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Imperfectly Perfect -short story UPDATE 6/30, Pg 8

momma1128 IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi all - for those of you had participated in the mega contest - I wrote a short story that everyone wished had continued.  For those of you who didn't participate in the contest, this is my scenario of what I think could have happened inn BHPH.  It's basically my version of a fan fic.  There is no title (yet) and it is basically random musings from my 'sabzified' brain. LOL

It started on the night of karva chauth.  I am putting what I call episode 1 in this post and then in the next post you will find episode #2.

Episode # 1
Saachi came to her senses, looked up at Shravan and took a sip of water from the cup he held up to her lips, thus breaking her Karva Chauth fast. The wave of nausea hit her immediately.  She got up and ran off.  After Saachi left with Niddhi bhabi, Shravan caught Dadi smiling at him, along with everyone else in the family.

'You people are happy Saachi fainted?  I hope she is okay.  Do you think she will be okay?'
'Shravan beta, it is nothing 9 months cannot fix!!  Saachi is pregnant!  She is going to be a mother and you are going to be a father!  Mubarak ho!', Dadi yelled and came over to Shravan to give him a huge hug that only grandmothers can give. 'Ramu Kaka, get out the mithai!' she went off to fix the trays that would be distributed.

'Sach?  Are you sure?  I can't believe it!  How, how'', Shravan kept shaking his head as he asked himself.  He was in a state of shock and tempered joy.
He received a smack on the back from Pratap, 'How?!?  Beta, that's what honeymoons are for!  How do you think we ended up with your bhaiya Saurabh?  Where is he by the way?' (Yeah Pratap, we all want to know).  Shravan turned red and his ears burned.  If it was possible to die of embarrassment, this would be what it would feel like.  His father never joked with him this way before.  It had to be some kind of initiation into fatherhood.

Saachi came back and the whole family smiled at her.  Niddhi bhabi had filled her in on everyone's conclusion on the way back from the washroom.  Shravan looked at her with kind eyes and a soft smile.  She looked so beautiful in her lehnga and jewelry, just like on their wedding day.  Saachi smiled back at him.  Shravan looked extraordinarily debonair tonight in his sherwani.  He put his hand out and she slipped hers into it.  They walked away towards their room.  Together they were a sight of pure royalty.
As soon as they were in the room, they looked at each other, with bugged out eyes and dropped jaws.
'Shravanji, I can't believe it.  How could this happen?'

'I feel the same way.  Wait'what do you mean how could it, weren't you there?'

'You know what I mean.  I was there, but we don't actually remember hua ki nahin, na, we were so drunk.  I think before the family gets too wrapped into this news and starts notifying the greater Mussorie population, we need absolute confirmation. Honestly, what are the odds, it was the first time and ...'

'Hey!  Hold on', Shravan starts thumping his chest, 'Jaiswal khandan ka beta hoon mein.  Saurabh bhaiya is proof of what a potent bunch we are.  Papa told me'.never mind (I am not revisiting that mortifying moment with Papa, Shravan thought)' just do not doubt Saachi.'

'Good grief, Shravanji.' Saachi threw her hands up and walked over to the bed.  She murmured to herself so Shravan couldn't hear, 'So potent and great I can't remember what happened.'

'Fine, all knowing all powerful Shravan Jaiswalji, I have no doubts, but we still need confirmation.'

'What do you think we should do?'

'We need to get a home pregnancy test Shravanji.  In fact, we should get a couple different ones just to make sure we are absolutely certain.'

'That's a good idea.  You should go ask Niddhi bhabi because there are for sure none of those in our washroom.'

'Uff, Bhabi is already pregnant, she has got the test results, why would she have home pregnancy tests?  And anyway, why do we need to involve her in this?  This is a private matter.'

'Okay.  Then how do we get them?'

'Shravanji, you sneak out and go to the pharmacy and get them.  And don't tell me you don't know how to sneak out of the house.'

'Oh teri ki!  Mein!  Oh no, this is woman's business. You go.'

'Look, if I leave and someone comes looking for me, they will not accept any answer as to why I left the house after fainting like that.  They will be very angry.  And besides, you never taught me how to drive, so someone would have to take me to the pharmacy anyway, and we are trying to keep this private.  If someone notices you are gone, I will tell them I sent you to get something for me. Now jao.'

'Pleeease pleeease, I don't wanna.  Nahin.  Please Saachi.'

'Shravanji, stop acting like a baby and get the test so we can find out if we are having one!'

