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Love Ne Mila Di Jodi
Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

Love is a Sweet feeling... PriDa FF Note Pg 7

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Hey friends...

I am back to the forum... I mean I never left it but was so busy with the things and exams and future prospects of real life that I had been away from here...
But continuous requests and bashing from my amazing friends of the forum brings me back with the same FF I used to write...
I am hereby adding the parts I had already posted so that u can just revise the story as well as I can before I proceed with the story... Wink
I am just winding up with my final semester exams this week and then the updates will be more regular...
Just keep patience for this one week...
Thanks for being there always when I needed u all...
I am lucky to have friends like u here with me... Smile
Loads of love and hugs

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Part 1 to 6 - Page 1
Part 7 to 9 - Page 2
Part 10      - Page 4

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Part 1:

Prithvi Saxena was one of the most successful businessmen of India. He was an ideal son to his parents Mr. Balraj Saxena and Mrs. Suman Saxena. His world revolved around his small family which included his parents and his brothers Sameer and Varun who were younger to him. After completing his MBA frm a university of America, he was returning to India with a decision to help his father in the business. Althroughout his stay in America, he had missed the fun he had with his family here in India and had a desperate will to be back to his family.

Mr. Balraj Saxena owned a Security Business wherein he was in patnership with Ila Gujral who was one of the most successful business woman. Ila Gujral had taken over the entire Gujral Empire after her husband Mr. Raj Gujral passed away. She was the sole pillar of strength for her daughters, Damini, Avni and Roshni...

Prithvi had already security checked in about two hours before the actual flight take off time. He was just willing to fly on his own to be with his family. He was missing them so much. But then he relaxed himself on a couch at the airport, took out his Ipod, a pair of earphones and then closed his eyes to relax listening to his favourite songs in the playlist...
He didnt know how long he almost slept enjoying the music, but was woken up by the last and final call announcement for him to board his flight... He rushed to the security gates and finally boarded the flight just in time. He adjusted his hand baggage and settled on the aisle seat tightening his seat belt. He was heavily breathing due to the sudden rush to flight he had just had. It took him some twenty minutes to be back to normal. Just then he noticed a girl sitting besides him lost in the beauty outside the plane. She was wearing a pink chudidaar suit and her hair which were of shoulder length were left open. He saw that some flicks of hers were disturbing her while she was admiring the natural beauty outside. He was so lost in her beauty that he did not even listen to the air hostess who had called him up twice to ask if he needed juice or tea or coffee. He had seen many beautiful girls before but some one had never taken his breath away like this girl did.
He was brought out of the reverie by the air hostess who just called him up again. He ordered himself some juice and then asked his neighbour about what she wanted. She too looked at him with a smile and ordered a cup of tea for herself. Its then when she noticed that someone was actually sitting next to her. They both smiled and Prithvi introduced himself. The girl as her introduction told him, she was Damini Gujral, daughter of Ila Gujral. After the drinks were served, Prithvi felt a bit tired and decided to take a small nap. He closed his eyes whereas Damini was again lost in the beauty of clouds outside her window.

This was the first beautiful meeting of PriDa...Lets see what is in store of them ahead...What has God decided for them...

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Meanwhile, as Prithvi was somewhere lost in his dream world, Damini admired the clouds around the plane which made her feel like she was in heaven. She didn't know why but at such a height from the ground level, she felt close to her father who she had lost when she was just 15. The death of her father had made her emerge as a strong pillar of strength for her family. She was the one who helped her mother in her business and also help her sisters Avni and Roshni in fulfilling their dreams. She was not like other girls who would do girly things like singing, dancing, dating guys, hang out wid frnds, etc. She was a strong girl who loved games like shooting. Her passion was horse riding. She had a dream to own a stud farm of her own which could meet the international standards. Her own dream had lost somewhere after her father's death. But then she never mentioned it to anyone. The strong Damini Gujral in front of everyone was somewhat very different from inside. She always had the fear of losing some one close to her. She always missed a father or an elder brother like figure in her life. And so being felt close to her father was one of the best feelings she could experience.


