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Devils Den - Maaneet hue GHSP se paraye!

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Message from Geet Admin

It seems that the GEET page is filled with hate these days. Honestly, there is more to the show than changing my DP and DD wearing Patialas or churidars.

Anyway, this post is not about this. It is about how your voices need to reach the right people in the right places. You spewing venom on this page is not gonna help. This page is run by the production house and the channel supersedes all decisions taken by the PH.

For example, take a look at this link on the official GEET page run by the CHANNEL What do you see? While all hell was breaking loose here, the feedback on the above link on the channel page makes it seem that everything is fine and the maha episode was a huge success. No wonder nobody listens to us when we say that people didn't like so and so or they hate so and so track.

How many people actually gave their feedback on the link I had posted a few weeks back? Here it is once again:

Do it NOW. Do it again. Or I swear I will change my DP to a big RED SQUARE!!/pages/Geet-Hui-Sabse-Parayi/113084378707061

Pic credit Geet FB

Creatives, we all know that GHSP's USP is Maaneet, why not flaunt them to the fullest!

Creatives, I have some serious issues with current track!
Geet, current track is making all Aag Baboola! OYE, fix it quick! Dev can't be with Nandani! He's ruined one sister's life, yet she forgave him, still wounds r there! He just can't have other sister for free! NT, wake up and save ur Suhaag, please! Also, r we just limited to push and pull, fall and catch for Maaneet, when they gonna act like real husband and wife! This comedy crap is just a bit too much! I love their nok jhok, but come on we need some seriousness too!

Geet's age, shouldn't she be at least 19 now! With this I want to see Birthday Party in Geet, which can lead to a night to remember for Maan and Geet! Get my point creatives, yes we want to see a more passionate SR with MSK doing lots of teasing and a lot of foreplay! Now, don't tell me there's restriction for all this on indian telly too! LoL


See, even Geet is praying to MSK's taveez, yeh tunne kya kiya!  Hay was too hard, let's make it wild and a night to remember some other way!


A video mix I viewed today that made me smile!


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T Devils of the Devil's Den hereby declare the Den to be 
a Bird & Dot free zone !!!

If you dare to fly, be ready to fly all the way to heaven, because

we will shoot you. HAAN!

This is particularly in light of the moderator warning 
(chk here..
and henceforth every Devil (old & new) solemnly pledge to NOT indulge in crooning aka bird language 
(except : ofc the pengu tribal linguistics)
and here is the dare.. 
one more croon frm a bird and u know what...!! HAAN!!Approve


The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT! Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz...Cool to de Core! 

- Devils of the Devil's Den-

1. If U don't like the Devil's Den residents then just fly away! We don't like to be mean hosts!

2. U can only jappoo Geet HSP ki Geet at Den - So, stay in your maryaada and don't jam about other shows!

3. The Den is not just about CONfakes, but reel takes so discuss dey story constructively in all its gloryBig smile

Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs! Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not! So, be PHAAST!

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8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post. Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.

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Previous DENS with THEMES

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Brij and Yash









Wedding Symbolism
Parallel Tracks

Fan Dumb

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Hey everyone..

Am i seeing what you're seeing?
Because I'm not seeing what I was supposed to have been see what I mean?
Let me tell you today

Of course, it's no big surprise to tell you that I love Maneet.
I love seeing them together, exchanging convos, sweet nothings, non-sense and hugs, touches, eye-locks..even anger- even if it's argument- they are together.

They being the jaan of the show- literally-and we get what? 3 minutes of maneet.
Yes, we get it DD is unwell and i really hope she gets well soon but buddies! It's time to MOVE the story now.

Let's see where we are now,shall we?

Maan came and wooed Geet.
Maan and Geet spend stolen moments together
Maan(aka Dev) is allowed to stay and earn Geet's love. While MAAN(original version) wants Dev to do it so that he can win trust of family

Enter Nandini
Nice character, a bit dumb, but very realistic in her words- seeing Karwa chauth as just a ritual; being apprehensive about her marriage; not wanting to marry so soon- a normal teenage girl

Dev starts falling for any girl unmarried- therefore, Dev falls for nandu
Nandu also wil develop feelings for Dev
Nandu will come to know truth
Showdown between Dev and Maneet vs entire family

Then, maneet move to delhi
Then what?

I really hope there's a strong story because this one is a plot. not a story.
I thought the entire point of having a screenplay and story writer was to build a story and go along with it..think till it reaches a conclusion that does justice to all characters and satisfies the TRP bringing audience.
This is just one of the plots we are going through.. the purpose of the plot is pretty much fulfilled, this is being dragged now and i hope it is crisply wrapped up so that Delhi track is brought back.

