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The Revival III UPDATED-48, 49 and 50 (Page 4)

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It was a time of lull in Special Squad. Cases were solved with maximum speed and with due paperwork, stored away carefully.


Junhui sat in the pantry, lines creasing her forehead.


Her hand strayed to her cell…..


She retracted it forcefully and started playing with a coffee mug. But every few seconds, she would look at it….


After a few minutes, the cell rang and she reached for it eagerly, without even looking at the number.




"Madhura…..bolo…." she could not help feeling a bit disappointed.


"Kya hua?"


"Kuch nahi tum bolo."


"Oh…shayad kisi aur ke call ka intezar tha?"


Janhavi could almost see her smirking at the other end.


"Are you going to talk or should I cut the call?"


"Are nahi…..Suno toh…..Mujhe abhi abhi kisi ka call aya tha?"


"Toh main kya karoon?"


"Vishwaas ka."


There was a silence at the other end before Junhui asked bored, "Ab kya chahiye use?"


"Kuch nahi….aise hi kiya tha….aisa keh raha tha…."




"Have you told Parth about our…um…family background?"




"You must."


"I know."


"Good. Listen, we will talk at home. I have to go…."


Madhura cut the call….. Janhavi held her head in her hands…..


The cell rang again.




"Is this a bad time?" He asked, noting her irate tone.






Nowadays, 'Aap' had become 'tum', and 'Janhavi' 'Janu'. Hopefully, it was on its way to become 'Jaan' soon….


"I want to talk to you."


He chuckled. "Toh ab hum kya kar rahe hain?"


"Parth, I am not joking…." Her voice turned a shade serious.


"What's wrong?" He asked her softly, concern evident in those tender tones.


She paused a moment, basking in the warmth of his genuine distress.


"When can we meet?"


"At present I really cannot tell. But I think I will come to the office next week. I have to collect some files regarding a case from the database."


"Okay…..….okay all right that is fine…then we meet next week….Please, it's important okay?"


"Yeah. I know. I too want to talk with you. By the way, what is the haal-chaal in the office?"


"Kuch nai, bas wahi…Mummy Daddy apne original positions par, Shyna ke reception se na koi daraar aaie, na wo kareeb aaye. Aise lagta toh hain…."


"Hmm….keep your eyes and ears open, my investigator….mujhe poori information chahiye, samjhe?"


"Yes boss!"


He chuckled. "Listen….I have to go…But I will see you soon."


Both kept their cells down, with a familiar heartache, a dizzy happy feeling….


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Rajashree looked at the overflowing terminus. Then she checked her cell again. She was already dreading her impending visit. Particularly after her mother's phone call the evening before.


Yesterday evening


Rajashree was hurriedly stuffing clothes in a bag.


The cell rang. She picked it up.


"Hello beta."


"Aai. Bolo."


"Kitna baje ki flight hain teri? Kya main Baba se keh doon ki tujhe lene aaie?"


"Aai! Main khud aa sakti hoon. Hardly ek ghante ka journey hain. Bacchi nahi hoon."


She held a green kurti in front of herself to look at her reflection in the mirror.


"Yeh baat toh sach hain. Tum ab bacchi nahi rahi."


Rajashree kept the kurti aside.


"Maa…" she said cautiously.


"Kuch nahi…kuch nai…sirk ek ladka hain….main chahti hoon ki tu usse mil le…."


She did not answer. Her mother plodded along.


"Milne main kya eitraaz hain? Tu yahaan aaja hum fir baat karenge."


She hastened to end the conversation.


Rajashree hired a cab and sat inside after telling the address.


As the cab moved slowly along the traffic congested roads, she disappeared in her own world of thoughts.


Her mother was epitome of typical and uniqueness. A perfect blend. Even though she never shepherded her children to the gates of the exam hall like other mothers, she was still eager to get her married.


Rajashree shook her head in confusion. She never got her mother.


She started playing with her hair.


Her mother had earlier asked her to meet many boys, but she had managed to turn down or escape in many circumstances.


But this time, she recognized the steel edge in her mother's voice. She was determined to commence the relationship.


Somedays before, Rajashree may have considered this as a fun challenge, or an interesting sideshow, but now, her instincts were telling her to run in the opposite direction as fast as her legs could carry her.


But what she could not figure out was what lay in the opposite direction.



Her mother and the looming prospect of a typical Marathi Brahmin boy were standing ominously at one side.


The other side was unknown.


It was a situation of being in between the devil and the deep sea.


So she walked towards the known devil, rooting loudly for the unknown depth of the sea.

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Aarayn looked at the woman sitting opposite to him, lost in her own thoughts….


Few Days Before

En route to Pune


Aarayn was sitting beside Ajay and Neha. Deepika and Zubeen were further down the aisle.


Aaryan was not sure what to make out of Deepika's stoic silence…


Was she unhappy? Was she sad? If then why? Did she……Did she harbor any feelings for him?


He shook his head in an attempt to clear it and his mind unconsciously drifted down the memory lane….


'Aaryan…pichle baar bhi tum…aise hi bina bataye chale gaye the…please….'


The look in her eye was enough….. Time was of essence, but Aaryan knew…..


'Judgmental?' Pure anger blazed from her words….She cast a look at him…It told him all about her personal grief…But he failed to understand its meaning…..


Deepika sat beside him…


'Aaryan kabhi kabhi tum bhool jate ho ki tumhare saath jo kaam karte hain wo bhi insaan hain….unke bhi problems hain….'


'Agar Shyna ka koi problem hota toh wo mujhe bata deti….'


'Wo bata toh rahi hain Aaryan…Par tum sun kaha rahe ho?'


