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Imperfectly Perfect -short story UPDATE 6/30, Pg 8 (Page 8)

Ishrafan11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
Wow  what a great update Claploved it to  the doctors visit to the double date cant wait for the next oneSmile

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anasuya43 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 3:01am | IP Logged

You are going to have a bigHugHugHug from me.After going though your latest update made me  to  laugh for fifteen minutesLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLSimply superbClap

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momma1128 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Anasuyaji - I am so really very happy to hear that you enjoyed!!! 

I am very happy that everyone is enjoying!!

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Dips_Arhi Senior Member

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
awesome update!!! the next chapter seems so interesting...cant wait!!!
IndefiniteLOVE IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 4:51pm | IP Logged

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momma1128 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 6:54am | IP Logged
Dear BHPHians,
As we know, the forum is being closed today so as a parting gift to all the dedicated BHPHians, I thought to give you a little update on my fan fic Imperfectly Perfect as a parting gift.  The story is not finished and when I update it, I will post the next chapters in Barun-Ankita FC.

I wanted to thank everyone for their interest in the story.  I never considered myself much of a writer so your encouragement and lovely comments do mean a lot. 

I wanted to extend a special thank you to my Sabzis whose constant appreciation of my writing and constant requests (which family doesn't nag? - love you guys) for continuations kept me going.

I loved this forum.  I will see you all around (particularly where Barun is involved).
Please enjoy and leave comments for one last time. Smile

Best wishes - Anu

Episode #7

'Shravanji, are you okay?'

Shravan looked up at Saachi and for the first time acknowledged to himself that he loved her.  Bunty was right.  When it happened and how it happened were not as important as the fact that it happened.  Shravan thought how lucky he was, he loved his wife and she was going to have his baby.  Shravan smiled at Saachi.  All he could manage to say was 'Sit down.'

'What were you and Bunty discussing?  It looked pretty serious.'

'Nothing serious.  Come, sit.  What can we order for you?'

'I am really thirsty.  Can you order a lassi – salt for me to start.'

'Hi Jiju.  Hi Buntyji.'  Shreya was looking wonderful with her hair open and sweet grin.  She was blushing ever so slightly.

'Hi Shreya.  Kaise hai aap?  Here, these are for you.', Bunty handed Shreya a box of chocolates with a red bow.

'Thank you, so sweet.  These are my favorites.  How did you know?'

'Bhabi mujhe bataya.'

'Very sneaky Di.  Thanks.'

'Come Shreya.  Shravanji, we'll be right back, just off to the washroom.'

Shreya and Saachi left to go to the washroom.  When they were out of ear shot, Shravan turned to Bunty and asked, or rather begged him to not bring up any of their conversation.  Shravan told Bunty he needed time to think of an appropriate way to tell Saachi he loved her.  He couldn't just spring it on her in front of all these people and it was Bunty and Shreya's evening anyway.

'Kyun Shravan?  Why are you finding it hard?  You used to bak bak all the time – Tara, I love you, I love you Tara, Tara is the best, my bestest – is that even a word Shravan – friend is Tara.  I know it will take you time to tell Bhabi, because you actually mean it this time, na?'

'Yeah, Bunty I guess I do.  I am feeling nervous already, my palms are sweating – I don't know if I can eat Bunty…ME, not hungry!  Hayee, yeh kya hua?'  Shravan grabbed Bunty by the shoulders and looked like a wild man. 'I am going to be okay na?  Still please, don't mention anything to Saachi.  God promise.'

'Shravan, no worries.  I won't bring it up and you'll get your time.  Now do me a favor.  Talk me up to Shreya, yaar.'  Shravan relaxed and sat back as the waiter brought over Saachi's lassi and everyone else's drink.

'Great.  How do I talk up a gaddha?', he said taking a sip of his Coke.

'The same way you talked up that turnip Tara.  Shravan, I will tell Bhabi everything..', Bunty answered back.

'Ok. Ok Bunty, don't worry.'

Saachi and Shreya returned to the table.  Once seated, Bunty across from Shreya and Shravan across from Saachi,  Saachi grabbed her lassi and downed half of it without putting it down.  Shravan watched in amazement but said nothing.  He just mouthed 'O Teri' silently, lest he incur the wrath of the pregnant woman.

Besides being thirsty, Saachi had just had a very interesting conversation with Shreya in the washroom which almost made her burst, so she grabbed the glass so she wouldn't blurt out her happiness.  In the washroom, as passing conversation, Shreya had mentioned that in her conversations with Bunty, he had mentioned Shravan and Saachi's relationship and how much Shravan enjoyed being married.  Bunty had told her that he regularly teased Shravan about how much he loved Saachi and Shravan would also deny it and get embarrassed.  In fact, Shreya told Saachi that she knew from Bunty that Shravan had not properly even proposed his love for Saachi, although Bunty could see it all over Shravan's face, another point of relentless teasing.  So this is what Bunty tells Shravan.  A shiver of delight tingled down Saachi's spine.  She thought she would explode with happiness and rushed back to the table but once there and upon seeing Shravan, became overwhelmed with emotion and excitement, so she decided to take it out on the lassi.  Shravanji is almost at the finish line Saachi, just help him over, she thought.

Bunty and Shreya started their light conversation on various topics of movies, music and serials.

'Listen to the band, I love it.  They play such great music.  I love this song, Tum Jo Aaye..'

'Yeah Shreya, good restaurant choice.  So what are you watching these days?  I heard that one serial is going off air – some Chajje type thing – did you watch that?'

'Oh god Bunty, that is on right after that belan show, you know that one I told you about Shravanji.  I am sure Shreya doesn't watch that.  That is more Nani's style.', said Saachi.

