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Hues Of Life (MG) Pt 12 pg 32 (Page 13)

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sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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loved the change in maan!
continue soon!

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hello friends, i am back with another update, i know i took an eternity for this one, but seriously, as much as i tried, i cudnt put it up earlier than this, you can all hate me as much as you want, but please do forgive me as i apologize from the bottom of my heart.

also, i know that i dont reply to any of your comments, but trust me, i go through each one of them, n they are a power up booster that keep me going, honestly.
so i sincerely thank all of you who take the effort to press the like tab, and also those who take out time to pen down the words that boost me. it really means a lot guys.

without more blah blah, here's the part for you, and please dont forget to read the
two important notes, cum ps's at the end of the part.

Part 4

Holding the file with herself, Geet came inside and moved towards the kitchen. While working there to prepare the breakfast, her mind did a time travel, and reached back to her childhood, in the orphanage.

Geet had opened her eyes for the first time, in the orphanage itself, as her mother died giving birth to her. The new born girl was immediately  taken under the care of Shehnaz Bi, the caretaker of the orphanage. Bi had looked after Geet since day 1, and though Bi had a shrewd idea about the whereabouts of Geet's father, Geet had blatantly refused to aknowledge anything about him when she understood that he was the cause of the miseries of her mother's life. Geet was very mature for her age since day 1, and understood things better than other children, and her this high level of understanding made her believe that her so called father was responsible for her mother's death. Because of all this, she was very reserved and silent, always busy in her own work.

Things changed for Geet since the day Anvesha came to the orphanage. Anvesha's parents had  met with an accident, and her relatives had dropped her here, unable to take the burden of raising her up. Anvesha was also smarter than the other kids, but her cheerful nature made her seem less mature than Geet. Geet liked the new addition for many reasons, Anvesha was different from the rest of the people she'd met, she was also smarter for her age, she was intelligent and understood things better and faster than the others, but given her reserved nature, Geet did not interact with Anvesha and always ignored her.

Anvesha, who was a cheerful and interactive person, loved to make friends with everyone. She always smiled and remained happy, despite the inner pain she felt. Everyone loved her and wanted her company around. But when Geet ignored her, this feeling of denial wasnt new to her, but this time, she was hurt beyond limit, and she herself didnt know the reason of it. Maybe it was because Geet was the most adorable, obedient, intelligent and loved kid of the orphanage. Anvesha did not miss the extra love Shehnaz Bi poured on Geet, and though Geet pretended not to care, Anvesha had seen how much all this meant to her. To Anvesha, Geet was a mystery, and being an adventurous girl, Anvesha had found her new target. She had wanted to be with Geet from the day she'd started understanding her, and this finally led her to irritate Geet to hell. Initially, Geet used to silently tak all her pranks and wouldnt react, but Anvesha did not lose hope. Her constant pestering finally brought Geet out of her shell, and she started reacting back, by fighting with Anvesha. Later on, the evitable happened as Geet and Anvesha turned out to be the bestest of buddies. Their pair was incomparable. Anyone who saw them for the first time mistook them to be sisters. Such was their bonding. Geet opened up with Anvesha, and though they could be considered identical twins for many reasons, their nature was still starkingly opposite. Geet was the mature one, and Anvesha, the kiddish one. They were unstoppable pranksters and the whole orphanage was cheere up by their presence.

Not all good things last forever, and that unfortunate day came along. It was Geet's 8th birthday. She had just come back from the nearby temple, and was hopping cheerfully in the garden, when she hit into a boy almost her age and fell down.

"Oh! I'm so sorry, i didnt see you coming", he said and helped her get up, and it was then that she looked at him. He was a little taller than her, and she guessed he might be 10 years old. He had a fair complexion, and hes eyes, they were bluish-grey in colour.

"You have beautiful eyes", Geet said as she continued to stare in his eyes.

"Huh?", the boy was a little confused, and the confusion on his face brought her back to reality.

"I mean i am sorry too. I should've seen where i was going. And your eyes are really beautiful, differnt colour, actually unique", Geet smiled,

"Thanks (he said as he blushed a little). Infact even i like your eyes, big, hazel, nice. (At this, Geet felt her cheeks growing warmer as blood rushed to her face). By the way, you speak fluent english. I didnt expect that", the boy said, as Geet beamed with pride.