'Aisa koi…Jo tumhare scarf pasand kare…..' She looked down blushing…. 'Actually aisa koi hain…..' 'Shy-I-…Use kal office lao main usse baat karoonga…..'


Why did her never tell her what he felt?


'Aaj hum dono dinner par jaa rahe hain…..'


And suddenly the world came crashing down….


Shy embraced him…. 'Please Aaryan kuch mat kehna…please….'


He called Deepika Shyna….until Ajay corrected him….


Deepika always supported him…He knew, she felt something for him…Perhaps it was just mutual regard for a colleague….Perhaps it was just attraction, nothing deep……


Why did he never tell Shyna?


You are right Deepika…I am going to change…I am going to change my clothes……


A hand gripped his..Hie yes were focusing and unfocusing…There was a face in view..It was a woman…Her hain hung about her face as she looked down and her eyes welled with tears…


A small drop fell on their clasped hands..


Why did he never tell Shyna?


Why did he hold Deepika's hand when he thought that he was going to die?


Aaryan opened his eyes with a start….. He looked down the aisle…Deepika was absent from her seat.


H got up and walked towards Zubeen. With a single look from his boss, Zubeen scampered off to Aaryan's place….


Deepika sat down and closed her eyes. It was still nearly ten minutes for take off.


She looked at her co passenger…..


Zubeen had been miraculously replaced by Aaryan.


Aaryan opened his eyes at the same moment, and smiled at her.


Her lips parted slightly, in wonder and astonishment, and pleasure.


She averted her eyes blushing.


When the plane was airborne, she remembered the reason of her visit…A crease appeared on her forehead.


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A week later

Caf Mocha


"Maa…main koi ladka nahi dekhne waali….wo…..ophthalmologist chodke…"


Paras raised his eyebrows.


Rajashree continued her furious pacing.




He passed her a tissue.


She pushed it away.


"9…8…22…34…81….30…okay, Maa naya case hain.Shotgun tum autopsy shuru karo, main abhi aati hoon…bye Maa!"


She pressed the red button with a victorious jab.


Paras pushed the tissue towards her.


9822348130- Maa ka Rajashree ke liye ophthalmologist dulha


She narrowed her eyes at her friend and threw the notepad back….


He asked, "Rajashree wo body kahan hain, jiski autopsy karni hain? Aa rahi ho naa…."


"Apne autopsy dekhne ka itna shauk hain? Aaj dopahar ko aaja, fir dekh lenge, samjha?"


He controlled his laughter due to her ire….


"Naam kya hain?"




"Ophthalmologist ka…."


"Pata nahi yaar…." Seeing his unbelieving expression, she added, looking away, "Pankaj Desai."


Noticing his mocking smile, she ranted, "Tu lucky hain….Chup kar"



"Pankaj Desai…Typical middle class Brahmin boy….BJ Medical College se degree, HV Desai se specialization, aur fir Mumbai main job, jab tak apna clinic nahi kholta….Books padhna aur chess khelna pasand hoga….around 5.8, beech ka hissa badhta hua…."


"Tujhe kaise maloom?"


"Maa ne select kiya hain. So obvious yaar….."


She nodded her head, satisfied with his logic and his character sketch of Pankaj Desai. Poor soul!

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"Oh shit! Mera haath pakad….."


"Main teri contact list waali ladki nahi hoon…."


"Contact list waali matlab? Best friend toh hain na?"

He grabbed her hand.


"Are uss type ki, jiske phone numbers tumhare paas hote hain, jinse tum milte nahi, bolte nahi, ek do mulaquat ke baad, tumhare contact list main unka naam reh jaata hain……Tch! Kya hain?"


"Mira urf Disaster…Yahaan aa rahi hain!"


A tall, thin, beautiful girl walked towards them. She was immaculately dressed, in a white pair of jeans and green top, large pink and white bangles in her hand….


"Hi Paras." she crooned.


"HI!" Rajashree shouted.


The girl looked shocked. "Oh…hi……and you are?"




"Mira….Bye Paras…see you around." She left, throwing Rajashree a nasty look.


"Yahi. Contact list type. Kaun hain ye?"


Paras shook his head. "Mira….Yahaan Mumbai ke Radio station pe mere saath RJ hain…..Peeche padi hain yaar…."


Rajashree smiled at her friend.


"Chalo. Ab mujhe chalna chahiye…Kaam ka waqt ho raha hain."


"Yep! Tujhe kal main phone karti hoon.." said Rajashree.


"Are haan. Jab us Opthal se milogi naa, toh batana."


"Agar mili toh….."


He nodded his head and left.


She finished her coffee, and got up.


With another thought, she pushed the tissue in the pocket of her jeans.

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hey pooja interesting parts and its getting more intersting yar
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

com on shotgun past is past ab naya start lo Wink
rajjhsree is on leave ohhh attending a weding gr8 Big smile
jahanvi and parth part was intteresting
ache se nazar rakhi hoye hai aryan or dipika pe Wink
and aryan dipika kab confession karen ge i'm waiting for that day Embarrassed

plz pooja update soon yar i''m waiting for your next updatesss
update ASAP Big smile
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Wow pooja ..
Its 2 good...
Please update soon..
Wanna see AD together...

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Hoola hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs Up
Aww... Humare Rajo aur Paas ki chitter chatter achchi rahi... Both are definitely into something common! Escaping! LOL
Ab inko hum kya kahein, kaise samjhein... AD... Do dil mil rahe hain, chupke chupke, magar yaadein beech me tada kar raheen hain!Disapprove
Shotgun yaar, pyaar ke liye age zaroori nahi hai... Feelings and heart in place, your romance never dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heart
Awesome parts and expecting more like these!!!!!!!! Clap

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[email protected]Veena..

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