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~maitri~ maaneet FF THREAD 4 (Page 111)

Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Me waitingggDay Dreaming

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Day DreamingWaiting!! Day Dreaming

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kitna time lagega...plz tell...


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Muskan Aur kitna time..

bahot nind aa rahi hai.. Subhe jaldi uthna hai...

Jaldi karo na...

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me too waiting Day Dreaming

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why u want to go & dance with abhi..he snapped
haan she replied in anger
that was it!!! he pushed open the door to find her in the night suit standing & crying with her two choti's. He was so dead!!! seeing those tears..  he could kill himself now.. at that temper.
She hit him wildly swinging her arms in.. chodo mujhe.. jana hain.. leave me.. she cried ..
he tried catching her aimlessly swinging arms. Dodo.. ro mat na.. dodo plz,...
I hate u ..i hate..u..

tum se aacha tho woh .. abhi hain.. she cried..
that was hurting.. Maan definitely didn't like that.. DODO.. he yelled.. & then .. closed his eyes.. knowing she would cry yet again.. she did exactly that.. trying to run away from the room.. he held her from the waist.. dodo.. his voice almost a whisper ..nuzzling her ears.. she snapped whacking his arms that strangled her waist..shoving it close to him..backward. It was infuriating to see her that way. He wanted to jerk her to her feet & shake her, to make that wonderful cute uncomplicated anger come rushing upward to meet him.. rather than running away from him..
wat he wanted to do more than anything else in the world at that state of mind was hold her so close & long in his arms that & when he released her she would knew where she belonged & he exactly did that..sweeping her across the room throwing her on the bed.. she fell with a thud.. crying.. screaming hitting her legs ..& hands.. she got up still putting up a fight with him..which was sheer foolishness..especially in his state of mind!! he screamed chup ..bilkul chup.. keeping a finger on her lip..she blinked & looked at him..scared with his temper..& blood red eyes spitting fire..she didn't know wat was wrong with him.. why on earth was he so angry. She thought he probably had a fight with simran.. she cursed simran ..kamini.. kuti!! jhagda woh karthi.. gussa mujhe kartha hain.. he pressed his finger harder.. in anger for complete silence. She made a baby face & looked at him..
he was still mounting closer to her.. she inched backward..feeling intimidated with his anger. When he didn't stop moving closer.. looking piercingly looking at her with those agonized eyes.. she fearfully inched backward. He stepped still closer.. now feeling odd about the touch of her lips..burning his finger..his gaze softening from her eyes to her lips.

She continued to move backward unaware of his softened look on her lips.. she moved backward until her calf hit the bed & she fell on the bed..taking him on top of her. Aahhh.. she cried.. he kissed those tears... while his whole body rested on her
rovo mat na.. he pleaded. Adjusting his body wt.
She sobbed softly.. his hands softly pulled the curls aside..

she oddly followed the move around her temple..he was drunk she knew. ..he was stinking.. of alcohol.. she hated it.. smelling it at such proximity..yuck she felt!! she turned her face in disgust.. trying to push him away with her hands.. he held her wrist & pinned them on either.. anger.. not liking her disgust look.

U don't have dancing closely with abhi.. but u have problem if I touch u he spoke gritting his teeth.
He was not stinking like u she spat..
u don't have an option..u have to live with this stink..he inched closer angrily looking at her ..
as they came..closer their breath mingled.. it was intoxicating.. her scent was so nave.. so pure...he inched still closer.. inhaling filling his sense... she continued to look at him.. disapprovingly. His gaze moved from her twitched brows to her untouched lips.. he felt a sensation.. a urge.. something he never felt before.. he inched closer intending to close the distance...his heart pacing higher & intensely... she turned her head sideways seeing him almost falling on her.. his lips rest on crouch of her neck caressing pass her cheeks. He nuzzles..deep.. feeling her touch so close..losing him completely.. senseless.. still holding her wrist pinned up above her head..& his whole body resting on hers.. tip toe.. she felt suffocated..when his face landed on her neck.. she tries to shake him off.. but her timid body gets totally submerged under his huge masculine self.  sab meri galti hain.. main hi ..isen parata kila kila ke mota kar diya hain.. dehko ..hilta hi nahi hain.. kal se iska paratha cancel.. america main bhi nahi kilavonghi.

