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Hues Of Life (MG) Pt 12 pg 32 (Page 29)

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nice...geet was lost looking at him n she is fighting her emotions...

continue soon...

thnx for PM...

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Hello Everyone
Look who is back YUP ..Its me Mahua..yes guys I am back with another chapter of HOL ..POOJA has written ahead and asked me to update and her request is my command LOL..  now smile and get ready for chapter 12 of this story !!

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Chapter - 12

Suddenly, she heard someone behind her and before she could turn, she heard the door knob click. She realized that whoever it was, was walking very slowly and creepily in her direction. She knew it was very dark, and the person couldn't see her, and concluded that he was guessing her position because of her movements. She stopped moving, and stood very still, covering her mouth with her hands, so as to silent her breath. But the person kept on walking, and right in her direction. Panic arose in her, and she was about to turn away, when she felt a force on her shoulders, that pushed her back. She stumbled because of the sudden attack, but the person's hands on her shoulders steadied her, as the wall to which she had crashed, backed her body. He let out a low angry growl, and something in her heaved a sigh of relief as she calmed down. It was Maan holding on to her, but the gravity of the situation made her wince.

"Maan...", she started to speak, but he silenced her by putting a hand on her mouth. In doing this, he pushed her more into the wall, his one hand on her mouth, and the other on the wall, his hard body pressed hers, as she was unable to move at all. Her breathing got rapid and heavy, colliding his hand on her mouth, when he gestured her to be quiet. He suddenly raised his eyes to look into her wide ones, and despite the pitch black of the room, Geet was lost in the blue of his eyes. He looked at her with an intensity that seared through her soul. It bit her on the insides, as she looked into his orbs, clueless of what was going on in his mind, because she couldn't see his expressions in the dark. Bringing his face dangerously close to hers, so that his lips almost touched tha hand he'd placed on her mouth, he finally.

"Miss Geet Malhotra! Tum samajhti kya ho apne aap ko? You really think men find you irresistible and hot, huh? And why is that, because you have that certain ability that shall appeal them, right? You say all this, and want me to believe it? Do you have any idea ki tum kitni bakwaas kar rahi thi...",

Maan felt a kick on his knee, and his grip on her loosened as he experienced the sudden pain. In the flash of a second, Geet pushed and turned him such that he backed the wall now, and she held the collar of his shirt that was open from the top till midway. She used all her force to keep him there, and Maan had to give it to her, for so much power.

"Mr Maan Khurana", she emphasized on every word, as if spitting venom, the poison of words that he saw in her eyes, "Tum khudko kya samajhte ho? Jo chahe karoge, jo mann kiya bologe? Meri life mein itna interest lene ki zarurat nahi hai tumhe! Hum sirf do professionals saath kaam kar rahe hain, that's it, nothing more. Main kya kar sakti hoon, aur kya nahi, is se tumhara koi matlab nahi hai, as long as i am being true towards your case. Aur rahi baat mere sach ya jhooth bolne ki, tumhe kyun farak padta hai, when i clearly don't feel the need to explain it to you ki main bakwaas nahi kar rahi thi. What men find in me, and what not..."

Maan lost the last ounce of control that he carried as he pushed her against the wall, pinning her hands with his. He looked at her with his eyes that burned with rage. Geet glared at him with equal anger, but it was her attempt to cover up the fear that had crept in, after seeing him look so ferocious. He was very angry about something, and she was unable to decipher the reason for it.

"Really? Tum sach hie bol rahi ho, then you won't mind giving me the proof, will you? You won't have a problem, agar main khud tumhare skills ko test karna chahu, haina Geet?", her eyes widened at this, as Maan's lips curved a little. He brought his face close to hers, as she struggled in his hold. She turned her face to other side, instead of directly looking at him, while he closed the distance between them. From the corner of her eye, she saw his face approach hers, and she tightly shut her eyes.

