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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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I stopped watching after her baby dies and I got my tv back now could someone plz update me thank you [:)]

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Geet is in a state of shock
Episode : 262

Geet is shattered. Maan, Dadimaa and Anvesha console her. Maan is also upset about losing his child. Dev feels bad for him. Dadimaa consoles Maan and advises him to be with Geet during this phase.  Geet apologizes to Maan for not taking care of their child. Maan consoles Geet and puts her to sleep. Geet gets discharged. She sees a woman who has given birth to a baby in the hospital and feels bad. Maan brings Geet home. Geet comes to their child's room and misses her baby. She feels miserable for the loss. Maan feels bad for Geet but decides to bring her out of this shock. 

Geet is shattered, misses her baby
Episode : 263

Geet misses her baby. Dadimaa advises Anvesha and Dev to divert Maan and Geet's mind to something good and keep them happy. Dadimaa advises Dev to provide full support to Maan and Geet. Geet goes to her baby's room. Maan and Dadimaa look for her. Dev spots her in the room and tries to talk to Geet. He consoles her and tells her to move on. Maan also consoles Geet. Dadimaa forcibly sends Maan to office so that he can divert his mind. Geet is still missing her baby and doesn't come out of the room. Dadimaa tries to cheer up Geet, but doesn't succeed. Romeo and Nitya tell Arjun about Sangram who keeps flirting with Anvesha. Sangram gifts red roses to Anvesha. Arjun advises Sangram to stay away from Anvesha. Maan's office staff keeps Maan busy so that he doesn't think about his misery. Dadimaa tells Maan that Geet is not getting out her room. Dadimaa shares a plan with Maan to get Geet out of the shock.

Maan clears the baby's room
Episode : 264

Maan calls Geet and asks for his lunch box to divert her mind. Geet goes to the office to deliver his lunch box. Maan keeps Geet busy in the office work. Anvesha gets angry on seeing Nitya with Arjun. Sangram offers to take Anvesha out for coffee. Geet returns home and goes to the baby's room. Maan decides to remove all the toys and baby's items from the room so that it doesn't remind Geet of her lost child. Anvesha doesn't go for coffee with Sangram which irks him. Maan removes all the toys from the room so that they don't remind Geet of her lost child. Maan also misses the baby as he had built a lot of expectations with Geet. Dev feels Maan is wrong as he shouldn't snatch the memories from Geet. Sangram sets up Anvesha's office as a coffee shop so that he can have coffee with Anvesha. Anvesha tells Sangram that she loves someone else and that she doesn't want to get into any relationship with him. Dev stops Maan from removing the toy's from the baby's room but Maan doesn't listen to him. He misunderstands Dev and tells him not to interfere in his personal life

Geet is angry with Maan
Episode : 265

Dev tells Dadimaa to stop Maan from clearing the baby's room but Dadimaa doesn't want to interfere in their personal life. Geet returns home and is shocked to see the baby's room empty. She is shocked to know that Maan shifted the stuffs to the store room. Maan tells Geet to accept the fact that their baby is dead. Geet gets angry with Maan. Sangram meets Nitya and inquires about Arjun and Anvesha. He offers a deal to her which is to separate Arjun and Anvesha, so that he can get Anvesha and she can take Arjun. Geet is angry with Maan and avoids him. Maan leaves a note for Geet the next morning apologizing for his behavior. He requests for forgiveness. Nitya is contemplating whether to accept Sangram's offer or not. Maan decides to have a baby with Geet to bring her out of the shock.

Geet and Dev go to an orphanage together
Episode : 266

A woman from an orphanage invites Maan and Geet to their function organized by kids.  Nitya realizes that Arjun and Anvesha love each other. Geet is waiting for Maan to take her to the orphanage but she doesn't get any response from him. Dev offers to take Geet to the orphanage and she agrees. Nitya tells Anvesha to consider Sangram as he really loves her and that Arjun doesn't care for her. Anvesha tells Nitya to stay away from her personal matters. Geet is happy to meet the kids in the orphanage. Dev is also with Geet. Sangram tells Nitya to help him meet Anvesha alone. Maan is ready to tell Geet about his plan of having a baby with her. Nitya calls Anvesha to a hotel where she has even called Sangram. Anvesha is surprised to see Sangram there. Sangram apologizes to Anvesha and offers to be her friend. Anvesha accepts the offer. Maan feels Dadimaa and Geet have gone out together but is shocked to see Geet return home with Dev.

Dev plans to bring Maan and Geet closer
Episode : 267

Maan gets angry when Dev tells him and Dadimaa that he had taken Geet to the orphanage as there was no one to take her. Arjun is shocked to see Sangram and Anvesha together in a friendly manner. Geet tells Maan that she had no choice other than going with Dev, and Maan forgives her. Adi informs Maan that they have lost out on an important project because of Dev's negligence. Maan is angry with Dev for losing an important project because of his negligence. Dev doesn't want Maan and Geet to have troubles because of him. Dev plans to bring Maan and Geet closer and remove their misunderstandings. Anvesha tells Manisha and Romeo that she doesn't want Arjun and Sangram to work together due to their short tempers. Arjun offers to take up Sangram's project but Anvesha refuses. Geet misses the arguments she use to have with Maan regarding the gender of their child. Dadimaa notices Geet lost in thoughts and advises her to go on a vacation with Maan to divert her and Maan's mind. 

