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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shamz.

Thanks Nox for the superfast and wonderful Update!Clap

Anand aasai-ku mannuROFL Good job Shymala. Nalla venum, haha his maamanar is proud of him. Her dance was sooper, but very shortLOL

Huh, GW wont thirunthufy in this jenmam, also her daugther. She is asking what she did-nuAngry. Or did i heard it falseDead Now they are going to Periyamma house, hope she will insult them more and more. Nallavela TA kitta pogala, naanga thappichom with T&T.

Awww. After marriage first time TA is going to work. Aww, cute scene. Man, it was semma cuteDay DreamingHug TA was looking handsome and Thuls prettyDay Dreaming Last few secs was great, their looks is just awesome. I hope they continues tomo. Thuls last dialog was cuteDay DreamingLOL Parthu Thuls TA ethachum eda kudama keka poraruROFL
Look out of no where TAnu will run and come to scold if she hears or sees Charu...
and Shammy comes out of no where for this episode to comment first...Wink...
Like Gunthy said...what are you trying to say...Tongue...Dont follow the Milky Way here...LOLLOL...inime will u write like this...Tongue

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Very nice detailed updates Tanu.  Love the title and the side comments too.

Lol...Anand was so excited to find out that he has been promoted as an inspector!!  The poor thing his dreams were crushed in a second because of Shymala.  I like what Shymala and Anand's father said today.  Anand needs to be an honest police officer and work his way up on his own and due to his hard work...not because his father in law said so.
Shymala has really funny facial expressions when she stares at Anand.  She looked so mad at him when Anand's dad said that Anand doesn't help his own friend Tamil.  And her dance was super!!!!  I like seeing Anand and Shymala parts now compared to before. 
But...Anand is going to hate T&T more...I hope Shymala makes sure that he doesn't do anything bad now.
Lav looking all depressed was good.  I guess no beauty parlours and fun for her now.  Sudha's mind voice about Lav was too good.  It's good that she never said anything to her and just went inside.  Puvi knows Sudha really well and he knows that Sudha hates GW and Lav.  Their part was not bad. 
GW should question her daughter about the thirettu reception instead of supporting her.  All the bad sins she did is affecting her daughter's life.  Does GW really think that having a baby will make Nitish not listen to his parents??  All she cares about is living a rich life.  I'm happy that Nit never got Lav yet to come home.  Let his wife learn an important lesson along with her mother.  I think GW and Lav will go back to Nit house and do some drama to get her back in there.  I'll be very happy if they don't see Tamil.
The T&T scene was sssooo cccuuuttteee!!!!!!  Tulasi admiring her husband's dress attire on his first day to work was nice.  Though I miss him at the bank, this will have to do for now.  She went to the temple in the morning and prayed for his well being.  I really hope Mr. Fire maintains this job (and I hope Charu doesn't do anything to spoil it...).  I love how she put viboothi and prepared a nice lunch for him.  The best part was when she pinched his cheeks and started blushing!!!  Super ending to this episode.

Today's episode was nice.  Mr. K is showing multiple tracks in one day which is interesting. 

I noticed how they showed TT relationship right after GW was speaking about Lav and Nit relationship.  TT relationship is going great compared to Lav.  The only problem is tomorrow after they get home Tulasi will ask Tamil about the debts he has taken and get upset...also there is Charu who is aware of everything that is happening in that house.   

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Thank you my dearest sister for your superb update and side comments. Hug

Originally posted by shubba

Thanks da Tanu for the wondeful update...(thought of writing my name...doesnt matter right...rofl...are u triple happy now)...tanu seeing ur Awww...ok ok...ur heading and side comments super...

Wow wow wow...welcome to the sisters group Shubba Akka, recently you too are added if i am correct, who is in the list for tomorrow?! How happy i am .Hug

It was a very good episode. A's dad is a very genuine person like GP, two very nice characters in the serial. Shyamala was very good today. She never insults her hubby infront of her parents and inlaws and she even does not let them know about his true face. Is she trying to change him before they get to know about their SIL/son?! Whatever, i love her nowadays and she is really cute and her dance was funny to watch. LOL

Sudha does not only loves to give others nicknames, but to herself as well. But whatever she told was good. How could this Lavanya expect Puvi to ask her about her problems if all that she was doing was ignoring him and her SIL along with ther mommy darling, proving again that she is pure selfish. Go go loose ladies and just bow your heads infront of that gentleman GP and ask forgiveness, that would do everything. I hope this selfish queen does not brainwash Nitheesh and chases out her inlaws. Angry

T&T scene was very cute and sweet to watch. They had a good chemistry in that short but sweet scene. Embarrassed The dutiful wife Thulasi loves to do things for her hubby. I hope TA does his job there and not do any social services to others. But sad, that they are going to argue with each other because of the money matter. Ouch

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Thanks Tanu for the wonderful update.
Shamala aapu vacha Anand promotionukku. Anand father in law is a rowdy and he cannot able to find out that Anand is a selfish. Few episode back Anand father in law said that he will send Anand and Shamala to Vishwa house but they have forget about the idea. If they avoid the idea it is good for thendral.
Nobody want to destroy Lavanya life but if Lavanya take GW advice defintely she is going to come back to her mother house. Sudha is only try to insult Lavanya but GW is giving some bad idea to Lavanya and going to destroy her daughter life.
Finally Tamil is going back to the work and now he found some way to mange his problem. Before Thulasi doesn't know to cook but now she learn to cook.Tamil and Thulasi scene in the last few minutes was good to watch.

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Thanks for a nice update with a good title and funny side comments.