Maan neared her, and saw her eyes closed. The fear in her heart reflected on her face. A flash of hurt crossed his face, as he saw what he was doing to her. But she had forced him to take this step, which wasn't like him at all. He was not a person to react so harshly towards anything, but somehow, Geet did manage to wake up the worst side of him. He paused for a while when their faces touched, almost. He moved his eyes over her face, and saw her forehead wet. The water droplets flowed down her face, and passing through her neckline, went deeper as he immediately averted his gaze back to her face. He saw another droplet followed by the few others on her cheek, and when he looked a little above, it hit him that she was crying. His heart stopped beating, when he imagined her pain, and immediately, he wiped her tear with his nose, that travelled from below, to the upper part of her face. As soon as he touched her, he heard her gasp, and she clenched her fists in response. Only one side of her face was available to him, as she had turned away. He started nuzzling her face, first with his nose, then as he rubbed his cheek against hers, very slowly and sensuously. His hands that held her wrist, moved up to open her balled fists, and he felt her give in, as he entwined their fingers. He felt her body relax under his, and exerting a little pressure on her nose, he managed to turn her face towards himself. It was as if she'd surrendered herself completely to him, as he felt her face under his. He felt her hold on his hands tighten, as she squeezed his fingers. He planted ever so light kisses on her face, and in the crook of her neck. She shivered at his touch, and that excited him. The effect that he had on her, gave him an unknown pleasure, and he couldn't control himself anymore. Moving back his face, he stopped right in front of her, such that their breaths intermingled. Her cool breath caused a knot in his stomach, and he lessened the distance between their lips, slowly and steadily, savouring each moment. He knew she could feel his actions, his movement, that he was about to claim her lips, and her silent agreement was all he needed. He gave her enough time, to push him away, but she did none, and he moved on and on. Barely had their lips touched, that Maan was shirked to reality by the loud beeping of his cell phone. Geet's eyes snapped open, as he backed off to see the reason his cell had struck the hammer, cursing it beneath his breath. The cell displayed a chain of words, and fell silent. He shut it, pocketed the little monster, and looked up, only to see Geet look at him with her eyes glued to him, and a blank expression on her face.

"Geet...", he tried to speak, but her silent gaze slit through him, as he felt choked out of words. She spoke nothing at all, and the lack of expression on her face didn't help, as he was unable to fathom what was she feeling right now. She had the cold walls drawn around her eyes, such that he was unable to understand anything. Was she hurt, was she angry, or was it guilt, his mind flooded with questions? But he knew now was not the time he could wait for an answer. He had an important task at hand, and for that, he needed to rush up. Grabbing Geet's hand, he sped out of the room, as the numb Geet followed him down the stairs, through the whole building. Maan dashed in his cabin to pick his coat, and still clutching Geet's hand, he flew out of the office. No one except the receptionist, and the guard noticed them, as it was lunch time, and they also seemed to ignore it. Maan rushed towards his car, and settling Geet in the passenger seat, he sat behind the driving wheel and took off. He looked at Geet a few times, and wanted to say something, but her state of meditation shut him down.

