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M/G FF: Magical Moments 2 (epi. pg 81) aug 1 (Page 35)

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Originally posted by hinal_maaneet

wowww loved it
hope maan gets well soon

Originally posted by swetha10

Awesome!!!! lovely update... continue soon

Originally posted by tanya94

hey...nice update...eagerly waiting to see how maneet fight back and take their revenge from aadi
thank u...hope i make it worth the wait...

Originally posted by sindu555

awesome update

Originally posted by zaara2212

finally Reya, wc back, glad you are better Smile
awesome update...hope Maan feels well soon too 
thanks zaara...i am perfectly alright now...thanks for liking the update...

Originally posted by mrk_1

awsome yaar...loved it 

maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by preethia

loved the update...
finally maaneet faced the situation...
well they need each other love and support together to overcome this situation...
they will for sure...
from precap is he asking abt adi or someone else...
pl cont soon
Thanks preethia for liking it...he is asking about will get to see that in the next part...

Originally posted by jyoti_l

first of all...welcome back...Hug

loved the update...

as long as they r together...nothing or no1 can harm them...

they r each others support..n always will be there for each other...

precap is interesting...

continue soon...

thnx for PM...
Thanks JyotiSmile..glad i was missed...
you are right hun...Maaneet are stronger together...

Originally posted by mysticangel

amazing update...loved it

Originally posted by rsroopali

wowww reya it was awesomeee
luved itt
shows there undying luv for each other
thanks love Smile
maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 1:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 24
nice part...
they are going through too much...
hope Maan gets well soon...
with Geet by his side he can conquer the world...
cont soon...
Thanks love...u are right,,,they will get through anything as long as they are together...

Originally posted by Miss-Riz

Hey amazing update :) thanks for the pm :)

Originally posted by bansipatel

Welcome back dear>>!!!
loved the update alooottt>>!!!
he is nt sharing his fears wid geet nt 2 disturb her>>>
and geet is dea wid him by all means>>>
loved maan being naughty even wen he is upset just to enlighten the atmosphere>>>!!
Dat was really sweet of him>>>!!
Thanks for the PM dear>>>!!
Thanks hun...glad u liked it...and he is MSK...who can never see his Misiti upset...

Originally posted by seemamary

Hey riya awesome update. Hope to see maan getting well soon. plsss update soon.
maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 1:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MaaneetLuverr

Awesome update...
Beautifully written x
Feel so sorry for maan,,,he's no longer the strong MsK
Hope they cure him soon
Glad to see ur bak
Cont soon Xx.,,
Thx 4 the PM
Thanks love...don't worry...he is still MSK...who is very strong on the inside...he will surely show u his strength again...have faith...

Originally posted by bhanu_rekhag

wonderful update

Originally posted by sharmake11

maaneet monologue priceless
as long geet is side MSK i'll pass
this rough time in the blink of eye
mindblowing part
love it core
waiting waiitng eagerly
ty 4 pm
Thanks for liking it Hun...yes,,,the rough time will pass as Maaneet are together...

Originally posted by Mariam94

great update dear
loved it...
cont soon

maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 2:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hopehot

love it

Originally posted by londongirl95

nice update!!!
geet is always by her hubby's side!!!
i hope maan gets over the paralysis soon!!!
thanks...technically they are still engaged...

Originally posted by maaneetsangel

awesome ... superb ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

continue soon ...

maan ko jaldi theek kardo ...plzzz
Thanks...i will try my best...

Originally posted by jazzerette

That was a very touching moment between Dadi and Maan. It was a really emotional update. Great job!
thanks...glad u liked of my fav scenes from the update...
maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 2:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by khwaishfan

Hi Reya...u back with a bang! Fabulous update...emotional, intense n beuatifully written! Maan n Geet will get through this! They are strong! Hope Maan gets better soon...update soon n thanks 4 da pm!
Thanks hun...glad u liked it

Originally posted by Dansindiadans

Loved the part

Originally posted by ajenn

Am really feeling sad for maan's situation. 
But i Know having Maaneet together, nothing would goes wrong.
They will always support each other.
Is Adi around or someone else...
thx for the pM
i know u feel bad but their difficult time will pass soon...