'Achha.  I am going, even though I REALLY don't want to.  I'm going and don't ever say I never do anything for you.'

Shravan drove up to the pharmacy.  He had gotten out of the house with no problems as everyone was preoccupied with chitchat about Saachi's impending motherhood.  Shravan walked up to the counter and motioned the pharmacist to come closer.

Shravan cleared his throat and whispered, 'I need some things, a couple of them.'

The pharmacist looked at Shravan and said, 'No problem, I understand.  You are just like every other guy here on Karva Chauth.'

'Oh, really!  Those are popular items today?  This is my first Karva Chauth so I didn't know that.'

'Yeah here, pick out style and type you need'', the pharmacist placed a box of small square packets on the counter.  Shravan jumped back and pushed the box back towards the pharmacist.  Shravan whispered, 'Nahin, dada.  Too late for me, I need pregnancy tests.'

The pharmacist brought out a wide array, ones with droppers, +/- signs, smiley face indicators.  Shravan walked out with one of each, 5 in all.

Shravan snuck into the house with the tests and went straight to his bedroom.  He opened the door to find Saachi lying down on the bed with her eyes closed.  She looked beautiful and peaceful.  He couldn't help but stare at the sight of her.  Even though the thought of having a child scared him a lot, he was quietly thankful that Saachi would be the mother of his child.  The corner of his mouth curled up in a smile. 

Shravan cleared his throat.  Saachi looked up and saw him standing with the bag of tests.  She grabbed it out of his hand and started reading the various directions.  'Shravanji, get me a bottle of water.'  'Why Saachi?'  She handed him the directions.  'I have to do this 5 times, I need water.'  Shravan read, looked at her and shook his head, and got up to get the water, 'Women are so complicated.'  He came back and handed the bottle to Saachi.

About an hour later, all the tests had been taken and the timer went off.  Saachi went into the washroom to read the results.  She came out with a test in her hand.  He tried to read her face, but all he saw was calm.

'Shravanji, all tests came to same conclusion.'

'All of them Saachi?'

'Yes, each one says the same thing.'  She flipped the test around and held it up to show Shravan the results.

Shravan gasped.

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momma1128 IF-Sizzlerz

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Episode 2, chapter 2, whatever you want to call it, the 2nd part

Shravan gasped and grabbed the test out of her hands.  Saachi walked over to the bed and sat down.  She was calm and smiled.  Shravan couldn't believe it.  He was going to be a father.  The big fat "+" sign looked back at him.

'Saachi, oh my God, we are going to become parents!  Move over, I have to sit down or else I am going to faint.  Holy cow!'

Shravan's head was spinning.  A child.  He was going to have a child.  He was thoroughly frightened.    The more Shravan thought, the queasier he felt.  He didn't have a job, well not one that he went to regularly, he didn't have any savings, he didn't know the first thing about babies - starting with how he ended up with this one.  How did he end up in this position?  Literally, how ' he couldn't remember how, but it definitely happened, that was confirmed.   Papa was right, potent bunch on honeymoon equals baby.  But all that didn't matter anymore.  The baby was coming.  It was uncharted waters, but he would have to cross it.  The only solace and saving grace that prevented him from having an all-out panic attack was Saachi.  He was in this with her and she would help him through.  She would support him as she always did, like he always had secretly appreciated but never dared to admit in front of her.

Saachi looked at Shravan.  'Shravanji,, you are not happy?'  'No, Saachi, it's not that I'm not happy but to be honest, I am scared.  It's so much responsibility.'

'Oh achha.  Yes, Shravanji, it's a lot of responsibility.  But we have a lot of time to prepare and I know when you face a challenge Shravanji, you always win.  We will be fine.  I can't believe this time next Karva Chauth, we will have a little one.'  She was holding his hand, her eyes lit up.  It was unabandoned joy.  She thought to herself, this is my chance to give a child the childhood I was never given.  Shravan smiled back.  This is how she does it, he thought.  Every time I falter, she quietly restores my faith in myself. 

Saachi excused herself and went to change.  After she came out in her lavender nightgown, Shravan went in and changed for bed.  When he came out in his standard tee shirt and shorts, he saw that Saachi had taken the sofa.

'Saachi, get up.  You can't sleep on the sofa anymore.'

'No Shravanji, I will be fine.  I'm used to it and besides it's my turn.'

'Get up.  You are pregnant and there is no way you are going to sleep on that sofa anymore.  I will sleep here.'