Both Prithvi and Damini were brought back to real world, when the pilot announced the landing. Prithvi was now feeling excited as he would meet his family after such a long time whereas Damini missed her own family and was glad to be back to them.  Just after the flight landed, both of them got up at the same time and extended their hands to get their hand baggage. Their hands touched and both of them share a different feeling. They looked into each other eyes and shared a eye lock. They both were unaware of the feeling that they were facing. Both were brought out of reverie when a guy almost pushed Damini and she was about to fall, just then Prithvi got hold of her by her waist and looks at her scared face. She looked so innocent; her eyes were closed tightly as if she was already prepared for the fall to come which actually didn't. She opened one of her eyes and looked at Prithvi holding her. This was the first time when she actually looked at him completely and realized that he was one of the most handsome guy she had ever seen. His black intense eyes, his wheatish fair complexion, his big nose and his pink lips which had a small smile on them, all made him a handsome guy overall. She didnt know why but she didn't shout at him or push him which she would have surely done if it was sum other guy... As this thought came to her mind, she was brought back to her present and then stood up immediately. This made Prithvi feel a little strange on her behaviour but he ignored. Damini after cursing her thoughts, got hold of her hand bag and proceeded to get off the plane. It was then, when Prithvi too boarded off the plane. He was still in deep thoughts on what different was this girl from others and why did he have some strange feeling for her.


He then brushed away his thoughts and concentrated on the fact that he had actually landed in India, his own country where his parents, his family lived. This thought made him forget all about the girl he just met and proceeded towards the exit gates. He had told his father that he would come back home on his own as he didnt want to bother anyone but still he was sure either of Sameer or Varun would surely come to the airport to receive him. His eyes were searching for either of his brothers when he saw Sameer trying to talk to a girl whose expressions made it very clear that she wasnt interested in his talks.


On the other hand, Damini too was searching for her sister Avni who had told her that she would come to pick her up as after that they would go for an art exhibition where her painitings were displayed.


Introducing Avni and Sameer now...

Anvi was the shyest Gujral who always wanted to be away from the business world. She was a quiet child who always tried to be away from the limelight, the pomp and show of the corporate world. Because of the encouragement given to her by her mother and her elder sister Damini, she could work on her art and excel in her own field. She was now one of the renowned artists of the country without many people knowing that she was Avni Gujral, the second daughter of Ila Gujral. People knew her just as Avni as she mentioned only that part of her name in her creations.


Sameer on the other hand took care of the Marketing department in his father's business. He was a fun loving person according to whom life didn't revolve around work and business but around beautiful girls. He was a Casanova by nature, loved flirting and dating girls but somewhere or the other he knew how his dream girl was different from all of these girls with whom he would go around. He was always in search of his dream girl.


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Now that Prithvi saw that the girl wasn't interested in Sameer's talks, he felt a brotherly love for the young girl and wanted her not to feel bad about Sameer. In other words, he was actually bothered about Sameer being slapped. So he stepped forward towards his brother. Sameer was lost in his own world and was actually busy in striking a conversation with Avni when he felt someone put his hand on his shoulder. He turned to remove that person's hand from his shoulder but was dumbstruck to see his elder brother there' "Bh' Bhai'. Bhaiya'. Aap aa gaye???... Main to bas aapka hi wait kar raha tha' "

Prithvi:       Haan Bro.. wo to main dekh hi raha tha'. I have been observing u since last five minutes'

Sameer (to himself):                Bhai ne to dekh liya hoga mujhe iss ladki se baat karte hue' Aab to gaya beta tu Sameer'

Prithvi was enjoying the awkwardness of his brother. He turned to Avni and apologized for his brother's attitude. Avni smiled to gave a slight nod  meaning that she was okay. Prithvi now pulled Sameer and asked him to come home as he was missing his parents and wanted to meet them as soon as possible.

As soon as Prithvi and Sameer left, Damini saw Avni looking for her. She shouted her name and waved her hand to make her notice that she was there. Both the sisters hugged and then proceeded towards the art exhibition.

