Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

May 17th, 2011 Written Update

Wafah IF-Dazzler

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Runjhun runs along with the Kukkan and Jabbo and the other two to the hospital. They reach the hospital and see the doctor covering a dead body, that they assume is Guddu. Runjhun falls into the nearby chair at the sight. Kukkan and Jabbo are both are in tears and Tipi and Teelu also look sad.
The doctor carries the body out, and Runjhun gets up and looks at the lifeless form on the stretcher, not sure how to react. The doctor asks them if he was their relative and Kukkan says yes. The doctor says he tried everything but couldn't save him. They are all upset as the body is carried away.

Kukkan hears Guddu call out his name from the other room, and rushes to the other room, along with the others, and sees Guddu, bandaged but alive in the room. All are relieved. As Guddu stirs the nurse tells the doctor that Guddu is gaining consciousness. The doctor asks them if they came here for Guddu and apologizes for the misunderstanding. He checks Guddu, and says that Guddu has only minor scratches, and miraculously nothing serious. He tells them there are some formalities that need to be completed but otherwise, they can take him home after he gains consciousness.

Runjhun stays back and is relieved to see Guddu well. Guddu's hands find themselves into hers, and Runjhun looks at their hands. As she tries to pull away, she remembers Amma's words that if life is moving then it is moving on two wheels, and it cannot sustain with the support of just one wheel.

Guddu wakes up, and sees Runjhun. He notices his hands are holding on to Runjhun, and pulls away, and turns his head away from Runjhun, even though it makes him wince in pain. Runjhun turns her head away too and asks him if he'd drunk so much why didi he need to drive his motorcycle.

Guddu doesn't respond but turns his head towards the door and calls out for Kukkan. Runjhun looks at him as he winces in pain and tries to call out for Kukkan.

The rest come back to the room and help Guddu with his things so that he can leave and go home. Kukkan comes with a wheelchair and tells Guddu he is ready. Guddu complains and says he isn't disabled so he's not going to go on a wheelchair. Runjhun says that being on a wheelchair doesn't make one disabled. She says that it is only for three days then he can walk and do what he wants.

Guddu tells Kukkan to tell Runjhun not to talk to him. Kukkan looks at Runjhun and tells Guddu that whatever Runjhun is saying is right. He says that Guddu's knee hasn't healed yet, and if he puts stress on his knee then a three days sore will become a thirty day malady. Guddu says that is fine but how will he climb stairs then.

Runjhun interjects and says that she's talked to Amma and he can stay in her room for a little while. Guddu says who said he will go back to the Pandey Nivaas. He says he will stay at his old room. Kukkan says that they won't be able to take care of him in his old room, and there are stairs and it will be hard to carry him.

The doctor interrupts the conversation and comes in to check on Guddu. He asks Guddu if he is feeling alright, and Guddu responds that he is fine. The doctor says that all is good, he just has to keep off his feet for a few days, and he will be fine. He leaves before Guddu can talk to him again. Guddu says regardless of what the doctor says he will walk. Runjhun rolls her eyes at Guddu's stubbornness, as Kukkan and Jabbo help Guddu to his feet.

They carry him to the Pandey House, where Amma takes aarti as Guddu enters. She hands the aarti to Mahadevi who is standing next to Amma. She thanks God for saving him. She tells them to take him inside. The mamis standing there frown within themselves. Jabbo looks at Mahadevi who averts her eyes as soon as Jabbo looks at her and turns away.

As Jabbo and Kukkan carry Guddu inside he winces with pain taking deep breaths. Amma tells them to be careful. They take him to Amma's room and lay him down on the bed. Runjhun helps with his legs. Once he's on the bed, Amma gently pats his head as Runjhun stands on the foot of the bed.

13 Days...

Next morning Runjhun changes Guddu's bandages as he winces. She offers him medicine but he turns his face away. When Runjhun continues to hold it, he pushes the spoon away. Runjhun refills the spoon and holds it in front of him. Guddu holds the spoon and drinks the medicine. He lies down, after the medicine, and Runjhun pulls his leg up to remove the blanket and covers his legs. Guddu struggles but manages to pull his leg out of the blanket and he put it out before lying down to sleep. Runjhun just looks at him, and then leaves.

12 Days...

Runjhun marks 22 in the calendar (which would make it 8 more days by the my countdown is off) Runjhun remembers Guddu's words that he will never change. She looks disheartened as the days are ending. She brings food for Guddu. She helps him sit up, and puts a napkin around him, and as the mamis watch, she tries to feed him. Guddu looks at the spoon and remembers Runjhun's challenge that she will change him in 30 days and turns his head away again. The mamis exchange looks. Runjhun moves the spoon closer to Guddu and he looks at her, then holds the spoon as she puts the food in his mouth. The mamis frown and leave.

