Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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Hello all u Wonderful people''.Namaste CBians!!

THANKS A LOT for again supporting us immensely for the 2nd Edition of CB2 Express''..!!! Your support and appreciation makes us feel that our efforts have been well received!! SO THANKS A LOT!!! Big smile

And now we are again back with the Voting Round for 3rd Edition!!  We hope to receive the same support and love from you guys. Big smile

In the previous Voting round we had many members asking for Nominations as Voting with a Blank template becomes a little difficult coz' u have to remember everything, including dates etc. We couldn't disagree with our members as we understood their point and now we are introducing the Nominations for every category!!

Yes. There will be nomination in every Category''so you can just pick from them or else can add ur own favorites (if not found in the list) and PM us :-)

I guess now you all will find it easier to vote''and we are hoping to see good participation.

So why wait? Scroll down to find the Nominations and the Voting Template Below.

Please do check the Rules :-)

Your Suggestions and Ideas are welcome.



Please remember that the Voting is for this Month's edition only, and thus all the entries shall only be from this month [16 April'11 ' 15 May'11]. That is, you CANNOT select a scene/episode etc. that has been aired AFTER 15th May.

For Voting Please Read the FORMAT.

Beneath the each Category, you are supposed to write down the complete entry along with the number. Please dont forget to include the No. 


Best Scene

2)      Scene when Dev gets to know Rads is his childhood friend

8) Rads winning against Maheshwari by getting the temple keys

Best Episode:

4. Muh Dikhai/Rads gets keys from BB



So on''..

For every Category, except Creations, you can give more than ONE VOTE but NOT more than THREE

If you wish, you can also state the reason for your liking for that particular Scene/Blooper etc. Also if u feel that your Favorite Dialogue/Scene etc. isn't mentioned in the list, you can add your Favorites.

For Creations/Avi Category, you can choose ONLY 1 from the given options.

ALL the Votes WILL be sent ONLY through PM's to CBEXPRESS_NL and should be sent on or before 23 MAY 2011

Last but not the least''.Please participate and have fun. As we have said before, this NL is being made for you all' your participation means a LOT!!!

If you have any queries, pls feel free to ask me through PM or by posting here.

Thank you Everyone and have a nice Day

CB NL Team


Best Epi:

  1. Rads get to know the truth from Rohan's mouth in the temple and she dances in joy.
  2. Dev and Rads meet in temple/ Entire truth abt marriage comes out.
  3. Rads comes to PF boldly and tries talking to Dev.
  4. Muh Dikhai/Rads gets keys from BB 
  5. Rads does Kanha puja in temple and gets Dev's room Embarrassed
Worst Epi:
  1. Entire PF family blames Dev for cheating them/ Rohan attempts suicide. 
  2. Padma stops Rads from entering inside.
  3. When Dev smirks and mocks at her faith/Padma's atrocities continue. 
  4. Dev shouts at Rads after the fire incident.
  5. Rads decides to enter PF as Rohan's wife against her values!(the episode had tech. probs too!)
Best Scenes
  1. Moment when Rads comes to knw Dev is her KK and dances in abandonment 
  2. Scene when Dev gets to know Rads is his childhood friend
  3. Alter Ego scene with Dev after he refuses to accept the child marriage
  4. Rads tries making him remember about chunri and Kanha's idol (during the sangeet sammelan ceremony/ tuk bandi)
  5. After entering in Purohit House clandestinely, Rads talks to Dev abt their marriage again.
  6. Virat threatening his mother after getting to know abt Rohan's truth.
  7. Kanha appearing in between the pheras and asking questions to Rads.
  8. Dev asking the nurse to attend Rads in the hospital, when everyone else was concerned for Rohan
  9. Rads winning against Maheshwari by getting the temple keys  
  10. Rads gets to worship Kanha in the temple.
  11. Radhika and Dev conversation in the later's room.
  12. Radhika doing her first day puja with her beautiful song. 
Worst/Disappointing Scene:
  1. Dev disagrees to accept the child marriage and calls it a mere game
  2. Rads conversation with Kanha, challenging him to halt the marriage (it was too filmy!)
  3. Rohan attempting suicide.
  4. Fire sequence for it was poorly shot!
  5. Dev shouting at Rads at hospital and telling that he hates her!
  6. Dev mocking Rads' faith and smirking her, challenging her. 
  7. Padma screeching in hospital blaming Rads for everything!
  8. Dev agrees with Padma on Rads being the reasons for all probs in PF
Hilarious scene:
  1. Dev and Rohan getting scared to pick up Padma's call (the episode when they both had come to Rawal secretively)
  2. Rohan asking as to why does BB look so FAT!!
  3. Rohan calling Mohini "Aunty...then Bhabhi aunty"
  1. Suddenly the chunri and Kanha idol comes out from Rads when she had nothing in hand whilst entering in the sangeet sammelan!Shocked
  2. Her injuries post the Fire incident vanished in a day??Confusedand face was glowing like she has applied Fairness cream??!  Wacko
  3. Rohan didnt have any injury in his head while being brought out, but in hospital, blood was seen!Disapprove What did Kanha hit him in the head for such irrational behaviour inside??
  4. Rohan had a mere bandage in his head after suffering from such a accident?? Shocked 
  5. 23-12=8
  6. Radhika was wearing sandals while doing the Kanha puja!? Stern Smile  Angry
  7. Microphone being clipped on the waist was clearly Visible behind Rubina!