'No Bunty, I don't watch that show.  I caught the commercial for it and there was absolutely no chemistry between the lead pair and quite frankly, the promo looked like a Colgate advert.  That lead's face is all teeth and beady eyes, not at all appealing. Not surprised it's being axed.'

'Well, if there is no chemistry..'

'Yeah, chemistry is very important for jodis, Bunty.  In real life too.'

'Yes, Shreya that's true.', Saachi said absentmindedly as she listened to the tune and remembered that vivid dream she had in Mumbai.

'I know Di.  So, you tell me, what is it in the chemistry between you and Jiju?' 'Shreya!' 'No, di, I mean what is Jiju's best attribute that you know, makes him an attractive catch to you?'

Saachi got embarrassed.  Shravan sat up to listen like he had never listened before.  No smirk, all ears.  Conversations about he and Saachi had taken on new meanings.  He leaned in to listen.  Watching his newfound interest in conversations of love and chemistry between them, Saachi also leaned in as she finally mustered enough voice to speak, 'Well Shreya, to me, Shravan's best attribute is his sincerity and loyalty.  Thoda pagal toh hai, lekin dil bahut saaf hai.  He is loyal and when he wants something he is relentless in achieving it.  He is never false with his honor or emotions.'  Saachi said the last bit as she gazed intently into Shravan's soul.  She hoped to convey that she could not live without him.  He already knew that she had fallen for him.  She so much as admitted it during that huge blow out in the gazebo when he asked her if she loved him and instead of answering she ran away.  They had such a tug of war with feelings then.  It was all different now.  In the background the music strummed, 'Tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi.' Indeed, Saachi thought.

Shravan was lost deep in Saachi's stare.  She was beautiful.  She was soft.  She was sensitive.  She knew him.  She was talking to him.  Wait, what, she was talking to him.  Snap out of it Shravan, 'Huh, what, what Saachi..'

'Bunty just asked you something.'

'Oh, Bunty what?  Sorry yaar'.

'And I asked for another lassi and let's order already Shravanji.  I'm hungry.'

Shravan motioned over to the waiter who signaled he would be there in a moment's time.  Shravan asked Bunty to repeat what he had asked.

'I am also loyal and sincere, right Shravan?', Bunty kicked Shravan under the table signaling the start of the previously agreed upon favor.  Now, Shravan smirked and the naughty twinkle sparked in his eyes.

'Ow. Hmmm, Shreya, it's true.  Bunty is the most loyal gaddha around, never strays from his stable.', he said as he put his arm around Bunty.

'Shravanji, chee!'


'Shravan, fine we are going to play this game.  Bhabi, I want you to know…'

'Nahin, nahin, nahin, nahin, I'm just kidding Bunty.  Listen Shreya, in all seriousness.  Bunty understands people.  He knows them and he is honest.  He will notice things about you, you never knew.  Good, bad, ugly he will be honest with you, especially if he cares for you.  Bread pakora promise.', Shravan winked playfully at Bunty.

'That's better Shravan.', Bunty said as they all giggled.

The waiter came to the table to take their order.  Saachi began: baigan bharta, aloo gobi, rajma, palak paneer, and doh methi paratha.

Shravan was astounded, 'I said to order for only you, not the whole table.'

'I am hungry Shravanji.', 'Yes, I can see that Saachi.  Aur kuch?','Nahin.','Okay, Shreya's next','Oh wait, I forgot, Shravanji, let's have an order of pakoras before the other food comes.'

'Why don't we have them bring out the whole kitchen?  Did you get that sir, an order of mixed pakoras.  Okay, Shreya, please place your order.'

The food arrived and the foursome relished the dishes and flavors.  Bunty and Shreya got up midway through their meal to enjoy some dancing.  The music was fast and Saachi did not want to risk anything happening to the baby so she sat out.  She and Shravan ate quietly.  Shravan looked at his plate and swirled his food.  His mind wasn't on the food, but he ate it out of force of habit.  His mind was on Saachi and how to tell her.  He couldn't do it here over parathas and bharta.  He couldn't just come out of the blue and say 'I love your tiffin therefore, I love you.'  He laughed at himself for the thought.  How could he tell her?  Kaise batayein?  He had to tell her in such a way that she knew that he sincerely meant it?  How?  Again he heard himself. Kaise batayein. Kaise batayein?  And then that thought echoed over the sound system.  Kaise batayein, kyun tujhko chahe, yaara bata na paayein…it was being played by the band.  Shravan's heart skipped a beat when he looked up and saw Saachi looking straight at Shravan with a deep gaze with her huge soulful eyes.

baatein dilo ki
dekho jo baki
aake tujhe samjhayein
tu jaane na aaa..

Saachi's ear had caught the song immediately.  Her mind raced back to Mumbai and how desperately close she had come to losing Shravan to Tara on that trip.  She thought about how close she had come to losing everything.

nigaahon mein  dekho  meri,  jo hai bas gaya 

woh hai milta tumse hubahoo

jaane teri ankhein thi, ya baatein thi vajah 

huwe tum jo dil ki aarzoo

Shravan heard the lyrics and did not remove his eyes from her.  The song was speaking to him.  He was mesmorized by the moment.  Saachi concentrated on Shravan's face willing him to understand her .  Willing him to read her mind and her eyes, to feel the essence of her love.  She thought of Mumbai and this song and she thought of this moment and the same song.  How polar opposite they were.  She knew, he knew and she tried to tell him everything without speaking.  Shravanji, can you hear me her mind whispered.

Shravan stared at her, extended his hand, then asked Saachi, 'May I have this dance?'

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IndefiniteLOVE IF-Rockerz

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Anu this is a great it...!!! It was so nice reading your story...! Embarrassed

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