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AR.Tere Liye || Part 2 Updated!

-Chamki- Newbie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 5:42pm | IP Logged
Hi!I'm new as you can tell and decided to to write down an idea that came into my mind.I've read many FFs on here but all AR FFs.This is my first FF so be easy on me as I'm just a beginner and I'm not good at writing at all.


Part 1 - Page 1
Part 2 - Page 2

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-Chamki- Newbie

Joined: 16 May 2011
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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 5:42pm | IP Logged
Part 1

She stood in front of the tall building with a smile on her face.The building in front of her was probably at least thirty floors.After applying for jobs and doing interviews, she finally got hired at the Mallik Empire.She has heard of their company all over the news, newspaper, magazines, internet, and what not.Being hired for their company is a honor for her especially being in a tough situation.Whoever read her resume she has to thank them for letting her come but she hasn't given her interview yet.She hopes they hire because this is the only place of her last chance.Personal reasons made her leave college and look for a job.Not being fully educated, can be one of the reasons of people not hiring her.She walks towards the door and two doorman dressed in nicely, open both doors for her.She felt like royalty.She gave them a smile and proceeded towards the reception desk where a lady is standing and doing some work.She stood in front of the reception desk as the lady looked at her.The lady actually looked a few years older than her, probably 24.She shook that thought out of her head.

"Hi, I'm Riddhima Gupta.I'm here for an interview with Mr.Mallik," She told the lady at the front desk.The lady looks at her from head to toe.Riddhima felt a little uncomfortable as to why the lady is looking at her like that.Riddhima is dressed in a white kameez, churidaar.The lady sighs and points to the waiting area.

"Please wait there while I notify Mr.Mallik," the front desk lady said as she picks up the phone to call Mr.Mallik.Riddhima gives her sweet smile and walks towards the waiting area.To her surprise it was actually empty.She thought there would be many people here to work in at the Mallik Empire; but the people she had seen as she walked in were a lot and there were also other floors too.

Riddhima sat down with one of her leg over the other.She was so nervous about the interview.She gave many but today was something different and she didn't know why.Riddhima leans her head back and closes her eyes to relax before her interview.Riddhima sighs lightly and opens her eyes to find the lady from the front desk entering the waiting room.Riddhima quickly stood up as the lady came up to her.

"He's ready for you," the lady said with a smile."Thirtieth floor, straight down to your right." Riddhima smiles and walks to the elevator.As she got in, she saw the people already in the elevator look at her.She felt more butterflies in her stomach because the looked more professional than her.She got in and the door closed. Riddhima reached the thirtieth floor and remembered the lady's directions. Riddhima walks straight down and sees cubicles with people working or talking on the phone.Some people were walking around as they discussed new projects. Riddhima stops when she read the sigh Mr.Mallik on the door.Riddhima smiles big and knocks on the door.

"Come in," came the reply from the inside.Riddhima turns the handle and walks in. She finds a black desk with and glass on it and two chairs in front while he sat behind his desk with his leather chair.She saw the scenery from behind and you could see the downtown as it was all window.Riddhima saw him stand up to greet her.Riddhima closes the door behind her and walks forward to him.

"Hi, Armaan Mallik," he introduced himself holding his hand out for Riddhima to shake.Riddhima looks at his hand a little apprehensive.She never contacted with a guy in any sort of way.Not even a high-five.Armaan looks at her a bit confused. Riddhima slowly lifts her hand up and shakes Armaan's hand.

"Riddhima Gupta," Riddhima introduced herself.Armaan nods with a smile as she shook her hand.He let go and seated himself back in his seat.

"Sit down please," Armaan said with his hand out to the chair for Riddhima to sit in.Riddhima took her seat, nervous than before.Armaan saw her nervousness and smiles."Don't worry, relax." Riddhima looks up at him shocked that he knew she was nervous.Riddhima gave him a nervous smile as she looks back down in her lap.

Armaan asked her questions about her personal life a bit and why she wanted this job.She told him a little about herself and told her why she wanted the job and why she is qualified.It was kind of Riddhima to answer because of Armaan's appearance.He looked so hot in a nice gray, shiny suit with a silky black shirt and a black tie.Riddhima never noticed these things in a guy but today Armaan made her notice it.When Armaan looked away from her to look at her resume, Riddhima would close her eyes for a fraction of a second to control herself.He maybe her soon-to-be-boss so she can't think of him like that.Riddhima shakes her head slightly to push those thoughts away.