Best Dialogues:

1. Rohan to Dev: Tere chehre pe jo muskurahat hai sirf naam ke liye hai na? Sun...meri baaton ko jara dhyaan se sun...sab kuch bhul main kehta hoon sirf woh sun. Dekh Dev abhi bhi der nahi huwi hai...yeh samaaj yeh parivar yeh sab sirf kuchi din ke liye shor machayenge iske baad woh sab apne aap hi maan jaayenge...tu soch...Jo ladki bhagi bhagi iss ghar tak aa sakti hai...sirf tere liye...tu us se ek baar baat karle...mera daava hai Dev...woh tere saath khade hokar har mushkil ko seh sakti hai. Dev zindagi tum dono ko ek saath bitani hai ...ek saath guzarni hai...aur tu jis parivaar aur jis samaj ke liye tum dono ek doosre se dur ho rahe ho na...yeh samaj, yeh parivaar tumhare ghanv pe ek maram patti lagane ke liye bhi nahi aane waale...isiliye Dev...waqt rehte uski shaadi ko rok de...rok de mere bhai...warna tu zindagi bhar bahut pachtayega ...bahut pachtayega tu mere bhai...kabhi apne aapko maaf nahi kar paayega. 

2. Virat to Maheshwari: Mera bhala bura sochne ki aapko koi jaroorat nahi hai. Mere raaste ke kaante ko apne raaste se kaise hatana hai, mujhe achi tarah aata hai.

3. Radhika to Dev: Niyati ke liye huwe faisle ko kyun nakar rahe hain? Jo aapke liye itefaq hai na woh mere liye meri zindagi ka sabse bada sach hai. Kanha iss baat ke sakshi hai ke main aapki patni hoon. Aur aap jis shaadi ke liye mujhe keh rahe hain na woh sirf aur sirf adharm hai...aur mere Kanha mere saath kabhi anyay nahi hone denge. Maine barah saalon se Kanha ke charnon mein aapke naam ka sindoor arpit kiya hai. Kanha hi yeh adharm rokenge. Theek hai to aap apna kartavya nibhayie aur main...main apne dharm nibhaungi.

4. Radhika to Dev: Aur main Kanha se yahi prathna karungi ke woh yeh sach aapko bhi kabhi bhulne na den...

5. Radhika to Kanha: Aaj mera Vivah hona hai...apne bhakt ke vishwas ko banaye rakhne ke liye tumhare paas keval vikalp hai Kanha. Ya to yeh vivah nahi hoga aur mere KK ke saath.

6. Shanti in tukbandi: Sambdhijee tum to fikr karo apne man ki khair...sambdhan kacha khayegi na lo us se bhair.

7. Mansaram to Radhika: Toko bhramini ka sola sanskar dene ka vachan liya tha maine, aaj kanyadaan karke tora garib baap saare vachno se mukt ho jaavega. Toko koi seekh dena more bas main na hai betiya, sahi galat...dharam adharm sab ache se jaane hai tu. Bas toko mandap tak pahunchave se pehle tora garib baap ek baat kehna chahega, koi bhul chuk huwi ho to...