Dev plans a surprise for Maan and Geet
Episode : 268

Dadimaa tells Geet that Maan has called her to a farmhouse. She informs Adi to tell Maan to reach the farmhouse too. Dev decorates the farmhouse. Sangram sends flowers to Anvesha.  Arjun gets angry with Sangram and Anvesha's growing proximity. Geet reaches the farmhouse. Maan is busy in a meeting. Dev and Adi aren't able to get in touch with him. Geet is at the farmhouse waiting for Maan. Geet is impressed with the decorations. Adi tells Maan to reach the farmhouse as Geet is waiting for him there. Geet is shocked to see Dev instead Maan in the farmhouse. Geet learns that Dev had planned this surprise for her and Maan. Geet gets angry when Dev says that he wanted to clear the misunderstanding between her and Maan by organizing this surprise. Geet tells Dev that there can never be any misunderstandings between her and Maan. She mistakes Dev's intention and feels he is again plotting something against them. Dev apologizes to her for all his mistakes and says that he is just trying to bring her and Maan closer. 

Geet forgives Dev, upsets Maan
Episode : 269

Dev apologizes to Geet and begs for forgiveness and Geet forgives Dev. Maan is shocked to see Geet and Dev together and leaves the farmhouse without meeting them.  Anvesha starts spending more time with Sangram and this upsets Arjun. Geet decides to tell Maan the truth about her forgiving Dev. Dev tells Dadimaa about Geet's forgiveness. Both are extremely happy. Geet is waiting for Maan to return so that she can tell him about what happened but Maan doesn't meet Geet when he returns home. Sangram offers to take Anvesha out for dinner and she agrees. Arjun overhears their conversation. Sangram and Anvesha go out for dinner. Arjun also follows them with Nitya. Sangram tries to force himself upon Anvesha. Arjun gets angry on seeing this and beats up Sangram. Geet sees Maan asleep and decides to tell him about her meeting with Dev the next day.

Dev reveals Naintara's truth to Arjun
Episode : 270

Geet plans to celebrate Holi  and begins with the Holi preparations. The police takes Anvesha, Arjun and Sangram to the station. The police supports Sangram and keeps Arjun and Anvesha overnight in the lock up. Dev and Dadimaa are happy to see Geet back to normal state. Anvesha calls Dev to the police station. Dev arrives at the police station and is shocked to see Arjun with Anvesha. Dev bails out Arjun and Anvesha. Dev finds out that Arjun saved Anvesha from Sangram. Sangram gets arrested. Arjun is angry with Dev for ruining Naintara's life. Dev decides to tell the truth to Arjun. Dev tells Arjun the truth about Naintara's character. He tells him that he took a lot of loan to fulfill Naintara's demands. He then tells him about his fake marriage with Geet and says that Naintara had always wanted to kill Geet. Arjun is shocked to know the this.

Maan is angry with Geet
Episode : 271

Arjun feels guilty and realises his mistake. Daadimaa questions Dev about his whereabouts last night. Maan wants to know why Geet has forgiven Dev. The Khurana family plan a Holi party with friends. Geet tells Maan that she will always remember their lost baby with joy. She says that she owes her recovery to Maan's love. Anvesha is happy when Arjun shows up at the Holi party. Geet is mystified by Maan's behaviour. Daadimaa tells Geet not to worry about Maan. Arjun begs for Anvesha's forgiveness. They hug and make up. Dev and Daadimaa talk about Geet

Geet leaves the house
Episode : 272

Arjun and Anvesha are happy to unite. Arjun apologizes for all his mistakes and regrets for playing with Anvesha's emotions. Everyone plays Holi together except Maan. Maan gets angry on seeing Dev play Holi with Geet. Maan misunderstands Dev's intentions and doubts Dev of setting up against Geet. Geet is upset with Maan's changed behavior. Dev consoles her. Maan gets angry on seeing Dev with Geet together and slaps Dev in anger. Dev tells Maan that he is just trying to bring him and Geet closer but Maan doesn't trust his words. Maan is angry with Geet for forgiving Dev and accuses Geet of being disloyal to him. Geet is hurt by Maan's words and decides to leave the house.