Originally posted by sona-rai

loved it a lot awesome updateSmile

Originally posted by sweet scorpio

I am sure maan and geet will get through all this as long as they are together!
continue soon!
thanks...u are right,,,,they willSmile
maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 2:08am | IP Logged
wowww...i can't believe i took over an hour with replying back to the comments...but on the bright side...all comments for ch.23 and 24 have been replied to...
Now let's get a update posted Big smile

Edited by maankigeet4ever - 06 July 2011 at 2:09am

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Hello all...back with the sliver jubilee chapter of Magical Moments...enjoy it Smile

Chapter 25

Re-cap: Maan and Geet talk about Maan's condition and Geet promises to stand by him through everything.

A month later

Things were slowing getting back to normal in the Khurana house. Maan was back home from hospital fending pretty well on his automatic electric wheelchair. Dadi and Geet shifted his room and study to the lower floor arranging everything so that he could easily move around without needing much help. Maan slowly started taking on office work despite the protests from everyone. He said that he would go crazy if he didn't occupy himself. He was mostly working from home with occasional visits to the office to which Geet always accompanied him.

Maan wanted to demolish the outhouse as it only brought back bitter memories but Geet said that it also has sweet memories they shared together. They settled on having the dcor redone making the place look new.

Maan had literally shoved and pushed Vicky and Anna out of the house to go on their pending honeymoon to Hawaii no matter how hard they tried to convince Maan that they would go later. Dadi and Geet also went along promising to take care of Maan and the business in their absence. They agreed to go but planned to cut it short by returning in two weeks.

Maan had been going to hospital every two days for his therapy session with one the therapist at the hospital. He was making slow progress early on learning how to take care of himself without relying on other. The therapist had taught Maan how to get out of bed, sit, roll and manage his legs with his hands. Dr. Mehta commented by saying that he was sure that Maan was determined to get his entire strength and if he kept making progress like this, he could be walking soon. Maan's case was such that he was suffering from impairment of his lower limbs but could feel his lower body, which increased his chances of walking again.

 But starting today, a therapist by the name of Sasha Verma would be coming in treat Maan. It irked Geet that a female therapist would be tending to Maan but she brushed it off because Maan's health was the most important to her.  


Geet came into Maan's room with his breakfast as Dadi was visiting the office today and insisted that Geet stayed home today with Maan as it was his first day with his therapist.

"Good morning Maan", she said as she walked over to his desk where he was already working his laptop. She set his breakfast tray on the table and gave his a quick peck on the cheek.

"Good morning Geet", Maan said pulling her onto his lap, which a habit he developed since he started using a wheelchair. At first, Geet had been afraid that it would hurt him somehow. But to her dismay, he ran it by Dr.Mehta who said there was nothing wrong with that as long as Maan was not in pain.

Geet locked her arms around him to hug him comforting herself as well him with the touch. Everyday she thanked Babaji who returned Maan back to her.

"Come on, close your laptop. It's time for breakfast.", she said getting off his lap to pull up a chair.

"Just two more minutes.", he said going back to his laptop.

"Now Maan.", she said coming over closing the laptop screen. He looked at her and she stared back challenging him to argue. "I am sorry but your health is the most important to me."

"I know Geet. i am fine even Dr.Mehta says I am gaining my strength back.", he said as he moved his wheelchair next to her to enjoy breakfast with her


A while later

Geet was coming out of the kitchen after checking the lunch menu when Nakul came in.

"Geet madam, there is a lady here saying she is Maan's therapist.", Nakul informed her.

"Oh Sasha Verma. Let her in."

A minute later, a young girl entered barely in her early twenties who was definitely a size zero. She was wearing her black tracksuit with a short baby pink spaghetti strap tank top that exposed more cleavage then Geet would like. She had let her hair open and walked in more like a model than a therapist. Geet had breathed a sigh of relief when she had looked down to find Nike sneakers instead of heels.

"Hello I am Sasha Verma, and you are..., she said as she held out her hand.

"And I am Geet Handa, Maan's fianc", she said shaking her hand as Geet saw her smile fading a little at the mention of fianc.

"Nakul, please direct Sasha to Maan's gym.", she said to Nakul. "We will join you there in a minute", she said to Sasha giving her a smile before he walked off.


Geet walked to Maan's room where she was not surprised to Maan sitting against his bed rest supported by fluffy pillows and his legs stretched out resting his laptop typing away. He looked up as soon he heard Geet come in.

