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PR Reloaded- II (FF) Note on pg. 76- do read! (Page 60)

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lunza

"This is how a house is supposed to be run." Said Savita, shaking the wad of notes at her. "Even though I don't earn like you, yet there must be about 30,000-40,000 rupees here. I saved them bcos I have [1.] a benevolent son who loans money to his friends and in laws who by the way, never bother to return the money back; [2] a drunkard husband who steals money from my own locker; and [3] a lazy spendthrift son. With such a family, I knew we could fall into trouble anyday. And I was right, was I not? Manav spent all his savings on that stupid divorce case and in helping your parents, his Baba is still 'all talk, no work' and Sachin is gone now.  I saved the money in those days for my daughter's wedding, and for buying jewellery for myself. I love gold, and wanted to buy something for myself this Diwali so that for a change I could show off in the chawl as well, and not wear artificial jewellery. And not to forget, I saved for any kind of an emergency. Even Manav does not know of this money. Yes, plotting behind the back of my children is not new to me." Savita Aai laughed loudly at herself.

Savita started laughing. "How?" she asked. "By stealing money from Manav's pockets. By taking away from Manav's Baba whatever little he earned through theatre. By blackmailing Sachin when he needed to hide things from his Dada and competing with him to steal from Manav's pocket. By taking away from Vandita the 1000 rupees Manav gave her for Rakhi. By keeping with me whatever I could save from the monthly expenses.This way I have saved this money. 

If a single rupee of this house goes to the Karanjkars, I swear I'll throw you out."

These lines made me laugh so much LOL ...Savita Aai will always be a rockstar.. even though she has grey shades, the serial and the story would be so bland and un-masaledaar without her, nahi? LOL
so she has always known how sachin was huh ? LOL Yeah I tried to show it in the early chapters..

Am wondering what sachin has been upto .. hope he has seen some bad times and struggled to make ends meet Angry Evil SmileHawww... and I thought you were a fan of Sachin Deshmukh!Shocked
I like how all the "old faces" are making an entry again .. I mean those we havent heard from since a very long time ... Some 12 parts actually..Tongue but the difference came up bcos the parts were updated monthly.Embarrassed

Ajit , varsha , sachin .. and I guess tarun is coming back soon ( missed him so much!!) ..

And you know I had almost kinda forgotten the fact that manav can still get into big trouble for illegally helping varsha ... Don't forget it, cos that will be coming up ahead..Big smile

And ahh... am loving the archu-savita scenes !!! I am already imagining them discussing and handling the household expenses together in the coming months !!! The tigress- cow jodi is getting fans? Let's see how many join the list after the next few parts.Tongue

And I am already making a checklist of the things you have to show in the coming updates .. was thinking of posting it .. but then .. you dont like it much when I do that , do you Wink  ?Don't remind me.. makes me feel nervous..Cry

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Originally posted by suan

Hi Nikita,Hug
Hi Di!
Thank you so much for this treat! You're welcome!
Today is a public holiday here in Trinidad and Tobago (Labour Day), so my children are at home and can help during the day, so took the opportunity to read your FF the first thing in the morning!!!Smile 
So happy I did!

I loved the first Arman bedroom scene.
The way you have described their developing relationship is very tender and touching.

Savita seems even more accepting of Archana in this installment.Yeah, she has accepted Archana as the one who runs the house and takes care of Manav. Not with her heart though.
A growth since the last part with the Ajit scene.
I was happy to see Archana understanding Savita's needs, from a woman's perspective, re the household accounts.
I really appreciate her character for trying to understand things from Savita's perspective, and showing her the respect she deserves as her MIL, even though Savita has not been kind to Archana in the past.Respect should be given where it is due.. one can oppose wrong doings without getting crass, like Savita does sometimes. No matter how she is, Savita is Manav, Vedant Vandita's mother and elder to Archana too. Archana must never forget that.

I love the togetherness of the Deshmukh family now.
A far cry from what it was like when Archana first returned to their home.Big smile You see it, don't you? Others will see it soon too.Wink
The ideas that Vedant and Vandita came up with in terms of helping Manav with earning an income re the spare parts, shows how much they have grown up and have absorbed Archana's advice for them to help their brother.

