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M/G FF: Magical Moments 2 (epi. pg 81) aug 1 (Page 67)

maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 1:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sindu555

loved it
Thanks Sana...

Originally posted by bansipatel

Lovely update reya...!!!
finally geet forgave maan n they shared some romantic sweet...!!! 
maan sent all those flowers to her with lovely notes of the love he had for her...!!!
it was awesome reya...
ur ending the ff...Cry...n the ss too...Cry Cry...
but its fine...ul come back wid a bang after the ramadan...Big smile
thanks for the PM sweety...!!! Embarrassed Tongue Wink Big smile
Thanks sweety...glad u enjoyed it...the romance, the flowers and the whole bit...'s ending but i hope to make it great for u all..
and i will try to write OSs if nothing more...

maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanya_vi

Lovely update Reya!! Loved the 'flower idea'..I sent the link to my husband..Bechaara needs a tip or two regarding how to handle his temperamental wife.Wink
Thanks Tanya honey...i hope ur husband puts the info into good useWink

Originally posted by seemamary

Wonderfull update, finally maaneet are getting married,  continue soon.

Originally posted by Nazmaa

Aww that was soo cute.
loved how maan was trying soo hard for geet to forgive him.
I hope he gets to walk soon. 
I want him walking for the wedding.
I want standing when he sees his bride for the first time.
Awesome update. 
Loved it ...
Thanks sweety...glad u liked it..
yes...ur idea has been kept in mind for the next update so i hope u enjoy it Smile
maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 1:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anshra

hey nice
do continue
Thank u 

Originally posted by Dansindiadans


Originally posted by -afsha-

 Loved the update
Maan pataofyed her awesumly
The family acted really well of not knwing where Maan was
Idea i dnt hav but Maan can give Geet best surprise by walking on his feet on the day of wedding
U can shw suumthg lik that
Thanks hun...glad u liked his pacifying ways...he is MSK after...
Thanks for sharing ur idea...

Originally posted by mishtykhurana

nice update... continue soon.. 

maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 1:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dreamy_Mystique

super duper update
Thank u hun

Originally posted by spvd

part 27
nice part...
Geet gave Maan a hard time...
but this will be a lesson to him...
wont hide anything in the future...
cont soon...
Thanks Deepa...glad u enjoyed the part...
Maan needed the lesson so he wouldn't repeat his actions...

Originally posted by drashsree100

Fantastic Thumbs Up
The entire part was superb ; very clever of Maan & how he manaofied his mishti EmbarrassedGosh !!! they are simply divine together .

Loved it Thumbs Up
Thanks for pm ...

Thanks Priya...he had to do his way...he is MSK after all...Glad u liked the update Tongue

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 2:00am | IP Logged

Hey all...

firstly...i have a some pending comments to reply to...but i will do it later because i have to update and sleep...i have to up in 3 hours again to go my bad...And PMs in the morning 

here i am with the last chapter of Magical's been one awesome journey...and i am sad to see it come to an end...but here it enjoy it Smile


Six months later

"Maan, will you please tell me where we are going?", Geet asked as she sat with him in the car blindfolded. Today was their last day together before Dadi Ma or as Maan liked to call her Hilter Dadi was putting the ' no private meetings during wedding' ban on. Maan's as soon as possible wedding turned out to be six months later because Dadi refused to leave any stone unturned for her grandson and daughter's wedding.

Maan decided to use this evening to take her out on a date but the location was unknown to Geet. That did not help her life, as her outfit became a dilemma. How could she pick an outfit when she didn't even know where he was planning to take her? Maan had solved the problem by gifting her a white dress with a long sleeve beaded cardigan so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. Geet decided to leave her hair out, as Maan loved it that way. For accessories, she chose simple silver earnings. The car pulled to a stop and Geet was helped out.

"Thank you Raju, you can take the car now", Maan said and the driver nodded.

"Maan, where are we", Geet asked as she heard the car driving away.

"Patience, my Misiti. Just give me two minutes and I will take this blindfold off."

Geet tried to wait patiently as she heard movement around herself. The place was relatively quite so she guessed they were alone wherever they were.

"Now, you can see where we are", Maan said as he looked the blindfold from behind.

Geet opened her eyes to see that they were at Delhi Hilltop; a place from you could see all of Delhi. The city looked beautiful with all the lights glowing and the star filled sky lit.

"Maan, this is just--", Geet started to say with a smile but then her words got stuck in her throat as she stared at the sight in front of her. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hands as her eyes widened in shock. Her Maan was standing on his feet smirking away at her.