Geet was lost in a world of her own, pondering over what had happened. She'd entered the dark room, only to be enveloped by the creepiness in the air. But what had happened there, she was still unable to comprehend. She was unsure, if the images that ran past her mind, were real, or illusionary. The way Maan had touched her, had created a pit in her heart. It thumped and crashed against her ribcage, trying to escape the torment it was experiencing. The knotted feeling clutched her in its claws. The way his eyes stared into her own struck a chord in her. Despite the fear that he created in her, a part of her, a very tiny one, accepted the dominance that he exerted on her. He was controlling her, and she was unable to regret that fact. The feeling of someone ruling her, was new to her, and surprisingly she seemed to like it. Perhaps had it been someone else, she would have countered him, but this was Maan, and she just couldn't go against him, mentally, or physically. Her body responded to his touch on its own accord. As soon as his face touched hers, she felt like a missile released. With eons of feelings playing inside her, her body burning with desire, she let Maan take over her, as she enjoyed the pleasure of pain. He set her body to the fire of passion, as he nuzzled her. She relished his gentle caress on her face, and when it all became too much for her to handle, when it became difficult for her to stand on her knees that had become wobbly, she held on to him for her dear life, as she let her body rest on his. Each kiss that he planted on her, left a mark, on her soul. And when he couldn't control anymore, Geet felt his intention before he'd formed it. She knew what he was about to do, and was waiting just for her approval. But she didn't know how she could do that, she didn't want to open her eyes, lest he disappeared, lest she woke up only to realize that the whole of it was mere beautiful dream. She didn't want to face the reality, if it could be so harsh. After a few seconds of waiting, she felt Maan come closer to her, as she felt his breath increase on her face. She realized he'd understood her silence. He was also heaving badly, similar to her, maybe it was a part of the situation they were in. She felt his every move, every inch he came closer to her, the record of every nano second. Finally, his lips touched hers, and she felt the lightning in her body strike all chords at once. His lips had brushed hers ever so lightly, and in that fraction of a second, she'd felt 1000 watt electricity pass through her. But her moment was restricted to that second only, as immediately, a shrill beeping smashed them back to reality. She opened her eyes, only to see Maan withdraw from her, and attend to his cell. Geet looked at him in apprehension, whether he would get back to her, but the forlorn look in his eyes, told her all. She pulled the walls back, letting them fall on her eyes, before he could look at her and comprehend any of her emotions. But in doing this, she actually felt the walls grow around her, as she underwent the pain without letting him know any of it. She recalled everything that had happened, lost in her own world, as she didn't realize the fact that Maan was pulling her in some direction. All of what she could understand, was the fact that she had almost kissed Maan, and it was something that shouldn't have happened. She would have to put it all behind her, and move on, very soon. She couldn't fall for the enemy, and Maan was no less than an enemy for her. Bringing herself back to the reality, Geet gazed around to find herself in a car, and Maan was driving. Realization struck her.

"Hum kahan ja rahe hain?", she asked suddenly, and saw Maan look at her as an immediate reaction. He studied her face, that showed nothing but she question she'd just voiced.

"Hum kahin kaam se ja rahe hain...", she was about to speak, but he cut her off, "Nahi! Poochhne ka koi fayeda nahi hai, i won't spill any beans until we reach the place", he gave her his naughty grin, but seeing her lack of reaction, he continued, "Bas hamare wahan pohunchne ki wait karlo, i promise you won't regret it", he said in a calmer tone. Something in his eyes didn't let Geet argue, as she crossed her arms, and looked out of the window. After a few minutes of contemplation, he finally mustered the courage to speak.

"Geet, wo jo office mein hua..."

"I don't wanna talk about it", her shrill voice cut off even before he could form a sentence. Maan observed that she hadn't even bothered to look at him while she replied, while the cold edge to her tone wasn't missed by him either. But he desperately needed answers to his question.

"Malhotra, mere ek sawaal ka jawaab de do, i promise not to disturb you again", when she didn't say anything, he continued, "Back there, why didn't you protest to anything?", Geet's face flung in his direction immediately, as her eyes searched his face to check if she'd heard right.

"You heard me right! I know i did start... er... whatever happened, but you... you also were a part of it, why didn't you protest against me, why didn't you scream or shout, least of all, you could've said something", he asked. Geet, who'd been looking at him in the face until now, lowered her eyes. Maan mentally patted himself for cornering her.

"I'll answer you, but before that you tell me, why did all of it happen?", she raised her eyes again to look at him, as she continued in that soft icy cold voice of hers, "Aaj aisa kya ho gaya Khurana, jo hamare beech itna sab ho gaya. We had kept our distance, right? To phir ye sudden happening kaise?", her eyes bore into him, as he guiltily turned his face away from her. He couldn't tell her the reason, that what had led to all of it, could he? He realized Geet had started looking out of the window, thinking to herself. To save him from any other grief, they reached the place where he'd intended to. Geet was so lost in her thoughts, that she didn't realize the car pull over.