Dev makes Maan realize his mistake
Episode : 273

Dadimaa and Anvesha stop Geet from leaving the house but their attempts fail. Geet is shattered as she feels Maan doesn't trust her anymore.   Geet leaves the house.  Maan is angry with Dev as he feels Geet has left the house because of him. Geet reaches a dargah. Dadimaa is upset and wants Geet back. Dev confronts Maan and tries to clear his misunderstandings. Dev requests Maan to have faith in Geet and her love but Maan isn't ready to trust Dev's words as he still doubts Dev's intentions. Dev tells Maan that he had arranged their meeting in the farmhouse to bring them closer which failed. Dev tells Maan that Geet forgave him as she wanted to start her life afresh with Maan by burying the past. Dev requests Maan to bring Geet back. Maan realizes his mistake and regrets for hurting Geet.

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Maan sets out in search of Geet
Episode : 274

Dadimaa is unwell and requests Maan to bring Geet back. Maan sets out in search of Geet. Geet is in the Golden Temple. A lady in the temple offers to take Geet along with her to Amritsar when she finds out that Geet doesn't have a place to stay. Anvesha, Dev and Arjun also set out in search of Geet. Maan reaches the Golden Temple and looks for Geet but doesn't find her there. Geet leaves with the lady to Amritsar in a bus.  A lady informs Maan that Geet has left for Amritsar. Arjun, Dev and Anvesha reach home. Dadimaa is upset on learning that Maan couldn't find Geet. Maan goes to Amritsar in search of Geet. He misses all the good moments spent with Geet. He realizes the mistake he did and feels disgusted for having said those words. Geet too misses Maan. Geet's bus stops by a dhabha. Maan too stops at the dhabha. Maan and Geet are in the same dhabha but they don't see each other.

Maan doesn't find Geet, returns home
Episode : 275

Maan and Geet sense each other's presence in the dhabha but don't see each other. Anvesha is upset and Arjun consoles her. Dev gets angry on seeing them together. Arjun tells Dev that he and Anvesha are in love. Dev decides to talk to Maan about their relationship once the right time comes. Dadi inquires about Geet and tells Maan to return home when he says he couldn't locate Geet. Maan returns home. Maan is worried for Geet's safety. Dadimaa consoles him. Geet reaches Amritsar. She meets a friend there who is on her way back to Delhi. Maan prays to god for Geet's safety. Dadimaa convinces Maan to have dinner. Maan remembers Geet and refuses to have his dinner.  Geet accompanies the lady for the religious tour. Geet and Maan miss each other.

Geet meets her family in Amritsar
Episode : 276

Maan and Geet miss each other. Geet plans to accompany the lady to another pilgrimage spot. Geet is at the bus stop. One boy recognizes Geet and is excited on seeing her. Maan prays for Geet. Dadimaa's friend who had met Geet in Amritsar's bus stand informs Dadimaa of Geet's whereabouts. The young boy informs Lucky about spotting Geet at the bus stand. Lucky is excited to hear about Geet. Maan sets out in search of Geet to Amritsar. Dev helps Maan by arranging a chartered flight. Lattoo and Lucky inform Tej about Geet being spotted at the bus stand. They set out in search of Geet. They spot her in the bus and take her home. Geet is shocked to see them.

Maan reaches Amritsar in search of Geet
Episode : 277

Geet meets her family in Amritsar and stays at their place. Maan reaches Amritsar in search of Geet. Geet is still upset with Maan's words. Beeji notices Geet upset and questions her. She wonders why Geet was alone at the bus stop and inquires about Maan. Pammi inquires about Geet's child which upsets her as no one is aware of her miscarriage. Geet hears Maan's message on Radio who apologizes to her for his mistake. Beeji is worried for Geet and suspects her of running away from home. She tells Tej to go to Delhi to inquire about the matter. Maan's car breaks down on the highway and he meets Tej on the way. Tej and Maan are unaware of each other's relation as they've never met before. Tej helps Maan repair his car. Tej spots Geet's photo in Maan's wallet

Tej reaches Maan's house in Delhi
Episode : 278

Maan thanks Tej for the help. Pammi apologizes to Geet for talking about her child. Beeji tells Pammi to prepare Geet's favourite dishes for breakfast. Lucky finds out that Beeji and Tej are inquiring about Geet's problem in Delhi and plans to contribute. He gets Maan's land line number from Geet's mobile. Maan inquires about Geet in Amritsar. He finds out that Geet is in Tej's house. Lucky calls Maan's residence and talks to Dadimaa. Before he is about to inquire, Beeji disconnects the line. Tej reaches Maan's house and meets Dadimaa. He inquires about Geet.  On the other hand, Maan inquires about Tej in Amritsar. Dadimaa tells Tej about Maan and Geet's fight. Tej feels Maan was wrong and Geet was forced to leave the house. Tej informs Beeji about the fight between Maan and Geet and this angers Beeji.

Maan finds out Tej's address
Episode : 279

Dev is worried about Maan and Geet and tells Adi to go to Amritsar. Maan is looking for Tej's house. Maan's car breaks down. Maan doesn't find a mechanic and buys a bicycle from a sardar as he wants to get to Geet immediately. Beeji tells Geet about Tej's and Dadimaa's meeting. Tej and family is angry at Maan for his behavior and assure to support Geet. Pammi offers to take Geet to a market. Maan inquires about Beeji and Tej from a tea stall owner. He tells Maan about Beeji's influence in Amritsar.

