arjun – tumhe pasand aaya na?? tum khush ho na arohi?
Arohi – I am!!!! Infact very much!!!
Arjun – thank god!
Arohi – I loved it.. OBV, tum the na <3 <3!
Arjun – ab flirt kaun kar raha hai?? Wink
Arohi – shut up!! so… *yawns..*
Arjun – nthing much! Wish ki mai abhi tumhare paas tha! I so wanna be!!
Arjun – reply!!!
Arohi – ya.. even I wish..
Arjun – so.. plans 4 2moro?
Arjun – (5 mins later)der??
Arjun – (after 2 mins) lagta hai tum so gayi ho!
Arjun – good night jaan! Luv yu so much!!! <3
Hugs n tight hugs… kissesss!!! [:*]

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wow that was awesome...thats a nice idea to do so..and yea we want you to continue!!
i felt that this arjuhi were more like 'make me fall in love' arjuhi rather than the 'kmh2' arjuhi!!
your works are fab babes!! do continue updating!!
update make me fall in love too...:)

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hey palak...its awesome yar..luvd it..
continue soon..:)

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That was really good n so realistic. Wonderful dear.
sezo Senior Member

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thanks for the pm. and as all above have stated that was so genuine and realistic. if you do continue plz pm. thanks again

aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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yes dear u were ruyt i loved dis...
its superb !! filled wth deir pure love n excitement !! thnks fr d pm
.Dulcet IF-Stunnerz

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Liked It.. Cont Soon :)

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