Random Musings: May 17, 2011

BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
A good filler episode! When the story is not dragging, this team does a superb job in delivering these sorts of ones...Star.

Coming to the started with the continuation of the Uttara - Devyani conversation and Babuji overhearing it. While I could understand Devyani's viewpoint yesterday, some of her words today just seemed mean. Shocked There was no need for her to be shown saying stuff about Uttara's ability to handle her own life except to create some unnecessary "soap-like" drama. Stern Smile I wished the writers had avoided it. As it is, Devyani's just asking Uttara to keep out of meddling in her family's affairs was hurtful to the latter without the added lines from today.

In their bedroom, torn over hiding Aarti's message, Vidya blurts out the details to Gaurav. LOL I liked this brief conversation...especially the bit where Gaurav chides Aarti for assuming that Vidya would not have given him the message. Smile Poor Vidya...Gaurav again reinforces Aarti's message too! Angry Ughhh...move on already writers...we get it...Vidya gets it...lets get to the next stage now! Stern Smile

After Uttara leaves, Babuji confronts Devyani about her conversation with Uttara and also questions her about what is going on between Aditya and Brahma. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love the scenes between these two characters. Babuji's lines were awesome..."Brahma ke bramhand"..."gira hua insaan giri hui harkat na karega toh ke karega"...LOL. We barely get to see Babuji these days...he needs to be given way more screenplay time with the members in the Jhaakar house, especially the women. His love for Aditya has always been obvious, like today, but what about his relationship with Gaurav? Why does Gaurav not have any significant bond with his grand father or father? The writers tease us with these sorts of underlying dynamics but never come back to add any depth. Disapprove

Seeing Gaurav leave for his meeting, Imli gives Vidya grief about passing on Aarti's message. Hearing that Gaurav had clearly expressed that nothing would change, Imli pushes Vidya to do something to cause Aarti to screw up at the meeting. D'oh This is the sort of cliched plots that is very annoying to watch for me! Imli advices Vidya to fight for her rights but such silly ideas are boring and only serve the purpose of dragging the track! Thumbs Down But...if this back fires, as I expect it to, I hope this forces Gaurav to reveal the full truth! Unhappy

Back at the Jhaakar house, Brahma is being chewed out by RD when he notices Uttara sadly returning to her bedroom. The RD- Brahma conversation was entertaining while that between Uttara & Brahma was kinda interesting. Ermm In the latter,  it was no surprise that Brahma would use the opportunity to paint himself as the saint but I hated Uttara being negative about Devyani for even a second. Thumbs Down As a sister, I do not care what or why or who, I could never ever speak anything negative about my own and most people would not...terrible characterization writers! Stern Smile No matter how much Uttara idolizes Brahma, her sister should be more important in her life! Thankfully, she was shown redeeming herself towards the end of the conversation by countering Brahma's negative words with some in support of her sister! Stern Smile

Meanwhile, Devyani comes in to Aditya's room with some tea and advices him to talk to Brahma and understand why the killings happened. After Devyani leaves,
Priya too shares her views that no reason could excuse what happened. This was a good filler scene. In particular, I liked Aditya being more sensible today and listening to Priya's words instead of simply reacting like he usually does! Thumbs Up

Overall: Good episode so its a 3.5 from me!

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 3:40pm | IP Logged

HI Everyone,

I have been away for a couple of months, had a few restless nights trying to catch up on all the episodes LOL... And what can I say I have missed all the convo on IF... Good to be back SmileSmile

 Hi Jaya, Excellent Musings on today's episode as always ClapClap

Today's episode was a filler... I liked the fact that we got to hear different takes on the situation. Barahman throughout the episode is feeling sorry for himself and trying to win Utras affections... I wonder what's going to happen with this track as it seems Utra has no sense when it comes to her 'JI-Ja-JI' I know she only see's his goodness because he flaunts it in her face but I still think the writer's need to show her using some of her wit when it comes to Brahman. I hated the fact that she stood and listened to Brahman sl*g off her sister...It was a sad sight to see but she did try to stand up for near the end.

 The track between both sisters is interesting, Devyani said some harsh words to Utra and I think for Utra it's hard to understand why Devyani can't take advice when she is always ready to give it... ShockedShockedShocked

One thing I notice about Devyani is she is always feeding the family if there's an argument tea and food will help to solve the matter hahaha I have a laugh each time she does it ( I know I am sad to notice it, but can't help it the CV's are consistent with it which suits her character). LOLLOL

 We all love Bau-JI scene's ClapClapClap... He is so vital to the show we want to see more of him... The most significant dialogue for me was the "Kab thak suwi thag leh kar gumthi rahey ghi aur toothey huey rish thu kho jorey ghi" or something like that I think LOLLOLLOL... It showed for me that it's time now in the show that the rift's have started to become too big and even Devyani with all her thread and needles won't be able to fix it... so all is moving forward talking about forward...

 Vidya and Gurav...Angry once again Gurav say's the same thing to Vidya we get the message CV's can we move it along now.. After yesterday and the tight hug and affection for his brother which for me showed a confident and protective brother, today we had the weak and mean Gurav back... I want the truth out soon as it's getting hard to take the same track in each episode.

 Aditya was much calmer today I agree it's good to see him like this as it shows that he is reflecting on the Image he has of his Dad... Priya wasn't much help in today's episode except towards the end when she gives her opinion on the matter of right and wrong... I'm sure all this will lead up to her truth being revealed what I can't wait for is where the C.V's will take this next...