Maan finds Geet
Episode : 280

Pammi takes Geet to the market. Maan spots Geet in the car and follows her. Adi reaches Amritsar in search of Maan and Geet. He sees Lucky and follows him to his house. Adi reaches Tej's house and inquires about Geet. Tej and his family get enraged and tell him to leave. Adi gets beaten up by Lucky. Geet reaches the market. Maan follows her to the market. Geet gets Maan's photo laminated and Maan looks for her. He finds Geet. By the time Maan reaches the shop where Geet was in, she leaves. He looks for her again. Maan finds Geet in a bangle shop. Geet is shocked to see Maan in Amritsar. 

Geet refuses to forgive Maan
Episode : 281

Maan is happy to find Geet in Amritsar. Geet is still angry with Maan and doesn't wish to return home with him. Pammi searches for Geet. Geet doesn't want to forgive Maan for the words he spoke in anger. Maan apologizes to her and regrets for hurting her feelings. Geet continues to be upset with Maan and refuses to return home with him. Geet tells Maan to return as she will never forgive him. Geet's uncle gets angry on seeing Maan with Geet. Adi tells Dev about his encounter with Tej and family. Maan is upset and regrets for hurting Geet.  Geet fears Beeji learning about Maan's presence in Amritsar as they are very angry with him. Maan feels guilty for hurting Geet and wants her to punish him for the mistake he did. Geet is determined not to forgive Maan as he has broken her trust. Maan walks barefoot on fire to punish himself. Geet is worried about Maan and prays for his safety.

Geet hides the truth from Tej and Beeji
Episode : 282

Maan decides to solve the problems he created and win Geet's trust back. Jugnu is about to tell Beeji and Tej about Geet and Maan's meeting but forgets everything. Tej feels Pammi and Geet are hiding something from him. Tej forces Pammi to tell the truth. He gets angry on learning that Geet went missing in the market for some time. Adi meets Maan and tells him about his encounter with Tej's family. Tej is angry with his driver Yashpal for going to the Dhabha, leaving Geet alone in the market. Geet gets nervous when Tej asks her about where she went missing in the market. Geet doesn't tell Tej and Beeji about her meeting with Maan. She is shocked to know that Adi had come home to inquire about her and got beaten up by Lucky.

Maan dons a turban to enter Tej's house
Episode : 283

Geet is angry with Beeji and family for beating up Adi for no reason. Maan and Adi overhear Yashpal and Lacchi's conversation in the dhaba about Tej's family looking for a driver. Maan decides to enter Tej's house as a driver. It's Beeji's birthday and everyone is busy with the preparations. Lacchi is upset as Yashpal is fired from the job of a driver. Jugnu tries to remember what he saw in the market but doesn't remember anything. Tej gives Lucky a task to arrange for a driver soon. Lucky is worried. Lucky tells Jugnu to arrange for a driver. Geet wishes Beeji on her birthday. Beeji tells Geet to get ready as she wants to introduce her to her guests. Jugnu is in the dhaba. Adi approaches him and offers to help him arrange a driver. Maan dons a turban and disguises as a Sardar to enter Tej's house as a driver. He names himself Balwant Singh

Maan enters Tej's house as Balwant Singh
Episode : 284

Pammi spots Geet upset and asks her the reason behind her worry. Pammi shares her problems she faces in the house with Geet. Lucky arranges a dance function at Beeji's birthday party. Maan arrives as Balwant Singh, the driver. Jugnu doesn't recognize Maan. Maan enters the house. Geet senses his presence but doesn't recognize him in the sardar's attire. Maan meets Tej and gets the driver's job. Another man arrives for a driver's job but Tej opts for Balwant Singh as he quotes a lesser price. Maan gets irritated with Lucky's talkative and loud nature. Geet doubts Balwant Singh as he hides his face from her. Maan fears getting caught by Geet

Geet doubts Balwant Singh
Episode : 285

Geet doubts the driver Balwant Singh to be Maan but he doesn't show Geet his face. Lucky shows Maan his room. Maan gets into problem when Tej asks for his driving license as the driving license will carry his real identity.   Adi sneaks in to Tej's house to give the new license to Maan. Adi loses his specs and bumps in to Tej thinking he is Maan. Tej recognizes Adi. Maan saves Adi from Tej and Lucky wrath. Adi gives a new license in the name of Balwant Singh to Maan. Geet grows suspicious when Balwant Singh avoids her when she calls out his name for some help. Maan climbs Geet's window in the night and observes her from a distance. Maan sees Geet missing him. Maan sees Geet about to faint and goes to protect her from falling down and Jugnu spots them together