At Saxena Mansion:

Prithvi was coming back home after a year, everyone was preparing for his welcome. His mother was the one who was instructing everyone on what to do and how to do... Balraj was waiting for his son becoz in Prithvi he could see his youth coming back.  He could feel it was him living his life all over again' Varun was the one who was dancing on his mother's tune following all her instructions' He was waiting for his brother to return as for him Prithvi was an idol who had worked very hard to get through the best university of America for his MBA. He also wanted to follow his footsteps'

Just as Prithvi and Sameer arrive in their car, Suman came running to the door with a pooja ki thali in her hand to welcome her son back. Seeing this a smile spread across Prithvi's face as to him his mother's smiling face was a reason to live. He could never imagine his life without his family members. He came out of the car and touched his parent's feet to take their blessings. His mother took his aarti and then asked him to come inside. Once inside Sameer was back to his usual self and started passing comments on his mom being a complete Bhartiya Naari.

Sameer:       Bhai ke aate hi ho gaya mom ka ye hindi  TV serials ki maa ki tarah behave karna'. Dekhiye to aab jab ki Bhai aa gaya hai, tab bhi inki aakhon mein paani hai' Maa, kya karogi bhai se itna pyaar karke' aab jab wo aa gaye hain tab wo office ke kaam mein busy ho jaayenge' thode dino baad aapko pata chalega ki bhai ne America mein ek gori mem se shaadi ka programme bana rakha hai'. *rofl*

Listening to this Prithvi is dumbstruck' He was speechless for a moment' He didn't realize what actually Sameer had said' But just when we realized what actually Sameer has said, he jumped from his place and started to chase Sameer.

Prithvi:       Idhar aa Sam ke bachche' kya kaha tune' Main tujhe chodunga nhi' Wahan airport par jo tu kar raha tha' Achcha hota agar wo ladki tujhe 1 thappad maar deti'. Atleast u could have got some brain'.

Sameer:       Haan bhai' aab to aap yehi kahenge' Waise achcha hi hai' Atleast mera raasta saaf ho jaata hai' Maa aab meri shaadi ke baare mein socho' Bhaiya to gaye'

Prithvi (to his mother): Maa, ye sab jhooth bol raha hai'. Main kisi ladki se pyaar nhi karta hoon' Maine abhi tak shaadi ka koi programme nhi banaya hai'. And haan Sameer' Gaye???? Kahan gaye??? Main kahin nhi jaane waala hoon apne mom-dad ko chhod ke' and Maa aapne ki bigada hai isse' Idhar aa tu Sam' Aaj tujhe koi nhi bacha sakta'

Varun:        Haan Prithvi Bhaiya' chodna mat Sameer bhaiya ko' Mujhe inhone bahut pareshaan kiya hai aapke peeche se' Kisi bhi bahane se bahar le jaate hain aur pata nhi kaun kaun si ladkiyon se milwaate rehte hain'

Sameer :      Yaar ye achcha hai' Ek to apne bhaiyon ki ladkiyon ke saath setting karwane mein help karao' ye to upar se mere hi peeche pade rehte hain' Yaad rakhna dono' ek din main hi aapke kaam aaunga' Jab aapko pyaar hoga naa' Meri help chahiye hi hogi' Tab yaad karoge phir Sameer, the cupid ko'

Balraj and Suman were enjoying their sons fighting. It was after a very long time that the house was filled by their children's voices. Their family was now complete. They were happy that their sons had grown up and now capable of handling their own responsibilities.

Suman now suggested:   Suniye' aab jab Prithvi ki padhai poori ho gayi hai' and wo India wapas aa gaya hai' aapko nhi lagta ki its high time we should start thinking about getting him married. Its time that he settles down in his life.

Balraj:        I was thinking about the same thing. I have a girl in mind.

Suman:        Kaun hai wo ladki????

