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M/G FF: Magical Moments 2 (epi. pg 81) aug 1 (Page 55)

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by londongirl95

nice update.
im really looking forward to the next update to see how maan pacifies geet!!!

Originally posted by Mariam94

great update dear
loved it...
update soon
Thanks Mariam :)

Originally posted by shah10

Thanks ...

maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -afsha-

Loved bth the updates
Maaneet moments were fab
Loved how Maan was recovering so fast
he wuld have killed Adi there
Vicky has really grown up
Geet is hell angry
Maan will have to do a lot to pataofy her
Thanks for liking it hun...let's see what he does...

Originally posted by khwaishfan

Hi...thanks 4 da pm n terrific update. Geet is upset...precap is awesome
Thanks sweets..glad u liked it...

Originally posted by hopehot

thanks 4 pm
no problem hun..
maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Hey folks...back with the second last chapter of Magical Moments...A few important things at the bottom of the give it a read...Smile

and no proofreading has been done...kindly ignore the silly mistakes...Embarrassed


Geet is angry at Maan for going to meet Adi at the jail without informing her


Maan wheeled into his room extremely unhappy with himself. Geet was upset with him but he knew that she had every right. He expected her to tell him everything and to let him protect her. But she didn't deserve the same. Geet was right: there wasn't equality left in their relationship and Maan had only himself to blame. How could he forget that he had taught her to be strong for herself and be an equal in every way possible.

He let out a frustrated sigh as Geet's cell phone went straight to voicemail'..again. He closed his eyes to cherish her sweet voice as it came through

"Hi, this is Geet. I am sorry I was unable to attend your call, but do leave your number and a brief message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks"

Maan waited for the beep'...

"Misiti'I am sorry'.I know you are right to be mad at me and I should have told you that I was going to see that bas***d.", he took a brief pause to get his emotions together. "But please understand that I didn't want you to be upset. I know I am wrong but please Misiti, talk to me'I..I love you. I really do love you. " Maan disconnected the call with a heavy heart and made his way to bed even though sleep wouldn't come.


At the outhouse, Geet laid in bed also as restless as Maan with the tiff that was between them. Geet was upset that Maan refused to give her the equality he taught her to always fight for. Giving up on sleep, she sat up in her bed and leaned against the bed rest. She picked up the phone she had purposely switched off after ignoring numerous calls from Maan. She was just as unhappy as he was to be away from him but the man needs to learn his lesson. She turned her phone on and immediately checked her voicemail. She closed her eyes with a heavy sigh as she listened to the deep voice she loved so much.  Tears began to glisten her even when she didn't want them to.


The next morning was unusually a quiet affair as everyone was seated at the table. Everyone had a sense of the tension brewing between Maan and Geet as Maan had asked Vicky if he had said anything to Geet about their jail visit, which he hadn't. Then Vicky told Anna and Anna told Dadi Ma; and the servants could just tell they needed to mind their own business today.  Maan stole quick corner of the eye glances at Geet as she sat with a straight and saddened expression looking down at her plate but not eating much. Maan's guilt increased a tenth fold but he kept his mouth shut. Maan discreetly signaled Dadi Ma to say something to Geet.

"Geet beta, why aren't you eating? The food is still the same on your plate.", Dadi said gesturing to her plate.

Geet looked up startled as she was addressed while she was lost in her own thoughts.

"Sorry Dadi Ma. What did you say?"

"Beta your food, it hasn't been touched."

"No Dadi Ma, I am not really hungry right now.", she said getting up. "And I have work to catch up on from yesterday when I came home early so I am going to get going." Everyone said nothing as she began to walk towards the door until Maan's words stopped her.

"But Geet, we can go together once we finish breakfast.", Maan said talking to her for the first time since yesterday.

Geet didn't even glance in his direction as she addressed Vicky, "Vicky, you can come with your brother once you two are ready.", she said and Vicky had no choice but to dutifully nod.

Giving a quick hug to Dadi Ma and Anna, Geet made her way to out the door.

"Maan beta, this may take a while to fix so good luck to you.", Dadi Ma commented before she left the table. Maan grimaced at her words knowing they were absolutely true.

"What I don't understand is how she found out if you didn't tell her?", Maan asked his brother.