"Yes, I love english, and i always top my class too, and my teachers feel that if i keep working hard, i can excel so much", she said,

"Thats really cool, i am sure you are very good. Hey! Am Maan, whats your name?", the boy put forward his hand,

"I'm...", she started, but a voice interrupted her,

"Maan!", someone had shouted his name, and Maan immediately took back his hand.

"Oops! Looks like dad's calling me, gotta go. Anyways, it was nice meeting you sweetheart, see you later, bye!", saying this, he kissed her on the cheek and went off running. Geet was surprised at his this action. None of the boys at the orphanage had ever touched her, yeah they had played together and their skins did come in contact, but today, Geet felt a weird feeling when Maan had kissed her. She felt shy suddenly, and knew that this was not an ordinary incident. It wasnt any of those love feelings which people about, it was just a new experience for Geet, she supposed. Even at that young age, Geet's heart was fluttering, and wanted to go and share it with Anvesha. She ran off to their room, and was left beyond shocked.

Anvesha was packing all her stuff, a family had adopted Anvesha and wanted to leave with her as soon as possible. Geet felt broken and betrayed, at Shehnaz Bi for letting Anvesha go, and at Anvesha for agreeing to go. Geet decided to talk the family into adopting any other child, so she went to Shehnaz Bi's office, where she was sure to find the family. There she saw a man and a woman talking to Shehnaz Bi. Shehnaz Bi introduced them to Geet as Anvesha's new family. Geet immediately pleaded them to grant her request and take someone else, as she couldnt live without Anvesha. The woman's heart melted as she saw Geet's crying state, and she said to her husband,

"We could see if we can adopt some other girl, i dont mind, let Anvesha live here, after all, its a matter of this young girl's life"

The husband looked like a stern man, and Geet had almost lost hope, but when he spoke, Geet's eyes brightened in a little hope.

"All the formalities have been finished, and i dont have time to waste on them again and again. (then he saw a pleading look on the woman's face too) Ok, if you still feel Anvesha should stay here, go and talk to Ammy, his need of a sister is greater than our need of a girl child. If he agrees, i am willing to adopt someone else",

After this, the woman went out, and Geet stood hugging Bi. After a few minutes, the lady came back with a forlorn look on her face,

"I am sorry Bachcha, Ammy thinks that Anvesha is the best to be his sister, he is adamant on his decision. I am really sorry"

This broke all the dams, and Geet left Bi in a hush and ran away to lock herself on the terrace. Anvesha kept banging the door for her to open, but Geet wasnt in a state to actually do anything. She cried and kept crying until she could take it no more. She looked down from the terrace, and saw Anvesha's new family climb into a very expensive. She saw Anvesha dragging her suitcase as she gave passing glances to the orphanage again and again. A sudden thought crossed Geet, Anvesha would now have a family to call her own, she would have a bright future and all the happiness that she deserved. This made Geet realise that she should be happy for Anvesha, and her new life, and no soon had this thought settled in her, that she opened the door, and ran to bid farewell to Anvesha. As soon as she reached down, she was about to cross the garden area to reach the gate where Anvesha stood. Just then she saw him, Maan, the boy she'd met a few minutes ago, and who had managed to create an unknown feeling in her heart. He kissed one of the girls from the orphanage, and went off, winking to her. He did not notice Geet, who was kind of hidden behind the bushes.

"Ammy, beta come soon, we're getting late", Geet saw Anvesha's new mother call out, and to her utter shock, it was Maan that replied.

"Yeah mom, just coming", saying this, he hurried to settle in the car.

That was the last stroke for Geet. Not only Maan was the guy who was responsible greatly for taking Anvesha away from her, but also he was the one who had crused the feelings that arose in her heart. Kissing girls was a regular business for him, she supposed, and just because she'd felt different at this new experience, didnt mean it had the same feel for him too.

Despite this, Geet ran to reach the car, but the car had started. She ran until her small legs gave up, but it was useless. Anvesha had gone, and she'd left Geet all alone again. That wa sthe end of Geet's happiness. She prayed for Anvesha, and her new life, but all the same, she hated Maan, and cursed him and his family for breaking her heart twice, and that too, in one day itself. Geet felt shattered, and consequently she locked herself away from the world. She skipped her meals, never played with anyone, and had stopped talking to everyone. She spent most of her time in her room, and involved herself deep down in her studies, to avoid everrything else. Shehnaz Bi tried many things, but it was fruitless. Along with all this, the cheerfulness of the orphanage had also died. The atmosphere turned very dull and dry. Geet missed Anvesha like hell, and though Anvesha missed her too, but she'd settled in and had adapted to her new family.

