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Tujhko jo paaya ahan
To jeena aaya
Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum Dono ke darmiyaaan

Sanchi sanchi teri nazrein ek darpan
De de maan ki kharein ek pal cheen
Adhron Kuch na kaha re
Naino ne Keh diya aaa



Welcome to Veeya & Nandmi Fans Discussion Heaven - and we're still celebrating!!

A couple of good news recently for both our beloveds Veeya and Nandmi cos Veeya are gonna have a baby and Nandmi are marriedEmbarrassed

Well if we face reality we know Veeya are basically over...but that can't deter us from remembering those awesome times when Veeya were together and we were loving every minute of their scenes together...the hot, fiery chemistry of theirs...the passion that seeped through their eyes...we can never forget those times!Day Dreaming

And their beautiful sonography scene

Is there any future for Veeya? its seems not! and maybe its wrong for us to think there should be because we know Veer doesnt have the slightest feeling of love, concern or respect for Tapasya. Perhaps we would like it better if Tapasya learnt to move on with her life. Those questions the CVs will answer later but for now lets sit back and enjoy whatever beautiful Veeya Chemistry we are gettingEmbarrassed Because, as Nandmi put it...even in the scenes where Veer stares at Tapasya with hatred...the chemistry is still there...sizzling!
This is a video quite fitting themEmbarrassed

This is a BEAUTIFUL AWESOME GORGEOUS VM on Veeya! There is a LOVELY person on YT who makes Veeya VMs and I requsted they make one on this song - my favourite songEmbarrassed

But the REAL joy we Veeya & Nandmi fans have recieved this last month is the news that FINALLY our Nandmi are married! - and in the sweetest way imaginable. Embarrassed
EmbarrassedOur Nandish got down on one knee in front of our Rashami and proposed to her in front of the whole world.Embarrassed Described as a fairytale proposal by many...Nandmi's love story has indeed been one straight out of a fairytale! But now with an even greater joy we can proudly say that our beloved onscreen couple are now officially bound in holy matrimony, married in a quiet court ceremony in Delhi, which came as such a delightful surprise to us when we heard...never had we dreamed it would happen so quickly! We wished we were  a part of it! But Nandmi have promised us a grand scale wedding in a few months complete with all rituals...mehndi...haldi...sangeet...and they even said their official engagement party would be soonEmbarrassed We sooo can't wait!!!Embarrassed

Our Adorable...

Lets follow their journey from the start as we join together to celebrate their love and their marriageEmbarrassedHeart

Nandmi began their roles as Veer and Tapasya in the serial Uttaran. Although initially not the jodi meant to be, they endeared themselves to many viewers purey through their fiery chemistry which was apparent from their very first scene together...

Then came the scenes which sent shivers down the spine of every Veeya fanEmbarrassed How - despite being forced to hate each other on screen could they manage to have such a breathtaking chemistry? Veeya had become the new wonder couple...a marriage of one sided hatred and one sided love...yet how was it so good?Embarrassed

It was at this time around December 2009 that rumours started to surface that Nandmi were going out as Rashami planned a surprise entrance to Nandish's 28th Birthday Party. Their comfort with each other was evident.

For the next 8 or so months those rumours became stronger and stronger until no one was left in much doubt. Nandmi's constant appearances together at Award Functions...

Their camaraderie on set...

Their frequent romantic performances at  functions...

Their masti celebrating Holi together

And their frequent trips to famous jewellery stores

...All but confirmed what we had been wishing for for such a long time! It almost felt like an eternity!

But it wasn't until late 2010 that we knew for certain just the extreme seriousness of the relationship. News came that Nandish had bought a new apartment and we were overwhelmed to know that Rashami had done the interior decorations because as Nandish put it so sweetly "she knows me better than anyone."

Nandmi's matching couple outfits at the ITA awards and their freqent hugs and kisses at the Gold Awards merely sought to add further proof.

We saw Nandmi bonding with each other's familiesSmile It was reported that Rashami had become great friends with Nandish's brother and Nandish in turn with Rashami's family especially her mom. He was there to welcome the arrival of a new bub in the Desai family.

And then, seeing their awesome chemistry at the colors Diwali festival, we knew it was just a matter of time before they made it officialEmbarrassed

And Rashami presented us with Nandmi pics whenever we requested themEmbarrassed

And then came the very day we were waiting for for sooo long!Embarrassed The 25th of November - Nandish's 29th Birthday was the day he decided to propose to the love of his life and by doing so fulfilled all our wishes alsoEmbarrassed

Rashami, who had arranged a surprise party for Nandish just the night before woke up to find Nandish calling her and telling her to come to a certain location and he also sent her a beautiful white dress and jewellery.