8. Radhika to Maheshwari: Aapne kaha tha Badima meri jo bhi icha hogi woh puri ki jaayegi. Main aapki bhavnaon ko thes nahi pahunchana chahti lekin humare parivar par jo dukho ka pahad tuth pada hai use dekhte huwe mujhe mandir ke kewad khulwane se jaroori aur kuch nahi lag raha. Badima usi vishwas ke bal par main yeh kehne ka sahas juta paayi hoon...mujhe pura vishwas hai ke agar mandir ke kewad khol diye jaayen to humare parivar main sukh samridhi aayegi. Agar mere Kanha uss mandir main virajenge to Dadajee aur Rohan Babu ka swasth bahut jaldi theek ho jaayega. 

9. Rohan to Padma: Yeh Badima itni Moti kyun lag rahi hai?

Best RaDev Scenes:

  1. Dev looking at Radhika as she dances in joy after learning the 8truth from Dev.
  2. Dev and Radhika in the temple and he comes to know of truth
  3.  Radhika tries convincing him of their marriage in the sangeet sammelan
  4. Rads sneakily comes to Purohit House and meets Dev. 
  5. RaDev meet in ghat and he pleads her to forget about their child marriage.
  6. RaDev Convo in room after munh dikhai
  7. Rads singing bhajan and Dev stares mesmerized by her voice.
  8. Dev gets to eat the Pehli Rasoi halwa first. 

Fashion Icon:

  1. Avinash: As usual the best contender!
  2. Saurabh: He too had nice sherwanis for his marriage  this time Wink
  3. Virat: The dressing dept has finally listened and gave him good clothes LOL

  1. Rubina: Had worn really nice outfits for Mehendi and Wedding.
  2. Pragati aka Maheshwari: For wearing nice sarees in wedding
  3. Sushmita aka Padma: Always wears elegant sarees

Fashion Disaster:

  1. Saurav aka Rohan for his red gaudy sherwani during the suicide scene!
  2. Chenu: For wearing colourful shirts

  1. Rubina: For her tent sarees!
  2. Mohini: For wearing such garish sarees and make up on wedding occasion!

Best Actor
  1. Avinash 
  2. Saurav aka Rohan
  3.  Rakesh Pandey (Dadajee)
  4. Aditya (Mansa)

  1. Rubina
  2. Shanti
  3.  Sushmita (padma)

Best Character:


1. Dadajee (for being silent yet supporting CB)

2. Mansaram (for being the source of strength for his daughter)

3. Rohan (after being a kid, he is innocent)


1. Radhika (for having the inner strength to fight against all odds and regain her husband's trust.

2. Maheshwari (Oops! She cannot feature here''but somehow at this point, her support for Rads and her points seem soothing''albeit she has her own vested interests in everything she is doing!)


  1. Padma: (Incessant and unnecessary blaming on Rads)
  2. Daima: (to have handed Rads letter (Dev's personal stuff) so easily to Padma
  3. Rohan: (A hysteric person who is obsessed with Rads!)
  4. Dev: (For not believing Rads and screaming at her inhumanely)

Creations (Just PM the #)

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4



CB2Express NL Voting Template

1)      Best Episode(s) of the Month: 


2)      Worst Episode(s) of the Month:


3)      Best Scene(s) of the Month:


4)      Worst Scene of the Month


5)      Most Funny Scene(s) of the Month:


6)      Best RaDev Scene(s) of the Month:


7)      Best Dialogue(s) of the Month:   


8)      Blooper(s) of the Month:


9)      Best Actor of the Month



10)  Best Character of the Month



10) Menace of the Edition:

11) Best Dressed Character(s) (Male/Female)

12) Worst Dressed Character(s) (Male/Female)

13) Best Creation

Please Click CBExpress_NL to send your replies. Thanks.





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thanks for posting sia!

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Thanks will vote soon! Really nice work! Wink

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i just voted =)) great job sia =))

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just voted Smile

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Siya we would vote...thnxx 4 the PM..:)))

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awsome...we'll surely vote...thanks for the pm...

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we would vote soon
thanks for voting round and yes for the pm also.

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