One day, Geet fell ill, and she was very serious with high fever. She kept calling Anvesha's name in her sleep. Bi calle dup the Khuranas and they hesitently agreed to send Anvesha to the orphanage for one week. Geet showed immediate signs of improvement when Anvesha came, and in a day or two, she was back to her fit and fine healthy state. Both the girls became inseparable again, but things had changed now. Geet was no longer the same prankster. Even with Anvesha, she was happy, but not like the old times. Many a times her smile did not reach her eyes. Her small and delicate heart had so much going inside it. She had felt sumthing for Maan, but her mind had told her to hate him, because of his nature, and the family that took away Anvesha from her. On the contrary, her heart told her to be happy for Anvesha, who was very happy with her new family, but she wished they hadnt separated the two friends, and this was the root cause of her hatred. Amongst all this, she'd realised one thing, she would always be alone, because anyone who came in her life could go away the next second. With this, she grew more mature than she was before,  and it reflected in whatever she did. She was extremely cold towards everyone, except Shehnaz Bi and Anvesha. After that one week, Anvesha used to visit her every sunday, but missed some sundays too, because many a times she would be having fun with her family.

Anvesha talked a lot about all of them. Her dad, her mom, her Dev Bhai, the eldest brother, and Maan, the second kid. Even though Geet hated the family, still, she didnt want Anvesha to know about this feeling of hers, what if Anvesha did not agree with Geet on her hatred, and left her, she couldnt afford to lose Anvesha. Moreover, despite her hatred for Maan, there was this curiousity in her to know about him. She had every single detail about Maan, thanks to Anvesha and her constant talks of Maan. His studies, his sports, his career, his likes and dislikes, his so many girl friends, etc etc. Thankfully, Anvesha never realised of Geet's extra interest in him, as she had now become a master in hiding her feelings from all. Later on, she went to Yale to study law, and didnt meet Anvesha for a long time. No wonder she was very surprised and happy to see Shehnaz Bi and Anvesha on her convocation day. When aske dto send the invites, her invites had gone to only those two, but she wasnt exactly expecting them to come. But come they did, and it was one of those happiest days of her life. She had already told Anvesha that she wanted Shehnaz Bi to stay with her after she settled down, and that was what happened. Though she had a hard time in getting Bi to agree to it, but she did have her way in the end, as Bi couldnt win the argument against the best lawyer around. And the rest of her life, from a newly made lawyer, to the best criminal lawyer, was known to all.

It came as a shock to her, when Anvesha asked Geet to meet Maan, and was even more shocked when she came to know about the case. Geet was in a dilemma of her heart and her mind. She didnt know if she should listen to her mind, and let Mr Khurana rot in jail, or to listen to her heart, and lead him to freedom, a man whom she'd hated so much. But Anvesha and her happiness came above everything, and she knew she had to fight the case, and more than that, she had to fight to win. Her decision was already taken when she'd gone to meet Maan, meeting him was just a formality, to see if she could cooperate with him, or else she would have to avoid him till she worked on the case, and she knew she was right in meeting him, because not only it satisfied her curiousity about him, but also she learned that though his presence still had a little effect on her, she could manage to face him, by keeping her own distance.

Geet decided to reach just at exact time, she didnt like to wait for anyone. Seeing him in person after 14 years, stirred sumthing in her heart. He looked much more handsome and Greek God like in real than he looked in newspapers and magazines. The forst thing she'd noticed sitting in the car was that he was shivering, and she lent him her jacket. Then, standing next to him played a variety of emotions in her heart. So to avoid all the building up emotions, she decided that it was better to keep him away from her life, and hence she gave him the cold shoulder. She decided to play the role of 'Miss Lawyer full of attitude' like many other times. But today morning's incident shook all her plans to fall up. She was extremely embarassed just at the memory of it. After she'd gone upstairs, she took one view at herself, and felt like jumping off a cliff. Thankfully, it was all gone now. She remembered how Maan had looked shocked for a moment, just like her, but next he'd lowered his eyes immediately. Even after she'd changed and come back, she knew he was avoiding looking at her. This showed Maan in a positive light to her, which shouldnt happen. She wanted him to be the bad guy, so that keeping away from him would be easy, but she was still dreading of what was about to happen next. Maan's arrival always changed her life, and she cursed him mentally for that. From a third person's point of view, she was in love with Maan, deeply, but trying to deny it. But when she looked deeply at it, she knew it wasnt love, not even like. She did feel sumthing when it cme to him, but it was a mixture of so many emotions, like, hatred, indifference and so much more, that it took their relation from her point of view to a new level, which definitely wasnt love. She knew it wasnt love.