"Toh Riddhima, batao ke tumne humari company kyun chuni?" Armaan asked as he put his elbows on his desk with his hands entwined under his chin.Riddhima's eyes shot up at his question.Tears welled up in her eyes as she remembers. Armaan saw this and become alert and worried.He didn't want to make her cry and it was his first time to see someone cry on their interview.Riddhima quickly composed herself and wipes her tears away.

"I'm sorry.Actually yeh thoda personal hai," Riddhima said looking at him hoping he won't ask her any further questions.Armaan nods understanding and Riddhima gives him a small smile.He was so understanding.When other companies had asked why she picked their company she wasn't able to tell them why she needed a job or why she picked their company because she didn't have a professional answer for that as it was personal for her.

"Riddhima, tumhara resume aur tumhari knowledge humare baare main kafi achi hai," Armaan compliments her.Riddhima's smile increased as she heard that because she had stayed up late nights ever since she got a call from the Mallik Empire for an interview.Riddhima didn't know anything about business so she decided to research and study information that will help on her interview and she could get a job.The way he started made her feel that he isn't going to give her the job because that's how usually a talk starts when someone wants to break something to you."I'm happy to call one of my employees.Welcome!" Armaan said as he held his hand for Riddhima to shake.Riddhima was too shocked that she just stared at Armaan.Armaan laughs at her expression.Armaan's laughing brought her out of her shock.His laugh was so adorable, Riddhima thought.Then, Riddhima noticed his hand still out for her to shake.

"Thank you," Riddhima said with moist eyes and shook Armaan's hand.Armaan nods and noticed her wet eyes.

"Tum theek ho?" Armaan asked his head bending a little when he saw Riddhima's head go down.Riddhima nods and controls her tears.She looks up at him with her bright smile.Armaan smile seeing her smile."Tum agle Monday se aa sakti ho." Riddhima got up with a nod.Riddhima walks towards the door to walk out.Before, she stepped out, she turns and looks at Armaan.Armaan was standing with his eyes on her and his smile still on his lips.

"Thank you again, Sir," Riddhima said.Armaan nods with a blink and Riddhima walks out of his cabin.As she walks out of the building with a big smile, she thought about her life when she will start working here.She hopes that there is no problems and can live up to Armaan Sir's expectations.As she got in the cab, tears fell from her eyes thinking of the circumstances she had to get this job and leave her education but she didn't care because family always came first in anything.

Riddhima takes out her phone with a smile through her tears and dials the number that she is wanting to talk to.As she hit the call button, Riddhima put it up against her ear and waited for the person to pick up.Riddhima heard someone pick up the phone and Riddhima's smile got wider by the second.

"Hello," said a female voice.Riddhima closes her eyes as fresh tears made their way down to her cheeks and onto her lap.

"Ma," Riddhima whispers.The lady was ecstatic to hear her daughter's voice.She knows how much her daughter has been working to get a job for their problem. Riddhima's mom, couldn't thank her more.Riddhima's mom loves her very much and is proud of her to take this big step in her life even though her and her husband had stopped her from taking the step.But Riddhima was adamant and went with it."Mujhe job mil gayi." Riddhima let out a huge breath and heard her mom exclaim on the other line.Riddhima giggles as she hears her mother scream to her father that Riddhima got a job.

"Hello Riddhima beta," this time a male voice said.

"Ji Papa," Riddhima said answering her father.They didn't talk for a few moments and her cab came to a halt.Riddhima paid the driver and got out of the car.

"I'm proud of you beta," her father said with love and sincerity in his voice. Riddhima smiles and wipes her tears before anyone asks her about why she is crying.

"Thank you Papa," Riddhima replies with her eyes still moist."Main thodi daer main ghar aati hoon." Riddhima looks up at another tall building where her older sister works.Her older sister knows about the situation and wanted to help but Riddhima took it all on her shoulders.Her sister is also part of their family, so she always questioned Riddhima about why she couldn't help.Riddhima's reply would be that she has already done so much.