Geet falls sick
Episode : 286

Jugnu and Tej get angry on seeing Balwant holding an unconscious Geet in his arms. Beeji calls a doctor home to examine Geet. Maan is helpless as he cannot be with Geet. The doctor examines Geet and finds her weak. Maan is happy to see Geet gain consciousness. Lucky gets angry on Balwant for standing outside Geet's room and observing her. Geet has a feeling that the driver Balwant is Maan. Jugnu also has a doubt on Balwant as he feels he has seen him before. Everyone looks after Geet. Tej is very angry with Maan for ruining Geet's life.  Maan and Geet miss each other as they cannot tolerate these distances. Geet is worried as the feeling of Maan's presence around her haunts her. Adi reaches Delhi and tells Dev

Geet finds out Balwant's truth
Episode : 287

Balwant prepares gol gappas in breakfast for Geet as he knows it's her favourite. Geet is impressed to see the gol gappas and relishes it. Lacchi tells Geet that Balwant had prepared the breakfast for her. Geet notices Balwant staring at her standing outside her room and grows suspicious. Geet wants to find out Balwant's truth and goes to his room. Geet sees Balwant removing his turban and is shocked to realize its Maan. Geet confronts Maan and is angry with him for disguising and cheating her. Geet is scared of Tej and family harming Maan and decides not to tell the truth to them. Maan begs for forgiveness but Geet is still angry with him and refuses to forgive him. She tells him to return but he is determined to return to Delhi with her.

Geet saddened by ill treatment of Maan
Episode : 288

Dev is worried for Maan and wants to be with him in Amritsar. Maan is determined to take Geet back to Delhi. Geet fears Maan being harmed by Tej and family and wants him to return. Tej is angry with Pammi for not looking after Geet well. Dev makes a call to Tej's land line to talk to Maan. Dev feels disgusted when he overhears Tej talking harshly to Maan. Geet feels bad when Tej makes Maan do all the meager works and ill treats him. Geet wants Maan to return to Delhi. Lucky feels bad for Balwant as he got scolding's from Tej for no fault of his. Lacchi gets irritated when Balwant keeps inquiring about Geet from her. Maan is restless and unable to sleep in the night as he is worried about Geet not having her medicines and goes towards her room.

Maan sneaks in to Geet's room in the night
Episode : 289

Maan sneaks inside Geet's room in the night. He sees Beeji sleeping with Geet and takes Geet outside the room. Geet is scared of getting caught by her family with Maan. Geet continues to be angry with Maan who begs her for forgiveness. Geet fears getting caught when they hear Lucky's voice. Maan and Geet hide in Lucky's room. Lucky is surprised to see his room door closed from inside. Maan and Geet are inside. Lucky feels there is a thief in his room and calls out for help. Tej is shocked to know that there is a thief in the house. Maan and Geet escape from Lucky's room when Tej comes to inspect. Geet mistakenly drops a flower flask and gets hurt. Lacchi hears the sound and feels there is someone in the house home. Geet and Maan hide in a room. Maan nurses Geet's wound. Geet is touched by his concern. Maan realizes that Geet still loves him.

Darjee to visit Geet
Episode : 290

Lacchi gets scared as she feels there is a thief in the house. She screams and wakes up everyone in the house. Lucky goes in search of the thief and gets beaten up by Maan. Everyone is shocked to see Lucky getting beaten up by Balwant. Balwant says that he had mistaken Lucky to be the thief and couldn't spot him in the darkness. Lucky is terribly injured. Beeji tells Lucky that Darjee is coming to visit them from Hoshiyarpur. Dev is on his way to Amritsar when his car breaks down. Dev plans to take the bus to Amritsar. Geet is shocked to know that Darjee is arriving to Amritsar. She fears him recognizing Maan in the turban. Geet is trying to reach Maan to tell him about Darjee's visit but is unable to get through.

Darjee arrives
Episode : 291

Geet is worried about Darjee recognizing Maan. Maan goes to receive Darjee at the bus stop and hides his face from Darjee. Dev is on his way to Amritsar.  A girl is introduced who is travelling by the same route. She mistakes Dev to be an eve teaser.  The girl continues to misunderstand Dev and they miss their bus in their arguments. Darjee inquires about Geet from Tej. Darjee is surprised to know about the fight between Maan and Geet. Dev and the girl don't get lifts from anyone on their way. Darjee arrives home. He is happy to meet Geet and so is she. Maan continues to hide his face from Darjee.