"Honestly BB, only Bhabzz can answer this question.", Vicky said getting up to take the briefcase from his wife.

"That's only if the woman would talk to me. Forget talking to me, she doesn't even look at me.", Maan said with frustration as before he wheeled his chair towards the door.

Maan stopped at the door and turned back to see Vicky and Anna having a lovey-dovey moment in the background. He couldn't help but feel a ting of envy, as he was unable to hold or kiss his fianc


Meanwhile, Geet had reached the office and was making her way to her cabin as employees greeted her, and for a change she responded with a curt nod. The employees were surprised at the oddly cold behaviour of the usual bubbly Geet.

"I think the spirit of Maan Sir has entered Geet", Manisha whispered to Pinky who was standing next to him.

"Shhh", Pinky scolded him but it was too late because Geet had stopped dead in her tracks.

Manisha immediately became afraid as Geet turned around to glare at him with angry eyes.

"Rather than standing here and commenting on other people Manisha, maybe you should be working like you are suppose to be,", Geet said in a strict tone. Manisha cringed as he feared his life.

But then to his good luck, Geet swiftly walked to her cabin. Manisha breathed a dramatic sigh of relief when Geet entered her cabin.

"I think Geet mastered the glare from Maan sir too.", Manisha said putting a hand on his hammering heart. "Goddd, Manishhaaa was so scared."


Geet stomped into her office with her anger only increasing until her eyes fell on the bouquet of red roses sitting on her table. She knew who they were from but she couldn't help herself as she reached out to touch the soft petals of the flowers. She opened the small note attached to it.

My dearest Misiti'

I know you are very upset with me'but I am very'very'.very sorry. Please Misiti, talk to your Maan. He is incomplete without his Misiti.

I love you,

Only yours,

Dhak Dhak <3

p.s red roses represent the love and passion I have for you. A dozen roses are known as the most definitive symbol of my true love.

Geet let out a sigh at the man's sweet gesture but that didn't mean she forgave him even if he did send her favourite red roses. She took one of the roses out and held it close to her heart as she unknowingly smiled to herself unaware of the smiling gaze Maan was giving her through the glass.


Geet succeeded in avoiding Maan for the most part throughout the day occupying herself in work. Even Maan seemed to give her space or maybe he didn't want her to burst in front of everyone; either way Maan and Geet barely interacted through the day. But that didn't mean she would neglect his health; she would never be able to do that no matter how upset she was at him. She appointed Vicky the job of shadowing Maan all day making sure he had his meals and medicine on time. Maan put up with Vicky's annoyingness knowing deep down that it was his Misiti's orders.

Just because they didn't mean meet each other that they forgot about each other. Throughout the day, Geet kept receiving bouquets of flowers as Maan reminded her of his close presence. Once it was a dozen baby pink carnations with a note

These pink carnations mean that my Misiti is always on my mind <3

Geet peeked through the glass to see if Maan was there but he wasn't so she smiled openly as she adored her flowers.

A couple hours later, she received a handful of Calla lilies. Geet quickly opened the note'

These lilies are for the most beauty woman I know: My Misiti


At about 7:00 pm, Geet discreetly glanced into Maan's office and was glad to see it empty. Good, that means he went home already with Vicky. She had told Vicky to take Maan home early because the stress wasn't healthy for him. Gathering her files, Geet made her way downstairs looking forward to seeing Maan again.

"Good evening Geet", Raju Bhayia greeted as he held the door open for her.

"Good evening Bhayia", Geet said with a smile as she went in.

The smile only widened as she saw another token of Maan's apology. There was a white teddy bear with a red 'I love you' heart attached to it. And of course flowers: this time it was purple Hyacinths.

You know when a person gives purple hyacinths; it's when they are asking for forgiveness. Please Misiti, forgive your Maan and he will make sure he will never make this mistake again.

I love you'more than I will ever be able to tell you..

"Babaji, is there something this man doesn't know?", she asked as she looked above. "Whoever knew, Maan Singh Khurana would know what kind of flowers mean what. And before, he didn't even like flowers"

Throughout the entire ride, Geet cuddled with the teddy bear with a smile. She couldn't wait to get home to see her Maan and to hold him close. The day away from him was just as hard on her as it must have been on him.