"Malhotra, hum pohunch gaye", Maan brought her out of her thoughts, as she looked at him confusion all over her face. Just then, her eyes fell behind him, and through the window of the car, she saw lots of kids coming out of the school, correction, Leo's school. She immediately glanced at her watch, and realized that Leo's school had just ended for the day. She immediately rushed out of the car, and went to stand next to the gate, gazing crazily at all the kids to find Leo. She waited for long, as Maan mirrored her act. After a while, when most of the kids had gone, those who were left came out in small numbers. Amongst them, her eyes fell on the slinky silhouette of Leo, who had his head downcast, and was taking short slow strides, as if it were a pain to walk. Geet shook her head, and shouted at her highest voice,


That seemed to catch not only Leo's, but the attention of many others as well. Leo looked up, and spotted her, as he ran and flung his arms around her sitting on her knees, with that bright smile on his face. A tear escaped her eye, as she wiped it to avoid being noticed, but Maan was quick to spot it. Finally Leo broke out of the hug.

"Geetu, apun ko laga tha tu nahi aayegi. Tu kya, kisi ko bhi yaad nahi hoga, ki apun ki chhutti ho gayi hai", he told her. Geet's face hung in guilt.

"Leo! Sach bataoon to main kaam mein itna ulajh gayi thi, ki mujhe yaad hie nahi raha tha. Wo to Maan mujhe yahaan...", she turned to look at Maan, and suddenly stopped talking, as realization struck her. Maan had brought her here, when she hadn't even remembered anything about picking up Leo from school. He not only brought her, but he'd even made an effort to get to know about Leo, and that touched her. She looked at him with her eyes full of gratitude, but there clouded a confusion as well. Why did he make an effort for Leo? Her list was just increasing day by day. Why did Maan care about her personal life? Why was he so bent on avoiding her gaze today morning while driving? And the biggest one amongst them, why did he make an advance towards her today? What was it that she saw in his eyes, but is unable to fathom anything?

Maan had read her gratitude, along with the confusion in her eyes. He didn't know why was that, but he knew her confusion was related to him, and he was in no mood to answer her. So, acting smartly, he diverted his gaze towards Leo.

"So Leo, i'm sure tumhe bhookh lagi hogi. Chalo chalke kahin lunch karte hai", he bent a little.

"Par ghar pe khaana bana hoga?", Leo asked, looking with unsure eyes towards Geet.

"Koi baat nahi, main Bi ko call kar deti hu. Waise bhi aaj tumhara school ka pehla din tha, it calls for a celebration you know. Batao kahan chalega?", Geet told him, getting up.

"Uhm, apun sochne batata hai?", he asked, to which Geet nodded, as they started walking towards the car. Maan settled Leo first of all in the back seat. Geet opened hers of the passenger seat, when  Maan who was also at that side, blocked her with his hand.

"Maine tumse ek sawaal kiya tha, uska jawaab to de do", he said in a low voice. Geet felt his gaze scrutinize her.

"Maine bhi ek sawaal ka jawaab maana hai, pehle mujhe apna answer chahiye", she replied with her fiery tone.

"Areh! Tum log lad kyun rahe ho, apun ke pass ek solution hai", they both were momentarily shocked and Maan immediately moved away, when they heard Leo who had his face hanging out of the window.

"Dekho, tum dono mein competition hoga, jo haaro, useh doosre ke sawaal ka answer dena hoga. Theek hai?", he asked.

"Done", came Maan's immediate reply, as he looked at a little hesitant Geet. Seeing the challenge in Maan's eyes, she also murmured a soft 'ok', as they both settled.

"Theek hai fir, hum log lunch karne payenge Mc Donald's", Leo gave his smile.