Re Sachin...this is the first time I'm reading about his character in your FF, so am looking forward to seeing what type of rishta he has with Arman in particular, and the D's in general.

I loved the reference to the song, "Khullam Khulla...".Smile
Made me smile and laugh with delight!
Pony was too funny!LOL
Can imagine Sushant blushing if one of Ankita's friends did something like this.

I really loved the entire board painting scene.Thumbs Up
Very well written Nikita.
Loved Archana's response to Manav re the rice pudding.LOL
Shows how much more comfortable they are with each other.LOL, archana can be a bit of a spitfire at times.LOL

Needless to say...the blue paint and how it brought Arman together in such a romantic way Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
I especially loved Manav's reactions here, both outside the house, but even more so in their bedroom.Day Dreaming
You've outdone yourself here Nikita.HugHugHug
These scenes were so beautifully written.
It was very pavitra yet so romantic and real.Day Dreaming
Thank you Nikita!Welcome and am so glad you liked it.. I always try and improvise the ArMan scenes by going through them again and again.

Finally, I loved the scene where Savita shows Archana the money she has been saving over the years, and the fact that she shared with Archana how she did it.

This to me is an indication that Savita has truly accepted Archana as a part of the the extent that Savita can ever accept Archana in Manav's life, at this point in their lives any way.

I love how you have written Savita's character...very grey as you said.
Makes her very interesting and leaves me wanting to know more and more, in terms of what will she do next or how will she react to various situations.SmileAm loving it that people are starting to see Savita in a different light now, and even waiting to see her union with Archana.

You continue to amaze and delight me with your writing Nikita!Heart
Keep it up and can't wait for the next installment!!!

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Originally posted by bonnefille


Sachu is Back! Seems like he has become a reformed man! Brilliant...what's a family if they do not come together at times of difficulty. Waiting for his re-entry in Deshmukh family. You'll have to see to what extent he has reformed.. am not making him a sadhu at one go..Tongue

Got to admire how beautifully you have constructed plots through out the fan-fic to describe the layered character of Savita. The inner turmoil inside Savita has been so well played out in the two scenes with her. This particular update could have been an answer to all the criticism met to the television version of the character in the past. However, I see no reason why she (TV version) needs to be defended anymore.  An extraordinarily complex character brought to life by BT CVs but turned to ashes because of their own mediocrity. I love Savita in your FF despite her grey shades, that's the beauty of how well you have carried forward her character in your version. Awww... thank you Bonne.. it feels very nice to see even characters like Savita touching a chord with the audience..

ArMan romance...It was just the way I like it. Day DreamingEnough said, right?LOL
I have already complained enough regarding how short the update is LOL...but got to say that you have quite made it up by giving an awesome-dawesome update.    Yeah, it was short, but the story in it was more I guess.. we moved quite ahead.. same for some of the parts ahead..


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Originally posted by nikitagmc

Originally posted by swahidantli

ok this time i am the first one to comment... this part is awesome... finally v get to see the closeness between manav and archana...their shyness... the painting part was amazing... culd actually imagine this part being enacted by our sushant and ankita/... amazing ya...Clap
Hey thanks Swahi! So glad you liked this update and the romantic scenes.. I took some 'inspiration' from the SR scene for that.Wink
hey this is sayli..thats just my profile name... the SR scene...Wink tuk me back to the 24th dec 2010... it was one of the most romantic scene on the indian television... Wink but i really loved the way u described it... and especially the paint part as i said earlier... wish it would have been in the pr...Crybut neways with ur writing i can imagine it as if actually done by sushant and ankita... BlushingDay Dreaming
n please v cannot wait for a month for the next part ya... update early...Wink

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Originally posted by umayal

Dear Nikki Hug,

what could I say. As every time ,as usual a Good,Nice Installment that always make our Day while reading it.Thanks Umi!

This time it was a different venture. A mixture of more of story forwarding ahead, More Bonding of the characters Living in your FF and As you had promised a romantic moment, mostly as the original one ,with masti, cute ,shy yet romantic scene. Seriously could imagine our original ARMAN/Sushita there.