Dev reaches Amritsar
Episode : 292

Darjee is upset for Geet and is surprised to know about Maan's sudden change in behavior as he always thought Maan would support her and stand by her. Dev and the girl are still looking for lift. The girl gets angry with Dev when he takes lift from a family by saying they are married. Geet tells Maan to return as she doesn't want him to get in to problem. Darjee is worried about Geet's future and wants to talk to Maan before taking his next decision.  Dev and the girl reach Amritsar. Dev calls Maan and tells him about reaching Amritsar. Maan strictly advises Dev not to come inside the house. The girl who came to Amritsar with Dev is Nandini and is from Beeji's family. Nandini is happy to meet Geet and all the others in the family. Geet packs Maan's clothes and forces him to leave. Maan doesn't want to leave without taking Geet and Geet refuses to forgive Maan

Dev meets Geet in Amritsar
Episode : 293

Darjee leaves for Hoshiyarpur. Maan meets Dev in the market and tells him that he will return to Delhi only with Geet. Balwant returns home and get scolding's from Beeji for absconding. Geet feels bad for Maan when she sees Beeji ill treating him. Nandini offers to take Geet to the market. Everyone is getting ready to attend Lucky's wrestling match. Dev is in the market to repair his phone, and even Geet is in the market with Nandini. Dev and Geet spot each other. Dev meets Geet and requests her to forgive Maan but she continues to be angry with Maan and refuses to forgive him. Nandini spots them together and mistakes Dev to be Maan. Nandini stays back in the market and follows Dev. Dev enters a ladies toilet by mistake as he gets confused with the language. Nandini feels he is characterless and plans to inform Tej about him.

Balwant wins the wrestling match
Episode : 294

Nandini informs Tej about Dev being in Amritsar whom she mistakes to be Maan. Tej is enraged and sets out in search of him. The others attend Lucky's wrestling match. The match begins. Lucky loses and is badly injured. When everyone makes fun of Beeji's family, Balwant participates in the wrestling match to save his family's grace. Geet gets worried for Balwant when she sees him getting beaten up by the wrestler. Balwant fights back and emerges a winner. Beeji is proud of Balwant for saving their family's grace. She starts considering him a part of their family.

Geet is upset to see Maan in pain
Episode : 295

Lucky and Geet go in one car with Balwant. Geet is worried about Maan being in pain.  Beeji praises Balwant who saved their family's grace. Tej tells Beeji about Maan being in Amritsar. Beeji starts considering Balwant as one among the family members. Geet is worried about Maan being in pain. Geet gives medicine to Maan to apply on his wounds. She tells him about her meeting with Dev and tells him to return to Delhi. Geet is restless as she doesn't get sleep and is worried about Maan.

Maan leaves the house
Episode : 296

Geet applies the medicine on Maan's wounds. Maan realizes that Geet still loves him and is concerned for him all the time. Maan wants Geet to forgive him but she continues to be angry and tells him to return to Delhi. Maan is confident that Geet won't be able to live without him for long. Maan decides to leave the house and leaves without informing anyone. Everyone realizes that Balwant has left the job and has absconded without telling anyone. Geet is relaxed as she now she has no fear of Maan getting caught by the family members. Lucky is looking out for Balwant and inquires about him from Geet who pretends to be unaware of his whereabouts.

Geet misses Maan
Episode : 297

Nandini and Pammi are worried for Geet who is upset all the time. They plan to cheer her up.  The family watches Beeji's birthday celebration tape and Geet misses Maan when she sees him in the tape. Nandini goes to the market and sees Dev again whom she mistakes to be Maan. She follows Dev to his hotel and informs Beeji and Tej about his stay. Tej goes in search of Dev to the hotel but is unable to find him. Geet  misses Maan and is surprised to find his letter in her room. Geet reads Maan's letter and senses his presence around. 

Geet returns to Maan
Episode : 298

Geet reads Maan's letter. She feels his presence around. Maan tells Geet how much he loves her and misses her. Geet is touched reading the letter. Pammi and Nandini don't find Geet in her room and search for her in the house. Maan tells Geet how much he regrets losing her and how important she is in his life.  He requests her to come back or he will die. Maan tells Geet that he will not return home and will wait for her till she comes back to him. Pammi tells Beeji and Tej about Geet gone missing. Geet returns to Maan. They are happy to unite with each other.

Dev falls prey to Beeji's family
Episode : 299

Geet realizes that she can't live without Maan for long and is happy to return to him. Maan is happy as Geet has forgiven him. Geet and Maan express their love for each other. Geet wants to return home with Maan. Dev is happy to know that Geet has forgiven Maan and they are back together. Geet, Maan and Dev get ready to return to Delhi. Maan is worried about Beeji and family being angry with him for hurting Geet. Dev gets ready to check out from his hotel when he finds Nandini's novel and decides to return it to her. Beeji and family mistake Dev to be Maan and catch hold of him when he goes to their house to return Nandini's novel. Maan dresses up as Balwant and returns to Beeji's house. Maan and Geet are shocked when Lucky tells them that they have caught hold of Maan.  Beeji and family are angry with Dev for hurting Geet. Dev is unaware of the confusion created by Nandini and wonders why Nandini's family is behaving in this manner.

Dev stays in Geet's house as Maan
Episode : 300

Beeji and Tej scold Dev for hurting Geet and he feels they are referring to Nandini. Dev later on realizes that Beeji and family are mistaking him to be Maan. Dev remembers Adi's condition and fears getting beaten up by Geet's brothers. Balwant and Geet are shocked to see Dev in the house and they realize that all have misunderstood Dev to be Maan. No one opens their mouth as they feel the situation is not appropriate to reveal the truth. Pammi suggests that Maan and Geet should talk to each other in private and clear their misunderstandings. Maan worries about the situation worsening after Dev's entry. Geet is angry with Dev for coming to the house just when things were getting better. Dev decides to talk to Maan and find out a solution to this problem.