Balraj:        Mujhe Damini bahut pasand hai' She is perfect for Prithvi. I think they will make a best couple. Even Ila ji thinks the same. She was the one who suggested this relationship to me. Now since Prithvi is very close to u, I want u to first talk to him and take his opinion about his marriage as well as know if our son likes some other girl.

Suman:        Damini is indeed a very sweet girl. I like her too' I am of the same opinion that Prithvi and Damini will complement each other and make a perfect couple. I will talk to him about this tomorrow.

Prithvi, Sameer and Varun fall on the sofa after being chasing each other for sometime, tired and breathing heavily. Suman then suggests Prithvi to go and rest now and everyone else also to retire to bed. They wished each other goodnight and went to their rooms.

Prithvi came to his room and was astonished to see his room in the same way as he likes it, all things in the same place as he left it. He knew his mom was the best to take care of all his needs.

He took a shower and then decided to sleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, he thanked to god first for giving him the best family anyone could ever had. Then he didn't know from where came to his mind, the girl who he met in the flight today. "Damini'" he opened his eyes suddenly and was surprised on why did she come in front of him all over again' He had forgotten about her after the strange behavior of hers but then why was he thinking about her now' He was now actually feeling tired and soon drifted to sleep with a smile on his face which was an indication of LOVE entering his life about which he was himself unaware'.