"Par Leo, Mc D's pe fast food milega, proper lunch nahi hoga na, aur mujhe bohut bhookh lagi hai, subah se kuch nahi khaya?", Geet gave Maan a quick glance, and avoided his when he looked at her. He knew she was referring to him, because he'd ordered Rishi to make sure she has something after regular intervals. He lips curved at her concern.

"Koi baat nai Leo, hum Mc Donalds mein khayenge. Bohut din ho gayye wahaan khaye, waise bhi i love Mc D's. I am sure meri bhookh wahin jaake shaant hogi", he grinned at her, who turned her face in embarrassment.

"Waise apun theek se nahi mila tujhse. Hi! I am Leo, Leo Malhotra", Leo put forward his hand, and Geet turned to him immediately.

"Awww! Leo, ye tumne school mein seekha, kitne cute lagte ho bolte huye", Leo blushed at the compliment, and Geet planted a small kiss on his face. Maan took Leo's hand.

"Hey! I am Maan Khurana, tumhari Anvesha ka bada bhai, aur tumhari Geetu ka...", he glanced towards Geet, who looked at him with a hint of fear as to what would he reply, "Geetu ka client, is waqt wo mere liye ek case pe kaam kar rahi hai", Geet sighed in relief.

"Waise Leo, main bhi bolte huye cute lagta hoon na", Maan asked, as an afterthought. Geet's expressions horrified as she realized what he meant.

"Haan, baat to sahi hai", saying this, Leo moved forward and kissing Maan on his cheek, sat back again. Maan was speechless, while Geet stiffled her laughter.

"Geetu meri behen hai, mujhe hie kiss karegi na, tumhe to nai kar sakti. To uski jagah apun ne tujhe kiss kar dia. Waise agar phir bhi tujhe kuch aur chahiye, to is bar raksha bandhan pe aa jana, Geetu apun ke saath saath tujhe bhi rakhi baandh ke, kiss kar degi", Leo mused.

"Nai nai Leo, i am fine", Maan vigorously shook his head. Geet saw Maan make hilarious expressions, and turned her face away to laugh her heart out. After that, Maan drove the car in silence, as the three left the vicinity, unaware of a pair of eyes that observed them.

Throughout the drive, Maan didn't speak anything, which wasn't missed by Geet. She was talking to Leo about his first day in school., who replied to every question very enthusiastically. Then, she played her card, and asked Leo if he'd made any friends. When Leo didn't reply, she looked back, only to find him blush furiously. She raised her eyebrows, and he reluctantly told her about Toasty, who was the only person, who had become his friend. Geet giggled, but from next to her, she heard the high laughter of Maan. He looked at Leo through the mirror, at her and the road simultaneously.

"Areh Leo! Sharmane ki koi baat nahi hai, tu to dude hai dude, bilkul meri tarah. Jaanta hai mere school ke first day pe, jab main play school mein tha, to wahaan ki ladkiyaan mujhpe itni fida ho gayi, ki chhutti time unke parents mujhe apna phone number likha ke gayye they", he glowed.

Geet rolled her eyes, but smiled. After this, started a series of stories about Maan's school, where he was the innocent victim stuck between a pile of girls. Leo imported every word of his with deliberate attention, while Geet couldn't stop but roll her eyes.

Finally, they reached the venue, and while Geet looked for a table to settle down, Leo asked her choice, and ran off to Maan, who'd already gone to get their order. When they returned after a few minutes, Maan saw Geet happily talking away with a guy who was sitting with her. His fists curled on their own, and his teeth gritted, when he saw how the guy was touching her hand every now and then. As the two of them approached the table, they placed the food, and sat down. It was a rectangular table, where Leo took the seat next to Geet, and Maan chose to sit right opposite her. Leo told her about what all they had brought and who liked what.

