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~maitri~ maaneet FF THREAD 4 (Page 59)

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Yipee your updatinggg...
Me waitinggg Xx...

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fast dear,,,hv 2 sleppp
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Rano - Maan puttar issen hawali dhika do
Maan nodded sadly & gave a very fake smile to rahul & took him around. At one moment he wanted to push him off the roof.. then felt like strangling him.
Rahul - so how long do u know Geet
Maan made a face.. how long..!! then cleared his throat.. forever
rahul - umm??
Maan - we have been together in college
rahul - oh..ok!!
Maan just hated taking him around.. how much he hated this guy.. uff!!! how could he get rid of him he wondered..
rahul - how was she in college?
Maan - she was a dodo!! my cuty dodo!!
rahul - dodo??
Maan - sab se alag..
rahul - umm!!
Maan - sabse boli, masoon..nadaan.. manchali..
rahul smiled
Maan - ladako...
rahul - wat??
Maan was lost.. lost in her .in their past.. she would see the world only from her innocent angle..
rahul - did she have an affair?
Maan laughed ..laughed a loud - dodo & affair..
he held his stomach & sat down.. the only person who ever dared to propose her was me!!
rahul looked at him suspiciously.
Maan - nahi yaar it was ragging session.. uske liya itna ro rahi thi!!!
he pulled out his wallet & showed him the faded snap of his with her & ballu.. aisen thi ..meri dodo!!
2plats.. patiala suit..matching juti.. naak pe gusa!!
thats when Maan realized that he actually been carrying their snap in his wallet for so many years. He probably didn't even see it once after Geet forcefully kept the copy of the snap in his purse.. god knows how many purse he has changed.. but never removed this snap. Not that he ever seen this snap..but she was always there. Always there!! he excused himself & went to the terrace. Yeh photo meri purse kay kar rahi hain.. he thought he burnt all that was related to his past that night!!


he was so excitedly came back to his newly rented flat in delhi. After 2 months of struggle he had finally got a job. He was thrilled .. he though finally they could get married.. his dream.. the dream for which.. he left his family.. his MS.. his house..!! his every thing. He looked all around the place.. for her. She was not there. He called on her cell phone.. she didn't pick up.. then he saw a note on the dinning table that read.. I can't live like this!!! no name.. no nothing.. he thought it was some joke..
he madly ran the fingers on hair..pushing them behind. he didn't believe the note .. he thought she was playing a prank..he looked crazily for her. The whole day..evening.. then managed to trace her in the office.. when he reached there he saw something he couldn't bear.. his love in Dev's arms.. his elder cousin brother. She looked happy.. happier than ever he had seen her in past few day of struggle in that one bedroom flat trying to meet their basic needs. He didn't mind anything!! because all he wanted was her.. his love!! for a moment he was wild.. furious.. then.. thought could be the deprived life  for past few days just disturbed her.. but now things will be better soon.. now he has a decent job!! & will definitely get her all she ever wanted. After all it his duty to keep her happy.

He consoled himself & put his wit together to confront her. He missed her by a sec.. she sat in the black long expensive car & drove away with dev. Maan followed them. He managed to reach the farm house in a cab!! just to hear her speak those harsh words!!! words that were so materialistics.. which sounded so unreal to his ears.. he couldn't believe his love could speak those words.
kavitha - oh dev tume aur Maan main kitna phark hain
dev - kyun he is quiet smart!! I thought smarter than me
Maan smiled.. modest his elder bro was!
Kavitha - I fell in love with him.. for his status.. money.. power.. but that stupid fellow just left all that & expects me to stay in that 1bedroom flat..oh god!!! wat does he think of me
dev made a drink - he loves u kavi
kavi - love my foot.. he can't even get me 1square meal properly
dev - thats only until he gets that job he is trying for
kavi - Oh dev!! I don't want that middle class life.. I can manage that myself.. jitna wo kamatha hain.. I can do that too.. I am an engg myself.. I want more.. I want much more..thats why I love u now
dev - I won't cheat on my brother
kavi - u r not cheating.. I am the one leaving him. Uske liyen tho woh dodo hi teehk hain
she sensuously pulled him closer & kissed his lips lingering on them.
Maan flinched his fist & crushed the paper in his hand.
Dev - Anyone would kill for that kiss.. he ripped her shirt & kissed her shoulders. She giggled & laughed.. why he is better.. dev asked
kavi laughed laughed louder.. he never crossed his limits with me
dev dipped his head in her curves.. I thought u lived together..

kavi - Oh yah!! uss dodo ke saat rah rah ke.. he has become a dodo.. he wanted to keep it all special until marriage!! can u believe.. he said that!! dev bit hard on her exposed curve smiling shaking his head. I wonder how could he resist u.