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At the same time, after the art exhibition, Damini and Avni came back home. Damini as soon as she entered called out to her mom' "Mumma, I am back' "
Ila was on the other hand busy with some business client but as soon as she heard Damini, she left all her work and came running to her. Both mother and daughter hugged each other. After a short meet here, Ila told Damini to go and rest as of now and that she wanted to talk about something important to her once she finishes the office work. Damini decides to go meet Roshni first before going to her room. As soon as she enters Rosh's room, she finds her talking to her teddy about her dream boy. Damini smiles at her sister's innocence. She calls her out and Rosh comes running to her. Both the sisters discuss about the trip and then Damini comes back to her room. She decides to have a small nap. Just as she closes her eyes, flashes in her mind the same guy she met in the flight' "Prithvi'" Damini woke up all of a sudden' "Why did he come to my memories now'"'"Ohh Lord' Let it be' Y should I be thinking of some fool I met a few hours back'"
Damini falls back to deep sleep soon and is only awakened by her phone ringing' She looks at the number and name flashing on the mobile screen'"Ohh no' Not any office work now' Please lemme relax for a day'" She chooses to ignore the call. She tried to sleep but now wasn't able to' She comes out of her room and proceeds to Ila's room as her mother had told her she wanted to talk to her. She peeps into Ila's room and finds her reading a book.
Damini: "Mom' U wanted to talk to about something??? Can we talk now'??? "
Ila: Yeah Dear' Sure' Come on in'
Damini: All of a sudden, whats so important mumma'.
Ila: Damini, you have already turned 25 and I think its high time you should start thinking of marriage'
Damini: Mumma' Marriage' No mom' I can't marry now' I have got loads of things to do' My dreams are still to be fulfilled' And you know, I don't want to b dependent on anyone especially a guy'
Ila: Damini, marriage doesn't mean that you have to be dependent on a guy' Its just that you share your life with him' Life becomes easier dear' You have someone to rely on' Your life partner shares everything with you' You both together will complete each other' Marriage will help you grow further' And I am sure you would be happy with him'
Damini: Him'??? Have you met someone with this context???
Ila: Yeah' You know Mr. Balraj Saxena' His elder son is back from US after completing his post graduation and will be settling in business soon' I would like you to atleast meet him and then decide depending on your compatibility'
Damini: Mom' To be frank' I am still not convinced with this marriage thing' I have my dreams to be fulfilled and marrying a completely unknown person is not acceptable'
Ila: I am not saying you marry him today or tomorrow' We can give you time as much as you want' And am sure you will not disappoint me this time' You will give him a chance'
Damini: As you say mom' I will meet him for your sake' But the decision of marriage will be completely mine'
Ila: I agree' I will talk to his mother soon'
Damini: I will leave now' Need to work on the presentation to be given tomorrow'
Ila: Sure dear' All the best' And atleast think about this marriage once'
Damini: Gudnite mom'
Damini leaves Ila's room and is in a complete perplexed state of what her other talked about. She could never refuse her mother about anything. But marriage is not what she could ever think of.
On the other hand, at the Saxena Mansion, Suman enters Prithvi's room where he was busy playing on the playstation with his brothers'
Sameer: Yahoo' I am sure aaj to main hi jeetunga'
Prithvi: Aaj bhi nahi jeetega tu Sameer' Dekh lena'
Varun: Aaj to nahi jeetne denge Sameer Bhaiya ko' Kyun Prithvi bhaiya'???
Prithvi: Haan Varun' Bilkul' Iss nautanki ko koi jeetne nahi dega'
Sameer: Ye to galat hai' Aap dono 1 team mein ho gaye' To main to haar hi jaaunga'
Suman smiles seeing her sons behaving like small kids. She wished her sons always lived together with love. She is brought out of reverie by the shout of the brothers.
Prithvi and Varun: Jeet gaye' Yiipppeee'. Sam tu to haar gaya'
Sameer: Mujhe nhi baat karni aap logon se' Main jaa raha hoon'
Suman: Arre' kyun pareshaan kar rahe ho Sam ko' Varun and Sam tum dono jaao aur apne papa ki help karo gardening mein' And Prithvi mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai'
Sameer and Varun: Sirf Bhai se hi baat kiya karo aap' Humse to pyaar karti hi nhi ho aap'
Prithvi: Yaar Varun' Tu thode din iss nautanki ke saath kya raha' tu bhi iske jaisa ho gaya' Jao dono jaakar papa ki help karo' Aur Maa aap yahan aa jaao' Inke chakkar mein mat pado'
Sameer: Haan haan jaa rahe hain' Bade Bhaiya hai naa' Isliye inki baat to maan ni padegi' Attitude aa gaya hai inmein aab'
Prithvi: Jaata hai ya main 1 lagaun tujhe'
Sameer and Varun run away. Suman comes and sits with Prithvi. He lays down his head in his mother's lap'
Suman (while massaging Prithvi's head): How was your college there in US??? Friends kaise the???
Prithvi explains her the college life and his friends' He mentions about all his friends' She understands that her son was more of a lonely person' He did not have many friends or may be he didn't actually need loads of friends'
Prithvi: Maa' Kahan kho gayi aap???
Suman: Kuch nahi' Bas tere friends ke baare mein soch rahi thi' You mentioned a few names and that too were guys' Prithvi, kya kabhi tujhe koi ladki achchi lagi hai??? Have u ever thought of settling down in life ???
Prithvi: Maa' aap kya keh rahe ho' Maa I don't think I am ready for marriage as of now' Girls don't seem to impress me' Most of them are either after looks or after money' And I don't want someone who don't actually love me'
Suman: But until and unless u look for someone with that perspective, how will u find one'
Prithvi: Mom, have u already looked for sumone with that aspect'???
Suman: Yes, Prithvi' I want u to meet Ilaji's eldest daughter Damini' She is a very sweet girl' She is taking care of business with her mother' After her father's death, she has taken care of her family so nicely' She is a son to her mother'
Prithvi: "Damini"'
Prithvi (in his thoughts): Is this the same girl I met some time before' Naah' Yaar Prithvi' Ye wo ladki nhi ho sakti' The one I met was very rude' And as it is am not ready for marriage now' Mujhe kuch bahana hi banana padega'
Suman: Kahan kho gaya aab tu???
Prithvi: Mom, r u sure, she can be the one who can take care of my family like she takes care of hers' Because I don't want someone in my family who is self centered' She should be the one for whom my family is same as hers' She should accept my family completely'
Suman: I am sure of that' Damini will do that for sure'
Prithvi (in his thoughts): Yaar, Maa par to iss bahane ka koi asar nahi pada'
Suman: Prithvi, I just want u to meet Damini and the rest of the decisions can be taken once you have decided the future of the relationship'
Prithvi: I surrender mom' I will meet her as you say'
Suman gets excited listening to Prithvi's words' And decides to talk to Balraj and Ilaji for the same'

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After the communication between the families, it was decided that the families will first give Prithvi and Damini a chance to meet each other. Damini was still not aware that the guy she was to meet was Prithvi. She had decided that she wouldn't do anything which will upset her mother. But at the same time, she had decided that she would not get hitched to anyone just like that.