'But Shravanji, you cannot sleep on this sofa until the end of days.'

'I will have to Saachi.  How would that look to everyone if we asked for another bed in this room?'

'You know what Shravanji, if it's okay with you, I don't mind if we share this bed.  We could do it like we did in Mumbai.  Waise, our relationship has already leapt into a place we never intended for it to go.  You just have to promise not to drink.  If you want to put up a deewar of pillows to save your virtue, you may.'  She chuckled.

Shravan laughed, 'Are you sure you won't mind?'

'No, I won't.  As it is, we are such deep sleepers,  we won't disturb each other.  It is okay.'

Shravan walked over to the bed and took the side closer to the door and Saachi took the side closer to the hand shaped chair.  They looked at each other and said good night.  A new era in the bedroom began.

In the morning, Saachi woke up to find that Shravan had already gotten up.  She went over to the washroom and saw that he was not in there.   Hmmm, interesting, where has he gone?  Saachi went into the washroom to get ready for the day.  When she emerged, she saw Shravan standing at the door with a tray.  'Breakfast is served.' , he said.

'Shravanji!  You brought me breakfast!  I can't believe it.  It's even harder for me to believe that you got up before me!'

'I am capable of many surprises!  I'll make sure to give you a couple more during the next couple of months before our contract ends.'

'Contract ends?'  The color drained from Saachi's face.

'Yes, you know, our contract, it ends in a couple of months.  Here look.'

Shravan left Saachi on the bed, sitting next to the breakfast tray.  He walked over to the calendar pinned to the wall and started flipping the months.

'NO SHRAVANJI!  STOP!  I said, stop, no, nahin, stop, NAHIN!'

'Saachi, are you okay?', Shravan asked.  Saachi looked at Shravan, his hair all tussled, over the tops of the wall of pillows.  She was still in bed and so was he.

'Saachi, are you okay?  Stop what, no what?  What happened?  Shayad, you were dreaming.  Were you dreaming?'

'I am okay. It's okay.  Yes, dream, it was a dream.'  Saachi looked at him with a concerned furrow on her brow. 'It was nothing.'  She reached for the glass of water by her nightstand and took a couple of sips.  This dream brought out the subconscious concern that had been eating at her.  She would not be able to fall asleep again unless this got sorted.  Saachi bit her lip and looked at Shravan.  'I want to talk to you though Shravanji'.  She took a deep breath, 'What are your intentions regarding our contract?'

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anasuya43 IF-Sizzlerz

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first thank you for your short story.Clap

BHPH writers could have consulted you for the continuation of the storyThumbs Up.It is simply wonderful and some thing different from usual.I liked it very muchLOL

Please continue part 3 I am eagerly waiting for your storyStarStarStarStarStar

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ash91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Lovely !!!! this is exactly how it would be with our SaaVan if the story had taken this turn...i liked this part very much...shravan's thoughts when the pregnancy got confirmed was hilariousLOLLOL exactly shravanish way of thinking...eagerly waiting for the next part...

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aish_punk IF-Sizzlerz

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hey..nice fic..
sanchi was pregnant, and shravan could'nt believe it! lol, the whole family was obv really happy :) thats awesome. even sanchi couldn't believe it, so they decided to take a pregnancy test..
the result was positive, awesome. they both were happy, but shravan was obv concerned about the responsiblity..but sanchi managed to convince him, thats how they are!
they decided to sleep on the same bed, thats the next step, i guess. sanchi woke up with a horrible dream, but she knew that it meant something so she decided to ask shravan about it. hope he doesn't care about the contract anymore!
thnx 4 d pm
update soon

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..-Niru-.. Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:17am | IP Logged
wow !!
this is soo exitin !!
pls pls pls continue !!
so anxious 2 no wat happened !!

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ktms Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged
Anuuu!!!! first of all thank you so much for continuing  the story.
The dialogues saavan share in  your ff is so unique and real .You made sure all the things we expected from the show is fullfilled here.As i use to remember some of the famous dialogues of bhph , i think some of your ff dialogues are also gonna be a memorable one.already i remember the most famous one from your previous ffLOL.cant wait for such dialogues here.plz plz plz update soon when you are free.

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sangeeta9 Goldie

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woww anu... i didnt get a chance to  read  short stories during mega contest.. now i read your SS, it is just ahhmazing..  u better finish this before IPK starts, i dont think u will be able to continue this ff once the new show begins..

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