Now- I don't know how many will agree but we need to see 10 minutes of Maneet at least with 5 minutes of 2 sidey roles..NOT VICE VERSA!
maan and Geet are a couple- a married couple - they need to consummate with style because they are maan and geet- they need to ACT like a married couple.
Back home, if maan is the business tycoon ALA mills and boons style- he NEEDS to get that image back- he can still be stylish with a kind heart and affectionate behaviour- but he NEEDS TO WORK!
What's more- Geet and Maan have to have a conversation about what she wants to do in about maan advising her to get an education?
How about Geet working?

OR how about in the process of creating a future together- past relationships are opened up?

If NT comes I hope she should now- let her try and befriend Geet now..LEt her act all nice..and let Geet- being the kind hearted girl that she is..we could have NT trying to wiggle her way back into the mansion and creating problems.

OR- we could simply have Maan being a workaholic OR geet wanting to open a school for kids and spending more time there- maan joining her sometimes, but both of them kind of getting annoyed with the less attention the other or either is getting..(maan as workaholic, Geet as working with kids)

Just give them a gripping STORY for God's sake!
Think a bit- I'm sure the audience doesn't want random events linked up to nothing- leading to nothing but more moments like that- please don't make this an absurd love story!

That said- 

I did like the maneet scene today- the picking up and back hugs are ADORABLE!
So were the dialogues- v cute..LOL

I like Samir..I REALLY LOVE is acting..but seriously- the show is about maneet- I hope DD gets well soon- for her- we'll suffer this torture..only for her!

It's another pick up make the swift,crisp journey that has won so many hearts that they refuse to leave the show in the hopes that it will get better

Please don't get me wrong, I LOVE the show still- because of what it was..not because of what it is now..and can you believe it- we have SO many memories and imprints of scenes of this divine couple that it still makes us hold on..

Anyway..back to the epi update
Nandini's char has a lot of potential...why can't she be the girl who wants to study and not get married? even to Dev? why can't she want to study more and we see Dev as her bf..but wanting to protect her rather than uh..doing her?
just think a bit and there are so many things that can be done...not to make this track a rip-off of maneet scenes

Jugnu and Lucky are the only awesome people left i feel...i LOVE them

Daman ban gaya chaman..omg!!
I call those people chaman- who're being silly..but mamaee is just awesome!

the guy was okay..he didn't really do much did he? I guess he'll be packed off?

I also LOVED the scene when Geet was about to fall of the CUTE!LOL

Anyway -there's not anything much to discuss except i hope we all see Delhi back again pretty soon..missing maan's head soo much and Geet's normal clothes!

That's all
Barry- *jhapkisses*

Love to all..

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged

I dunno what to say about today's Episode except for one thing that CVs r just hell bent on showing us something which they know viewers will hate to seeAngry