Geet rushed into Khurana mansion anxious to set her eyes on Maan. Dadi, Anna and Vicky were sitting and talking when they saw Geet approach.

"Geet beta, where is Maan? Didn't he come home with you?", Dadi asked.

The smile on Geet's face flattened a little. "No Dadi Ma. Didn't he come home with you Vicky?"

Vicky shook his head, "No Bhabzz, he told me he wanted to come home with you so I left about", he paused giving his watch quick glance" like two hours ago."

The color from Geet's face drained as worry began to cloud it. "What do you mean Vicky? He wasn't there when I left."

Geet worry began to increase as she dialed his number but didn't hear his voice, "Please pick up Maan.", she whispered as she held the phone to her ear hoping to hear his husky voice any second rather than the ringing.

"Why isn't he picking up the phone?", Geet asked and no one had an answer.

Everyone looked on helplessly as Geet paced from one end of the room to the other holding the phone to her ear.

'Geet beta, relax'he must have some work.", Dadi Ma said as she tried to reassure Geet.

Tears began to swim in her eyes, "No Dadi Ma, I was mad at him all day and now'.now'.", she broke off as she was engulfed in Dadi Ma's arms.

"I am sure he is here somewhere. I will go ask the drivers if anyone of them were called by BB or if they picked him up.", Vicky said.

Geet wiped her tears, "And I will check the premises with the servants. And Anna you stay with Dadi Ma." Everyone nodded and scattered around.

Oh, when I find you Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, you are so dead, Geet thought to herself as she scanned the garden and saw no sign of him. She kept dialing his number as she checked the Khurana premises. She was about to head back to the main house when she saw the outhouse door open. That was odd, she thought because she had locked the outhouse this morning for security reasons leaving only the key with Dadi Ma.

She tentatively walked in and was greeted by a lightly dimmed room with candles. There near the window sat the person she had been searching for like crazy. She ran as soon she saw his face, "Maan", she said with relief as she threw her arms around him with a death grip. Maan wrapped his arms around her slim waist to pull her up onto his lap as she moved her arms around his neck wetting his shirt with her tears of relief.

"Shhh Geet, I am here.", he consoled as he rubbed small, soothing circles on her back.

Geet suddenly pulled back as realization dawned on her, "That's the whole point, you are here and no one knew." Geet pulled herself off his lap and glared at him as she hovered over him.

Maan smiled at her innocently and Geet's anger only grew, "Mr. Maan Singh Khurana'this is isn't something you should be smiling about.  I was worried sick about you...and so was everyone else", she said in a huff and decided to walk away.

Maan held onto her wrist and pulled her back with a strong swift movement causing her to crash against his solid chest. She held onto his broad shoulder muscles for support and Maan used it to pull her closer as he hovered his lips close to her lips.

"I knew you would worry about me, no matter how upset you are at me.", he whispered close to earlobe causing a unwanted shiver to pass through her spine. She started to pull away but he kept a firm yet gentle grip on her waist.

"I came here because I wanted to talk to you without you walking away from me like you were planning to do just now", he said and she looked at him in anger. "Won't you give me a chance to apologize Misiti?", he asked huskily and she could feel her anger melting away as her expression softened.

"Okay let's talk", she said as she distanced herself to walk to the sofa and Maan followed on his wheelchair. Positioning himself close to her, he took hold of her slender hands as he looked into her eyes.

"I know you are upset with me and you have full right to be. I should have told you about that bas***d", he said and his voice rose with anger as he mentioned Adi. "I was trying to protect from hurt, I didn't want him to affect your life."

"But Maan, your life is mine as well. And if he affects you then it means he affects me too.", Geet said quietly looking into his eyes for the answer.

"I know, I understand that now. Punish me any way you want but please don't go away from me. I don't know how to live without you, Maan is incomplete without his Misiti.", he said and his voice became quieter as he fought with the lump in his throat.

Geet leaned forward to cradle his face in her palms, "and is Misiti complete with her Dhak Dhak?", she asked but didn't give him a chance to reply as she captured their lips together very softly and Maan knew he was forgiven. Maan held her nape to pull her closer and Geet wrapped her arms his neck as Maan used one of his hands to grip her legs to pull her onto his lap so they could be as close as possible. Of course he managed all that without ever breaking contact with their lips.