Maan and Dev keep their identity hidden
Episode : 301

Dev tells Maan that Geet is waiting for him in the room to discuss an important matter. Dev chases Nandini away from the room so that Geet can meet Maan. Maan tells Dev and Geet that they shouldn't reveal the truth to the family until Maan wins their trust completely. They decide to continue concealing Dev and Maan's identity. Tej is outside the room and Dev doesn't let him enter as Geet is with Maan inside. Maan hides behind the cot when Tej enters the room forcibly. Tej tells Nandini to stay with Geet in the room and look after her. Dev and Geet tell the family that they have decided to give themselves a month to solve their problems. The family gives Dev a last chance to win Geet's trust and take her back home. Tej makes Dev stay in a different room. He warns Dev to beware as he is not going to forgive him easily. Dev fears the consequences and feels stuck. Maan is determined to win Geet's family's trust in this one month's time.

Jugnu spots Balwant and Geet hugging
Episode : 302

Dev gets irritated with Lucky's talkative nature. Nandini gets angry with Dev when she overhears him talking ill about her family. Maan comes to meet Geet in her room. Jugnu spots them hugging. Geet and Maan get scared when Jugnu threatens to tell this to the whole family. Jugnu goes to tell Beeji about spotting Balwant in Geet's room but forgets whom he spotted with Geet when he bumps into Nandini and gets confused by her talks. Jugnu is unable to recollect whom he saw in Geet's room. Beeji and Tej decide to check Geet's room on Jugnu's insistence. Beeji and others go to check who is with Geet in her room and they don't spot anyone in her room.

Dev saves Geet and Maan
Episode : 303

Everyone is shocked to see Dev in Geet's room who saves Maan and Geet from getting caught. Tej warns Dev to stay away from Geet and talk to her in their presence only. Dev dislikes the food Lacchi serves him and tries to woo her to get some good food and Nandini mistakes him to be flirting with Lacchi. Maan again enters Geet's room in the night. Jugnu hears some noises from Geet's room. Geet fears getting caught again. Geet and Maan spend some quality time with each other. Jugnu sees a shadow near Geet's room in the night. Lacchi sprains her leg and Dev goes to help her and Nandini misunderstands his intentions. 

Dev impresses Geet's family
Episode : 305

Dev is helpless when Tej forces him to clean up the mess in the store room. Maan overhears Lucky talking about Dev cleaning up the mess in the store room. Nandini teases Dev when she sees him in struggling in the store room. Maan helps Dev and utilizes the mess in the store room by preparing a stage for the karva chauth function. Everyone is shocked to see the stage prepared by Dev. Tej can't believe his eyes as he didn't expect Dev to utilize the mess in this way. Dev thanks Maan for the help. Geet's family prepares for karva chauth. Geet also keeps a fast and wants to be fed first by Maan. She says she won't eat if he doesn't feed her. He takes up her challenge.

Maan and Geet challenge each other
Episode : 306

Maan tells Geet that if he succeeds in feeding her first on karva chauth, she will also have to feed him food in front of the family members. Pammi tells Geet how distant her and Tej's relationship is. Geet consoles her. Everyone prepares for the karva chauth function. Geet is upset as she wanted to be in Delhi with Dadimaa on her first karva chauth. Maan brings new clothes for Geet. Pammi and Nandini also purchase new clothes on the occasion of karva chauth. Maan doesn't let the tailor take Geet's measurements to stitch the new clothes as he doesn't want him to touch Geet. This angers Geet. Dev is decorating the house for the function and accidentally falls on Nandini. Geet is angry with Maan for not letting the tailor take her measurement. Nandini is angry with Dev for falling on her.

Geet and Maan bring Tej and Pammi closer
Episode : 307

Nandini misunderstands Dev's intentions and feels he is always behind girls. She wants to tell Geet about this but fears breaking her heart when she sees her happy. Dev is irritated with Geet's family making him work. Jugnu overhears Dev and Geet's conversation and doubts them again. Everyone gets mehndi done for karva chauth. Geet, Pammi and Nandini have mehndi on their hands and can't eat their food so Nandini suggests that the husbands should feed their wives. Geet refuses to be fed by Dev saying she has had her food already. Geet forces Tej to feed food to Pammi. Tej initially refuses but is forced by Geet and Balwant. Tej feeds food to Pammi half heartedly. Pammi is touched. Geet and Maan are happy as they were successful in bringing Tej and Pammi closer.