First they ruined the most awaited SR of Maaneet
Next they will make Maaneet cupid for Dev-Nandu and we might see MSK and Geet trying to convince all about how Dev will b ideal hubby for NandiniDead
So are CVs deliberately spoiling their own show so that fans stop watching it and move to their so called new show on star plus and then once trps go low ,they will get a nice excuse to close the show down ???Confused
Sorry to sound so negative but after watching today's episode this is the only conclusion I can drawErmm
As an episode ,it was a nice episode with good flow...nice comic element in the show...last Maaneet scene was too good and SS was brilliant throughout with his comic timingClap...but still viewers r not liking it ..Why ??...CVs Ask this question to yourselves and u will get the answer...Its because Maaneet does not hv a proper track...their relationship is standstill at one point and viewers r not even sure CON happened or not because they r behaving as usual with MSK trying to kiss her and she is pushing him offOuch...Maaneet r limited to side characters in the show who themselves don't hv a track but r only playing cupids to other side characters in the show who r all hving proper tracks around themOuch ;Another reason is viewers r not able to digest Dev ki Rasleela and Maaneet plsying cupid for him just because of Dev's past deedsOuch;If it was Vicky-Nandini or mayb even Tej-Pammi then viewers would hv loved to see Maaneet playing cupids for them but when it comes to Dev ,its impossible for the viewers to digest all this nonsense in the name of comedyAngry...
Damage has been already done and all CVs can do is repair this damage by trying to introduce a proper track surrounding Maaneet and make sure that NT comes back to handle his Devaaa ka rasleelaApprove
Options for good Maaneet tracks...
1)Send Maaneet back to Delhi..bring in the office track with Geet either joining office with MSK or mayb completing her studies...
2)Bring MSK's past chapter related to his mother or Sameera or whatever and connect it with
Maaneet ka bonding...
3)Show a proper Maaneet SR in Delhi ...We r not depmanding any explicit scenes but something which can b defined as proper suhaagraat ...the passion ...desire...foreplay...ambience...all that needs for a suhaagraat between a passionate couple like Maaneet
4)Make Dev negative by hook or by crook...Let Dev become a selfish soul who wanted to hv his share in Khurana business and let Maaneet stand together against Devaaa here...its high time the show needs a good villain...
5)Bring in Vicky in the picture and hook him up with Nandini ...noone will complain if Maaneet plays a cupid for Vicky-Nandu or even Tej-PammiBig smile...and if possible bring Tej-Pammi to Delhi where Pammi can get a good makeover along with Geet tooLOLEmbarrassed
6)Bring some uniqueness in Maaneet scenes,...Their romantic scenes r getting stagnent ...Why not bring some freshness in it like MSK taking Geet to a romantic dinner date...or Maaneet getting drenched in Rain and we hv a rain song here or Geet trying to seduce MSK wearing a western dress whose previous loop can b closedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
7)Can Maaneet go for their second proper honeymoon please without any extra baggageBig smile...
8)If for the sake of dragging the story ,new characters r being introduced then make sure those characters r somewhere connected to the Maaneet story like why not a dashing business partner for MSK who might hv his evil eye on GeetEvil Smile...I know it might sound like a cliched track but at least it can b better than what we r witnessing currently ..right ??Big smile
9)Geet is Millionaire's wife...can she look like one as well wearing some good stylish designer sarees or modern outfits ??...Can we hv some high society business parties where Maaneet can b projected like the hottest couple in townCool...I know Party ideas r more like Ektaish but why not ??Tongue
10)If all tracks r over...then here is last idea...Kill Maaneet...Reincarnation...Fresh storyCool...But not now...first finish all the above mentinoed tracksLOLTongue
Now my quick thoughts on the EpisodeEmbarrassed
Like I said Episode had a neat flow ...SS and Gurti were good as usual ...but Dev ka rasleela and Maaneet ki cupidgiri for Dev is hard to digestOuch
Things I liked...
  • SS ki acting when Dev is shown daydreaming about Nandu or making faces when that guy comes to see NanduLOL...All said and done SS is good in his actingClap
  • Pammi-Geet scenes are always treat to watchEmbarrassed...
  • Geet dreamnig about tabela night and was about to fall from the bed was a cute scene I thoughtEmbarrassed..but its still not clear what really happened in the tabela since Pammi asks Geet whether she and Maan had their sulah and she only smilesConfused
  • Geet's lecture to Nandu about getting a dusht danav for herself as well was a good scene I thoughtLOL ..DD was very good in itEmbarrassed...
  • MSK ka sharp brains was back to work again when he senses that his brother is acting OTT after the Jungle-FiascoCoolLOL;Intelligent MSK is always treat to watch especially when he is in vest doing the car cleaningDay Dreaming...well Dev was right here when he said we had a jungle was indeed an adventure even for the viewers who r still wondering CON done or notLOLLOL
  • Last Maaneet scene was the best of today's episode...its always treat to hv Maaneet in same frame even if the scene is repitativeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Gurti's chemsitry in the last scene had that sparkThumbs Up...Loved the way MSK hugs Geet from behind and picks her up in unique style and then does that kiss ka gesture by swinging her in his arms so tightly like a despoBlushing;This despo act of MSK again proves that CON not doneConfusedLOL ..otherwise why will a hubby act and look so despo for a kiss even after the deed last night ??ConfusedWink...Well I guess even CNs r CONfused in this department right nowLOLLOL..Anyways all said and done loved the last scene and hoping that DD gets well soon so that we can hv more Maaneet scenes in the coming episodesEmbarrassed
Things I disliked..
  • Dev ki 4th love story where Maaneet might play cupidThumbs Down..
  • Maaneet reduced to side characters and Devini love story takes the centerstageThumbs Down
  • PrecapThumbs Down
  • Geet ka atrocious costumesThumbs Down...
  • MSK reduced to washing carsCry
  • CON matter still a mystryConfusedLOL

Episode Rating:7/10...Whole episode was dedicated to Devini love storySleepy...So the whole rating is only for SS ka acting and Maaneet last sceneBig smile

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Only a man's character is the real criterion of his worth - Eleanor Roosevelt.