Since both of them were not ready to meet each other with their will and somewhere or the other pressurized by their parents, their families decided that they would not talk about the matter with them for a couple of weeks.

After a few weeks, there was a social get together and Suman and Ila decided that this would be the time and place where Prithvi and Damini could meet each other for the first time and get to know each other. But then both of them were not aware ...

Ila and her daughters came to the party first. Roshni starts to interact with her other friends... Damini and Ila got engaged with their business associates whereas Avni wanted to be away from all this stuff. She had just come because her mother had told her but she was not very comfortable with the pomp and show around. So she takes a seat in the most secluded corner of the party. After some time, she decides to go to the most lonely place of the party, a small bridge over a very small stream at one corner of the party, where she can be with herself and thoughts.

Then after some time, Prithvi, Sameer and Varun enter the party soon followed by their parents. Balraj and Suman's eyes immediately start searching for their friendIla and their would-be-daughter in law... They find both of them engrossed in talks with some of their friends. Balraj and Suman greet Ila and Damini just when Damini is called by her group of friends' She excuses herself and leave the three elders to talk...

Both Prithvi and Damini somehow did not get the idea that they were brought here so that they could meet each other... Prithvi after interacting with some of his business associates whom he had met recently decided to be on his own... He was a person who loved to be with himself... He never had many friends... His life revolved around his family and a very few close friends... He loved to be alone and just observe people around him... He sat down at the drinks section, ordered himself a glass of lime juice' He was never in favour of hard drinks... While he sat observing people around him, came to his vision, a sweet girl who was standing in the other lonely corner of the party... He didn't knw what attracted him to the girl, but he went towards her... This girl was none other than Avni...

Prithvi:       Hey... I guess we have met earlier...

Avni:          Hiii... Yeah that day on the airport...

Prithvi:       Ohh... Yes.. m extremely sorry for my brother's behaviour... He shouldn't have done that' He wasn't serious about it...

Avni:          That's fine... I had forgotten about it... Mr...

Prithvi:       Prithvi... And u are ???

Avni:          Avni... Nice to meet u...

Prithvi:       Same here...

The conversation between Avni and Prithvi had just started, when Damini saw Avni with a guy... She couldn't see Avni's expression and assumed the entire situation as a guy trying to flirt with her... She knew her sister wouldn't be comfortable with this, so just to make her sister feel safe and secure like she always did, she proceeded to look at the guy who was disturbing her sister... Without thinking for another moment, she came and pulled the guy and... gave a tight slap to him...

Prithvi was shocked to receive a slap when he guessed he wasn't at fault... He just raised his face and was shocked to see Damini there...

Prithvi:       Damini... Tum yahan??? And y the hell did u slap me???

Damini:      Ohh... So its you, Mr. Prithvi... Trying to flirt with my sister... I should have understood that the same day u were trying to be friendly with me in the plane... All the NRI's r the same...

Avni tried to intervene, but she knew it was useless... Damini wouldn't listen to anyone wenever she was angry and she was aware of that fact...

Damini:      Avni, tum jaao yahan se...

Prithvi:       Please hold on... I wasn't trying to flirt with her... Just introducing each other doesn't mean flirting...

Damini:      Is that soo... Now even if u r caught... U r trying to lie...All guys r the same...

Prithvi:       And all girls are the same, they can't listen to anyone... Its sumtimes possible that the guy isn't at fault... But then its useless talking to an arrogant girl like u...

Searching for Damini, Ila sees Prithvi and Damini in a conversation with each other on the bridge... Meanwhile, Suman also starts to look for Prithvi and spots the two together... Both the parents are happy that atleast their children have met their would-be-life partners unaware of the actual situation there...