Maan and Geet challenge each other
Geet sargi for Karwachauth
Episode : 308

Geet misses Maan on her first karvachauth. Pammi bhabhi guesses that she is missing him. Pammi in turn talks about her relationship with her husband. Nandini falls and blames Dev for it. Jugnu tries to help but it all turns into a tumble fest. Nandini keeps fighting with Dev. Biji rebukes her on her lack of knowledge regarding karvachauth. Nandini tells Dev not to talk about karvachauth. Lachhi's lover asks her to fast for karvachauth. She says she can't. Geet has a visitor from her sasural. Adi comes to Geet with her sargi. He recognises Maan. Geet, Dev and Maan get worried

The ladies get ready for karva chauth
Episode : 309

Maan, Geet and Dev fear Adi revealing the truth to the family but they handle the situation well. Adi wants to leave as he fears living in the house with Geet's brothers after his last experience but stays back on Tej's insistence. Pammi is touched when Beeji gives her sargi for karva chauth. Tej continues to ill treat Pammi which upsets her. Geet and Maan feel bad for Pammi's state. Geet is happy as she has got a caring husband. Geet wants Maan to feed her the first meal before sunrise on karva chauth. Yashpal sneaks inside the house to meet Lacchi. The ladies get ready to have their first meal before sunrise. Geet waits for Maan. On the other hand, Tej calls Balwant for some urgent work so he is unable to meet Geet.

Maan succeeds in feeding Geet sargi
Episode : 310

Tej is taking Balwant away for some urgent work. Geet requests Tej to stay back for karva chauth as she doesn't want Tej to take Maan away. Tej is angry with Pammi as he feels she told Geet to stop him from leaving. Maan feels bad when he sees Tej ill treating Pammi. Beeji stops Tej from going out for work on karva chauth but Tej gives more priority to work. Geet is sure that Tej will return home before the rituals. Geet wants Maan to feed her sargi. Lucky stops Balwant when he sees him going towards Geet's room. Balwant handles the situation well. Maan feeds Geet sargi. Geet relishes the food as she knows she will have to remain empty stomach for the whole day. Maan is surprised to see Geet eat profusely. Geet is excited as it's her first karva chauth. Maan is also happy for her.

Geet and Maan share romantic moments
Episode : 311

Lacchi is irritated with Balwant for making her run behind him. Maan and Geet enjoy overhearing Lucky's conversation with his girlfriend Preeto. Nandini has also kept a fast for karva chauth. Dev teases her by relishing food in front of her. Dev is irritated with Jugnu's behavior. Maan brings a new saree for Geet on the occasion of karva chauth. Geet is elated.  Geet wears the saree gifted by Maan. Maan admires her. Maan helps Geet get ready for the function. They share some romantic moments

Maan lives upto the challenge
Episode : 312

Pammi misses Tej on karva chauth. Dev admires Nandini when she arrives at the function. Lucky's girlfriend, Preeto arrives. Geet arrives at the function. Maan admires Geet. Preeto and Lucky get attracted towards each other. Jugnu notices Lucky and Preeto together and grows suspicious.  Pammi is upset as Tej is not with her on this occasion. The moon appears and Geet breaks her fast looking at Maan. Preeto breaks her fast looking at Lucky. He feeds her food. Nandini accidently looks at Dev while breaking her fast. Geet pretends to faint while Maan holds her. Maan feeds food to Geet in front of her family members. He lives up to the challenge. Pammi is happy when Tej returns. He breaks Pammi's fast by feeding her.

Geet lives up to her challenge
Episode : 313

Jugnu mixes alcohol in one of the drinks which Dev consumes unknowingly. Everyone sings and dances.  Everyone eats food except Maan. Maan reminds Geet of the challenge that she had taken to feed food to him in front of the family if he succeeds in feeding her first on karva chauth. Geet prepares sweet dish and feeds everyone in the family. Geet feeds sweet dish to Maan in front of everyone. Geet lives up to the challenge. Geet gets worried when Maan says he wants to become a father soon.

Geet, Maan, Dev and Nandini get lost in a jungle
Episode : 314

Beeji reminds Tej about Nandini's marriage proposal being fixed with a family outside Amritsar and that they will have to send Nandini to meet the boy and his family. Beeji decides to send Geet, Maan and Balwant with Nandini. Geet, Maan and Dev go with Nandini to meet the boy's family. Some goons attack them on the way. Maan handles the goons while Dev escapes with Geet and Nandini. Geet is worried for Maan and returns to him leaving Nandini and Dev alone in the jungle. Dev and Nandini get worried when they don't find Geet. Jugnu and Lucky are on their way to the market and pass through the same direction in which Geet, Maan, Dev and Nandini traveled. Dev and Nandini go in search of Geet and get caught by the goons. Lucky and Jugnu recognize the car and feel Maan, Geet, Nandini and Balwant are in trouble. Geet and Maan hide from the goons and flee in a different direction. Lucky informs Tej and Beeji about Geet, Dev, Maan and Nandini being in trouble. They set out in search of them. Nandini and Dev are locked in a room by the goons. Nandini and Dev escape from there. Maan and Geet take shelter in a hut. They get intimate.

link for maaneet sr

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