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PR Reloaded- II (FF) Note on pg. 76- do read! (Page 66)

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Nikki Dear Hug,

Should i say that it was a Lovely Update. Its obvious that it would have left me GrinningBig smile all the time. Do I need to Say it or explain the feel..
 You Know that we would really love this part and go Big smile Day Dreaming  Dancing Party  because your part was so so so so  Heart.

Was so Happy to read this part and Loved it more that I got stuck with words and used full emoticons above.

But will surely have my essay coming on the way.Embarrassed
But before that I will read your part once again or may be more times till I feel like Reading it and have the pleasure and joy for some more time.Smile

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LuvSSever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 3:51pm | IP Logged
Nikki  Dear,

Back after reading the part Many times.Smile Embarrassed.
Actually I went to native ,I was there on sunday, today returned back and read your update that too at my home(TN), so it was Double treat for me.

What a installment it was. Nice sweet update.
The Heading (Part Name) you have kept seems to be Trailer for the Part.
'Two meetings and a Reunion', when I read it,I knew for sure one would be Sachu-Archu as we know it already, but was thinking whose could be the second one. Sathish-Manav was a pleasant surprise and a matured calm talk that exactly portray the characters they are.

Then comes the Reunion that the heading says about.

First I thought was it Sachu's union with his family.Is that going to be the fruitful result of Archu's convo with him.
But when I read the second meeting and the power cut only makes it Know or indicates that its the much awaited ARMAN's union. Day Dreaming 

ARMAN reunion was so lovely said and written that I would come later to it.

First would like to say that  or give a Big  Hug  and Clap to you for keeping all the characters intact with the original character they are portrayed of.
Always your FF ends me in thinking, wasn't this the nature we first saw in this character in original PR and it vanished later. Wasn't this the nature we had admired,Loved or Liked in this character and got hooked to watch the serial.

Same goes in this part too. Either it be the playful,little irresponsible Sachin, or Our lovable ARMAN alies Bholu,Hardworking Manav and sweet ,soft  innocent archu or the Ever Decent Sensible Sathish, all stayed true to their character and they all are lively and live in your FF with their Original Traits. Thanks for it.

Then, First comes the First Meeting:
Archu - Sachu talks, the way he gave her food reminded me of old sachu. Really this is one character that had so much potential and would had played a perfect Lakshman in case of Manav if retained and allowed.But unfortunately the scriptwriters of original PR killed it.

So what, Nikki's FF is there na, to fulfill all of it. so here you had gone with it Hug and its the start, a beginning ,This time it was failure attempt for archu and not so smoothy convo between them, But I wish to read and visualize more of them in  the upcoming parts or future. Wish to see their Devar-Vahini convos.

Sachu was still in a confused state, could understand his current turmoil too- being returned as a loser after big talks, Still, he has to change himself and get through for what is needed, the splendid support which the family needs right now.
And archu was no where wrong in her behavior with him also. Anger tho will definitely come. and as she need ,Sachu needs them and family needs sachu. so a cooperation is needed. hope she succeeds in it in the upcoming future.

Then, comes the Second Meeting:

Can Any meeting or scene would have given such a satisfaction or more appropriate one to take the insecurity of Manav from his heart rather than this Meeting. The perfect Guy Figure, whom Manav as always thought of and the insecurities he build just because Karanjkars wants that perfect Guy,  Hearing from that perfect Guys own mouth ,that archu was Meant for Only Manav and she Loves only Manav was the best thing for Manav to hear.
Can it be anyone rather than Sathish himself telling Archu loved Manav right from the first and She was no where near to or committed to Sathish will give such a credit.

So it was the Perfect meeting of the Two.
And it was as Decent as of the two and how  Sathish was portrayed right from beginning. I like and Love this character so much. even this was not spared in original is a Diff story.