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Ila and Suman smile at each other and then proceed to their other family members. Both of them were happy that atleast Prithvi and Damini have met each other for the first time... They both knew that Prithvi and Damini were made just for each other... Prithvi and Damini were just made for each other...

On the other hand, these two people could not stand each other even for a moment... Soon after the slap incident, Prithvi and Damini moved in the opposite directions... They spent some more time at the party and then along with their families went back to their home...

During the drive back home, Suman started the topic...

Suman:        Beta, how was the party...???

Sameer:       Mazaa aa gaya maa aaj to party mein... Kitni saari ladkiyan thi wahan... Maa hum roz aisi parties mein nhi aa sakte kya... I just enjoyed it...

Suman:        Gud... waise this question was for Prithvi...

Sameer:       Phir Prithvi... Maa kya aap sirf Bhai se baat karna chahti ho??? Waise Bhai abhi busy hain...

Prithvi was somewhere lost in his thoughts... He was very upset by the way Damini treated him... He knew he wasn't wrong, but then even he could see the love she had for her sister... He felt she was a strong girl and at the same time, she was extremely protective for her sister...

Prithvi (to himself):                 Hey Prithvi, why the hell are you thinking of Damini... U don't want to get married to anyone as of now... May be she is the same girl mom was talking about... Mom told me that the girl who she wanted me to meet was extremely lovable towards her family... Is she the same girl???

Prithvi (now frustrated):        Arrggghhh... Main kyun soch raha hoon uske baare mein... I hate her... How can she just slap me...? She didn't even listen to me once... What makes you think so much about her...? I hate her... And why m I thinking good about her...???

Suman keeps calling Prithvi who was in his dream world...

Sameer:       Maa, ye nhi sunenge... He is lost in his dreamworld with his dream girl...

Varun:        Bhai, naam to bata do humen bhi apni dreamgirl ka... We also want to know who is the lucky girl, who can take our Bro from us...

Balraj:        Suman, ye Prithvi to sahi mein kahin lost hai... He isn't affected by our conversation...

Meanwhile, Sameer shakes Prithvi to being him out of his dreams...

Prithvi:       Kya kar raha hai Sameer...

Sameer:       Bhaiya... Kahan ho aap??? Sab kitni der se aapse baat karne ki koshish kar rahe hain... Aur ek aap hain, jo apni girlfriend ke khayalon mein khoye hue hain... Atleast jab aap humare saath hain, humen thodi importance de do apni life mein... We are family bhai...

Suman, Balraj and Varun were enjoying the awkwardness of Prithvi...

Prithvi:       Aisa kuch nhi hai Sameer... Bas I was thinking about...

Varun:        About...??? Naam batao abhi... Hum sabko sunna hai the name of the lucky girl... Seeing whom r Bro has slipped first time in his life...

Prithvi:       Varun tu bhi... Tu bhi iss nautanki ki tarah baat karne laga hai... Dur raha kar isse...

Sameer:       Ye Sameer ka jaadoo hai bhaiya... Ye chal hi jaata hai sab par... Varun to sudhar hi jaayega... Aab to mujhe apna asar aap par dikhne laga hai... Ladkiyon ke baare mein sochne lage ho Bhai... Good work... Aab jaldi se naam batao...

Prithvi:       Ye kya laga rakha hai tum logon ne... Main kisi ladki ke baare mein nhi soch raha tha... Main to bas... Bas kal jo office mein Gujrals ke saath project ki presentation hai uske baare mein soch raha tha...

Sameer:       Ye lo kar lo baat... Iss time bhi bhai kaam ke baare mein soch rahe hain... Waise mujhe lagta hai aap humse jhooth bol rahe ho... Naam nahi batana chahte naa... Isliye taal rahe ho baat ko...

Suman and Balraj could see that Prithvi wasn't comfortable with the situation he was put into by his brothers... So Suman interrupted when Balraj asked her to...