 In the precap we see Vidya taking Imli's advice and putting drug's in someone's tea I'm assuming it's Arthi's tea I was laughing seeing her reaction as the waiter goes to deliver the order can't wait...

 Overall a good episode StarStarStar

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FIZK6 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 3:54pm | IP Logged
Another great update Jaya. Was waiting for you to open the RM post. Thanks Hug
I agree with you about Devyani being mean  to Uttara, she said some hurful things.
As usual Bauji is the only one who really understands Devyani. Will Devyani ever change? Confused  She wants bauji to make Adi understand but not say a word to SSP Angry I feel there is more to SSPs cruel past than what we know. What made bauji and Brahma against each other? What happened between Gaurav and Brahma? Confused What did Brahma do? Theres a lot of past there too. Like Bauji said before whatever Brahma did, it was outside, now its reached to their home. It wont be long before Devyanis home comes tumbling down. The cracks are there.
Imli is interfering too much in Vidya and Gauravs life and that is because Vidya is letting her. Do the servants really interfere this much? Confused
RD is another one who will never be scared of Brahma. And i'm glad she said she had to tell Aditya the truth because he kept badgering her, otherwise Brahma would have blamed Priya.
Again Brahma will never miss a chance for Uttaras attention. Is it necessary for Uttara  to touch  her brother in law everytime? Confused Is it appropriate? I dont think so.
Devyani talking to Aditya to sit down and talk with his dad instead of shouting to solve the issue. Can it really be forgotten this easily? Again Devyani wants everything to be perfect in her family ( it never was).
Aditya for once listened to Priya which is a good sign Smile. Hes going to need her, alot.

Todays epi was good too. Smile

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divyakshetty Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 4:15pm | IP Logged
Hey jayaHug,  I enjoy reading ur POV.

I feel devyani was rude on uttara, she could have said something mildly other than saying that uttara couldnt  handle her own life... that was rude. 
I liked deviyani and babuji seq, babuji's dialogue delivery as always was good and  i liked what he said about SSP, while i didnt like devyani's statement requesting babuji to talk with adi and draw him to compromise with his dad. however as per Devyani's character what she is doing matches.

I'm very disappointed with Gaurav -Vidya track, it looks to be dragging. I'm tiered of hearing repeatative dialogue from Gaurav asking Vidya to move out of his lifeAngry. On top of this  we get to see pathetic planning from ImliD'oh, this makes me go mad. Will Imli's plan work ? i guess even god will be confused with this questionConfusedLOL. Even after this i'm hoping for some ray of hope for Vidya from this plan.

The small telephonic conversation between SSP and RD was good, as always RD was entertainingLOL (I'm a big fan of her characterEmbarrassed )

SSP as always tried to gain sympathy from Uttara. SSP is expecting Uttara to join him  when he blames Divyani, However Uttara defended her sister.

Adi-Priya scene was good, I didn't like Adi saying that he is confused abt what is right and wrong, I don't understand what is difficult in this. How can anyone be right if they murder someone for the benefit of a 3rd party.  I liked Priya's supporting words to convince Adi that he is doing the right thing.

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divyakshetty Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
MsNaz...Very good catch about devyani carrying food to solve the problemLOL, this reminds me of old seqLOL

Fiz...Even i  feel that imli is interfering a lot in vidya's life and i also agree that it is not required for uttara to touch SSP and speak every time.

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
Naz...welcome back! Hug Thoroughly enjoyed reading your perspective.

I liked the fact that we got to hear different takes on the situation."

Love it...did not think of it that way but today showed the impact of the confrontation from different viewpoints!

About Devyani cooking during so true...LOL. When she's by herself, she cleans and when she's with others, she cooks! LOL

Coming to Babuji...the dialog you mentioned was fabulous!

Great to see you back...hope you will come back...and keep coming back...Big smile.

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
Fiz & Divya...Hug...enjoyed reading your views.

Fiz...Brahma's past is interesting...he is Babuji's son but the two could not be more different. That would be worth exploring.

Divya...I think Aditya was conflicted because of Devyani's words...Ermm.

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 7:36am | IP Logged
again i had to post this after a good nights sleep!

so yesterdays episode was like you said Jaya.. A filler.. but a good one at that...
first scene between Uttara and Devyani... was interesting... reading everyones PoV i see that everyone thinks it as Harsh and rude of Devyani and i agree to an extent, however I think i Devyani was taking out her resentment and frustration on Uttara... you know how usually she starts cleaning and shouting at Imli that nothing is clean even though everything is spotless... thats what it reminded me off... though i do think it offended Uttara alot, im also dissappointed in Uttara and her reaction to SSPs rant about Devyani... yes she did stand up for her after a while but i did think to my self it was too little and too late

ahhh the Bauji-Devyani Seq was LONG overdue!!! Bauji has a way of sumerising everything so well and his metaphor about Devyani's Sui Dagha act was on the money... She can only sew the frayed strands of a fabric together if the fabric has held and NOT decomposed... which it is well on the way to doing! and im glad Bauji refused to talk to Adi as he was right!

the gaurav-Vidya and Imli track is like the CV's dont know how to fill some minutes of and episode so just hit the "repeat" button to fill the filler, the last few episodes the track advanced but its been halted again... what i dont understand is why the CVs cant have all the tracks running in parrallel in a smooth pace.

and Adi being confused i can understand, Priya was right, he does know the difference between right and wrong but whats confusing him is that its his own that have committed such acts...

and there we go i have written another assinment if only i could be so passionate and analytical about my course topic!!!

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