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Beauty and the Beast ArSH part 10 Page 51 (Page 13)

nightstar IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 March 2008
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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 3:43am | IP Logged
Hey tehzeeeb...i loved the last part,,whr shilpa warned armaan strctly...she was so bold and daring...i am hating armaan..but plz also show some gud sides of him...i mean sth that he tries to hide from the world,but shilpa discovers it..i am not likimg this beast type character...though i know thats what the story is abt...

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 February 2010
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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 8:04am | IP Logged

gosh ammy is really a jerk...

hope she teaches him a gud lesson..

thnx for the pm...

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akshad Goldie

Joined: 16 May 2010
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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 5:59am | IP Logged

Hi dear...SmileHeart

its amazingggHug
loved it...Thumbs Up
totally different story...Party
but u made me hate armaan...Cry
feel bad for shilpa...Ouch
plzzz update soon...Thumbs Up
and do pm me...Smile

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-screwed.UP- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 January 2011
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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged

hey dear thnx for the pm

poor shilpa

hey plzz update soon

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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 February 2010
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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
gr8 storyline !!!! pl continue soon

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 11:44am | IP Logged
nice part
continue soon

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tehzeebkhan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
please update!!

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tehzeebkhan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 February 2010
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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
                              Beauty and the Beast
Part 7
            It was hard to get this fact in his system that some girl actually pushed him away from her.It would have been easy for someone else but it was not for Ammy Malik and his ego,he was not willing to accept his defeat easily.Angry and frustrated he opened his cabin door and marched into her cabin banging the door shut,locking it from inside all staff members were baffled  seeing him so angry,noone dared to even look at Shilpa's cabin.
She entered her cabin crying and angry with fact that her boss kissed her without her consent,cursing him underneath she sat on her chair lost in her thoughts (how would i be able to deal with this jerk) and she saw him entering her office angrily ,locking the door from inside,she stood up instantly ,her womanly instincts were telling her about his intentions Shilpa calmly"Amaan dekho abhi mujhe kuch nahin sunana so please leave"moving backwards while Armaan fixed his gaze on her dangerously as if he is ready to kill"how dare you dare you slapped me twice"gritting his teeth moving closer"who do you think you are huh!"holding her arm now Shilpa shaking badly with his unexpected blast" please"Armaan"what were you trying to prove huh!'Tightening his hold on her arm" bolo jhansi ki rani banti phirti hou na ab bolo"screaming.Shilpa trembled for a moment with his loud voice and tried getting out of his violent hold "Armaan please choro ...choro mujhe or i will scream"Armaan giving her a
challenging look'Go on scream... what are you waiting for?and for the last time i am Ammy not Armaan'twisting her arm behind her back, her front touching his she gasped when his body came in contact with her ,his cologne was intoxicating her senses like her fragnance was playing havoc with his inner demons ,who were ready to come out soon...