Kukkan and Jabbo come bearing fruits for Guddu. Runjhun holds out the spoon to feed Guddu again. Guddu asks Jabbo to feed him the food. Jabbo looks at Runjhun, and she puts the spoon back into the bowl and hands it to Kukkan who hands it to Jabbo to feed Guddu. Runjhun turns away.

The doctor comes to check up on Guddu later and says that he's doing pretty well now. He says that he can move around more now, and that way he can exercise his joints too. He tells Runjhun that she has taken good care of Guddu, and Guddu looks at Runjhun who looks away. The doctor leaves.

Runjhun marks 23 in the calendar (7 more days). Guddu along with Kukkan and Jabbo are playing carom with Amma. Amma makes a shot into the hole and they cheer for Amma. Amma smiles. Mahadevi looks at Jabbo angrily then turns away as he looks at her. He turns his attention back to the game. Guddu smiling looks at Runjhun who is also smiling. For a few seconds they share a smile.

Later Runjhun brings juice for Guddu, as he is eating fruits, a banana. Guddu says he's not in the mood to drink juice. Runjhun says it's not for his mood but for strength. She gives him the juice, and he takes it. Runjhun doesn't look at Guddu. He takes the glass and then throws it. Kukkan, who is standing there, turns along with Runjhun to the spot where Guddu threw the glass. Runjhun goes to spot, and picks up the glass pieces. She walks back to Guddu, and without looking at him, tells him not to walk on the floor bare feet, as the glass pieces might have remained and they will hurt.  She leaves the room.

Kukkan sits down next to Guddu and asks him what he is doing. Guddu doesn't say anything. Kukkan says that Runjhun keeps on serving him and he keeps on giving Runjhun trouble. He says that is unfair and the Guddu he knows was never unfair, and wouldn't tolerated anyone being unfair to anyone else. He tells Guddu, he knows that he keeps turning Runjhun away because he wants her to stop serving him, but she won't. He tells her she is angry with him, but people only get angry with those they care for and when someone they care for get hurt they also help them get better. He says that Runjhun is doing the same. She is angry but she won't stop serving him, and he tells Guddu that Runjhun isn't doing this for some ulterior motives, she is doing with a clean heart and nothing else. He tells Guddu not to keep troubling Runjhun. Guddu looks contemplative.

Later in the night when Guddu is resting. Runjhun covers him up. Kukkan gets ready to leave, but Runjhun stops him. She thanks him for helping her out with Guddu. She says that without him, she wouldn't have been able to do all of this. Kukkan says that Guddu has done a lot for him so something as little as this is not a big deal. He says that she is the one who has done more for Guddu even though he keeps troubling her, she doesn't relent. Runjhun looks at Guddu sleeping but doesn't say anything.

Kukkan tells Runjhun that he knows that she is upset with Guddu dancing with the girl at the bar and at his behavior. He says but sometimes things are the opposite of what they appear. What we see isn't necessarily what is true. He tells Runjhun that the harder Guddu looks on the exterior the softer he is on the inside like a coconut. He tells that to Runjhun and leaves, as Runjhun looks at Guddu then contemplates.

Precap: The mamis are telling Runjhun that Guddu's shop will not do well and it is best to just lock it up, as no one will buy from a thug like Guddu. Guddu comes and says that just because he was resting for four days their tongues have started waging again. He tells them that he will run the mobile store successfully.

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thanks for the lovely update. what is this i see, is jabbo feeling guilty? runjhun's loving tender care WILL change guudu shukla. and kukkan is such a great support to his bhabi, i just love him.Embarrassed yaay first to comment.

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Thanx for the update.
 Thanx goodness my dear Guddu is al right. SmileHope Kukkan tells R about Guddu's past. Confused

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wafah, dont u think, it wud hav been 22222...happeningDancing, had der been a song in 2days episode...if sum1 asks me, i wud choose piya, of tanu weds manu...Big smile

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Thanks Wafah!!

So many days in one episode LOL Do they know it's a soap opera???LOL

I like how the writers added the reason he was going back to PN.  I cannot wait to watch Kukkan's conversation with the two of them.  Also liked how they showed the fact that he took like to heal and walk around instead of being miraculously healed in the next episode. LOL

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Thank you very much for the lovely update...

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thank u so much for the update  Thumbs Up

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Beautiful update.  I just find it so funny that Guddu keeps insisting that he is leaving PN and just keeps coming back there.  Too funny.  He knows no matter what now, he can't be w/o Runjhun.

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