Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

3Idiotz-Aaya Daikhne LADKA-Pur Dev Ka Jiya DHADKA

Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Idiots' Tantra Mala

Chamatkar ya Balatkar'idiots ki tantra mala...

We forgot we are Idiots who are supposed to do chamatkar and not balatkaar Ouch...So new improved Tantra Mala includes what is defined as chamakaar and what is defined as balatkaar

1. Your POV
2. Symbolism
3. Ripping of promo, precap, episode
4. Deciphering the characters and their characterization.
5. Storyline, plot, future of the story, track or anything that a new character can bring
6. Ideas unique to Idiot Family
7. Songs, Shayari, Verses, Prose that bring newness to the thread related to the family, characters, story or in general entertainment.


1. Bashing anyone ' character, actor, member or anyone who has expressed a POV you do not agree with
2. Ripping ' anyone
3. Ignoring ' Anyone

Ikkraar Big smile

Aaal Izzz Weelll as along as we agree to disagree..
Yaar paancho oongliyan barabar nahi hoti'aur muthi mooh par thodi na maarte hain..use to fight depression, oppression, compression, suppression, impression and enjoy the session


1. The first three pages are for analysis ONLY as it gets lost in the pages later on. We have received requests for this. 
2. The chat thread would be the previous day's thread. So feel free to express anything and everything there.
3. Once the reserve of spot is done within say the first hour, the thread is then open for discussion and replies. 
4. Anyone who misses the boat on first three pages to analyse the episode, should send a pm to the opener to index the link so that people find it easy to read your take. 
5. The thread will open at 9:00 pm IST

6.We want maximum people to read the analysis and appreciate the effort and time put into watching the episode several time to bring in nuances.

Description of IDIOT:

I - Intelligent

D - Decent

I - Ideal Family

O - Obedient to MaanEet, and to each other

T - Talented People


  1. Direct Link

Road to Vrushful - Wishful Thinking

IDIOTS Phamily relations

Nihu    - Da one and only NautankiTongue
Nags    - Shivu's,Munni's & Vrush's Mommy,Nihu's Naaniii, Dhwani's par naani
Vrush   - Nihu's Mommaa
Rev     - Vrush's Twini and Lavu's Sister
Muni    - Nihu's Sister,Dhwani's Mom & Lavu's Maasii Jaann
Shivu   - Nag's Beti,Nihu's Maasi,Lavu's Shister & Munni's Saas, Dhwani's Daadi
Lavu    - Nihu's Beti/Sister,Dhwani & Shivu's Shishter & Munni's Nicey Jaann
Viju     - Nihu's PKB partner,Munni's T&K Sister,Lavu's Parii
Dhwani  - Nihu's Deejey, Lavu's Sister, Munni's daughter, Shivi's poti,       Jess's niece, and Nag's Par Poti
Zz       - Dhwanz's Premi, Shivi's Sister, Munni's Mausi Saas
Dhadkan - Nihu's Shishter and Jaaneman
Jes      - Munni's Sister and Maan Ki deewani and Nihu's Amrish Puriji wale                  BAUJI, Dhwani's maasi, apparently Revs mommy also 
AL:      - Vru's AL,  Munni's Heart magnified ALWAAA,  Shivu's Halwa,  Nags cool serenity,  Nihu's mishty,  Lavu's Bb,  Cutee's Aloo & everybody's  Alwa Jalwa.

Last but not da least - 
Vinu      - ...Nihu's Piya?!?ShockedLOL Jo dhadkaye sab ka jiyaWink

any mor complicating relations please inform Muni/Nags/LavzSmileLOL

Idiot Phamily ka Photu:

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Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Honeybee's Sexy Spoilers:
Rota of the Week:
Monday - Shivi
Tuesday - Muniza
Wednesday - Preeto
Thursday - Dhwani
Friday - Nags

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Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Jugnu Mama reply to me regarding his dialogues...



Today episode was good filler, enjoyed so much...Loved SS expressions, he cracked me up with his expressions, too good SS...Mammay rocked with his dialogues, JJ from USA - Jugnu Jasoos from United States of Amritsar ROFLROFLROFL...

Loved Geet and Nandini scene, the way Geet was explaining Nandini could imagined her own experience, how they both (MaanEet) fellin love by fighting eachother, and now can't even live without eachother...Yes when you fell in love with someone even that person is stranger first, wow what a beautifully they had messaged that even love happened after or before marriage, but happened with strangers only, well thought ClapClap...