Maan went insane, his body began to tremble, his emotions ran hot, he was going to kill them
right there on the spot.. he walked into the other door that lead to the kitchen & tried to grab a knife. He wasn't going to listen to anything.. any plea just going to take their life..end it all. They heard him open the door & panic filled the air. They were caught red handed.. dev was scared for his little brother..but she was calm.. she wanted him to know it was all over. Wat more better way !! they  just stood there. Maan screamed at them and threatened & smashed everything in sight.
Dev - Maan..meri baat suno.. it is not like the way u think!!
This was it for Maan, he was going end all this right now.. right there. Dev tried to walk up and grab him. But something she held him back, like she knew he won't. They stood there clinging to each other.. her skin exposed.. shamelessly.

He fell down on the floor overwhelmed with grief. he knew it was too much, wat ever happens he would find no relief. The pain was too much for him & he began to fade. The anger in his blood
spilling out. All the screams became silent suddenly his anger was washed away.. he composed himself.. patted dev's shoulder & left from there. He went back to the flat & burned every single thing in the house. Every single thing..
he drank.. he drank insanely.. god knows how many drinks he gulped.. he poured kerosine on the every corner of the house.. since it only reminded him of her. .. he took a light & set ablaze. He pulled out his wallet & emptied it... her photo.. his bank cards.. every other paper. every thing in the purse.. the whole room, house was on fire.. he lay there suffocated.. he was burning..  Just this burning pain to want to see the blood run down his arms, neck, and legs because he can't take life anymore. This feeling of pain, sorrow, and heartache she gave him.. his love!! The pain grows greater as her words echoing with no end. No one to pull him.. no one to sweep him out of his burning pain within...his eyes was filled with fumes.. his consciousness doomed in alcohol.. he couldn't walk out of the flame.. he couldn't move..slowly every thing around him was on fire.. his cloths... his shoes.. everything!!

Maan tapped the photo & looked closely.. I burned it.. phir yah yanha kaisen!! he looked at it couple of times turning it. When her touch send tremors down him.. he turned sweating in the grief of his past & hugged her instantly. She was bit taken a back. He was holding her tight fearing to lose the only thing he ever had. Dodo.. I am sorry he said & buried his face in her neck. She chuckled a bit & held him back. Genie ..
kya huwa
kuch nahi..
he pulled out hiding his tears.
He checked her hair & pallo.. she looked beautiful..
wat r u wearing he clinched his fist in sudden anger
she rolled her eyes.. this is wat u selected..
dam!! man.. even in this simple white suit she looked so beautiful. No ways he wanted her to be seen by some one else. He frowned in self anguish.
She pretended not to notice her genie's jealousy. Given a chance she would have pulled his cheek & kissed him. Eaten him up. She just inhaled sharply & followed him.
He dragged her & locked her up in the room.. tum yaha se kanhi nahi javogi.. OK..
she nodded

oops!!! he didn't realize rahul was waiting for her in her room. So our great genie just locked them up together. Poor genie.. it was too late before he realized that.
Geet was really angry at Maan to have got her here & Maan was already very angry at self for agreeing to Rano at the first place.. & then the guy itself.. he was so so .. dodo types. He paced restlessly around the door trying to hear them.. .. then.. dam .. he just barged in..
hogaya.. challo
Geet almost laughed
rahul - nahi ek min.. I need some more time
Maan - nahi ..thats not possible
Geet looked away with a smile teasing her cheeks
Rano came with a tray of lassi.. & served rahul & gave the tray to Maan & said to serve the rest to others. He made a face.. serve others.. & went to the hall..
- BLOG Wink maitri part 32-

maan realizes geet still loves that someone
& the seriousnessShocked
-PREV   PART 31   NEXT  PART 33-
thanxs a lot for all the comments
love u all a lot
please please comment

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Cry So sad..

He left his family, his MS,  all his life for her and thatCensored cheated on him...

Kavita ... I will kill her...Angry

Poor Maan... I can't believe.. Whatever it is but he loved her truly... Poor baby...Cry

But who saved him from that fire??????? Muskan.. kya suspense hai yaar..!!!Shocked Can't wait...

Maan.. U have lost it completely..
Locking Dodo and rahul in one room is the height of his lost mind..

Loved it to the core... Love you muskan...Hug

Waiting eagerly for next update... Please continue soon...


Muskan.. Kya yaar...I was so lost in the update that i forgot to rejoice.. Yesss 
I am first after long time...DancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing

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 awesome part...
when will he realise that someone is him...
plz continue soon

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awesome...whereever we go, Dev is there as DEVil...hate kavitha and dev...poor maan...but now his dodo will get him out of the grief.

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