All the dialogues were superb. it was written so nicely. Symbolically(with the line he looked at his chappals and shoes but didnt compare anything) you said Manav's comparison with Sathish ends as Manav believes that Archu was his alone and no more comparison or inferior feeling needed there. He started believing it and that shows or gives me the pleasure of reading the much awaited feeling from Manav. Thanks a lot for it Nikki.

This meeting was the Best and a matured one. both behaves so true and I could see them so lively there. Though not believing Manav is innocent, Sathish maintained his decency and cool with Manav ,said,stated all the facts that he was clear about.And Manav as always humble and soft, he apologized though he was not at fault, the circumstances were.

Then, comes the much awaited and the sweet ARMAN reunion:

I have put the heading,But dont know where to start, where to end and how to say.
It was sweetest, Emotional and a perfect reunion on the PERFECT CIRCUMSTANCES and SITUATIONS and not as original PR.
All was setup for the wonderful reunion perfectly. And mostly it was real and not Dramatic.

Could visualize everything.

The way it started with power cut, could know you were for a Treat Wink . but thought had to wait for privacy as everyone would be there, but you have made only two of them and other's out. so obviously we are for it.

The way archu asked Manav to come first,close the door and then scolding him for making the floor dirty,  I was reminded of my mom's one's. Exactly the way I would get and how embarrassed with a sleepy smile I would be standing...Embarrassed.LOL

Then comes the Second Perfect Hug for me. the first ARMAN hug in orig PR was my most fav as it was the first one and it was there because archu was so comfy with them and all she poured out needed  such a one.

And the one you have given here was the second perfect one.Manav's  state, he asking you wont go na
And the Reason for Tears(I loved the way you put it.Hug). Its because he realized she was always there for him even in hatred and all circumstances and that he can now be safe and secure ,have a loving one to be on his side and expect something from his loved one.
Very well put and archu didnt know it but the way she comforted him by responding the hug was even more lovely.

Then comes pampering of Manav, the oh so not naughty Manav trying to be cute,naughty and childish. could visualize him keeping his head on her lap and archu stroking his hair,Lovely scene and the way he would be at peace is visualized there in the way you had written it.

I would go on and on, if you leave me  ,then it would become Longer one than the part you had written/posted Embarrassed LOL...As it already became one... Embarrassed Confused...Sorry for such a lengthier one. But couldn't stop.

So I stop here, I just loved this part.

An still wanted More. could not stop that thought, that too it ended with such a last scene which obviously make us ask more. ... you know how greedy we are on that Embarrassed ...So always wanted more.

Thus eagerly waiting for the Next update and awaiting it. Know you are Busy, sorry to bug you with update request...but Kya karoon yaar,yours was the ray of pleasure .

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LuvSSever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Hi Nikki,

Forgot to add one more thing.
Manav has asked archu to put leave and they are going to
Haji ali place na, I just love the narration you have given
About that place and man av.s visit last time. And going to see arman there again, I am happy and eager
To read.

Definitely a small date or outing of arman will be there na in the next update.
Before the big surgery we wish to read some nicer sweet touching moments of
Them. Wish will be fulfil na Nikki dear.

Then one more thing,
Hats of f for your writing and narration that it always ends up
Or easy to visualize with org arman/sushita and all actors.