As soon as the shock wore off a few seconds later, Geet threw herself at him wrapping her arms around his neck to hold him. Maan grinned as he lifted her off the ground to spin her around. She laughed out of pure joy as she grazed at the bright stars. Then brought her face down, letting her hair cover his face as he spun her.

When Maan finally settled Geet back to the ground, she stared at him with teary eyes as she cradled his face in her hands. "I can't believe it Maan, I can't believe it", she said and hugged him again.

"But how did this happen? When did it happen?", Geet asked.

"Last week's session with the therapist", Maan replied with a grin.

"Last week?", Geet asked confused and Maan nodded. "Then why didn't you tell us before?"

"Because this moment is only ours and no one else's. I wanted to be with my Misiti the first time I stood on my own. I wanted see the tears of joy in your eyes yet you have this beautiful infectious smile on your lips.", he said and leaned in to capture their lips together. Geet responded with equal ardor as she melted with the kiss. Maan placed his hands on her waist to slightly lift her off the ground and she locked her arms his neck so they could be at the same height. Breaking off after a few moments, they rested foreheads against each other. 


Maan brought her over to the blanket he had laid out and they enjoyed dinner with the picnic basket Maan got packed for them. Then they laid in each other's as they watched the star lit sky.


Maan suddenly stood up ,"Can I have this dance Miss Handa?", Maan asked as he held out his palm. Geet smiled as she rose and placed her hand in his.


They swayed to the gentle breeze that blew around needing nothing more than each other.


Geet finished getting her ready for her Haldi dressed in a light yellow salwar suit with a simple side ponytail. Just then Anna breezed in dressed in a beautiful lime saree.

"Geet my dear, everyone is waiting for you. Let's go", Anna said and took Geet's hand to lead her to the main house.

"Wait, wait Anna", she said and Anna turned around looking at Geet with a questioning gaze. "Anna, I need you to do me a favour"

"Sure honey, what is it?"

"Umm...I need...I need to go somewhere, can you make sure no one looks for me at least fifteen minutes?"

"What, where do you need to go? and too now of all times...", Anna asked with confusion.

Geet held Anna's shoulders giving her a baby look that she came to realize worked on her, "Pretty please Anna, I will tell you when I get back. Please, please", she pleaded sweetly.

Anna reluctantly nodded and Geet grinned widely, "Thank you baby, I owe you big time.", she said giving her a tight hug before she ran out.


Maan was hanging out with the guys right before Haldi when his cell phone beeped with a text message.

Meet me at the storeroom upstairs now, and don't you dare tell anyone. I will be waiting

Love you

Maan looked at the guys who were engrossed in intense cricket discussion, he discreetly slipped out of the room. Then he dodged people at every step as he made his way to the upper level of the house.

What could it be that she risked both of us getting caught ?, he asked himself as he hid behind a pillar as he waited for a flock of girls to pass by.

Maan opened the storeroom a crack and looked in both directions to check the coast before he rushed in.

"Geet", he called out to her quietly. "Geet, are you here?", he asked a little louder this time.

Just then Geet stepped out of the shadows and Maan drank in her sight in her yellow dress. He went forward to hold his Misiti in his arms resting his hand on her waist as she laid her hand in the crook of his neck.

"You know Misiti, not that I don't mind hugging you all day", he said with a warm smile as he cuddled her close. "But you do realize that Hilter Dadi Ma is going to kill us if she sees out sneaking around?", he asked with a chuckle.

Geet slightly pushed at his chest as she came out of his embrace with a frown, "You can't even risk getting caught by Dadi Ma to see me ?". She crossed her arms across her chest angrily.

"Of course I can", he said sweetly to pacify her as he took her arms to wrap them around his neck. "Now, why exactly are we here?", he asked with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "You couldn't be missing me that much", he whispered huskily in her ear before he softly kissed her earlobe. Geet closed her eyes with a sigh as his voice drew her in. She stopped herself when she remembered the fifteen minutes she asked from Anna.

"No Maan, I didn't call you here so we could romance", she said with a gentle slap to his chest. "I actually called you here for this", she said as she held out a bowl.

"Ummm, you called me here to show me a bowl of Haldi", he said with a confused expression.

"Oh Babaji, why is this Maan Sigh Khurana so dumb sometimes? ", she asked out loud and Maan frowned at her words.

"Mr. Maan Sigh Khurana, I called you here so you could be the first to apply haldi on me", she said with a sweet smile.

"Oh really then your wish is my command", he said dipping his fingers slightly in the liquid. He made his way to her cheek when her panicked voice stopped him.

"NO Maan, not on the cheek! Then everyone will know that we met each other."