Loved Maan and Geet scene, haila the way Munda ghomaofied haila, Munni toh still ghomofy with MaanEetDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Aiyyo Geet why always slaps Maan, that's not nice atleast on face, that's really insulting to slap someone on face, iss se behter woh roz Dev ko slap akarey face pur...Seriously instead of respecting her hubby, she slaps on his face, it's ok to show sometime to play around and slaps hubby on shoulder or arm, but face no way...Please CV's think about that...One man, who gave her so much love & respect, and you guys showing that she always slaps him on his face, very disrespecting and insulting...And the person who ruined her life, is getting more respect than Maan, plz stop showing this face slapping...
Rest scene was so romantic, atleast for me, loved the teasing part as well...It's was short, but definitely romanticEmbarrassed...


I have question to all, who want's Geet to always relate everything to her past experienced with Dev...

Why you all want Geet to still lives in her past? Why people wants her to relate everything to her past with Dev, when that disgusting chapter she closed for Maan? Why she always lives in her tha disgusting past, and hurt herself and Maan as well? When she already burried that past, and wiped out totally from her memories, when she took her relation one step further with Maan, and consummated then why she think about the past she shared with Dev, when her beautiful past with Maan gives her smile to live, then why people still want Geet to live in Past? This question for all not for particular person...I know so many pople didn't liked the idea that Geet gave advice to Nandini from her recent past rather than what past she shared with Dev...I know that one person should has to learn from past, and take the future decision wisely, and advice thru that, but when Geet's past so disgusting, and her past give pain to Maan, so why she think or relate anything to that...I loved the CV's thought that she doesn't wanna give any signal to Maan that she still lives in her past...Very well thought, and i loved it, but i seriously wanna know everyone thought about that...


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maaneet_pisces Goldie

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me in hurryyySmile

read Niha's take and i agree to it completely...ekdum light hearted filler episode tha...loved the starting scene...humaari Geet madam khil rahi thiSmile i think the scene between Nandini and the boy was not required...but given that DD was unwell...i am ready to excuse..

Jugnu Mama was the BEST...and last scene was very nice too...haayyeee kya pyaar tha...too good...phir se chot hoth parTongueEmbarrassed

finally...please no more character butchering of Geet...let her not support the idea of Dev-Nandini together ekdum immediately...i noe she has forgiven him...but its a matter of her sisters life...oh god keeping fingers crossed...that this time they donot show such a thing and get ready for another round of bashing...infact posting on Rahul's wall ek baar...maybe he reads and thinks...

Challo...i think last week full of Maaneet romance ke baad is week we arent gonna see as much...toh prepared for a dry spell for a while..

Lets wait and watchWink

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Res for my Munni Re ~ Embarrassed
Oye hoye Munda lifted Kudi so KASKE Blushing
Maan is always the first to spot something amiss whoever it may be so I liked that character was in tact Smile
This new guy is actually sweet .. he acts well .. and he'd be the best bet for Nandini anyday ... but DevDini are meant to be kya? Who knows .. let's see .. I actually liked the scene with Nandini and the new guy Smile
Glad DD is finally back so we see more Maaneet .. uski BD ko dekh ke mein dar gaye LOL Maan tau dekh ke bhaag jaye! ROFL
Btw I hope Nandini makes a pulp or something out of Dev once she finds out what gul he is khilaa-ing the new guy! Angry Kameena Dev will stay a Kameena! See.. character still in tact!
Overall,  a light-hearted epi Smile

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Today's episode was ok from a comedy perspective...

I have a problem with Dev falling for Nandini...and I especially will have a problem with Geet supports Dev in this endeavor.

Dev does not even stop himself, oh how can i do this or think this...she is Geet's is not possible!!!  His only problem to date is that Nandini thinks him to be her Jijja!!!

I CANNOT abide by this relationship...and if Nandani too falls for DEV...then all of this will be really GHATIYA!!!Ouch


I wonder what will Maan Dev, and promote the Dev-nandani relationship...or will he tell Dev to forget it!!!??Confused

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LavZ IF-Rockerz

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Geet : -
Mein Hoon Tumhari...
Hai Tumhara Yeh Mere Jeevan...
Tumko Hi Dekhon Mein...
Dekhun Koi Darpan...
Bansi Ban Jaungi...
In Hooton Ki Ho Jangui...
In Sapno Se Jalthal...
Hai Mera Maan Aangan...Hai Mera Maan Aangan...EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

Maan : -
Mere Khwaabon Ke Is Gulistaan Mein...
Tumse Hi Tum Bahar Chai Hai...
Phoolon Mein Rang Nahi The Lekin...
Dil Mein Khusboon Tumhi Se Aai Hai...EmbarrassedDay Dreaming