Today Dev again proved that he is a low-life. Angry Who wrote that scene of him bad-mouthing Nandini to a prospective groom. Angry Are you really serious when you want to pass this off as comedy. We are tolerating Dev. But you want to push the envelope. He has already destroyed the lives of Geet and Meera and now he is all set to destroy the life of Nandini Clap Clap Clap. May I congratulate the writer who came up with this track Clap ... you have proved that you have absolutely no respect for women Clap

It would have been acceptable if you had shown Dev marrying some women who is down on her luck instead you chose to have him woo an innocent girl and Geet's sister to top it all off. I find it downright disgusting and it makes me sick to my stomach. You are treating a rapist as if he is an innocent guy. This makes fun of the sentiments of all your viewers who have stuck with you through thick and thin. That scene where he bad-mouths Nandini is in very very poor taste. You have clearly shown that you have no respect for women or their sentiments, now it remains to be seen how low this show that once epitomized the meaning of strong women and looked ready to change the landscape of television will fall. We think you have fallen as low as you can and then you find something lower. Where has all the creativity gone? Every scene seems to be borrowed from some movie or some series. It seems that the PH has decided to let this series that gave them so much fame and fortune die in favor of a new show that has yet to see the light of the day. Well remember this a bird in hand is better than two in the bush.

We have steadily seen a decline in the production values, the wardrobe of the main leads and most importantly the storyline and the values on which the series was based. They chose to move all the talented crew to the new show in the hope that they would make a bigger name for themselves on a bigger channel. Since then the show we loved has steadily gone downhill. To add salt to our wounds, the director and several others tell us that they want TRPs to increase. Step back and see why you do not have the TRPs you want. Let me spell it out for you
2) Your production values are pathetic Thumbs Down
3) Your parallel role people wear much better clothes than your main leads Thumbs Down
4) You started with a social message that attracted people because you promised to show an independent woman. You have lost that along the line. Not only that you have compromised on that and turned the fiesty young woman called Geet into a woman who can only cry, whine and feel happy when her husband says he wants to make babies. Dead
5) You are trying to project a rapist as an innocent young lover Angry who is going to ruin another young woman's life message be damned. Angry
6) Maaneet and their chemsitry are the USP of your show. Instead of them we see more of Dev and Nandini. You should be given a prize for successfully rehabilitating a rapist. You deserve another prize for destroying Geet and Maan's character to the extent that they will help him woo Geet;'s innocent sister. Angry
The MSK and Geet that we knew would never stand for this. Angry
This is not the Geet we know. Angry
You have succesfully destroyed the series you worked so hard to build with your own hands and you have the gall to ask your viewers for TRPs.
Why should they give you TRPs? Angry know right Garbage in Garbage out. Approve

Instead of Maaneet playing cupid of Dev-Nandini, have them play cupid for Tej-Pammi. That is much better and people will enjoy watching that. Big smile

Geet helping Dev woo Nandini will be the last straw to show how low you all have sunk. Angry Angry Angry

Instead of asking your viewers for more TRPs you should be thanking us for what you have. We have stuck with you through all the garbage you have thrown at us. There is nothing in your show that is novel anymore and the it is only your loyal viewers who are keeping your show afloat inspite of you treating all of us like rubbish. Angry

You have no idea where the show started and instead of taking it to new highs each successive set of CVs seems to be competing with each other to see who can take it to new lows. Thumbs Down

Maaneet are your USP...use them well.
Show a track of Maan encouraging Geet to become independent instead of telling her "main papa banna chahtha hoon" Censored
Show something innovative instead of showing something run-of-the-mill. That was why your show stood apart because of the storyline adn also because of the execution. If the PH does not have the time and energy to invest in this show, maybe they should handover the responsibility to someone who can do a good job of shouldering it.

Idea for future tracks
This is a youth show, there is no place for babies here as you too realize, which is why you took the MC route. Please do not show any nonsense about her trying to conceive and not being able to conceive. It is too Kektaish. Your audience will not like it. Your audience likes light and funny stuff not heavy duty crying. I know Sameera's entry is the next track but it would be more interesting to see her as a business rival challenging MSK than as something else.  We would get to see the hot, angry Maan who is mean to her while being lover like to Geet. It would make for some really wonderful scenes between husband and wife and would work to strengthen their bond. I would love to see Geet as a tigress defending her husband and her turf Wink. We have seen Geet crying for so long, show us another side of her - a side where she is willing to stand up to a tyrant who is trying to bring down her husband. Sameera underestimates Geet and that becomes her biggest mistake because she does not know what this girl is capable of. Geet acts all innocent and keeps sabotaging her efforts behind her back. LOL LOL LOL Maan knows what is going on and is laughing at Sameera too. Geet with her helpers pulls off the ultimate coup with Maan's help and gives Sameera her just desserts. This is something the audience will love to watch.