Geet was startled by Bi's sudden appearance, and she passed a smile to cover up the feelings that were going on in her mind.

"Waah! Smells yummy, i just hope khaane mein bhi achha ho", Bi chuckled as Geet half smiled and half scowled.


"Mazaak kar rahi thi. Main jaanti hoon ki meri Geetu se achha khaana koi nahi banaa sakta"

"Sab aapka kamaal hai Bi, aap hie ne to mujhe sikhaya hai, but phir bhi, thank you", saying this, she went back to check the food.

"Geetu, tujhe yakeen hai na ki tu ye karna chahti hai?"

"Bi, khana ban gaya, ab kya pooch rahi ho. Help karni thi to pehle poochhti na", Geet smiled as she avoided Bi's gaze. But Bi turned her face to her and spoke,

"Tu jaanti hai main kis baare mein baat kar rahi hoon, isliye nezar chura rahi hai na? Geetu, Anvesha ko sab bata de"

"Bi, main kaise...?", Geet spoke hesitantly,

"Beta, jo nafrat us parivaar ke liye tere mann mein bachpan se hai, main jaanti hoon ki tu useh chaah kar bhi nai bhula sakti, aur kahin na kahi tu sahi bhi hai, isliye main tujhe aisa karne ko nahi boloongi, kyunki tujhpe jo beeti hai, uske baare mein sochke bhi meri rooh kaamp uthti hai. Hum bade jis baare mein soch bhi nahi sakte, us chhoti si umar mein tune wo sab saha hai, aur phir bhi aaj tak sabse himmat ke saath lad rahi hai, par kahin na kahi unko nafrat karte karte tu bhi to us aag mein jal rahi hai na. Isliye kehti hoon ki Anvesha ko sab bata de, wo samajhegi tujhe. Aur ye case bhi tujhe ladne ki zarurat nahi hogi fir..."

"Nahi Bi! Main chaahe un logon se jitni bhi nafrat karoon, lekin Anvesha ki khushi meri nafrat se badi nahi hai. Aur agar main professionally is case ko dekhoon, mere pass koi wajah nahi hai is case ko ladne ki. Isliye main ye case ladugi, aur jeetugi bhi zaroor, Anvesha ke liye. Ab aap thoda wait karo, main fresh hokar aayi, fir milke breakfast karenge", saying this, she hurried upstairs.

"Hey Bhagwan, himmat dena meri bachhi ko, bohut kuch saha hai usne, ab bas aur imtihaan mat lo meri Geetu ka", Bi prayed in dismay and hoped that God listened to her just this once.


"G... Goood Morninggg..."

"Anvesha, stop screaming, spare my ears, will you? My morning starts way before yours, not at 12 in the afternoon sweet heart", Geet shouted back in the phone,

"Shut up G, you know you still have a bad sense of humour babes"

"Thanks to your company i guess", Geet chuckled,

"Sorry i ever thought of arguing with you, ok, so lets just cut it out. You tell me what are the plans for the birthday party?"

"Birthday?", Geet sounded confused,

"G, you know na babes...", Anvesha stopped midway,

"Anvesha! Be realistic yaar, you have such a big problem at home, and tum party ki baat kar rahi ho. Are you nuts or what?", Geet scowled,

"G, look yaar, dad ki lawyer tum ho. YOU, the Geet Mahotra! Ab mujhe dad ki koi tension nahi hai. After all maine hie to Bhai ko tumhare baare mein bataya tha. Is se yaad aaya, tum Bhai se mili na, kaise lage wo? Hain na wo super hot, super sexy,  super handsome, I know wo world ke best Bhai hain. I am so sure tutujhe bhi pasand aaye honge, haina, aaye na pasand, bol na, bol, kaise lage Bhai tujhe?", Anvesha went on naughtily,

"Anvesha, shut up yaar. Wo mere client hain, thats it, nothing more, nothing less, get it? So please apni bakwaas band kar, aur meri baat sun. Birthday party se pehle aaj hawan hai. Do you think you can come?"