Geet lay under him trying to push his hard body off her..she wiggled..twisted her legs.. her point..he had his strong tight grip even when he was a deep sleep. Her body was pushed into the bed ..she was so helpless.. & getting angry with every passing min..
genie.. utto ..yeh mera bed hain.. she screamed..
he didn't move..she made a baby..face.. yeh mera bed hain..  mera room.. tum javoo mujhe sona hain..
she screamed
he spoke resting his lips on her neck.. yeh mera..ghar hain.. mera room.. hain..mera bed hain.. aur tum meri ho..
she couldn't pay much attention.. as she was giggling with sensation of his lips caressing her neck. He smiled.. hearing her giggle & slept off peacefully.  Sirf meri!!
all she could do was lie there in the silent darkness & stare at the walls. She could feel his heart beating on hers, the slow rhythmic expansion of his rib cage as he breathed pressing against hers. Not knowing when she finally gave in to the tired eyes.

Next morning.. Maan smiled.. feeling her neck.. he nuzzled closer.. freeing his stiff fingers from her wrist & slipping his fingers softly sliding down her soft skin from her wrist to entangle her fingers. He smiled yet again.. & slowly opened his ..his lashes touched her cheeks..she turned towards him.. her neck was stiff ..keeping it turned all night facing it sideways. He opened his eyes  at once.. & looked around!! all he could see was her.. face. With trails of tears.. he immediately checked his cloths.. & then hers.. he sighed in relief.. kuch nahi huwa!!..wait a min dodo!!! he freed her entangled fingers.. thats when he noticed her wrist.. was all red.. probably with his grip the whole night. He immediately pulled away from her.. she cuddled up in a baby posture in sleep.. caressing her wrist ..her face was in grief he knew..he ran his fingers through his hair..trying to recollect wat exactly happened last night.. he vagely remember carrying her on his shoulder..driving..wait ..wait.. wat happened with simran!  he closed his eyes tight & tried to recollect... when heard her scream.. u dogy..nahi.. mera ballu better hain.. u donkey monkey.. she started throwing the pillows at him.. then the spread.. he tried to catch them.. dodo.. I am sorry.. main.. woh.. u stinky pingy!! she twisted her nose.. chi chi.. yuck!! I hate u.. she threw another pillow.. & then the spread.. he was guilty.. he had no clue wat he was doing in her room... sleeping on top of her.. probably the whole night!! oh god.. no girl will approve.. it was a sin!!! how ever close they where.. but he had no right to do wat he could he.. he couldn't even face her.. his eyes dipped in guilt.

Tum ne mera saat ..umm.. she cried..
he was scared..dead scared.. to hear further
tumne mera saath zabardasti ki... I hate u she cried..
his heart suddenly began thundering in his chest. How could he.. ways.. he was dressed..she is.. he looked at her yet make sure.. but he couldn't argue.. he was in position to
she threw the pillow again.. u locked me in the room... I hate u
sorry dodo..
he said painfully
u said this is ur house..
nahi dodo.. yeh humara ghar hain..
he tried to correct himself
u said this room is also urs.. u hurt my hand.. see.. she hit him again with the pillow..
u fought with simran & u hurt me!!
why will I fight will simran
how am I to know
he tried to lift the pillow to give it back to her.. she pulled the pillow..& the spread close to her.. yeh mera bed hain..mera room..hain.. why did u sleep in my room
he was kind of getting the picture.. her zabardasti ..meant..literal..zabardasti .. means locking her in the room.. restricting her.. Oh god he sighed in relief.. he couldn't thank enough
she made a face & sat cuddled up in the middle of the bed..

oh!! he just wanted to hug that cute little doll in his arms & treasure her for life.. she was so innocent.. she had no clue wat it meant for a guy & a girl to sleep on the same bed... she was fighting over the bed is hers!! he laughed..
that made her even more angry
he tried not to laugh & came close to say sorry.
Shoo.. don't come close to me..u stinky piggy
stinky piggy
.. Maan wondered..he smelled self.. yuck.. he was stinking really bad.. but then his ego.. u r also stinking.. he said.. she immediately smelled her self..
chi chi ..yuck!! babaji.. oh!!!..she started crying.. & ran immediately to her babaji's photo..
God promise babaji.. main ne drink nahi kiya.. she held her neck & spoke to the picture.. he fell off laughing.
Babaji.. isne sab kuch kiya..main ne kuch nahi kiya..
she couldn't stand him laughing at her.. she pushed him out of the room & locked him out

Maan laughed & went into his room.. he removed his t-shirt & tossed it away. He went to the wash room & looked at himself.. he could smell something different.. on him.. he liked it.. he closed his eyes & tried to feel it. He splashed water on his face... as the smell began to wash away.. realization began to set in.. she didn't know how wrong it was to be in her room.. the whole night!! but how could he.. she never knew anything about all this she is way too innocent & oblivious..

how could he cross his limits.. it was his dodo. He punched the mirror with his bare knuckle, hurting himself.. he continued to hit the broken glasses in anger.. how could I could I..!!!! 

-BLOG maitri part 36-

missing missing

thanxs a lot for all the comments
love u all a lot
please please comment

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