Today's episode continues to be as good as yesterday's and sustains viewer's interest. Well, after a long time, I liked Anand/Shyamala's track. It was funny, cute and reallly goood!!! Anand's dreams crashed in a moment, done rightly by S! Shyamala is not only good looking, but also very smart, and diplomatic! She is very kind and helpful to everyone except A, which I feel he totally deserves for all his bad intentions!  Now, T/TA are in VR's good books and I'm sure he will help them in their times of need. True that apart from GP, another nice character/FIL in this team is A's dad. He is funny, honest and doesn't hesitate to speak the truth, be it his own son!
There is again a stark contrast bet'n Lav and S characters. S is pampered, has never worked in her home and is also from a very rich family, but respects values, culture and greatly respects her in-laws. She is from a mafia/goonda family, but she does seem too good to be true! I just hope the dir maintains the goodness in her character. Although her SIL's did not like her working in her in-laws' family, she retorted back to them saying that it is her responsibility and took initiatives on her own to win their hearts.
Lav back to her old dress in her mom's house and also in deep thoughts that Nit will come to take her back? (If Nit did that, he shud be thrown out along with L by GP and his wife!) Sudha / Puvi conversation was really good. Lav wanted Puvi to ask her about her visit. But would she be able to listen to or take the words that S said to Puvi. Also, I wished GW listened to S/P convo, as she feels whatever her darling daughter did is correct. As Sudha rightly said, GW can't tolerate her son/DIL going to a movie w/o her knowledge, but her daughter living off her in-laws's money can do anything w/o their knowledge. GW always has 2 sets of laws! Although, Sudha not interfering in Lav's issue is ok, but she is the only one who can drive some sense into Lav with her caustic, albeit true words. Lav has to realise that what she did was not correct.
Although for all the selfish reasons and bad intentions, GW did the good thing advising Lav to go back to her in-laws house. Afterall, if her daughter doesn't go back, how can she join her in that mansion?  Lav is in for more when the 4 lak  thing comes up at her in-laws' house!! I'm eagerly expecting for that episode when the dir is gonna bring up this issue to the notice of our appavi hero! Also, doesn't Nit have to pay back that to his friend? I'm just expecting that his friend (the way it happened at the star party, when Periappa was asked to go inside the party room by N's friend!) shows up at their home asking Periappa for the money!!! Hope Nit doesn't lie again that he gave the money to TA to help him!! I don't think Nit would be able to pay back that amt w/o his father's knowledge. When N's parents come to know  abt how N lied because of GW and Lav, Lav will def be thrown out to streets!! Tomorrow, both mom and daughter are in for some good aapus from Nit's mom!
Last, but not the least, the T/TA scene was good today after a long gap. Hope TA continues in his current job.

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Thanks for the superb update Tanu.

How dare this Lav expects Puvi to care about her?. Didn't this same girl stayed like a statue when her mother said that Puvi should be not there when her In-Laws pick her up. Did she bothered when she and GW hid money with out giving to TA so he can suffer more. When she is in trouble which was cause by her stupidity, she expects everyone to show attention. This selfish girl is living under specially made Disney Land.

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Thank you Tanu for the nice update,

Shyamala's dance was funnyLOL and very good job ShyamalaLOL..!! Her character is been portrayed very well..!! She is been very nice even if she is a daughter to VenkatarajuClap.. !! She was even nice to Anand before marriage as she didn't know the true side of Anand..!! But even after marriage she is very nice to everyone and outside she doesn't even make her hubby fall..!!!(Yest with Thulasi too..!! )

Lav and GW conversation was Angry...!! What if GW gets all those what she said..from her DIL's.Wink.!! But we all know Thulasi is not at all like that..!! I too think GW is getting bayam of her future as she has no place to go other than Lav..!! Nice that she didn't tell all these to TA..!! Big smile

T&T scene were cute as usual.Embarrassed.But was very short.. I hope it continues tomorrow..!! Thulasi was so sweet when she said about going to temple for TA.Clap.!! It was nice to see them when they were keeping vibuthiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..!! It would be very nice if they had shown going to temple together, as we all are expecting for that scene from a long time..!! Tongue Hoping for it in the future..!! EmbarrassedWinkConfused

I think last time when TA was in problem with that bank document, she went to the temple and did some vrathamClap..!! which solved his problems and ended up in their marriage.Embarrassed.!! Like the same I hope to see somehow all his money matter and Charu's matter should be solved soon..!! And then the story should move with TPS Bhuvana MM, A&S and T&T.Confused!! That would be really interesting..!! Clap

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Thanks for the lovely update Tanu Big smile I think this is the first time u got a sweet T&T scene, right?? LOL

I felt bad for Anandh today, just a little bit for getting aapu from wife LOL but very glad at what Shyamala said... that Anandh should be a neethi nermai guy who follows good principles and earn his way to the top! Poor gal, she has a tough job trying to make an honest man out of Anandh Ouch

Well, like I mentioned before I'm enjoying TA's first day to work almost, if not more than T&T's wedding day ROFL Clearly Thuls felt the same way... that's why instead of being happy for TA flying back for her, she is more happy that he is heading back to work! LOL

Originally posted by Gunz.

It is the first time she admires his smartness, loosu ponnu...she should do it often Tongue.

Aama Gunz, Thuls should compliment TA's smartness so much because he does so many smart things all the time, right? Tongue This is good becoz u can see that TA is thinking that if he goes to work regularly, he will get daily special treatment from Thulasi Embarrassed

@ Shubba akka... out of no where a.. hmm, shall I try an experiment? AaaCharooo ... sorry I sneezed! Wink

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