"Geetu! Ye le tera khana, tujhe to mirchi wala khana pasand hai na? Apun bi, tere jaisa hai, same to same. Lekin ye Maan hai na, sabse feeka wala khana laya hai, kehta ye mirchi nahi khata. Bolo, mirchi ke bina khane mein koi swaad hota hai...", Leo rambled off. Geet lifted her gaze to look at Maan, who had silently begun to peel the wrappers off his food and eating it. She kept looking at him, but for some reason, he'd decided to focus on eating. She wondered why was he behaving so weirdly, and was brought out of her thoughts when Leo pulled her arm.

"Geetu, woh ladka jo abhi yahaan par baitha tha, woh kaun tha?", Leo asked, and Maan immediately looked at her apprehensively, which didn't go unnoticed by Geet. From the corner of her eyes, she saw his reaction, as she answered.

"Wo mera ek purana client tha, Raman. Ek murder ka case tha, and is bechare pe bhi shak tha. Par end mein ye begunah nikla, to bas mujhse mila to yuhi baat karne laga", she replied. She saw Maan make weird faces as if thinking something to himself.

"Geetu! Tu na bohut bholi hai, wo aadmi apun ko shakal se hie theek nahi lag raha tha. Tujhe uski neeyat mein ghotala nahi dikha kya?", Leo raised his voice a bit, and Maan involuntarily let out the words, "Aur nahi to kya?", but embarrassedly looked down at his food again when the two pair of eyes looked at him in surprise. Geet laughed silently at the streak of protectiveness she saw in both the men. She understood Leo's brotherly love, but Maan, he left her confused.

"Areh Leo, tu bhi na, kuch bhi sochta hai. Wo ladka Raman, us se mujhe koi khatra nahi hai, kyunki wo na... uhmm actually wo gay hai", while Leo looked at her confused, Maan spluttered his food and started coughing badly. Geet immediately got up, and handing him a glass of water, she rubbed his back. Maan calmed down, but seeing the worried expression on her face, he smiled inwardly.

"Geetu, wo gay hai, is se kya hota hai?", Leo was not going to let her go. Geet felt awkward, while Maan sniggered, looking at how she would come out of this.

"Ah, dekho Leo! Wo jo ladka hai na, ya koi bhi aur ladka, wo gay hai, isliye ladkiyon...haan ladkiyon ko unse koi khatra nai hota... kyunki wo gay hai... aur wo gay isliye hai, kyunki... kyunki ladkiyon ko us se koi khatra nahi hai. Haan, yehi baat hai, yeh dono reason ek doosre se jude huye hain, samjhe?", she heaved a sigh of relief, and glared at Maan who was still smirking at her. Leo was in his own world of making calculations.

"Yaani ki, gay ladkon se ladkiyon ko koi khatra nahi hota, aur kyunki unse koi khatra nahi hai, isliye wo gay hain. Matlab wo log achhe hote hain. Agar dekha jaye, to Maan achha bhi hai, aur us se tujhe koi khatra bhi nai hai", he was speaking softly, but screamed out suddenly, "HAAN! Iska matlab ye hua ki Maan bhi gay hai, haina Geetu!", Leo looked at Geet with his eyes twinkling.

It was Geet's chance to splutter her food, while Maan looked horrified at the two of them. Geet burst out laughing, and too young to understand anything, Leo copied her. When Geet's eyes started watering, she somehow calmed down, and say Maan glaring at her. He pointed with eyes to Leo, and she nodded, still recovering from her laughter fit.

"Wo Leo... baat darasal ye hai... ki Maan na... Maan... actually ye Maan hai na...", she couldn't control her laugh, and Maan gave her one of his dirtiest glare.

"Leo! Tumhari ye Geetu hai na, iseh mujhse bohut khatra hai, bohut zada. Agar yakeen nahi aata, to poochho is se, aaj jo kuch hua, kya uske baad ye mere saath safe hai?", Maan looked at Geet intently, who had stopped laughing, and was burning under his strong gaze. Colour had started creeping on her neck and ears, as she recalled the event he was mentioning, thankfully he broke his gaze and turned to Leo.