Rather than watching a sad Geet it will be more fun watching an enthusiastic Geet laughing with Maan, playing pranks on him and generally making him happy. This makes Sameera even more mad. People will also enjoy a smiling and prankster Geet more than a crying Geet.  Of course there will be some discord when Geet comes to know the truth but she will have the demand the truth from Maan rather than run away again (showing progress in their relationship Big smile). Even that can be handled in a comic way in which Geet banishes Maan to the couch ROFL ROFL and turns him completely despo to tell his side of the story. Ultimately he gets fed up, corners her and tells her the whole story. Then hubby-wifey make up and decide to face the problem together.

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somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged
since every 1 iz writing future track... following track would nice and veiwerz will surely love it...
1) return of NT from the world of nearly dead, she can bring spice back 2 show and she is only 1 who can save veiwerz from torture of dev 4th love story.
2) geet educational track (which iz mentioned by many devilz) in collage no 1 know she mrs. msk and guy fell for her and jealous msk veiwrez alwayz love.
3)some psycho falling for geet and sending her gifts in beginning geet thinks it msk but later found out he is some else and psycho start calling her and following her, this can be perfect thriller track and viewerz will really like some spice in show which is missing from show.
4)office track where maaneet working together on project, new type of romance and fresh scenes.
5)some old collage rival of msk is back he saw geet and want her later found out that she iz mrs msk, add more fuel to his anger now he want to destroy msk, maaneet fight back.
6) if sameera entry iz next she better b some hot really evil villain and maaneet fight her.
7)khurana family histroy is still pending, it could b 1 interesting track
viewerz want to c strong maaneet, they surely dont want 2 c crying geet plus whatever track cv want 2 show plz dont make sit geet at home waiting 4 maan, she should join him if no education track.
plus if they really want to show dev love story best way iz to send nandini for higher education abroad with dev end of story cv and veiwer both happy.
whatever track u chose to show plz maaneet should b together weather fighting or enjoying...     

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loveableangel Goldie

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Dev disgusts me, even though the cvs are trting to do a comical scene in trying to get the suitor away from nandini because of dev all i saw was dev playing with her izzat, that was disgusting, just when i was starting to like him, but the geet cvs like to dig a grave for themselves so dig away. There was hardly maaneet scenes today its all about dev and nandini , which i really didn't care about for once because bond 008 is why i watch geet now, his scene was worth watching and made me laugh i want geet to take him with her when they go delhi he is sooo funny, and what was up with geet rolling in the bed, that looked weird to me, and why was geet only thinking of her so called SR, i would have thought since it was maans first time he would be thinking about it, anyway whats done is done. Also how can geet say its okay for nandini to marry a complete stranger geet was against all this wasn't she,she wanted to marry out of love and blah blah but couldn't because she was pressurised from her abusive marriage.

What i liked about todays epi
  • jugnu scenes
What i didn't like
    everything else.
  • since when does maan care about devs moods?

i did not like todays epi, it was obviously a filler but these days in geet all episode feels like fillers.

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21-07 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
guys! Can you plz help me on one thing?
Who are the leads of GHSP? is it dev-nandini or maan-geet.
bcoz after today's episode I felt that the main story is of dev and nandini
and maan and geet are the side chracters who will help in their milap..
Now I have no doubts that geet will help her pyara sa devar to get her 4th lady love..
how Innovative CV's..I wonder from do u get these amazing ideas? Geet for sure is the best lead
chracter on the indian television..she has falied tulsi, parvati in her mahaanta..
she will keep her family together,no matter what!! bravo cv's..
such a great example you are setting in front of younger generation..
Comin to the last scene, wow! kya scene tha..they are the couple who made love last night.
Do u even get a inch of feeling that they did CON last night? Noshyness, no blushing nothin at all..
they enjoy being Nursery kids playing slap..slap..
instaed of their* Adventure* in jungle they are more worried abt dev ka* adventure*
Waah jee waah!! great!! WEll I dont have words for today's episode..great goin..keep up the good work plz..
your show will get highest of trp's.

P.s. I m really sorry for the sarcasm guys, but I m really mad after today's episode..
It got on my nerves..It really hurts that the show which was so close to my heart has come to this level.
today I m asking myself whom should I blame,The cv's, the pH or myself for lovin this show so much
and getting attached to it..

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