Far out to sea in a beautiful boat, Nandish knelt down on one knee and proposed to RashamiEmbarrassed

These are the heartwarming beautiful words that came from his heartEmbarrassed

Nandish: Rashami you've always been a very good friend of mine...
Hum logon ne bohot saari masti saath mein ki hai...
bohot saari coffees saath mein pee hai...
 bohot saare dinners saath mein kiye hai...
bohot saari parties kiye hai...
bohot saare movies dekhne hai...
but kahin na kahin kabhi kabhi aise hota tha ki hum ek dusre ke bina bhi jaate the dusre friends ke saath ek dusre ke saath nahin ho paate the kahin jaaga per...
But now I want to say that..
Wherever I goEmbarrassed
Whatever I doEmbarrassed
I always want to be with youEmbarrassed

Will You Be Mine?Embarrassed

Rashami: I'll be yours foreverEmbarrassed
Nandish: Chhorke nahin jaane doge kahin bhi
Rashami: Nahin jaana hai

So Rashami, overwhelmed with tears, accepts his proposal and promises to never leave him.Embarrassed

And then came an overflow of kisses, gifts and hugsEmbarrassed

Nandish opens his heart to her "baby I love you"Embarrassed

Rashami still shy but responds very cutely with the sameEmbarrassed Then...

Nandmi present each other their gifts comprising expensive camera lenses and diamond jewellery but as they say...no amount of money can beat the feeling of loveEmbarrassed

And then they simply dance and celebrate the night awayEmbarrassed

We offer our heartiest congratulations to our beloved Nandmi and wish and pray that they live happily together forevermoreEmbarrassed After this day and into the new year Nandmi are now offically Mr and Mrs Nandish Singh Sandhu and we cannot wait for their official ritual filled shaadi complete with saat pheres, which they have announced will take place end 2011 or start 2012Smile We hope they stay in joyful bliss foreverBig smile

The long awaited fairytale proposal - on VideoEmbarrassed


Watch Nandmi's breathtaking performance at Shubh Aaram - after their love declaration on the song Bheegi Si Bhaagi Si

And this is Nandmi's first photoshoot after the proposal...and its really really hot!

Tune to pal bhar mein
Chori kiya re jiya
Mora jiyaEmbarrassed
Tune bhi Pal bhar mein
Chori kiya re jiya
More Piya

Tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
Ishq mazhab ishq meri zaat ban gayiEmbarrassed
Ho tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
Sapne teri chahaton ke
Sapne teri chahaton keEmbarrassed
Dekhti hoon ab gayi
Din hai sona aur chaandi raat ban gayiEmbarrassed
Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi

Very Soon we hope to see Nandmi's full wedding - The Saat Janmo Ka Bandhan!Embarrassed

Jorified together for life by the bandhan of the saat pheres, the sindoor and the mangalsutraBig smile

By SRKLuvr


A sincere request to anyone who are not fans of Veeya or Nandmi, this is a thread only for fans of Veeya and NandmiSmile, you are most welcome here but please, no disparaging or insulting comments against Veeya, Veer or Tapasya, Nandish Sandhu or Rashami Desai! No comments please that will hurt the sentiments of Veeya/Nandmi fansSmile!

Thanking you Sincerely!Smile


Hey Friends! Veeya/Nandmi is now on Facebook! Our very own Veeya/Nandmi Fanclub has been introduced on Facebook and our lovely Rashami Desai herself has joined us!Embarrassed So we do encourage you to join!Big smile


We have also created a separate page on FB - purely to celebrate Nandmi's loveEmbarrassed Do join us there tooEmbarrassed

I really, really hope you liked itEmbarrassed

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Now UpdatedSmile

Day Dreaming

Well we know there haven't been too many awesome scenes between Veeya in these last few months but there are some I would like to honourBig smileBig smileBig smile

Ok before I start I'd just like to highlight one scene from this clip
which is really funny cos when Tapu bends down to touch Chanda's feet, Veer's face in the background is just too good! Hes shaking his head with sarcasm!LOLLOLLOL

OK now for the actual good scenes!

There is the scene after Tej captures Tapu and holds her at knife's point...and Veer's hand gets hurt in the scuffle and its paining him so Tapasya insists on tying the patti to his hand...which he finally lets her do! Its not exactly nice cos of Veer's stinging words but Tapu'd concern is niceLOL This is 8th December
Part 1
Part 2

This one is my second favourite...very cute Tapu hereEmbarrassed  Veer asks Tapu for Coffee then says Thanks to her! VERY nice scene! 9th December
Part 1
Part 2

This is the time I started becoming fida over Veeya's hotness and gorgeous chemistry...that hug...15th December...when Veer pretended to be under her spellLOL The beauty of this scene is purely the hug...the absolute hotness...N.B...I did not like Tapu's dance unfortunatelyLOL But the part where he lifted her up in the rain was real hot too! Anywayz see the hug...and the part where he slides his hand over her waistEmbarrassed

Now this one is ages after...its the epi where Veer goes to get her back and he soo sweetly leads her out by putting his hand on her back againLOL and then the whole car scene and she wrapping her hands around his arm and patting it...its awesome! Uttaran 4 and 5 May...this is part one Veeya's convo
Part 1
Part 2

And then when he takes Tapu back home: 6th May: One thing to notice here: Veer is asked to put sindoor on Tapu but when he does she is totally smirking and making evil like faces! Sooo different from 4th June epi! That time was real!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

And i'm sorry to say I found the SR 2 scenes pretty weird so I won't add them! But Tapu's dress was wayy nice!!!Embarrassed In fact that backless choli was extremely awesome that I gotta admit!Embarrassed

OK next was the Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja that I lovedEmbarrassed Tapu's genuine love for Veer coming out!Embarrassed And of course our Veeya on the same bedEmbarrassed
And Im ashamed to admit this but I did love Ichha walking in and seeing the entire thing although I didnt really appreciate Tapu's touchy act in front of IchhaLOL LOVED Veer in vest
Day Dreaming

Then I loved where, on the honeymoon, Tapu went soo close to Veer and whispered in his ears!Embarrassed Shooo sweet!!!