When they finally broke apart, Maan buried his face in the crook of her neck unable to stay away. "I missed you'.I missed you Misiti.", he whispered against her neck as his warm breath tinged her skin.

"I missed you too Maan. But thank you for the flowers, i loved all of them", Geet said as she ran her fingers of one hand through his hair while the other was still around his neck.

"Come on, let's sit on the sofa, I bet it's a little more comfortable then my legs", Maan said as he wheeled them to the sofa. Geet got off and Maan pulled himself off expertly to shift his weight onto the sofa.

Then Geet suddenly exclaimed, "Oh Babaji, I didn't even tell the family I found you. They must be worried.", Geet said grabbing her cell phone but Maan held her wrist.

"They know where I am.", was all he said and Geet understood. Her mouth hang open in shock.

"You mean'you mean they were in on the plan?", Geet asked in shock and Maan nodded.

"How could they? And bunch of them' .such fine actors even Dadi Ma. Watch, they are in so much trouble tomorrow.", Geet said as she crossed her arms across her chest annoyed at everyone.

"Don't be mad, they all did it because they don't like seeing us apart.", Maan said slinging a arm around her shoulder to pull her against his side. "But Geet the real question is how did you find out?", he asked

"I heard you and Vicky talking in your room the other night. I was coming to say good night to you and I heard everything."

"That means you knew the whole time, then why didn't you confront me in the morning?", he asked confused with her actions.

"because I wanted to see if you were actually going to go through it without telling me and you did.", she said with disappointment.

"I really am sorry Misiti", he said holding her hand in his.

"It's okay Maan", she replied giving him a quick peck on the cheek to assure him.

They sat in comfortable silence for a few moments until Maan spoke.

"Let's get married Geet. I don't want to wait anymore.", Maan said as he rested his head on her shoulder.

Geet looked at him surprised at his sudden request, "But Maan you haven't fully recovered yet."

"I know but I don't want to wait anymore. I want you to be my wife as soon as possible", he said as he took hold on one of hands to plant a warm kiss."

"And I want to be your wife'But Dadi Ma"

"We will talk to Dadi Ma tomorrow'first thing in the morning.", Maan said pulling her close to kiss the temple She nodded as she rested her head on his chest smiling looking forward to becoming his bride.

Pre-cap: The wedding.....

All the flowers that Maan sent Geet actually were sent according to meaning...if anyone is interested than here is the website:

Note- a few important things...

1. So you all know that the wedding is coming up which will be the last chapter of this FF...believe or not...but i am looking for some good ideas to include into the wedding to make it fun...i tend to write boring, dry stuff for weddings so i am hoping for some can just send me a PM with your idea if you don't want to give it away or include it in the comments...of course i will make sure to credit you for your idea if i use it...

2. As you all know that BL ended a few days MM is ending...and Vanilla Twilight will end soon too...because the month of Ramadan is coming up and updates are going to very difficult because fasting is going to be tough with 18 hours and praying...and all that...i wouldn't  want  to keep you folks waiting for updates...and then university is starting up in september so i thought it would be better to end all stories properly...

That's it..i know i talk too much...lolz...

Remember to hit the Like button and comment belowSmile

Love, Love, Love

Reya <3

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aww...they both were in so much pain staying away from each other like that...but Geet's anger is also justified...n Maan realized that too...though a bit late...n she ignored him all throughout the breakfast also...but the way he attempted to mend things between them is so sweet n many flowers explaining the meaning they the way thanks for that site... such sweet gesture is sure to bring the required smile on an angry person's it did with Geet...

n he planned a surprise alone time for themselves to sort out their issue in the outhouse with the help of his family...n was successful in sorting them she heard him n Vicky talking about the visit n waited to see what he'll do...she's becoming more n more like Maan Manisha rightly saidLOLLOL...n there comes the talks of marriage...yippeeTongue...we too can't wait for the marriage to happen now...pls jaldi se shaadi karlo na yaar...but yeah would like to see him on his feet before will be waiting to see that soon...

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Lovely update reya
Sad that this FF is ending
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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Loved the update! Can't wait for the wedding!

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awesome part continue soon

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Reya you are ending this ff hmmm, so sad, hope you will write something new after your fast

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