Suman:        Sameer, bas kar... Pareshaan mat kar Prithvi ko... Kal he has a very important presentation, so he might be tensed about it... Leave the topic...

Sameer:       As u say mom... Sirf aapke kehne par ye topic over... (and he winks looking at Prithvi)

Prithvi gives a hard look to Sameer indicating that if he opens his mouth once again, his bones will not be intact anymore...

Damini along with her mom and sisters returned back home... All of them were tired and decided to retire for the day... They wished each other good nite and left for their rooms... Avni was feeling bad for Prithvi as he was slapped by her sister even if he wasn't at fault any where... She was scared of her sister's temperament at the party, so didn't say anything but then she had to tell her the truth once atleast...She was somewhat sure that Damini's mood was now fine... So she decided to tell the entire truth to Damini the same night...

She changed her heavy dress and went to Damini's room... Damini had also changed and was just about to close her door, when Avni knocked the door... She slightly opened the door and peeped in to check if Damini was asleep or not...

Damini:      Avni, tum yahaan... Come in dear...

Avni:           Di, mujhe aapse baat karni hai... Kya aap 5-10 minutes ke liye free ho...

Damini:      Sure Avni... Kuch important baat hai kya???

Avni:          Di, aaj aapne Prithvi ko...

Damini:      Are u still worried about the misbehavior of Prithvi... Don't worry if ever he does that again, I will make sure my gun does all the talking...

Avni:          Nahi Di... Aap meri baat to suno... He is a very nice guy... Once a guy tried flirting with me casually, he was the one who actually was protective towards me like my elder brother... Indeed that guy was his younger brother and he behaved as if another guy had actually tried flirting with his younger sister... He again apologized to me on behalf of his younger brother... He was very friendly and infact I loved his company... I could somehow feel the brotherly love with him... And U slapped him widout giving it another thought... Di I know U r extremely protective towards me and Rosh... And we r grateful to u for that, but I just wanted to tell u that Prithvi wasn't at fault today... I think u should apologise...

Meanwhile, Damini was now feeling stupid by her behavior... She felt that she should have atleast listened to her sister at that moment... She slapped the poor guy just for no reason and no fault of his...

Damini (to herself):                 He was sweet and seem a good guy... But still I did wrong to him... He must have felt bad... He could have retaliated back but didn't... Ohh God... Why did I slap him... I am now feeling sorry for my behavior but I cant apologise to him...

Damini(aloud):     Apologise...

Damini (again to herself):       Apologise... That's not what Damini Gujral does... She can never apologise that too to a guy... Never...

Avni:          Yes Di... In case if u ever happen to meet him again, just apologise... Please... I m telling u he wasn't at fault...

Damini:      Avni... I don't think I would do that... Damini doesn't apologose to guys... I wasn't at fault...

Avni:          Di, please think about it once... Just once... and U would realize that he wasn't at fault... I just wanted to say that... I would now leave... My painting is waiting for me... I just sat down to paint the beautiful stream scene that came to my vision today in the party...

Damini:      Just do that soon and go to bed... Mom will want to see u at the breakfast table well in time as it is me and mom have a presentation by Saxena's tomorrow morning... So we will be leaving a bit early...

Avni:          Sure Di... Gudnite and please think about it once...

Damini:      Gudnite Avni... M off to bed now... I don't wanna think about it...

Avni goes back to her room... Damini lays down on her bed... She was now extremely tired... She switched off her light and as soon as she closed her eyes... Prithvi came to her mind...

Damini:      Prithvi... God.. Y again he..???

Then came Avni's words... She found herself actually thinking of the guy...

Damini:      I think he wasn't at fault and I should not have behaved with him this way... He was sweet to Avni and as she says she found someone reliable... Avni doesn't rely on people easily... So I guess may be wat I did was wrong...

But Damini can never trust a guy... I did nothing wrong... And why the hell m I thinking about him... I will think about apologizing... That's not a trait of Damini Gujral... Anyways, I don't think I m going to him again soon... So she decided to leave the issue on the crossroads and drifted to her peaceful sleep...

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