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The Revival III UPDATED-48, 49 and 50 (Page 14)

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Aaryan saw the officials to the gate, and heaved a sigh of relief. Almost everyone had sat down for dinner, and he became aware of his own hunger, as his stomach gave an uncomfortable rumble.

He had not seen his friends from the start of the evening. His eyes roved over the lawn, and then the dinner line. He suddenly saw them ensconced in a corner, talking and laughing.

He felt as though he was missing something from the morning. Each of his belongings was in his possession, but still he could not shake off the feeling that he had forgotten to do something important, or lost something.

He walked towards the buffet to get himself a plate. Suddenly, a feminine voice asked, "Roti ya naan?"

He gave an indecipherable nod. "Hmpf?"

"Roti?" Deepika asked again. He nodded. She turned back to the line, balancing their plates in her hands. Coming to his senses, he immediately relieved her of one of the plates.

He looked at her from the corner of his eyes. It was a gross understatement that she was beautiful. She surpassed everything he had imagined. Her simple dress reflected her position, and made her look attractive, while commanding respect at the same time. Her authority had been enhanced. Her beauty was divine…And that moment, Aaryan knew what he had been suspecting all along…He was a goner.

He had finally found what he had lost.


"Aaryan? Kahan kho gaye ho?" Neha asked, as Aaryan kept playing with the rice in his plate. A faraway smile appeared on his face….

He looked up. Except for Neha, the table was empty. Junhui and Parth were off in their own world, Ajay and Zubeen had gone to assist the newly weds and Deepika too was busy running an errand.

Neha surveyed his dreamy smile, and his glowing face.

She could not make the head or tail of it, but as she saw his brown eyes fixated on Deepika's form, she slowly realized, and chose not to say another word.

"Kabhi na kabhi toh kehna hain…Ab kyun nahi?" one mind said.

"Abhi? Pichle baar bol nahi paya tha…" the other retorted.

"Toi iss baar wahi galti nahi karna, bol de…." The first one countered.

Aaryan took a deep breath, as the conflict in his mind resolved.

The Journal Of Aaryan Khanna

(Amazingly this was written at home.)

I know today, and I am not afraid to deny it any longer. The thing that has been bugging me for the past few months, the weird emptiness filled by the arrival of only one person, her talks, her words – which fill me with solace more than a thousand balms can..The way I want to see her..The way I am curious to know more about her..The way my heart breaks on seeing her upset..The way I am pained by her rejection..The way I jump with joy when she takes note of me…The way I go home when she insists…

I know now.

And it feels wonderful, to know that I am in love again.

And such passionate feelings are for the one woman, who entered my life two years ago, aiming to streamline Special Squad, the woman who saved me from descending into obsessive investigator, and now who has the right to my heart.

I was almost going to tell her today, but could not find the appropriate moment.

That is what I am going to think of…All night, as sleep seems aeons away after this realization…

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Hey pooja, feeling very happy after reading ur updates after such a long time, it seems that we all are very busy in our lives that noe we did not get much time to stay in touch with each other on the platform, the forum we loved so much [:-(]
But reading ur updates makes me happy today
Awesome work superb updates
Thnx alot deary for the updates
Surely waiting for more
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Do write soon...
Waiting fr your update...
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Posted: 07 March 2013 at 10:00am | IP Logged
First off, apologies for running off! :D

On another note, i am really sorry for not updating.
i have written so much about these people, watched the serial over and over and fallen in love with them so many times.
I owe it to myself, them and to you guys to see this through.

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So what has happened in Revival 3 till now?