You write in such a way that scene comes in front of us. Thanks for

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Swati_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 12:31am | IP Logged
Niks Hug
You updated early ha...
It was a wonderful,wonderful,wonderful update...Smile  This will be counted in my favourite parts...Smile
Ah...Arman reunite Heart 
Loved how the reunion took place ...loved how they understood each other gradually...loved how you did not show it abruptly...yes it took a long time hon but never felt bored or rather it was the most perfect reunion...Day Dreaming 
Awww...Manav Hug 
The way he asked Archu about her place in his life was so cute and adorable...finally Archu managed to make him believe i wished to see this Archana in the show...Ouch
Awww...Manav doesnt like to drink milk like me...Me too hate it...Pinch
Sachin D'oh 
Huh...Please think of your Dada ...He needs you...
But i am liking his character...His insecurities are justified...I am sure he is going to come back sooner or later...Smile
Liked his and ARchu's scene...Thank god...Archu in your ff is a human..her character was so ruined in the show na Nikki Ouch
I have always loved him...Even in the show and your ff...This was the only character which was not ruined...Smile 
Lucky  Satish...K's ka dammad banne se bach gaya LOL
Niks you know i like each and every character in your ff...
Flawed yet likable...
 Me waiting for B2B...
Niks ASR ki duniya main hum apko kabhi nahi bhoolenge Ouch
Infact i hardly post on that forum...Dont have any friends over there..only read some FF's..
Friends i made here are the one i love Hug
But yes i love BARUN...You need to watch him Niks..He is so goofy and adorable...
Waiting eagerly for the next update...Big smile
Love you...Take care Hug

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mayusushita IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2012 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
wowww nikki grt job haan Clap...sooo lovelyyy update loved d conversation between manav and satish ...satish is sooo gud human being in ur ff  tooo ...lyk what he said dat " i am nt d hero in dis story i am playing a supportive character to reunite u and archu "...and soo happy dat satish told 2 manav wht archu feel fr him frm d starting ...also sooo happy 2 knw dat sachin feels guilty dat he had hurt his big bro and his baba ...

and at last loved d arman scene ...loved d way manav hugged archu sooo tight frm her waist ...HeartHeart d scene in their bedroom hw cutely manav lying on d bed by putting his head on archu lap ...remimded me of pr when manav put his head on archu lap after their anniversry ...sooo cute d way manav hiding in archu lap ...archu hand in manav's hair hw romantic ...Day Dreamingloved it when manav making faces in gulping milkLOLand at last hw manav cutly said 2 archu dat "can i sleep lyk dis fr some more tym ...sooo swt it wsDay Dreamingi can imagine sush saying dis 2 anki and she wil be blushing lyk anything ...awwwDay DreamingDay Dreamingmiss dem soo much ...

sooo nikki waiting fr ur next update sooo eagerlyyy wid more cute romance lyk dis ...and its so gud 2 knw  dat no one is in deir house so dey can spend alone tym wid each wid lots of romanceWink

sooo bye dear again i can say sooo wonderful updateThumbs Up

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stefanandre IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
Niki, just loved this update, loved every scene in it whether it was Archu-Sachin or Manav-Satis or our wonderful ArMan, you wrote each scene so well.

It was nice that Archana went to talk with Sachin, she got the ball rolling and I am sure he will be there when Manav goes for his surgery, although he misses his family so much the challenge he gave himself of not returning till he makes it big is clouding his feelings and urge of going back. He does not realize the full family will welcome him with open arms.

Manav and Satish conversation was really an eye opener for Manav, he got the truth that Archana went back to him because she loved him and not out of pity and he got this from the person he had a complex of and who he thought was going to take his Archana away from him and he finally realized that his Archana will always be there loving and supporting him no matter what financial condition they are in. Loved Manav-Satish relationship in the show, Satish was such a great friend to Manav after it was cleared that Satish was not after Archana.

Thank you for the wonderful ArMan scenesDay DreamingDay Dreaming it was just perfect, everything and all I can think and dream of is those two scenes.  Manav always wanted to be loved and fussed and pampered and he wanted this from the one he truly loved and after knowing that she was not going to go anywhere, he let himself relax and express his feelings.  The bedroom scene of Manav putting his head on Archana's lap and their talksDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Knowing that his Archana is not to leave him will help him go through the surgery with so much more confidence cause he will know that she will be waiting for him after his surgery. it would be even sweeter if Tarun and Sachin are also there.

Cannot wait for the next update and more ArMan scenes, can already picture the after surgery scenes of Archana looking after Manav and Manav looking at her with so much love.

Niki please do not take too long for the next update, cannot wait to read what happens next. Also looking forward to Savita-Archana teaming up and forming an unbreakable bond. When will Vandita warm up to Archana?