Riddhima walks in the building but it wasn't the same as the Mallik Empire.There were no people to open the door for you so you'd have to open it yourself. Riddhima to a step in and walks to the reception desk.The lady at the reception desk is at least in her late forties.The lady gives Riddhima bright, genuine smile and Riddhima returns the smile.Riddhima has met this lady a few times because Riddhima would come for lunch to visit her older sister.

"You know where to go Ms.Riddhima," the lady said and Riddhima laughs.The lady knew about Riddhima being the sister of Anjali Gupta who works as a fashion designer here.Riddhima takes the elevator up to her sister's floor.The door opens and she walks out and finds her sister's small cabin as it was nothing like Armaan's cabin.Riddhima shakes her head to get the thoughts of Armaan Mallik out.He's her boss.

Riddhima finds her sister talking to another girl who was an intern and is working under Anjali.Riddhima decided to surprise her sister instead of just telling someone to get tell Anjali that she is here.Riddhima walks in Anjali's cabin quietly.The intern looks over Anjali's shoulder and finds Riddhima walking.Riddhima put her finger on her lips indicating to her not to say anything.The intern looks back at Anjali and continues to listen to her.Riddhima carefully, without making noise stands behind Anjali.Riddhima covers Anjali's eyes with a huge smile spread across her face.

"Guess who?" Riddhima said waiting for Anjali to reply.Anjali laughs and takes her sister's hand off her eyes as she turns around and gives Riddhima hug."Kaise ho Di?"

"Ab tujhe dekh liya hai na toh aur khush," Anjali said giving Riddhima another hug and that is when they noticed the intern still there."Tum jaa sakti ho." Anjali told the intern and intern walks out with her file and gives a smile to both of them before walking out.Anjali remembered that Riddhima had an interview so they settle on the couch that is in Anjali's cabin."Toh kaisa tha tumhara interview aur woh Mallik Empire main?"

"Di, I got the job!" Riddhima exclaims.Both of the squeal.Usually, sisters are always fighting against each other but the Gupta sisters never fought.They never have and never will.

"That is so amazing!Lekin Mallik Empire kaisa hai?" Anjali said with a smile and happy for her sister visible on her face.Riddhima giggles and shakes her head.

"Di, woh itna acha aur khoobsurat jaaga hai ke dil chatha hai ke vahi reh jao," Riddhima said exaggerating a bit.Anjali laughs along with Riddhima at her exaggeration."Aur Armaan Sir bhi bohut understanding hai." Riddhima had a huge smile on her face as she mentioned Armaan.Anjali saw her smile but thinks that there is another reason for Riddhima's smile.

"Riddhima, kahin tujhe apne boss pyar toh nai ho gaya?" Anjali asked jokingly. Riddhima smacks Anjali's shoulder.

"Di, aisa nai hai.Woh bohut he ache insaan hai," Riddhima complimented Armaan again.Anjali gave her not bad look.They talked a little bit more and went out for lunch but then Anjali had to return to work and Riddhima had to return home.

She found her parents sleeping for a nap.Both of them had been tensed about Riddhima's interview and now were sleeping peacefully.Riddhima closes the door gently and walks towards her and Anjali's room.There is another thing about the Gupta sisters.They share a room!Riddhima changed into a sweatpants and loose T-shirt.She settled on her bed with a pillow in her lap.Today, Riddhima is so happy not only because she got the job but it will solve their problem too.Riddhima lays down on her back, after putting her pillow underneath her head.Next Monday, is going to be a big day for her and she couldn't wait.


Okay, here's the first part.I did my best to make it long but don't know if it worked.

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araja1234 Goldie

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New part is awesome. Loved it. Waiting to read more and thanks fro the pm

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Live.Laugh.Love Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 7:48pm | IP Logged
oh i loved the first part, the ff sounds so intresting I wonder how their relationship will work out. please update soon Smile
fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:02pm | IP Logged

awesome beginning. loved it.

please do continue soon and add me to your PM list.
Stupidcupid1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:14pm | IP Logged
Loved it
Update soon
N pm me
29priya Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 12:50am | IP Logged
awesome part...
loved it...
plz add me 2 d pm list...
and waise how old is Armaan ...
-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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hey i loved the part would love to read more... continue soon and do pm me

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