The team crack a case of teenage love gone wrong. Boxer has proposed to his lawyer girlfriend, Niloufer. She has accepted and they have begun planning for the wedding in earnest. Meanwhile, back at the office, Deepika and Aaryan maintain a cordial relationship. Deepika is, of course, in love with him and Aaryan is quite close to accepting his love for her.
Junhui's strange cousin Madhura and Parth's younger brother Paras meet once again when he drops in at Junhui's house. Madhura is a columnist with a leading newspaper and she then discovers that Parth is an RJ...and not just any RJ...THE RJ Paras she used to love to listen to back home. Her friend used to tape the day's episode and mail it to her every single day. She is taken aback by disparity between his on-air appearance and his person. He seems to be a flirt, a womanizer, in fact...and not the serene, wonderful man she had imagined herself to be in love with!
She nearly throws him out of the house and he is quite puzzled by her attitude towards him.

The team decide to attend a wedding in Pune. Aaryan is looking forward to it, but Deepika is tensed...The rest of the team is also oscillating between these moods...because it is Shyna who's getting married. Deepika is worried that Aaryan might still be in love with Shy but Aaryan wants to attend the wedding merely to know that what he is feeling for Deepika is real and what he felt for Shy is now gone.

Rajashree also takes time off for her cousin's wedding and to his surprise, Subroto quite misses her!

Junhui is trying to tell Parth something important but the timing is simply not right...they decide to meet up.

Rajashree is in dire straits because her mother is trying to set her up with an ophthalmologist...She is quite sure that she does not want to marry him, but she cannot guess why...When Subroto overhears a conversation between Rajashree and the boy, he is agitated. He sees the place and time where they have decided to meet up as it is scribbled on a paper.

When Junhui and Parth meet, she just extracts a promise from him that he'll be always there for her this way...he is puzzled but he agrees.

Deepika and Aaryan, meanwhile continue to annoy and exasperate each other, secretly enjoying it all the while.

Deepika bumps into Parth at the market. They have coffee together where he gives her an envelope...Deepika has always considered Parth indirectly responsible for their friend Sushmita's death...He tells her that it is a letter written by Sushmita before she committed suicide.

Rajashree meets up with the boy, Pankaj to have coffee. He is tall, handsome and affable but she does not feel attracted to him. Just then, Subroto walks in with a beautiful girl. She feels an irrational stab of jealousy and confronts Subroto. He plays it cool and excuses himself, and leaves with the girl. The girl is actually his friend from college who has owed him a favour for many years.

Rajashree and Subroto's friendship sours. They begin fighting again, but instead of jests, there are bitter retorts and angry words.

Aaryan tries to find Deepika but nobody seems to know where she is. He finally goes up to the terrace. She is crying, clutching Sushmita's letter in her hand. Aaryan consoles her and they just stand close to each other.

With Boxer's wedding a week away, Neha decides to take Boxer shopping. Meanwhile, in the same store on the second floor, Junhui is trying to buy something to wear. She is there with both Madhura and Paras who appear to hate each other. But they have a common goal - to see Junhui and Parth together, so they join forces.

Sri and Shotgun have another spat. He finally tells her that his mother's health has taken a turn for the worse and she immediately repents her behaviour. She makes arrangements to visit him in the evening and forces him to go home.

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Sri goes to Shotguns house where they have a good time with his mother. With the ritualistic cup of cocoa on the terrace they both apologise to each other and Subroto realises that it is time to bury the past.

It's valentine's day and Paras is holding a special program on the radio. Despite herself, Madhura listens to it and empathises with what Paras says on the show.

Boxer's wedding day is finally here! The team is trying hard to make it an absolute success. Neithe Madhura can come nor can Paras. But Parth comes late and he tries to find Junhui. When they meet each other, he is quite sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and so does she.

Aaryan sees Deepika helping out the team and he feels a sense of relief, as if he has found a part of him which had been missing all along. They converse and have a good time.

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It had been two days from Boxer's marriage...As the flow of the ceremonies ebbed, most of the energy from the industrious group dissipated. They all had been late to the office, the next day. That is all, except Deepika. She was, as usual, punctual, entering the office at the stroke of 9.

Ajay and Neha turned up together, with droopy eyes and tired faces. Rajashree was next, soon followed by Shotgun…The last to turn up was Zubeen.

Deepika typed away in the inner cabing, her eyes traveling to the empty chair. Aaryan was never late. She took a quick look at the clock. It was 10:15.