"Duh! Obviously, why not? As if i am gonna miss it, no ways ok? Jabse tune case ke liye haan kahi hai, meri family mein to sab ke sab tension free hoke baithe hain, thanks to you. So yes, i will come. But do you think you can come and pick me? My cars broken down and is with the mechanics in the garage"


"I know i know tum nahi aa sakti, tumhe bohut kaam hain etc etc. But if you want me to come, you have to come and pick me, so you are coming, ok. Now bye, and see you soon, dont keep me waiting", Anvesha shut the phone asap.

"Aargh Anvesha, i soo hate you for doing this to me", Geet muttered.


"Hello! Haan namastey aanty... main achhi hoon... am fit and fine... ji... kya? Aapne hawan rakha hai... ji nai aanty... main nahi aa paoongi... am really sorry aanty... ji aanty... ji ji aanty... take care aanty... bye"


"Areh mom, aap, aap kab aaye. Sorry maine aapko dekha nahi", Anvesha said,

"Koi baat nahi, waise tum kis hawan ki baat kar rahi thi?", her mother asked her,

"Wo kuch nahi mom, its nothing..."

"Bata rahi ho ya nahi?"

"Wo mom, my friend's mom, unhone uske birthday ke liye hawan rakha hai, and she was inviting me, but maine mana kar dia. Ghar mein itna sab chal raha hai..."

"Kaise jaane ka plan hai?"

"Jeee?", Anvesha was confused,

"Maine poochha kaise jaogi, apni car se ya driver bheju? What? Dont give me that look sweetheart. Main tumhe aur tumhari nautanki ko khoob jaanti hoon. So tell me kaise jaana hai, kaho to tumhari car nikalwa doon?"

"Nai mom, meri car nai, wo darasal G hai na, Geet, wo aa rahi hai mujhe lene. I thought isi bahaane aap sab us se mil bhi lena"

"Hmm, interesting. Lagta hai ab to Geet se milna hie padega. Chalo tum jald se ready ho jao'

"Thanks mom, you are the best mom in the world", Anvesha hugged her mom lovingly.


IMPORTANT NOTE / PS 1 : Guys, its 'Back To Hostel' time for me. And as you all know, though i am an irregular updater in my vacations, i totally disappear during my normal college time. So i guess it wont be real soon till i post uo the next update. And that could mean 1 month, or a bit more too. As much as you guys hate this break, trust me i loath it too, for so many reasons. I miss my bestie, i miss my lappy, i miss your awessum comments, i miss IF, i miss everything that here. But i guess that's wahts life :(

IMPORTANT NOTE / PS 2 : My friend list has reached heights, and trust me, this aint good. Sending pms to all of you, when just a few of you read my ffs, is getting tough day by day. So like many other writers, i have planned to go back to my other idea of sending pms, that is another account. All those who want a pm, are requested to please add the user given below to your buddy list, or you can mention in your comment that you want a pm. Please follow either of the two options only, becoz the next time i am back, i'll follow these two things to add you to my new account of pms. I am sure it wont take more than a few seconds for that. Also, all the people who were previously in that id, have been removed, sorry for that, but i wanted to know how many people are reading the ffs at present, and want to do so in future.

kweetrockstar1 - kweetrockstar1

Thank you people for spending your precious time reading these two notes, now hope to see you asap. Until then keep commenting here, 


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hai kweet..

whn i press like it's not pressed
but d update is really very nice...
why not u pm me...

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nice story ...please pm me on the update

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awesome updates...

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Oh so Maan n his family broke her heart
Its ryt that she hates him
Geet faced a lot in life
Geet meeting whole family
Waiting for it
PM me update soon plzzz

Edited by -afsha- - 24 July 2011 at 2:00pm

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 4 PM me...
same time 4 late n short comment dear...becouse m so busy..Confused..
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luved da concept of this story...plz add me 2 ur pm list

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