And then the most beautiful scene to date: Veer fills Tapu's maang entirely from his own free will and Tapu gets very emotional: Everything is soo genuine! They decide to start a new life togetherEmbarrassed
Part 2 of the scene

 Veeya's small convo where she asks if she can go to her parents house...I liked this 1. Because contrary to what everyone says I know she really loves her parents and the fact that she remembered their anniversary and wanted to go to them and also went to get flowers for them highlights she really does love them...and 2. because I loved the way Veer gave his approval...a little nod and sort of half smileEmbarrassed

OK then we have Veeya in Delhi and this scene where he wakes Tapu up and she is being really nice and cute and offers his help, gets excited for a party and the fact that she is wearing this totally gorgeous night dress was real fab! Also for one joyous epi we thought they shared the same bed now so that made the scene better for usEmbarrassed I thought for one minute that tapu would make a great career as an event organiser!LOL Its of 29th June.

Then we move onto the epi after that where Veer is a little huffy about Tapu not telling the maid not to wash but iron his clothes. But Tapu is being really nice here and we can see she is making an effort to adapt to this new life where for the first time she has real responsibilities. The best bit was when she offered to iron his shirtEmbarrassed Also she looks seriously cute and innocentEmbarrassed This was 30th June

Then the scene of Veer's party...best bit being of course that Veer put his hand round Tapu and says "She's my wife Tapasya"Embarrassed Also when someone says Tapu is charming, Veer gives this huge smile and says ThanksEmbarrassed This is 1st July

OK now this scene is of 8th July where for the first time we see some sort of understanding between Veeya...the best bit was Tapu getting scared to see Sid and also worried about her parents and hugging Veer tightly and even though it was a great scene I wish Veer had hugged her too!Embarrassed But it definitely showed that Tapasya loves Veer very much and, although her definition of love may be somewhat wrong, but she considers Veer her only life and we can see the fear that she has of losing him. It really is touching!
Part 1

YES we finally got their consummation and whilst it wasnt exactly the way we wanted it was really nice!I think this is where Tapu showed her true emotions and on the whole it was a brilliantly enacted scene from Nandish and RashamiClap I have no words for it otherwise...see it yourself again and again!Day Dreaming
Part 2

Veeya the morning after consummation and in completely different moodsLOL Ek to Tapu overjoyed thinking Veer has finally accepted her and there Veer angry at himself for losing his sensesLOL 29th July this is

OK now the rest of the scenes are sort of pretence ones from Veer but just see them for Nandmi's chemistryEmbarrassed
Veer now starts his pretence once he realises Tapu was there at the scene of Vansh's death. She falls for it. 4th August
This is a sweeet sceneSmile Tapu and Veer are both smiling even though Veer is fakingLOL 5th August
And dunno why it felt good to see that Veeya were sharing the same bedLOL 5th August

This is sweetEmbarrassed Veer brings breakfast for Tapu in bedBig smile But hes still actingLOL Watch from 7:45Smile Tapu smilesBig smile 6th August

OK now this scene is cute...but Veer is going too far in his act now hes becoming too intimateLOL 9th August

13th August epi was COMPLETELY Veeya...so can watch the whole thingLOL Its really sweet in some bits - again Veer faking but see the end tooSmile Waise wish Veer had applied his good sense and reasoning with Tapu earlier when he couldve helped her!

Its a cute scene here too...still faking but Tapu is very taken by his kindnessBig smile

Veeya at dinnerEmbarrassed I swear...they looked sooo adorable hereEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed But all this buttery stuff by Veer really was upsettingLOL

ENJOY!!! Will keep addingEmbarrassed

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Thanks sanya it looms nice
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Lovely my dear...Smile...thank you...will comment later...Smile
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No problems friendsSmile Im waiting for this stupid track will get over (Tapu's transformation wasn't shown in such a convincing and reasonable way) and I want that Tapasya wear the sindoor in her maang and the mangalsutra around her neck again!

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thanks sanaya wonderfull Big smile 
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No problems at all VarunSmile I cant believe the cvs didnt even justify Tapu's return to normality properly! Thats if she isnt just pairing up with Ichha to save Vee

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Originally posted by SRKLuvr

No problems at all VarunSmile I cant believe the cvs didnt even justify Tapu's return to normality properly! Thats if she isnt just pairing up with Ichha to save Vee
lag to kuch aisa hi raha hai but  she must be done full attempt to saved veer

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