Shilpa" please"tears ready to spill out, for a moment ammy felt bad and moved his hand to her face soothig her with his gentle touch whereas she closed her eyes ...shortly Ammy came back to his senses and pushed her back on the couch and she landed on couch off gaurd.Armaan looking murderously at her placed his both hands beside her arm blocking her way out bending down almost covering her body pressing his weigh on her tiny figure,she breathe in sharply ,her eyes closed tightly ,lips trembling slightly with fear his eyes scanned her face and stopped on her glossy tempting lips ,his jaw tightened pulse quickened and unwillingly he covered her soft petals with his hard lips.
He just wanted to scare her but he had no idea what made him kiss her again.Shilpa shook to break the kiss but it had no effect on him he urged her to kiss him back caressing her lips,gently moving them ,he moved his one hand to her waist touching her affectionately ,sensually She was aware of what he was doing and tensed up and somehow managed to move her face other side breaking the kiss.Armaan coming back to his senses  backout,Armaan"i..."moving his hand in his hair ashamed"i ..i am sorry"saying so he left leaving shocked,bewildered Shilpa behind her mouth open "did he actually said sorry".After some time she stabilized "i won't work here ...i will leave after some days yeah yeh theek rahay ga"she was thinking of ways of leaving this job when she hear the phone bell"Hello"it was Armaan"mere cabin mein aoo immediately"Shilpa muttering"mere cabin mein aoo"Armaan exasperatingly" stop making faces and stop muttering come quickly"She was shocked "Oh My God Gatiya aadmi ne mere cabin mein camera fit kiya hai stupid moron"
She went to his cabin and entered Ammy"tumey kisi nay tameez nahin seekhaye kya"Shilpa"I beg your Pardon"confused...Ammy"ander anay se pehle knock kiya jata hai,this unprofessional behaviour and attitude won't be accepted here understood"looking at her sternly Shilpa matching his voice"Fine i resign before even joining your stupid company"Ammy grinning "now now Miss Shilpa Gupta eager to run away are we?"Shilpa matching his sarcastic tone"yeah you are right and first thing i would do after leaving your office would be going to police station to file a complaint against you Mr Armaan Malik for harassing me samjay"cliking her finger infront of his face.Ammy carelessly"Yeah right whatever here ...sign these papers and bring that Mr Bhatiya's file from your cabin after checking it"Shilpa"didn't you hear what i just said i don't want to work here"Ammy on the verge of losing his cool"Shut up just shutup don't irritate me further listen i am not used to listen to other people okay do what i tell you to do or i have my own ways to make people do what i want and for the last time I am Ammy not Armaan"
Anger taking over Shilpa"ohy samjhte kya hou tum apne app ko Mr Armaan Malik tum mujhe nikaal do ya mai khud resign kerty houn either way i am going"
She turned around to leave but Ammy quickly moved to door and blocked her way"ohh no you are not going anywhere Miss Shilpa Gupta not until i want you to and listen to me very carefully i'd say this once don't you and don't you ever dare mess with me and one more thing stop calling me Armaan or the consequences won't be good for you"snapping at her Shilpa
"kya ker loo gaay haan stupid moron"she was shocked how did she managed to answer him back she was sort of person who'd stay away from male company as much as possible and here she was answering bravely her boss. Armaan"you are scared aren't you?///"grinning ...
Shilpa"to hell with you"Ammy"i challenge you that you will fall in love with me soon and you will come to me yourself"Shilpa amused"really now Mr Malik dream on... tum bewakoof dekhtay thay but tum bewakoof dekhnay ke saath saath hou bhi,tum jaise bandar se pyaar keroon gi mein Shilpa Gupta forget it"Ammy moving toward her"tumhari himat kaisay hui mujhe bandar bolne ki" Shilpa"Asay bandar bandar"moving her index finger round and round infront of his face.He bit her finger to stop her while she hissed with pain and muttered"Jungly"Ammy moved closer to her ear whispered sensuously"tum ne jungly pan dekha hi kahan hai abhi mera"winking he moved back to his seat and gave her one file to sign "i challenge you Miss Jhansi ki rani himaat hai tu yahan kaam ker ke dekhao"Shilpa"i will Mr Armaan Malik and i would never
never be trapped in your nonsense plan got it"saying so she left.