Savita aai's encounter with archu with her Money savings was a different one to read.
Though harsh and Sound, her statements were not fully wrong.One son spending his earning, useless husband and a other Lazy son. So true. She was correct at times.
And as we had said and discuss, she is a character who has changed to due to circumstances and by nature would had been a good/Soft  one if she was allowed too. Typical Savita aai character it was.Well said. She has been wrong in whatever she did, no two doubts about that, but there was a reason why and how she became bad.

Hope atleast by this way, Through Manav , Savita-Archu establish a Bridge or Bond between them atleast in mutual way.

Then Good to read about sachin. But what has he went through and What was he upto.
Even though he was at wrong side, when he said he feel happy for ARMAN and  felt lump when heard about his family , then just felt for him and wish to know what was happening  with him.
Hope he too returns back and support his brother and vahini. Missed those Deshmukh's family moments entirely in serial. beginning days they were such a good one. teasing,doing,everything was realistic. Me too! But worry not, those days will return! Apna tapori Sachu chor will be back!Big smile

Sachin's encounter with his vahini was also LOL  LOL, I was thinking whom it was. I thought it wont be Ajit but was it MAnav Himself, Is archu not seeing it clearly is what I thought. But Sachin ,didnt expect.Poor Sachin ki kismat hi kharab hai!LOL In this FF, he got slapped by Manav in his intro scene itself for gambling.Ouch And in his re-entry scene, he almost got thrashed by Archu.LOL Chalo at least his luck here is better than in the serial, where he was bumped even before his track could fully start.Cry

This small Business and Part time of Manav was such a Relief .hope it turns good for him.Big smileWait and watch! Dharmesh Jaipurwala is here to teach our bholu Manav some business tactics now!

Vedhant, Vandhu helping and they having good family moments,Nice to read.
Hope baba does something constructive too, very soon.

And ARMAN scene. it was Lovely and typical ARMAN. anger,then cooling, then teasing, fun,shy, cute. everything was there. Just loved it. and couldnt help imagining the original ArMan/Sushita in that Place.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Over all ,Enjoyed a Lot reading it and waiting eagerly for the next one.
But felt that, Is that ended ,Am i seeing XXX there, checked it again and again. but it has.DisapproveYeah, it was a bit short, as I go theme wise in the updates, I didn't feel there was any need to prolong it unnecessarily after writing all about 'money matters'
Anyways, it was worth reading as usual. so Hug

Nikki, Dont think i have ended here. My Essays wont be such short. LOL
i will write again Big smileI will update again too! Bye Umi!

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Originally posted by dhahi

Oh wow.. its sooo cute n awesome update..
loved all romantic moments bet ArMan... he he he.. obviously Manav ll b dead 1 day... wait a sec, is ne he already dead atleast a thousand times wenevr she luked r smiled r by just being in his sight.. LOL...
so sachins gonna b bak...
waiting for further updates...

Hey Dhahi! Thanks for the cute comments.
I wrote somewhere some time ago that by the end of all this, Manav is going to fall ten times more in love with Archana, and bcos of lots of reasons. I guess then he will sachi be dead.LOL
I'll try to update soon..

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Originally posted by --Minks--

Hey Niki... that was a quick update... wasn't expecting it so soon.. but I am sooo glad for it... and what a nice good happy family -wala update... Yeee... i had a nice, contented feeling after reading the update...

And Sachin... I had honestlt forgotten about him completely and wasn't expecting his return at all... guess, that the whole family would get together in their hour of need, and things might get back to normal.. Seems like he must have had a bad run and is too embarrassed to face his family .. but, I hope that he gets back soon, and when he gets to know of Manav's sickness, he helps him and supports his family... so, we have Tarun and Sachin hopefully back on Manav's side, and he wont have to face all the troubles alone... He deserves this... and maybe Varsha case might get sorted soon.. at least I am hoping sooo... can;t wait to see and read about all happy people in the story... looking forward to the next one ... hope that there's a hapy reconciliation in the family soon... 
Hey Minks.. lol I told you guys I would update soon.. nobody trusted me hmpf!LOL
Looking forward to a reconciliation already? Of course there will be one, but I don't want to rush it.. will just say keep reading!

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Originally posted by ByteMe

after a looong while read ur update... it was nice and pleasant read :)
Thanks Byte.. how have you been?

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