"Coffee, strong..." Rajashree set down a cup for everybody. Muttering thanks, everyone picked up their mugs, thankful for the kick of much needed caffeine to get through the day.

"Aaryan nahi aaya abhi tak?" Neha asked.

Shotgun looked thoughtful, "Wo toh kabhi late nahi aata hain…"

"Late aane ko ghar toh jaana chahiye na?" Neha countered again. All smiled at the quirks of their dear boss.

"Junhui bhi abhi tak nahi aayi na?" Rajashree asked.

"Haan. Shayad aajaegi thodi der main. Aaj ka paper kahaan hain?" Neha asked, changing the topic.

Ajay walked up to the newspaper rack in the corner of the room, saying, "Aaj ka paper maine padha hi nahi."Others nodded. He placed the paper in her hands…

She flipped through it, as Rajashree's eyes caught a small piece of news on the front page.

"Ruko toh…"

Eligible Bachelorettes of 2010
Janhavi Mehra tops the list for the second time!

With dread sinking in the pit of her stomach, Neha spread out the paper and pored over the article.

The Times announced its Seventh Eligible Bachelorettes of India list for 2010. The list is published every five eyars and will be followed next week by the Eligible Bachelors list.  Janhavi Mehra, owner of the Mehra Group of Industries topped the list for the second time, making her the only bachelorette to hold this record. She was closely followed by Diya Hari, the equestarian princess….

Continued on Page 3

Janhavi Mehra
Social Standing: Owner of Mehra Group of Industries
Occupation: Investigator, Special Squad
A recluse from the social circuit, she was spotted at the Destination Eleven, a popular club some months ago, an insider claimed, propelling her on the list again. Even her choice of profession, one of her quirks does not fail to charm the…

Neha did not pursue the article further. She looked up at her colleagues' faces. Ajay, Shotgun and Zubeen looked surprised, while Rajashree looked shocked.

"Is this true?" she asked.

Neha nodded mutely. She dialed Junhui's number…

"Neha, main aaj office aa nahi sakti-"

"Pata hain, we saw the article…"

Junhui drew the curtain aside to look at the crowd of reporters on the road. They were controlled by the security guards.

"Actually, main Deepika se baat karti hoon.."Junhui said. "Yahaan ye log camp laga ke baithe hain…I just….I will call you later, okay?"



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Sometime later
Inner Cabin

"Deepika!" Aaryan said, coming inside.

"Kya hua?"

"Bahaar reporters ka bahut sara crowd hain. I swear humne iss baar kuch nahi kiya hain-"

She slapped down the paper in front of him and pointed at the article.

"Oh…" he said.

"Commissioner saab ke do baar phone aa chuke hain, Aaryan." She said wearily.

"Do you hold Junhui responsible for this?" He asked, a bit hotly.

"Of course not, Aaryan. Tum aisa soch bhi kaise sakte ho?" she retorted angrily.

His countenance turned apologetic. "I am sorry."

"Its okay. Junhui ka mujhe abhi phone aaya tha. I asked to her to take leave for a few days. Aise circumstance main office aana bahut hi mushkil hoga."

There was a pause.

"Waise tum kahaan the?"

He looked sheepish. "I overslept."

She could not stop a smile from appearing. "Ye pehli baar ho raha hain, ki main kisi ko late aane par bhi mana nahi kar rahi hoon. Tum bahut hi thak gaye thi…"

"Tum bhi toh thak gayi thi."

"Meri baat alag hain Aaryan."

"Wo kyun?"

She was flustered. "Kyunki main har raat ghar jaakar so jaati hoon. Tumhari tarah yahi nahi rehti hoon."

He shrugged.

"Deepika, main soch raha tha-"

She looked up from her work.

"Chodo kuch nahi."

She looked back down.

He took the opportunity to escape.

"Yahi bed laga dete hain. Ghar jaane ki jaroorat hi nahi hogi!" he exclaimed before exiting.

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