One week passed away like this Ammy didn't make any advances toward her ,and this bothered Shilpa(lol)(why isn't he doing anything he challenged me na to fir...khair acha hi hai chado)she was becoming independent and outspoken,she would argue with him nonstop.Maya who was on vactions came back too ,she was furious and already hated Shilpa.She would never leave a opportunity to flirt with Ammy infront of Shilpa ,Ammy thought it was a good idea to make Shilpa Jealous but it was backfiring badly as she wasn't making any effort to stop Mayaa.
One day Ammy came to Office and saw his staff members on one of his employee Tamana's(random)table he moved forward to see what was happening Ammy"Kya hou raha hai yahan" he saw Shilpa hugging and soothing Tamana who was crying burring her face in Shilpa's shoulder when she came out of the hug he saw her face bruised and one of her hand badly injured,Ammy"what the f**k yeh kya? what happened to you yeh sab kaisay hua"She was crying Shilpa signalled ,preventing him to move closer to her"sir mai batati houn Aap ko Aap apne cabin mein jaiye"Ammy went to his room and pacing impatiently here and there waiting for Shilpa to come and explain ,Shilpa knocked"May i come in sir"Ammy"yes come in"As soon as she came in ammy went to her and bombarded her with questions tensely "what happened to Tamana?how and who did this to her?"Shilpa"sir calm down"she moved to table and pouring the water in glass handed him.He gulped down all water and looked at her for answers "her boyfriend had beaten her last night he tried to..he tried"Ammy gritting his teeth"Spill the s***t up"Shilpa scared with armaan's reaction"he tried to get physical with her yesterday when she refused he.. he did that to her"Shilpa sighed as if a big burden had been lifted from her heart.Ammy"That son of a B***H how dare him,i will finish that bas***d"flaring with anger"i'd like to talk to Tamana go call her"Shilpa"Sir right now she is scared and not letting any men come near her,thats why all male members were quite far today in office"Ammy tightening his fist"okay tum Tamana ka khiyal rakhna go back to your work aur ask Tamana to take a day off and rest"
Shilpa was amazed to see caring side of Armaan ,from last few days she'd been noticing things which were unexpected. He is not what he presents himself to others.He has one caring side which he doesn't like to show off,Ammy was looking at Shilpa whose facial expressions were changing constantly as much as he was enjoying seeing all that he reminded himself that this girl appeals to make him lose all his senses and its not a good sign .Yes that was one major reason why he was ignoring her he didn't want to show her how much he was getting attracted to her he would steal glances when she would be looking at some file,when she make confused faces,when she pressed  pen in her mouth,when her hair strand would irritate her,He kicked himself mentally for thinking all those things about her again.Ammy"Miss Gupta"no answer Ammy"Miss Gupta"loudly she snapped out of  her thoughts"i am sorry sir"Ammy"its okay go back  to your work"Shilpa nodded and left.
Ammy noticed Shilpa's changed behaviour eversince Tamana's incident,she'd get scared easily when he scolds and has stopped making eye contact with him.She used to fight back but she had stopped that too,she would nod and leave his office quitly after work,he was not liking that Shilpa and was missing his jhansi ki rani.

Like that weeks and 2 months passed Ammy's mind was losing the war with his heart,he was madly in love with Shilpa and this made him anxious first he thought its just physical attraction once he will sleep with her everything would be back to normal but things got worse for him and he knew he fell head over heels for Shilpa but was not willing to accept the reality and thought to do things his own way (i would make her mine by hook or by crook)he thought.

On the other hand Tamana's incident left a big impact on Shilpa's mind,she would get up screaming and sweating badly in the middle of the night and Kripa would end up sleeping with her soothing her ...
Shilpa also noticed Ammy's behaviour and was in turmoil whether she was getting attracted or falling for him (no i don't love him) some times she would say (i can't even stand him)sometimes she'd debate with herself justifing her acts.Armaans good side which he do not make visible to others Shilpa was very well aware of that side and was impressed with him.She knew it was Ammy who made Tamana's boyfriend pay for what he did to Tamana but he behaved infront of them as he had no idea who did that.
One day Shilpa ,Tamana and other staff female members were on break and all were enjoying their lunch except for Mayaa who was fuming with anger not only Shilpa took her dream post but her spotlight as well in the office ,Shilpa was everyone's favourite.They were talking about men and their typical behhaviour.
Tamana"they are all ruthless ba***rds "Tina"yeah i couldn't agree more "Tamana"yeah showing their power on women they think they are everything"Shilpa "hmm you are right...but according to me asay loog mard nahin hotay ab apne Ammy sir ko hi lei loo...she paused at the same time Ammy was passing the canteen and heard their conversation after hearing Shilpa's line (asay loog mard nahin hotay ab apne Ammy sir ko hi lei loo) he left furiously  with anger...Shilpa"Ab apne Ammy sir ko hi lei loo... dekhne mein kitnay ghussay wale lagtay hain but he is a very kind hearted man,very caring...
While they were busy talking one person noticed Ammy hearing Shilpa's uncompleted sentence and grinned evilly...

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