"Hello beautiful.", he said setting the laptop to the side.

"Hello handsome", she pecking his cheek quickly. "And I hate to break it to you but you will have to leave your laptop because your anorexic therapist is here.", she said with slight irritation.

"Anorexic?', he asked as he shifted his legs over the bed and then put himself on the wheelchair without any help. It made Geet proud that he was slowly getting back on his own feet.

"Yes anorexic, she is like a size zero wearing a tank top that shows more than it covers and track pants glued to her skin", she said with a scowl.

He sniffed her, "I think I smell something burning.", he said with a playful smile.

"Oh please, I am not jealous as long she does her job and nothing else.", she said walking out.

Maan chuckled and followed her out.


Geet and Maan made their way to the gym where Sasha was waiting. Sasha stood up with a wide smile as she saw Maan.

"Hi Maan, I am Sasha Verma.", she said holding her hand out.

"Hi Sasha, and I am Maan, Maan Singh Khurana.", he said and shook her hand.

"I have discussed your case with Dr.Mehta and he has provided with all the information I need. So I say we get started with some exercises.", she said and glanced at Geet for a second.

"I better get going and let you two work.", Geet said hoping Maan wouldn't detect her glum expression but she knew they needed to work one on one.

She started walking away when Maan held her hand to stop her and she turned back to look at him.

"I am gonna miss you.", he said a twinkle in his eyes rubbing his thumb over her fingers in a soothing way.

The man could read her so easily, she thought to herself and couldn't help but smile, "I am going to miss you too.", she said and bent down to brush their lips together. When they broke apart, Geet noticed that Sasha was staring at them discreetly but with a frown her face.

Take that you man stealer, she said in her mind because she had already given her answer. Giving him one last smile, she walked out.


One and half hours later...

Geet was working in the kitchen when she saw Sasha leaving in a huff looking slightly angry. Worried that Maan must have said something, she quickly wiped her hands on the cloth before she made her way out but by then Sasha was gone. Just then Maan came out of the gym.

"Maan, is everything okay? Why did Sasha look so angry?", she asked as she walked up to him.

"Oh that, don't worry about her. I just told her she isn't going to be my therapist anymore.", he said causally as he was looking through his blackberry.

"WHAT? Really?", she said happy yet surprised at the turn of events.

"Yes, really", he said pulling her onto his lap "But why are you worrying about her?, Worry about me baby" He started snaking his arms around her waist pulling her closely and she immediately started to wiggle out of his hold.

"Maaannn, behave yourself. What if someone comes?", she scolded lightly slapping his shoulder.

"Well that's too bad then.", he said huskily. He cradled her face in his palm as he leaned in to place butterfly kisses all over her face as Geet quickly began to lose the ability to think straight. "I missed you Misiti, I missed touching you", he whispered huskily. He slowly moved her duppatta out of her neck letting it drop in her lap before he kissed her collarbone moving along her neck with his lips sending waves of desire through her. " I missed kissing you" He then moved up to her earlobe and lightly bit it. She gasped at the sudden assault, he sucked and kissed it to soothe the earlier bite.

"Maan", she whispered softly in a haze of desire as she locked her arms his neck to reduce the distance if that was even possible. 

"My name never sounded sweeter", he said as he held her chin looking her with tender love. "Then to said from your lips.", he said as he inched closer to capture the luscious lips he was praising.

"Ahem ahem.", someone said from the back and they both whipped their heads around to see Dadi standing there barely controlling her laughter. Maan and Geet both turned beetle red with embarrassment. Geet quickly got off Maan's lap and fumbled to put her duppatta back in place. Maan suddenly started looking busy on his blackberry while Geet started stammering to explain while glaring at Maan.

"Woh, Woh, Dadi Ma", she started to say.

"It's okay beta..i understand everything.", Dadi said and finally burst out laughing as she walked away.

Maan smiled innocently at Geet whereas Geet glared at him in anger huffing and puffing about throwing her under the bus.


Three weeks later

The Khurana family could breathe a sigh of relief as things were looking up in every direction. The business was running smoothly with Vicky, Geet and Maan; Maan and Geet were back to work full time but Vicky tried his best to reduce the workload for Maan doing all the traveling and off-site related work.