"That means you figure out how to put it on without everyone knowing. That's the whole challenge, Mr.Khurana", she said with a smirk.

"Hmmm", he said in thought and she grinned thinking there was no way he could put it on without it being visible. "How about here?", he said and quickly applied a bit to the area on her neck below the ear before she could protest.  She gasped as the cold liquid touched her skin and then she felt hot lips on the other side as Maan gave her a kiss.

Her face flushed with a blush as Maan smirked at her. "You could always cover it with you hair."

Geet quickly dipped her own fingers and smacked some right on his left cheek and laughed as she ran out. She stopped at the door and turned around, "And don't you think about removing that", she warned and then ran out.

"Great, she traps me and just leaves", he said and wondered what he was going do about the mark she left on his cheek. The guys were going to tease him mercilessly about it.

Maan decided he would just need to suck it up as long as Dadi Ma didn't see it. He poked his head to check the post and then walked out.

"Going somewhere BB?", Vicky asked from behind.

Maan whipped his head around to see his brother leaning against the wall smirking away. Damn, this smirk must be in our genes, he thought to himself as his brother walked towards.

"I didn't know we did the haldi ceremony already.", he remarked as he pointed to the yellow mark on Maan's cheek.

"Umm, actually", he fumbled as he ranked his brain for an excuse but came out blank.

"Don't worry BB, you are forgetting that I have been married twice to the same girl. I know the drill", Vicky said with a laugh as he draped an arm Maan's shoulders. "Now, let's get out of here before we both get caught."


"I am sorry...I am so sorry", Geet said with remorse as she rushed in her room to see a freaked out Anna.

"Oh Jesus, where in the heaven were you Geet Handa?", Anna asked.

"Actually Anna...I was..."

"You said fifteen minutes, and you were gone for at least thirty", Anna exclaimed.

"Shhh, you are going to get us both killed.", Geet said with a whisper as she saw a few girls passing by.

Anna gasped, "Geet, your neck", she whispered in panic.

Geet realized she had the haldi spot she had to hide; she quickly brought her ponytail to the left side.

"You went to see Maan didn't you", she asked with a glare as she rested a hand in her hip.

"Umm...No...of course not" , she said as she tried to fix her hair in place so Anna wouldn't see the haldi.

"You kinda have to hide the love bite", Anna said pointing to the right side of the neck. Geet gasped as she rushed to the mirror to see. Her eyes widened in horror as she looked at the red spot Maan had left on her.

"Oh Babaji", Geet whined.

"Don't worry, we can hide it", Anna assured as she began to put on a concealer and what not on it.

A good ten minutes Anna was sure she had done a good job, "There, all done; you owe me sister", Anna snickered.

"No sister, I am paying you back", Geet said as she began to walk to the door. "For when I let you and Vicky sneak out during your wedding pretending to be oblivious about it."

Geet smirked as Anna blushed a deep red.


Just like Vicky and Anna's wedding, Dadi Ma was from both sides for Maan and Geet's wedding. She was rushing between the main house and the outhouse making sure her daughter and her grandson were ready. She wasn't worried a tad about the arrangements because this wedding was also being handled by the newly engaged couple :Yash and Pari's company. Dadi Ma could be happier but she wished deep down that somewhere along the way both Meera and Dev would find their happiness.

She was rushed into Geet's room as Pinky, Meera and Anna were putting the final touches on her. Geet stood up as she saw Dadi Ma standing there with tears in her eyes.

"Don't cry Dadi Ma", Geet said as she went to hug her.

"No beta, these are happy tears. My daughter is getting married today and I couldn't be happier", she said with a smile before she ran her finger along her eye to put a black spot behind Geet's ear to save her from the evil eye.

Dadi Ma drew her back in her embrace for a few moments before they drew back, "Now I should get going so we can bring the barat", Dadi Ma said before she rushed out.


"You ready BB?", Vicky asked with a grin just as Maan was about to saddle the horse.

"You bet", he said and climbed into the horse.

The dhols started beating and the dancers joined in as the barat made it's way to the Khurana house, or the Khurana garden to be exact. The ceremony would be taking place in the garden, which had been decorated beautifully with the choice of Geet's flowers and the altar was set.

Dadi Ma stepped away from the barat and stopped at the entrance of the garden to the aarti and put a tika on Maan with a smile.

They showered petals on them as they entered the garden. Vicky and Maan made their way to the altar and Maan sat down as he waited the arrival of his Misiti.


The wait was finally over as Geet made her way to the altar with Anna, Meera and Dadi Ma at her side. Maan stared at his bride in awe not giving the damn about the way Vicky laughing at him. She was dressed in a red and golden lengha with ornaments looking like his bride in every way. Anna helped Geet sit down and Maan discreetly held her hand.