Gud se meetha ishq ishq...
Imli se khatta ishq ishq...
Gud se meetha ishq ishq...
Imli se khatta ishq ishq...
Vaada ya pakka ishq ishq...
Dhaaga ye kachcha ishq ishq...
Neeche ishq hai oopar rab hai...
In donon ke beech mein ke sab hai...
Ek nahin sau baatein karlo...
Sau baaton ka ek matlab hai...
Rab sab se sona ishq ishq...
Rabse bhi sona ishq ishq...EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

acha fun filled episod tha!! for me SS stole da show FULL ON! ClapEmbarrassed

Nandini - Geet talk was nice one Smile...hmm...i would hav likd it if Geet rembred her first tym...ven she said Rano dat she wants to study n nt get dey say...past should b left behind Smile...mayb dat wd bring bck da old wounds lik da one Dev gav her...Confused
Will Maaneet help Dev out?!Ermm well i would like to see Maaneet first goin against Dev Nandini relatn...Dev tryin to prove himself perfect fr Nandini... convincing everyone especially Maaneet...and den later agreein to it as n ven da NT issue is to b tackled...coz at dat tym Maaneet shd b wid Devini to bring dwn NT...Wink

kys kashmakash hai!!!!LOL  Dev is fully conphused nw...he noes he feels fr Nandini...wait has he realizd dat?Ermm...yes he he no he has...chalo he has realizd... confirmatn bakhi is waise Wink...chaadoo...tho he is attracted to her...i wdnt put it as he loves is a wayy too strong word Embarrassed...dis is jst sheer he is fine wid dis fact bt he is only worried abt hw it wd affect Maaneet?!!Shocked Now Now...Vicky aur Sameera ke existnz ko bhool sakthe hai coz dey ver neva shwn in da how can v forgt da existnz of the one n only vamp of the show?!Shocked NAINTARA?!Confused isnt she still in comma n very much Devs wife Confused...unless da CVs shw dat DevTara is divorcd...den again noein NT she wdnt hav let dis happen Confused...coz she wdnt leave KC n KM so easily even if she leaves Dev dat means da CVs r goin to bring bck NT onz Dev - Nandini go ahead wid der love story...hmm...dis part of da story looks lik it cd go a longgg wayyy...I shall wait n watch out!Wink

Samir Sharma and his expressions - MIND BLOWING!!!!!ClapClapClap looks lik Dev was a charctr dat was writtn fr him. wid Abhinav it was wayy mor easy to hate/ignore Dev Confused..SS jst makes it difficult to ignore Dev i should admit...I am LOVIN dis Devar - Bhabie - Bhaiyaa trio!Embarrassed

Maan n his nazarEmbarrassedClap ...he has alwas been da sharpest person from da beginin of the shw...he senses it...da way he kept on starin at Dev all thru da scene ven dey praise dat "ladka"...he wil find it out...very soon!!Embarrassed

Nano?!?!ShockedShocked bhai wah!!!!LOL Disco,beer...chakkar wid men!! wah wah...Lovely!LOL

Maaneet momnt was as usual a treat to watch Embarrassed...Loved da kitchn romanc...wateva small bit we got to see...

I think I hav writtn i am off...Tongue

Loads of luv,

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-honeydew- IF-Sizzlerz

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sometimes you wanna watch an episode just for light hearted fun.. and thats what todays episode had ... masti and fun...

i loved devs expressions and his confusion.. as he came to terms with the feelings he had started to have for Nandini ... Sameera Sharma seems to have caught a cold and his nasal voice is super sesky ...Tongue

Geet advising Nandini about the future husband felt a little weird esp coming from Geets side considering she has been there ... and she has known what it feels like to marry someone she didnt like but her parents had chosen.. and for her to have given that kinda advice felt a little weird,  but ill let this one pass for she has nothing else but MSK in mind these days ...

Maan is perceptive and if no one, he is one person who is always in character and i love that about him...

Nano ??? seriously !! i cracked up ... Dev is just too cute as a character ...

I liked what i saw !!! Light hearted and fun... and i didnt miss Maan and Geet not being there for most of the time... the others more than made up for it...

but i would like Geet to somehow stand against both the idea of Nandu getting married as well as Dev feeling something for Nandu ... !! She cant let the man who did this to her look at her own sister this way.. and she cant allow her sister to get married when she wants to study and make something outta her life perhaps ...


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