Thanks again NikiHugHug

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by swahidantli

Smilehey... thanks again for the update... wat do i say... just HATS OFF..Clap 
right from the title two meets and a reunion, i was waiting to read the meets(of course reunion too) but then was just wondering who could be the two people and i have to say u have wonderfully arranged two situations archana meeting sachin and then manav meeting satish... great,..Big smileThankyou for your sweet words.. am glad you liked it. :)

it was a surprise to know that sachin was aware of all the manipulation done by savita..never really thought about that ( i see a possibility of sachin coming back soon...Winkmaybe before manav is admitted... )Big smileKeep guessing!

then of course the talk between satish and manav... i remenber the 9th november 2009 episode where archana threw the divorce papers towards manav... wen manav was jealous about satish.. but after that they never really showed a clear talk between them... Yes, in original PR they always gave hints of Manav's inferiority complex but never explored it fully- when he felt embarassed of giving silver bangles to Archana while she was getting gold ones from her brother, when he felt so discouraged on coming to know of Archana and Satish that he signed divorce papers without even asking Archana... it wasn't fully explored in the serial but I always found it very interesting, especially since Manav and Satish were blatantly compared in the very beginning of the serial. u showcased it reaaly well... loved the line...
 "His eyes fell on Satish's shoes and his own chappals. He had always compared Satish with himself every time.For the first time today, he did not do it" 
.it really showed that now manav is sure of his destiny.. as in whoever and wateva he was archana was his destiny...SmileSmile a change in manav where he wont feel inferior of not being capable of archana...
in the last part u partially made manav understand the real reason behind archana coming back... but this part totally made him realise that YES ARCHANA LOVED HIM... equally or probably more than he did...Smile

lastly the reunion part... umm... wat do i say about it... the moment i read about the electricity off was sure of something coming up.. n yes it was fantastic... even though it wasnt an out and out romance the emotions that were depicted through it were mindblowing... the best being wen manav hugs her...Day Dreaming and then the bedroom part where he has his head on her lap... it somehow again reminded me of an episode after their anniversary when manav is sleeping on archana's lap and she kisses his forehead...Big smilejust amazing...Glad you loved it.

 thanks once again for updating early... thanks a lot...SmileSmileYou're welcome! I hope your results were good!

and ya obviously waiting for the next update... Will try to update soon.
Originally posted by unknown18

Such a cute ending!!

Great job Nikki Thumbs Up

Love the development in story and characters
Thanks Sid! How are you doing??

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suan

Thank you.SmileHug
You're welcome!!

Such a beautiful, and moving update.
I especially loved the scene with Arman at the dining table.
The ambiance was oh so romantic.
Such a rare treat for them to be alone at home.
Was so happy for them.Heart

Your brilliant writing allowed me to feel the love and emotion of this scene.
I could clearly imagine Manav breaking down and sobbing as he hugged Archana.
Also when she hugged him.
A very special moment for them and am so happy they have taken their relationship to a new level.
Look forward to where it goes from here.From here on things will go upward only, until the much awaited part comes.WinkLOL

Loved the car scene too.Smile
It seemed very natural. I loved the fact that it was Satish who was the one to make Manav realise Archana's true feeling for him...that she has always loved him.Satish rocks!Clap Say it thrice!LOL
This gave him the confidence to reveal his true self to his love...his wife.Smile

I'm shocked to find out that Savita knew all along where Sachin lives.Shocked
You sure know how to keep things interesting.Hehe, thanks.Big smile

The scene in the bedroom at the end...awww.Day Dreaming
How sweet, tender and also very cute.
Would love to see more like this one.WinkMore like this? Or more than this?Wink

Loved this part so much Nikita and can't wait for the next installment!SmileWill try and update soon.. thanks for the comments.
Originally posted by Athena.

Lovely.. one of my favourite parts maybe actually..

I love PR ReloadedHeartLOL
Short and to the point, heheLOL. Thanks a lot!Embarrassed

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