"You look so beautiful", he whispered simply wanting to say more but knew that he had to wait.

Geet blushed at his compliment as she shied away by looking at her lap.

The priest began the mantras to start the wedding ceremony.

"Who will be doing the kandayan?", the priest asked. Dadi stepped up to do the honors. Maan tied the mangstulura around Geet's neck and then filled Geet's parting with the sacred sindoor. Dadi Ma secured the knot before Maan and Geet began their pheras making vows to be with each other through this lifetime and the others to come. Maan held Geet hand tightly as he circled around the scared fire.

After they were officially husband and wife, they took their blessing from Dadi Ma and accepted good wishes from everyone else.


Maan lifted Geet into his arms as soon she tilted the pot of rice and Dadi Ma had done the aarti.

"My, my; someone sure seems to be hurry.", Dadi Ma teased with a playful laugh. Maan merely nodded as he climbed the stairs and then stopped dead right outside his bedroom door.

There stood Geet's army looking mean as ever, Meera, Pinky and Anna.

"Well hello my Jijju, you seem to be in a hurry.", Meera remarked.

"Jijju, you might want to put your bride down if you actually want to get into this room.", Pinky casually commented and Maan glared at her. Pinky hid behind Meera's back in fear.

"Come on Maan bhai, you know we are not going to back down. Now we can get through this as fast as you want, or as slow as you want.", Anna said nicely.

Maan knew he had no choice but to put Geet down. Both Meera and Anna gave Pinky a knowing look and Pinky understood. She took Geet's hand and took her into the room closing the door.

"Hey, hey, that's my bride", he argued charging for the door, which was blocked effectively by Meera and Anna. Now being the gentleman he was, he wasn't going to shove them aside and they knew that very well.

"What do you girls want?", Maan asked with a glare getting annoyed that they were delaying his wedding night with his Geet.

"Not much, just 10 000 thousand would be fine.", Meera said innocently.

"Ok fine done, the check will be served for breakfast.", Maan said quickly ready to open the door.

", cash. And that too 10 000 per person", Anna said.

"Fine, 10 000 per person in cash ladies", Maan said in exasperation and both the girls grinned. "Now, can I please go?"

"Go ahead", the girls said in unison and the door opened as Pinky stepped out.

"Bye Jijju", they said with a laugh and walked away.

Maan took a deep breath and opened the door with a grin. His grin dissolved into a frown as he saw the decorated bed empty.

"Geet", he called out in worry. If the girls were playing a prank on him somehow then he swore that he would strangle them. "Geet", he called out again as his eyes searched the room.

"Maan", she said quietly as she stood in the balcony. He stared at her beauty washed in the moonlight as she had donned at revealing red sleeveless teddy that went down to her ankles with her tresses let out.

"Geet", he whispered as he approached her. She blushed and shied away as she turned towards the balcony. Maan quietly hugged her from the back resting his hands on her stomach. She placed her hands on top of his letting her weight rest against his strong chest.

Maan started planting slow yet lingering kisses along her shoulder working his way to her neck as he turned her around slowly. Geet ran her hands through his hair to hold him close as his lips worked magic on her senses melting her away. Maan made his way up the column of her neck to capture their lips letting his passion free he had been holding in. Geet moaned as they explored each other with love. Maan lifted her into his arms while they kept their lips attached together.

He broke apart as he gently placed her on the bed. Geet pulled him close to her with a tug on his neck where her locked arms rested. One minute, they were clothed fully and the next minute, they were skin to skin exploring each other in new ways.

That night, Maan and Geet began a new journey but their magical moments continued to grow. is it for this journey of Maan and Geet...i hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it for u all...This FF is like my baby because it was the first writing piece i started on IF...and it started as a OS...and grew into a story...

Thank you to all for all the love and support you have given me through the story...Hug couldn't have done it without u all...

i am planning to do a short epilogue so look out for that...

Love, Love, Love

Reya <3 

epilogue: pg.81

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Yaay!! caught you before the PM.
Well,I'm kinda confused. D'oh.I mean ,about what I'm feeling right now...I'm very very happy that  the wedding took place and Maaneet are together..forever!!..the update was beautiful as usual..sweet and dreamy!!    Day Dreaming
                                               But there is a tinge of sadness too...This beautiful story has reached its end..hmmm...why all good things should come to an end???Broken Heart

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 5:27am | IP Logged
loved the update...
finally they got married...
usually maan is the one who risks to the honors for haldi...
it was diff & nice to c gget do it this time...
pl cont soon

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awesome thanks for happy ending

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