"To conclusion ye hai ki main gay nahi hoon, samjha? Aur hamara khana khatam ho gaya, ab bata to de ki woh competition kya hai?", Maan asked Leo, who immediately jumped at this.

"Areh haan! Main to bhool hie gaya tha. Dekho, ab hum khana kha chuke hain na, ab competition yeh hai ki tum dono ke saamne aur khana aayega. Jo sabse pehle useh khatam karega, wo hoga winner", he told. Geet who had managed to compose herself by now, spoke up.

"Lekin Leo, khane ka competition tha to pehle batana tha na. Humne itna kuch kha liya, ki ab pet mein jagah hie nai hai"

"Meri pyaari Geetu! Sara din apne dimaag ko itna istamaal karti hai tu, ki ab bechara kuch zada hie garam ho gaya lagta hai", Maan giggled, as Geet glared at him, "Tum dono ka pet bhara hai, tabhi to is competition ka fayeda hoga na. Agar pehle competition kara dia hota, to tum dono bhukkado ki tarah sab kuch saaf kar gaye hote, samjhi?", Geet nodded, as they waited for more food. Maan went and brought more food, but unfortunately for Geet, she had a feeling she would puke just at the sight of more food. She cursed Leo, for choosing a competition where Maan could easily win, as guys always had a big appetite. No matter how much they eat, they're always hungry. And looking at Maan and his muscular body, she feared he could finish this snack in a few seconds, and then would come the moment she was dreading. How could she tell him why she'd readily given into that kiss?

The competition began, where both of them were supposed to finish off two burgers and three packets of French fries. To her surprise, Geet easily managed to keep up with Maan. She thought maybe he was deliberately eating slow, but his constant focus on his food told otherwise. She went back to eating her food, but she saw that in one of the packets of the French fries, the quantity had reduced to half. She was shocked as she hadn't touched French fries as yet, but thinking that the packet had less quantity than others, thanking her stars, she bit into her burger. But after a while, the other two packets of French fries were also half empty. She paused for a second, and saw Leo pick up a handful of fries in his hand and gulp them. When he saw Geet looking at him, he winked at her, giving a cheesy grin. She looked up to see Maan, something in his eyes told her that he knew about Leo's plan. Her doubts confirmed when he looked at Leo, and gave a small smile. She just shook her head, and went back to her food. Finally, she managed to finish it all, along with Leo obviously, and Maan also stopped eating right away. Geet was declared the winner, and Maan went to pay away the cheque, closely followed by her.

"Khurana! Bill main bhi share karungi", to which, Maan refused blatantly, and again and again. Finally she had to give in.

"Theek hai, but i can't keep a favour", she asked.

"Don't worry Malhotra, main apne paise wasool karna jaanta hoon. You owe me one, right? So, place aur time main decide karuga, and you shall pay for the dinner, ok?", he grinned at her.

"Dinner?", she asked, but looking at his determined face, she gave in to avoid any arguments. After that, Geet decided to drop Leo home, and go back to ME, to continue with her work. They did so, and as soon as Maan reached his office, he got busy with the files. Rishi and Geet sat in front of him working, as their laughter on Rishi's silly jokes rang in his ears constantly. Finally Geet let Rishi go, when she realized it was a little past his work time. Ignoring his requests to help her, she shooed him off, and sat working silently. Maan saw her work in peace, and finally manages to put some attention into the files, like he'd been pretending since so long. He finished work sooner than he'd expected, realizing that proper attention was all that the files had required. He stretched his arms, and felt a sudden pull in his shoulders, rubbing them to ease the pain. More than half of the staff had left for home, and those who hadn't, were in the process of doing so.

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loved the interaction between the trio...

leo put both of them on spot...LOL

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that was awsmmm...LOL leo tho bindas continue soon...

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Beautiful update luvd it
Reliii cute plzz cont soon

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part 12
nice part...
Leo is too good...
liking him so much...
Maan and gay ha ha ha that was hilarious...
cont soon dear...

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Awesome update...
luved leo...
continue soon

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