Maan's health had shown vast improvement as far as him even walking baby steps and Dr.Mehta had said at this rate, he would walking very soon. Vicky, Dadi and Anna had done everything to assure he ate healthy and on time. But the worst hilter was Geet who was extremely strict with Maan never letting him skip his medicines or skip a meal.


Vicky and Maan were in Maan's room as Vicky was helping with a leg exercise his therapist had suggested who was thankfully a male this time. But Geet teased him mercilessly about having a Dostana with him. Maan had told her he now regretted firing Sasha but she didn't give a damn. She had her payback for the embarrassment he had caused her in front to Dadi the other day.

"Vicky", he said casually.

"Hmmm BB",

"Vicky, is that bas***d alive?', he asked his brother directly, each word carried bitter venom in it.


"woh BB, actually, the thing is that---", he started to say he avoided looking at his brother.


"Don't you dare lie to me Vicky Khurana.", he said in a no nonsense voice as he glared at him.

"I laid off the questions for two months knowing you were worrying about my health but you can't except me not to want to know about that damn bas***d."


"If I could, I would shot all the bullets in the world in his chest for trying to harm my Misiti. If something had happened to her...then I don't know what I would do.', he said as anger coursed through his veins, fire was clearly evident in his eyes and that scared Vicky but somewhere in his voice, he could also detect a deep emotion, the emotion of hurt and fear of almost losing the woman he loved and that made him want to tell the truth.

"BB, he is alive, He is in jail", was all he said knowing his brother would only be angered further if he said more.

'Good, then we are going to see him tomorrow. There are scores to be settled.", he said with a angry smirk. "Now, go to bed."

He settled himself on the bed lying down slowly. Vicky turned on the lamp and turned off the lights before he headed to the door.

"And Vicky", he said and his brother stopped at the door." Not even a single word to Geet. I mean it.", Vicky slowly swallowed the lump of fear and could only nod.


The next morning

"Geet, Vicky and I are heading to a on-site location for some work so Raju will drop you off at work", Maan announced at the breakfast table. Both Geet and Vicky looked at Maan with shock.

"But Maan, you are not even suppose to be doing on-site work yet", Geet protested. And before Maan could open his mouth to defend himself, Geet started again "And you Vicky Khurana, forget him, he doesn't care about his health but at least you should have the sense not to go along with his nonsense.", she scolded him and he looked down in shame. Maan felt guilty for doing this to him but he couldn't tell Geet the truth.

"I know Vicky, why are you letting Maan bhai stress himself?", Anna asked looking upset at Vicky too.

Dadi looked equally upset but kept her silence as her two daughters were handling her grandsons perfectly fine.

"But the thing is...that...i need some help from BB...and I wasn't able to solve it myself so I had to ask him.", Vicky mumbled.

"No Geet ,it not his--", Maan started to say but Vicky touched Maan's hand under the table signaling him not to say anything. Maan mouthed a sorry to Vicky but he shook his head telling him it wasn't necessary.

"I am sorry Bhabzz, it couldn't be helped and I need BB's support. I promise I will take good care of him and get him back to the office as soon as possible.", Vicky assured her.

Geet cooled down a bit and nodded at Vicky.

"Let's get going BB.", Vicky said wiping the ends of his mouth with his napkin and  getting up eager to get the ordeal done with.

Both the couples shared a private moment separately.

Vicky leaned in to give Anna a kiss on the forehead ,a hug and a quick I love you before he rushed out to the car.

On the other hand

"Please take care of yourself and don't overwork.", she said quietly.

Maan nodded with a smile. He wriggled his finger gesturing her to come forward. She leaned in and he grazed his lips against her forehead.

"I love You.", he whispered.

"Me too.", she said back.

He then made his way to the car while Geet stayed back quickly wrapping up breakfast.

"Anna, I am going to head out too. Call me if you need anything.", she said finishing her tea off in a hurry.

She gave a quick hug to both Dadi and Anna before she started her day too.


Delhi Central jail

"Prisoner 123, you have a visitor, let's go", the constable said smacking his stick loudly against the bars waking the man with a startle.

"Huh, who is here to visit me ?", Adi grumbled lifting his head off his knees.

"I don't know, I don't have time for your nonsense. Let's go", the constable barked opening the cell door. Adi winced as he lifted his aching body from the hard rock bench. The constable handcuffed his hands together before roughing leading him down the hall.

The private visitor room door opened and both Maan and Vicky looked up. The constable shoved Adi through the door before he locked it.

Adi's eyes filled with surprise as he saw Vicky and Maan that too in a wheelchair.

"Well, Well, look who is it...Maan Singh Khurana...that too in the flesh", he said settling himself comfortably in the chair. Vicky felt disgusted looking at the man who he thought was a friend almost like family. He glanced in Maan's direction to see his fist balled up and his temple veins showed he has barely controlling his anger.

"Vicky, leave", he ordered.

"No way BB, I am not going to leave you here with him", he said not worried for his brother but the safety of Adi was in great danger.


"But BB---"

"Leave Vicky, I promise not to do anything reckless", he told him. "Now go", he said giving his brother a nudge towards the door. Vicky reluctantly walked out the door telling the constable to keep an eye of them while he went to meet someone else.

 Maan glared at Adi tempted to rip his throat while Adi smiled at him.

"Looks like the great Maan Singh Khurana survived the bullet but it's a pity to see that your legs are useless now.", he said with sarcasm and pretended to wipe a lone tear from the corner of his eye.

"Why, you bas***d", he yelled wheeling towards him and grabbed his collar. Just then the constable came in but Maan stopped him right at the door with just one look. "Don't pity me you bas***d because I am just in a wheelchair for the time being but", he said jerking his collar harder as he was helpless with his handcuffed hands. "You are going to rot in this jail for the rest of your life not being to use your fully capable hands; I will bloody make sure of this.", he said shoving his aside with so much force that he fell off the chair. Adi got up with anger running through him and he charged towards Maan. The constable ran to stop him.

"NO, Leave him. Let me see what the bas***d can do with his useless hands.", Maan yelled giving Adi the dirtiest glare.

"YOU, I WILL KILL YOU", Adi screamed charging towards Maan again. Without any effort, Maan punched him his gut and he fell to his knees with a painful grunt. He then held him by the collar again as he punched on the face, right and left and then right and left again holding him in place with his collar.

"STOP...HIM...STOP", he yelled in pain between punches but the constable made no move to stop Maan.

"I don't need my damn legs to beat you to death", he declared angrily giving him one last shove to throw him on the ground from which he didn't move a muscle to get up. "You bas***d", he said with disgust suddenly having the urge to kick him in the gut. And he did just that; kicked him right in the gut. He looked at his leg in surprise as he felt a wave of pain hit him.

"SABAB", the constable yelled coming to his side. Both the constable and Adi looked at him in surprise while Maan was surprised himself that he had actually kicked him.

"Sabab ji, are you okay?', the constable asked with worry. "I will call Vicky sabab right now.", he said in a rush getting up

"Wait, it's okay...the pain...was...worth it...", he uttered slowly as pain gripped his leg. "bring", he said to the constable wincing in pain. The constable dragged the beat up Adi to bring him in front of Maan and pushed him so he fell on his knees and he grunted in pain again.

"Remember one...last bas***d", he said holding him by the collar again. "Geet- is ONLY-MINE", he stressed each word. " And you are going to rot in this jail for the rest of your damn life", he finished throwing him back and wheeled himself out.

Another constable came to lead Maan out while Adi was dragged away. Maan went outside looking for Vicky but he was nowhere in sight. He rang his cell not he didn't pick up . He gestured the inspector to come, and he came running

"Yes sir"

"Where is Vicky?", he asked.

"Woh Sir---"

"I am here BB", Vicky said from behind. "Are you okay BB? The constable told me you kicked Adi", he said with worry as he came next to his wheelchair.

"I am fine...just a little bit of pain. But where were you?", he asked his brother and Vicky suddenly turned fearful. "Where were you Vicky?", he asked more seriously this time.

"I went to meet DB (dev bro) ", he said quietly.

**note: remember since the beginning of this FF, Dev is serving his time for what he did to Geet. And the family had hidden this fact from Vicky...but if there are any confusion, do ask me **

"WHAT", he asked in shock.

Pre-cap: "Let's get married Geet. I don't want to wait anymore.", Maan said as he rested his head on her shoulder.

Well...that's it for this chapter...not very happy with my writing nowadays...but let me know how u think it was...Remember to leave your likes and precious comments...Smile


Reya <3

next ch:


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